2 Ton AC Power Consumption

The summers have begun and the heat is excruciating. With tons of ice creams and mangoes we all have welcomed the summer season and with the summer season comes the dreaded heat. Heat is the root cause of many inconveniences and diseases. It makes you sweat, makes you tan and gets in your head, heat sensitive people are susceptible to severe headaches, dizziness, lightheadedness and nausea.

So, what is the solution of heat? Of course, every middle-class family has coolers but they seem to be so inconvenient and inefficient in from of air conditioners. You have to fill the cooler with water after using it every time and sure it blows cool air but that seems to unsatisfying. In today’s age people are rapidly leaving the old school coolers and are moving towards air conditioners. Air conditioners are rectangular in shape and gives off cool air which efficiently cools an average size room in literally two minutes. Also, the biggest perk is that you don’t have to fill it with water on a regular basis as you had to do with a cooler. Air conditioners are fast, effective, safe and stylish. In this century, they are the thing.

But as attractive as air conditioners sound, they can leave behind a hefty electricity bill. With regular usage of such a heavy appliance it is normal to have a dent in your electricity bill. Don’t worry, there are many variants of air conditioners provided by companies and you can choose according to your needs.

2 ton ac power consumption

How to choose the right Air Conditioner?

One of the biggest priorities is to check where are you going to install an air conditioner and what amount (sq. ft) of place do you want to be cooled. Let’s say you want an average size room to be cooled off. For an average size room, 1-ton air conditioner is suitable. What do you mean by a ton? Ton is not the weight of the air conditioner. It is the ability of an air conditioner to cool off a room. By meticulous calculations, experts have come to the conclusion that one ton is equal to 12000 BTUs. BTU stands for British Thermal Units. Likewise, a 2-ton air conditioner is equal to 24000 BTUs.

To calculate your power consumption, you just need to do simple math.

2 Ton Ac Power consumption steps.

  • First find out the kWh power consumption of your AC .
  • Now multiply the kilowatts with total running hours in a month .
  • The number will be the total unit consumed by AC per month .
  • Multiply total unit with the cost of 1 unit .

Let’s take a simple example to understand the working of this formula better and to determine how much an air conditioner will add up to your monthly electricity bill assuming that the AC works for eight hours per day.

AC TypeStar RatingPower consumption (kWh)Cost per month (INR)
WINDOW AC3 Star1.61.6*8*30*9=3,456
SPLIT AC3 Star1.91.9*8*30*9=4,104
SPLIT AC5 Star1.71.7*8*30*9=3,672
Note: In the above example 9 (INR) is considered as cost per unit of electricity

You have the total power that your appliance consumed over a month. According to this figure, you can learn to regulate the usage and hence the consumption of power consumed by the particular appliance. All in all, if you learn to self – regulate, you will not have to worry about the air condition electricity price all the while living in a cool room without the heat giving you grief.

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