7 Best Hairdryer in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Hairdryers are a necessary part of the daily hair routine for many of us. Not all of us are privileged enough to have naturally manageable hairs, and this requires us to own some or the other styling devices like hair dryer or hair straightener. Here in such cases, nothing is better than a hairdryer that can dry as well as style our hair be it curly or straight.

Today, choosing a hairdryer that is best in performance, lightweight, easy to use, affordable, and energy-efficient as well is very essential. Now for those who do not have much time to search and look out for every specification deeply, we have brought up a list of 7 Best Hair dryers in India. Also, a buying guide below that will work as an advisor for to make a well-informed choice. Make sure to stick till the last.

Best Hairdryer in India

Havells HD3151 Cool Shot Hairdryer 1600-Watts

The Havells HD3151 hairdryer is the leading product in our list. It’s 1600- Watts powerful motor is known for gentle drying with a smooth and shiny result. It provides an optimum level of airflow that dries your hair quickly, making them flowy and bouncy. The 2-temperature setting, along with a separate cool shot button with cold airflow, gives a long-lasting blow-dry effect. This gadget is perfect for everyday styling needs.

This Havells hairdryer comes with a heat balancing technology that ensures uniform distribution resulting in less hot air exposure to prevent heat damage. You can attach or detach the nozzle for customized airflow. Moreover, with an ergonomically compact design and foldable handle, you can easily carry this device along with you even in your handbag.

  • Quick and gentle drying
  • Heat balancing technology
  • 3-temerature settings (2-hot & 1-cold)
  • Detachable concentric nozzle
  • Hanging hook at the handle
  • 2-years of warranty
  • The cold air setting, when used very closely, gives a little hot air in some cases

Philips HP8100/46 1000-Watts Hairdryer

The Philips HP8100/46 hairdryer is one of the most affordable and promising product in the range. It comes with 2-flexible speed settings that allow you to adjust (low and high) according to your hair type. It features an advanced concentrator technology with a quick heat head that provides uniform heat (into a specific area) for drying the hair quickly without making them frizzy and unmanageable.

The ThermoProtect setting provides an optimal drying temperature for your hair while giving additional overheat protection to the device. Philips has given a compact and ergonomic design that results in comfortable and light-weighted handling with single-handed efforts. A rubberized hook at its base provides a convenient storage option.

Lastly, a 1.5m power cord provides enough flexibility to access the dryer without any issues.

  • 2-flexible speed settings
  • Narrow concentrator
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • ThermoProtector
  • Affordable
  • 2-years of product warranty
  • No cold air blow
  • No foldable handle

CHAOBA Professional Hairdryer 2000-Watts

The CHAOBA hairdryer is a professionally used product that can be used at home as well. It comes with a patented heat shielding technology that aims to style your hair without harming them. The warm air blow quickly dries and style your hair without damaging their shine. Its 2-speed setting and 3-heat settings (warm, hot, & cold) let you customize the operation as per your hair type (thick hair, thin hair, curly hair, etc.) and styling requirements.

The manufacturers have designed this device by keeping user comfort as a priority. Its firm grip and anti-slip design give you the utmost accuracy and precision so that you can style your hair just like the professionals. It has 2-detachable nozzles. Further, a 2-meters long and thick power cord with high-quality insulation offers you a mess-free operation with shock prevention.

Special Note: On terms of performance and powerful cold air blow, this CHAOBA hairdryer leaves even leading brands like Philips, Havells, and Syska behind.

  • Patented heat shielding technology
  • Hot and cold air blow
  • Ergonomically designed with anti-slip grip.
  • 2-nozzle attachments
  • 2-metres insulated cord
  • Doesn’t comes under warranty
  • No foldable handle
  • Built quality could get better

Nova NHP 8100 Silky Shine Hot and Cold Foldable Hairdryer 1200-Watt

The Nova NHP 8100 hairdryer has got a lot of useful features at quite an affordable price. It uses an ionic conditioning technology that eliminates frizz and locks all the natural oil of hair for strengthening them, leaving your strands shiny and smooth afterward. Nova comprises the updated Ehd + Technology that distributes only the required amount of heat to prevent any damage.

This hair dryer comes with a Thermo-protect safety feature that sets the correct temperature to keep hair from burning. Its two-heat setting allows you to adjust the airflow as per your hair type and styling requirement. You can use both cold and hot air setting to dry your hair quickly. Moreover, this Nova hairdryer is flexible to use with foldable handle and attachment type concentrator nozzle.

  • Ionic conditioning technology
  • Updated Ehd+ Technology
  • Thermo-protect safety
  • 2-heat settings (cold and hot air)
  • Foldable handle with detachable concentrator
  • 1-year of product warranty
  • Heats-up when used for long
  • Makes noise

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B Hairdryer with Turbo Dry Mode 1000-Watts

This Panasonic hair dryer is one of the finest performing devices with a super cute and stylish look. It consumes 1000-Watts of power that provides a powerful yet gentle airflow to blow dry your hairs quickly in a little time. With the 2-heat setting, you can set the required blowing power for various hairstyles. You can easily vary the heat and speed with just a push of a button. The dryer uses only the needed amount of heat that maintains the shine and gloss while keeping your hair frizz-free.

This lightweight and an ergonomically designed hairdryer are very easy to hold and operate. It features a hanging notch at the base that allows you to hung it near your dresser or wardrobe. Furthermore, a 1.8m long power cord ensures easy utilization with tangle-free operations.

  • Quick hair drying
  • 2-heat setting with push-button operations.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Hanging notch
  • 1.8m long power cord
  • 2-years of product warranty
  • Non-foldable handle
  • No cool air blow

SYSKA Hairdryer HD1610 with Cool and Hot Air 1200-Watts

The SYSKA hairdryer is another excellent product with useful features and an affordable price. It uses a heat balancing technology that distributes hot air evenly and prevents heat concentration. It gently dries your hair with a significant wind inlet to reduces air swirl for efficient operations. The 2-heat and speed settings provide you the flexibility for a customized airflow that helps to maintain the natural moisture and oil of your hair and scalp.

This SYSKA hairdryer comes with an overheat protection feature that protects your hair from any damage by excessive heat. The foldable handle and lightweight design add-in as a convenience so that you can carry it along even in your handbag. All in all, this handy device is precisely what you want for your every hair routine.

  • Heat balancing technology
  • 2-heat and speed settings with a cold air shot
  • Overheat protection
  • Lightweight design with foldable handle
  • Quick results with no hair damage
  • Its cold air setting actually emits slightly warm air

VEGA Blooming Air (VHDH-05) 1000-Watts Hairdryer

Hairdryers from VEGA are one of the most affordable with no compromise on quality. This 1000-Watts hairdryer gives you quick-drying and excellent hairstyling results. It comes with a 2-speed setting (with hot and cold each) for versatile usages. The cold air blow adds in a complement to dry hair during the summer season. This hairdryer has an automatic overheat cut-out safety feature that protects itself from overheating while you mistakenly leave it on for hours.

A detachable nozzle lets you control the airflow for either an extensive area coverage or concentrated flow as per your choice. The removable end cap allows you to clean all that’s stuck behind easily. Its foldable handle adds in as a convenience to fit or store the dryer in small space or even your handbag. Moreover, a hanging loop on the cord guard lets you hang the dryer near to your dresser.

  • Quick-drying results
  • 2-speed setting (hot and cold)
  • Automatic overheat cut-out
  • Removable nozzle and end cap
  • Foldable handle
  • 2-years of warranty
  • The plastic nozzle is low-quality and ill-fitted

Best Hairdryer- Buying Guide

Hairdryers are a part of our styling tools for a very long time. Though their job is still the same with modern development, a lot of features and technologies have got added. Today, the key focus while purchasing a hairdryer is to get aware of every detail, including types of hairdryer, power, hot & cold air, safety protection, and a lot more. Here, in this buying guide, we will learn about all such essential points. 

Types of hairdryers

There are three types of hairdryers available in India. Let’s have a quick and brief look at them:

Ionic hairdryer: Ionic hairdryers use negative ions to break down positively charged molecules (water droplets in this case) on your hair shafts. The negative ions do not affect the hair cuticles or pores, thus smoothly dries out without much damage. Also, when it offsets the positive ions on the hair, it results in frizz reduction. The ionic hairdryers are best suited for thick, curly, and frizzy hair. 

However, these are the quick-drying option and can sometimes over dry and cause severe hair damage. So, for people with fine and thin hair, it’s recommended to avoid this one.

Ceramic hairdryer: Ceramic hair dryers come with a ceramic or porcelain coating that gets specified to distribute uniform heat. They sense the room temperature and regulates the heat accordingly. This, in result, reduces the drying time and minimizes damage as well. Although ceramic hair dryers can minimize the heat and increase the speeding time, they can’t create negative ions like ionic hair dryers. These are best for thin, flat, and fragile hair types as they create a lift in hair strands, making them look bouncy and fuller. 

Tourmaline and titanium hairdryer: Tourmaline and titanium are two elements mostly used in hair dryers often in the coating, heating element, or motor section. They are much faster and light-weighted than ionic and ceramic ones. However, these are mainly used by professionals and best suited for thick, long, and frizzy hairs. 

Factors to know about while purchasing a hair dryer

Air blow setting

 Earlier, the hairdryers we used to own emits hot air for hair drying. However, the hairdryers in the market today come with both hot and cold air setting. It’s recommended to buy one that has both the settings as the hot air blow helps in drying hair and achieves different hairstyles, whereas the cold air blow helps to dry as well as style your hairs while locking the natural moisture. The cold air blast additionally prevents heat damage and reduce the coarseness. 

Power consumption

Power consumption here not only decides your electricity bill but also – how fast the device can dry up hair. Power consumption is measured here in Wattage. For thin and curly hair, a dryer with 1500-Watts power works sufficient without causing much damage. For thick and long hair, dryer with Wattage about 1500-Watts works sufficiently well. 

And for the power consumption that affects your electricity bills- hairdryers are the device that gets rarely used 5-10 minutes a day (individually). This may not burden your bills unless you are using it professionally. 


Weight of a hair dryer must be considered while purchasing the product online. The more the weight of a hair dryer, the more it would be uncomfortable to handle and might be burden for your arms. Whereas the light weight dryers are easy to hold and use. So, you should pick a blow dryer which weighs less and are under a pound.


Motor is liable for overall performance of a hair dryer. A motor with perfect and standard wattage presents sufficient heat which is required to fast dry the hair without any damage. High-end and AC motors are the best choice as they have got the better functionality as compared to inexpensive and cheap quality hair dryers. And they have good longevity too. If you use hair dryer often, then making an investment in a product with high-end motor.

Heat and speed setting

This is one of the most important factors to consider in a hairdryer. Go for a product with at least 2-heat and speed settings i.e., low and high. Though, a 3-heat setting i.e., low, medium, and high, is a plus. The adjustable heat and speed setting let you customize the drying and styling operation as per your hair types. As thin and flat hairs soak heat quite quickly, which requires them to dry in low heat setting. Whereas, thick and long hairs take time and more temperature to dry up. 

Detachable concentrated nozzle

It lets you focus the airflow in a specific area for quick results. The absence of a concentrated nozzle can lead to pushing the cuticles making your hair frizzy, tangled, and unmanageable.

Thermal protection and auto-shutoff

Like any other electrical device, thermal stability is a must-have feature for hairdryers. It not only protects the device from voltage surge but also keeps your hair from getting damaged due to excessive heat. Similarly, an auto-shutoff feature turns the device off in case of extreme heat generation as it can damage your strands. 

Foldable handle

Though this may not affect the performance of a hairdryer in any way, but makes storage and portability quite convenient for the user. 

Budget and warranty

There are number of hair dryers available in the market starting from hundreds to thousands. You can select any one primarily based in your budget. Also make sure the product has a minimum 1 or 2-year warranty. If the device doesn’t properly within the warranty limits, then you may get it repaired or changed without any extra costs.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a hair dryer for everyday use?

No, you should not use hair dryers daily as it may lead to breakage and split ends.

How long can hairdryers last?

A hairdryer can generally last two to seven years depending on the quality and usage. A hairdryer which is used is not often used will last longer than the only used daily.

What are the precautions to be taken while using hair dryer?

  • Do not expose the hair to very high temperatures
  • Avoid using frequently, use the hair dryer when it is important
  • Make sure you purchase a good high-quality product

Benefits of using a Hair dryer

  • It reduces hair drying time when you are on a run.
  • As compared to regular blow dryers, hair dryers are quite gentle to your hair.
  • It reduces frizz and makes your hair smooth and luscious hair.
  • You can style your hair accordingly to your choice and preferences anytime and anywhere.
  • The heat damage is less as compared to other styling product.

Here is a video on how to blow dry hair with expert’s tips and techniques


This was all for the 7 Best hairdryers in India. Our top recommendation is the Havells HD3151 Cool Shot Hairdryer 1600-Watts, as it offers exceptional performance, is light weighted, portable, and affordable. Also, if in case you are still confused about the features and technologies behind a hairdryer, you can choose one from our list depending upon your budget and rest assured.

We hope all the information mentioned above proves as helpful in your purchase. For any queries and questions, please leave your comment below.  

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