What is the size of a 4 burner gas stove in inches ?

4 burner gas stove size in inches

Fire was the first thing which led to change in food habits of early civilization. Earlier they used rocks to generate fire but luckily now we have gas stove burners. These days we get 2,3,4 burner gas stoves in India. We have to consider some factors before deciding which one suits our kitchen. Size colour price are some of the imp features to be considered. Below we have a list of 4 burner gas stove size in inches. We have included the colour and material as well.

4 burner gas stove size in inches

ModelNoDimension (Inch)WeightMaterialColourPrice
Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove223 x 11 x 45100GlassBlackCheck on Amazon
Prestige Premia Glass229 x 18 x 68700GlassBlack/WhiteCheck on Amazon
Glen GL 1020 SS Stainless Steel Cooktops227 x 14 x 65500SteelSilverCheck on Amazon
Elica Vetro Glass Top (703 CT VETRO SS)327 x 16 x 58100BrassBlackCheck on Amazon
Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove328 x 13 x 36100GlassBlackCheck on Amazon
Preethi Zeal GlassTop327 x 24 x 612600SteelBlackCheck on Amazon
Prestige Royale Plus Stainless Steel (40178) Black332 x 19 x 69180AluminiumBlackCheck on Amazon
Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass427 x 24 x 611300GlassBlackCheck on Amazon
Elica Vetro Glass Top (594 CT VETRO BLK)423 x 22 x 59160GlassBlackCheck on Amazon
Sunshine Olympic437 x 14 x 37000OtherBlackCheck on Amazon
Glen 4 Brass Burners Stainless Steel Gas Stove 1045422 x 27 x 47600SteelSilverCheck on Amazon

Best 2 Burner Gas Stove in India

4 burner gas stove size in inches

Butterfly devices are for the most part of very high quality and exceptionally durable. Their glass top gas ovens sticks to the same pattern.

The gas oven accompanies excellent metal burners and spill plate which can be easily washed. The container stand has two little scores in to which it very well may be bolted, accordingly keeping it from moving coincidentally. The glass top is likewise genuinely sturdy. However, never keep any hot utensil on top of it as it might create cracks.

All in all, the oven is very steady. The handles function admirably to change the fire as you would prefer.

By and large, with over 75% clients rating over 4 stars, it is unquestionably a decent alternative to buy.

Prestige Premia Glass 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black/White 

4 burner gas stove size in inches

Its Italian design and German manufacturing gives it an excellent look and easy maintenance for a long time.

Its strong Schott glass top gives it an elegant look. It is one of the sturdiest glass-top accessible today with the best withstanding intensity of warm stun and mechanical effect. Its metal burners are effective and give an even blue fire. The space between the burners is adequate enough for you to put two big container at the same time effortlessly.

The spill-proof design and pan support make cooking a pleasure on the gas oven. The ergonomic handles and the high accuracy and sturdy Sabaf valves guarantee an easy performance . On the other side, many feel the gas stand ought to have been taller for simple cleaning beneath the oven.

Since the oven falls on the costly side, the absence of auto-start is not acceptable. All things considered, the oven has all highlights that you can anticipate from a device of supreme quality.

Glen GL 1020 SS Stainless Steel Cooktops

4 burner gas stove size in inches

Please who are on a tight budget and who don’t want to have glass cooktops should check this Glen cooktop.

An extremely fundamental and moderate unit, the cooktop works perfectly and goes on for a significant long time. Created from matt treated steel, the oven looks fundamental, yet rich.

Its burners are created from aluminum composite yet gives out an even fire and keeps going appropriately for quite a while. In any case, they are less effective than metal burners. Its pan supports are sturdy enough to make cooking easy.

Cleaning and keeping up the unit is additionally genuinely simple, however it needs more efforts than cleaning glass-tops.

This gas stove do not have any premium features like drip trays, auto ignition. But it is definitely a competitor in fundamental gas ovens, accessible at a very affordable cost. Be that as it may, it isn’t compatible with PNG gas and requires conversion from LPG to PNG

With everything taken into account, this is the best fundamental model accessible at practical evaluating.

Best 3 Burner Gas Stove in India

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove (703 CT VETRO SS)

4 burner gas stove size in inches

If you are looking for premium feature at affordable price, then your mission may end with this model from the Italian brand Elica. The gas oven is fabricated in India by the Italian brand Elica in a joint ventrue, giving you the best of the Indian and European norms.

An ideal choice for current modular kitchens, its snappy dark glass top, excellent plan, premium completion and rust proof surface mixes and supplements any cutting edge stack hobs or kitchen ledges flawlessly.

The European gas valves remain as a declaration of unrivaled innovation. Its one medium-sized and two little measured metal burners are sufficiently dispersed for simple utilization of all burners at one go. The hardened steel spill plate underneath the glass top; Euro covered lattice for upgraded backing to vessels while cooking; ergonomically-planned handles and different highlights guarantee smooth activity with an even fire for an excellent cooking experience.

The clients are of the assessment that the fire is even and well inside control with the smooth handle. Being a glass top, cleaning is likewise very simple. Nonetheless, the hardened steel trickle plate is fixed, which is a disadvantage. You can resolve the issue by buying extra trickle plate from the maker’s approved focus.

The wellbeing and solidness of the item are very much demonstrated by its ISI accreditation. The two years producer’s guarantee is an additional pleasure. On the other side, you can get covetous and long for auto-start mode.

All things considered, the splendid blend of top-class highlights and serious valuing of not as much as Rs. 4k settles on this gas oven an ideal decision for those needing style, top highlights and respectable valuing.

Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove, 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black

4 burner gas stove size in inches

This is a financial plan amicable alternative for the individuals who are searching for an essential gas oven.

Contrasted with different gas ovens, it has a thicker hardened glass top of 6mm which the makers guarantee is break verification. Its thick container backing and hostile to slip feet guarantee skillet and vessels don’t bring down. The gas pipe association at the back in the center; ergonomic nylon control handles with heat safe burner plates are generally welcome highlights that make the oven an enjoyment to chip away at.

The oven has 2 huge estimated metal burners and 1 medium-sized, and are divided totally enough for you to utilize even huge vessels on all at one go. Notwithstanding, hardly any clients condition of the burner being created of iron rather than metal. The organization expresses the oven as ISI affirmed yet numerous client surveys oppose this idea. Consequently, do make sure to check.

While this oven is LPG viable, you can likewise purchase the PNG viable adaptation for an extra Rs 500/ – With simple support and one-year producer’s guarantee; the oven is a magnificent purchase at not as much as Rs. 3,000.

Preethi Zeal Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove


4 burner gas stove size in inches

On the off chance that you are looking for a la mode looking prevalent quality three-burner gas oven with practically all superior highlights, at that point this oven could be the one you need.

The oven has the differentiation of being the primary ISI affirmed glass-top oven. Aside from Prestige, this is another brand that offers weighty metal burners of the tri-pin assortment. It has all the easy to use highlights we have been examining so far like a spill-confirmation plan, ergonomic handles, simple cleaning and upkeep and so on With every one of its highlights, you really want to miss the auto-start.

With a two-year maker’s guarantee and pressing everything from wonderful style to better quality than elite and toughness, you can never turn out badly with this decision.

Prestige Royale Plus Stainless Steel 3 Burner Gas Stove, Black (40178)

4 burner gas stove size in inches

This gas oven is another top notch model from the Prestige brand that has been leaving customers exceptionally dazzled inside a limited ability to focus its dispatch since 2018.

What is leaving the customers amazed is its staggering looks and lifetime guarantee on its glass-top. The German assembling of its hardened glass guarantees high toughness. The Italian imported sabaf valve gives you stunning execution and toughness. Its metal burners are the tri-pin assortment while its skillet underpins are the sturdiest assortment accessible. The handle is very smooth as well.

The plentiful space between burners guarantees that you can utilize all burners effortlessly at one go. True to form in any exceptional gas oven, you do miss the programmed start here. The gas oven accompanies a two-year producer’s guarantee. All things considered, this lovely blend of European and Indian innovation is an ideal machine for any Indian kitchen.

Best 4 Burner Gas Stove in India

Medium to large-sized families finds the four-burner gas stoves, a heavenly addition to their kitchen. Let’s check out a few of its best variety.

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove, Black

4 burner gas stove size in inches

The Prestige brand has consistently supported its considerable standing for Indian home apparatuses and this gas oven is no special case.

The determination and highlights of this gas oven are actually similar to its three-burner adaptation. It simply has an expansion of an additional burner in its rectangular shape.

While it is amazing in the two its presentation and style, you do feel the absence of auto-start mode. Its lifetime guarantee on its SCHOTT glass and two years producing guarantee increment your trust in the gas oven. Generally, the style, gas-sparing productivity, quicker cooking execution and different pleasures settle on it a smart decision for any kitchen.

Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner Gas Stove (594 CT VETRO BLK)

4 burner gas stove size in inches

In the event that you are searching for an excellent completion, quality, proficiency and execution at a reasonable and pocket-accommodating value, at that point look no farther than this gas oven offering from the joint endeavor of Italian and Indian makers.

An ideal blend of style, straightforwardness and innovation, the gas oven’s hardened glass top takes the feel remainder higher as well as its imperviousness to rust surface and simplicity of cleaning guarantee elite too.

The little and medium-sized weighty metal burners not just give even blazes with less utilization of gas yet they are dispersed far enough to encourage cooking on all burners at one go. The great handles, tempered steel uphold plate and Euro-covered container underpins all guarantee quicker and bother free cooking just as simple cleaning and upkeep.

On the other side, the auto-start is missing and the brand’s administration has been leaving a couple of clients unsatisfied. In any case, with a two years producer’s guarantee, it is a decent purchase for any kitchen.

Sunshine Olympic 4 Burner Toughened Glass Gas Stove

4 burner gas stove size in inches

High on style and usefulness, this is a wonderful gas oven to consider.

The smooth hardened glass top on its body developed from substantial treated steel packs enough excitement and style to improve any contemporary kitchen stylistic layout. Notwithstanding, the oven takes some counter space in view of its practically straight-line burner positions( near 1 meter long). In any case, this expands the straightforwardness and speed of cooking, consequently sparing time.

The hefty aluminum blending tubes and 360-degree turning spout of the gas connector at the back guarantee simple arrangement and smooth activity. The metal burners are tri pin assortment while its handles are especially a la mode and extraordinary in execution also. Eco-friendliness and high wellbeing are other champion highlights of this gas oven.

On the other side, few have griped of its burners getting dark spots. The oven likewise has some leg mounting issue which can be handily fixed however. Generally speaking, you will undoubtedly be dazzled with this gas oven that is ISI guaranteed and accompanies a one-year producer’s guarantee.

Glen 4 Brass Burners Stainless Steel Gas Stove 1045

4 burner gas stove size in inches

in the event that you are searching for a 4 burner oven with a treated steel top, at that point this choice from Glen could be the most ideal decision. It estimates 70 cm wide and 56 cm profound.

A made in India item with BIS affirmation, the burners of the oven are created from metal. Two of them at the back are of medium size, while the ones at the front are bigger. It has other standard highlights like 360-degree turn gas bay spout, nylon handles and durable dish stand.

By and large, the fabricated is tough and the completion looks engaging. The solitary disadvantage we can call attention to is that taking care of container at the posterior would be somewhat troublesome. The handles should be continued confronting outwards thus, you may need to take care to not hit the deal with and overturn it.

Presently, on the off chance that you might want to dig further into understanding the subtleties to consider while purchasing a gas oven, do look at our purchasing guide on gas ovens underneath.

How To Choose A Gas Stove?

We first rundown down barely any shrewd rules to follow while choosing a gas oven that best meets your prerequisites. They are:

Number of Burners

This unquestionably should be your first thought. You can discover gas ovens with 1-4 burners in the Indian market. One and two burners are frequently utilized by lone rangers or families with 2-3 individuals, while three and four-burner gas ovens have gotten regular with ordinary Indian families with 4+ individuals.

Contingent upon your need and family size, you can pick the best fit. Yet, you should likewise recollect that gas utilization increments with the expansion in the quantity of burners.

Kinds of Burners and Ignition Type

Aside from the number, you need to investigate the kind of burner which differs in size as well as on the sort of start. There are three unique sizes of burners accessible, specifically little, medium and huge. Most 3-4 burner ovens have a combination of various sizes to suit your requirements.

Next, you should investigate the start type. There are fundamentally two methods of start. The deep rooted manual start type keeps on excess famous while the programmed start mode is quick getting well known with metropolitan families. You need a gas lighter or a matchstick in the manual mode, while the flash touches off basically by turning the handle in the auto mode. Nonetheless, you need to deal with the batteries and change it occasionally in the auto-start mode, bombing which it will change over to a manual variant.

Aside from it, you likewise have the electric start wherein the fire is lit utilizing an electric sparkle. The most up to date models that utilization LPG gas and gases from different sources like PNG ( Piped Natural Gas), sun oriented energy and so on need this sort of gas oven.

Burner Material

Gas burners are fundamentally made from one or the other metal or aluminum. It is essential to choose between the two as it impacts basic boundaries like warmth dispersion, erosion, sturdiness and so on

The metal burner demonstrates more costly however is strongly suggested as it is a superior channel of warmth, and has more erosion opposition. They along these lines are more sturdy than aluminum burners and over the long haul, they demonstrate less expensive.

Distance between the burners

It may appear to be irrelevant yet numerous gas ovens need adequate space between the burners. This is regular among ovens having multiple burners in view of which you will be unable to utilize all burners at a go. Subsequently, make certain to think about the distance between burners while picking a gas oven.

4 burner gas stove size in inches

Other Ergonomics

This alludes to investigating different parts of the gas ovens like enemy of slide feet which will loan steadiness to the oven and improve safe cooking. The situation of the gas bay association is another significant element. You would today be able to pick a gas oven that matches with your kitchen underlying model. The handle’s smooth activity, even fire, ISI confirmation are other wellbeing highlights that require your due thought.

Plan and style

Gone are the times of the exhausting and commonplace gas ovens made of straightforward steel, aluminum or even metal. Today, to keep the feel of jazzy or secluded kitchens, you have differed gorgeously planned gas ovens fused with powder-covered sheet metal base, hardened glass tops, spill-confirmation plans and so forth In addition to the fact that they are helpful to utilize and keep up, however they likewise add fabulousness and style to any kitchen.

Cost and Warranty

A large portion of the gas ovens accompany a standard one-year guarantee however the world class models have an additional time of guarantee. You even have the choice of buying additional guarantee of as long as five years on the gas burners. Remembering your financial plan, you can investigate the model that best gives you the incentive for cash.

Wrapping up

Given the plenty of choices accessible today, it very well may be a significant errand looking at different gas ovens and choosing the best fit. We want to have made your assignment simpler. Do make sure to check top to bottom survey whenever befuddled about any gas oven. Expectation this was useful!. 4 burner gas stove size in inches

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