10 Best Air Conditioners in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best ac in India 2021-India is a country of different weathers. There was a time when one can have the taste of every weather pleasantly in our country. Now with growing deforestation and urbanization, we can witness the rise in climate. With scorching summers and increasing humidity, it has now been a task to survive peacefully during summers. Mainly in the metro cities surviving without an air conditioner is quite tricky. Every year before summers people tend to start searching for the best air conditioner in India.

Now when the market is full of varied option finding the Best AC for home is a job in itself. Once you enter the market or visit an eCommerce store online, you will find hundreds of air conditioners. This situation makes it very difficult for us to choose the one that gives excellent performance and durable for years. Even at that moment, we end up buying the wrong one. Today to eliminate any of such possibility we have prepared a list of top 10 air conditioners in India 2021 for you. With this list, you can pick a budget suited air conditioner for your home, office or any place you want.

Why an air conditioner?

An air conditioner helps you to survive the raised temperature calmly. It eliminates the heat from your room and leaves it cold for the rest of its functioning duration. You can place a separate air conditioner in each of the room at your house or can opt for a centralized cooling system according to your need. It works as a savior for people who are prone to heat-related illness.

The temperature will start going around 35 from April and will lead to almost 48-50-degree Celsius till June and July. Once the monsoons begin, it brings in more humidity which almost makes a chocking ambience around. Now when summers are soon around the line it’s very important to make all the arrangements for peaceful survival. Here comes the air conditioner as the growing need of time. The air conditioner works to reduce the heat and humidity from indoors. Whether its home, office, schools, restaurants or any other indoor air conditioners are a necessity of time.

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Best AC in India 2021 (Split AC)

Here in the list below you can find Best air conditioners in India 2020 (split AC) and Best air conditioners in India 2020 (Window AC) both. We have also provided a direct amazon link with all the appliances. We recommend you to go through the entire article and have a glimpse on the air conditioner buying guide mentioned below.

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Product code: KS-Q18YNZA)

  • Capacity- 1.5 ton
  • Suitable for room-sized from 111-150 sq. ft
  • Ten years of compressor warranty
  • Variable speed compressor for power adjustment
  • Special features: copper condenser coil, no/low ozone depletion and global warming potential, dual inverter compressor, 
  • Additional features: double filtration system, active energy control
  • Annual power consumption- 835.50 KWH
best ac in india 2021

best ac in india 2021

This latest LG 1.5 ton 5* inverter split AC comes with a dual-cool technology that offers faster cooling while saving more energy. This high-class inverter AC gets laced with 100% copper that has ‘Ocean black protection’ for both outdoor and indoor unit. This feature provides high-class durability for typical Indian demographics. Along with this, it offers an extended lifespan with lower operating costs. 

The unique Himalayan cool technology provides an instant fresh feel with just a touch of a button. With the cooling score of 5 the best cooling performance even at high temperature. With its active energy control, you can save up to 57% of energy. This feature helps in limiting energy consumption from 40% to 80% when compared to normal usage. Its HD filters remove harmful particles such as bacteria, dust mines, pollens and other small particles while leaving a more excellent and filtered air.

Thus 5-star split AC from LG detects low refrigerant levels which led to making your room hot and uncomfortable. Also, with its one-touch comfort air button, you can ensure the uniform cold air distribution throughout the room. The monsoon comfort feature senses the typical monsoon ambient temperature and adjusts itself for providing a maximum comfort feel along with reducing power consumption. 

Lastly, it’s an eco-friendly system to contribute to keeping the environment healthy by no or least ozone depletion and global warming contribution. 

  • 5* cooling score
  • Energy-efficient with lowest noise operations
  • Copper ocean black protection especially suited for Indian demographics
  • Himalayan cool technology for an instant cooling effect
  • Environment-friendly
  • No such cons

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Product code: JS-Q18HUZD)

  • Capacity- 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for room-sized from 111-150 sq. ft
  • 10 years compressor warranty
  • Special features: Copper condenser, Micro dust protection filter, Gold fine condenser, Low refringent detection.
  • Additional features: energy-saving mode, monsoon comfort and auto clean.
  • Energy efficient with low maintenance
best ac in india 2021

best ac in india 2021

LG has always been at ruling the Indian market at each of its home appliance section. This LG 1.5 ton 5* inverter split AC is a sleek yet efficient machine to upgrade your indoors in every sense. LG is continually working on changing the course of future technology.

This inverter AC from LG comes with a Dual cold technology system that meant for faster cooling and energy-saving terms. It gets made with 100% copper with an exceptional ocean black protection that gets designed explicitly for Indian regions with a high density of pollutants, industrial smoke, and dust. This feature gets tested and verified under UL, and it ensures to give your appliance an extended life span.

The gold Fine condenser works as an anti-corrosion layer while protecting the AC from dust, rain and other corrosive elements. It also ensures a lifelong durability of the appliance. With its monsoon comfort technology, this AC leaves no traces of humidity in your indoors and gives you a comfortable cooling.

Another fantastic feature from LG is a smart diagnosis that can get connected to a mobile-friendly smart thinQ app for checking and troubleshooting your AC problems directly through the comfort of your mobile phone. Its auto-clean feature ensures no bacteria and mould build-up and cleans up the heat exchanger automatically when it dry.

This LG AC has some additional features such as wireless stabilizer free operations for protection from voltage fluctuations and comfort air feature for even cold air distribution throughout your room.

  • Its five* ratings ensure maximum cooling performance with minimal power consumption
  • Smart filters to provide a pollutant-free room
  • Its monsoon comfort technology does not let you bother with the worst humidity outside
  • The gold fine condenser keeps the AC protected from every corrosive element
  • Its only disadvantage reported is the installation difficulty (only sometimes)

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC (Product code: 5CNHW18QATX/IC518QATX)

  • Capacity – 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for room-sized up to 105 to 170 sq. ft
  • Technical features: Precision cooling technology, Motor control technology with brushless DC motor, in-built cold plasma technology, dual rotor inverter technology, dual inverter technology.
  • Additional features: multiple layer filtration, 4D swings for uniform cooling.
best ac in india 2021

best ac in india 2021

Blue star has some of the most efficient Air conditioners in the Indian market. The Blue start 5-star inverter AC is of high budget but extremely great features. This AC gives you quick cooling performance in larger areas quickly. To begin with, it’s precision cooling technology, guarantee a comfortable indoor cooling sensation. Its advanced microprocessor-based controls can promptly maintain the temperature to 0.1 D/C to enjoy cooling effect even with extreme heat outside.

The unique motor control technology gets facilitated with its brushless DC motor works on electric commutation arrangement that extent reliability while reducing noise even at high rotational speeds. The cold plasma technology inbuilt bio-climate that traps and destroy airborne agents and harmful bacteria, while leaving you with purified air to breathe.

Its Blue-star inverter rotor technology delivers high-quality performance with two compression chambers. The unique designed compressor results in reliability, silence and highly efficient operations. It is now discussing its highlighted feature, the Dual inverter technology that results in faster cooling accomplished with low vibration and noise.

Lastly, the automatic 4D swing that gets specially designed to facilitate uniform cooling through the omnidirectional air blowing in the entire room.

  • Its brushless DC motor makes a little voice compared to standard inverter motors
  • 4D swings ensures uniform cooling throughout the room
  • With its precision cooling technology, you can maintain its temperature to 0.1-degree C.
  • Very expensive

Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Product code: AR18NV3JLMCNNA)

  • Capacity of 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for room-sized up to 105 to 170 sq. ft
  • Technical features: 8-pole digital inverter technology, Durafin heat exchange technology, triple protector plus technology
  • Additional features: Fastest cooling mode and 2 step cooling mode, auto temp. control,
  • Smart installation and stable performance.
best ac in india 2021

best ac in India 2021

Samsung ACs are a brilliant choice as it offers an excellent after-sales service in most Indian cities. This Samsung 1.5 ton 3* inverter AC comes with an 8-pole digital inverter that uses less energy and maintains a significant temperature without unnecessarily turning on and off. Its 2-step cooling mode firstly starts with fast cooling and then automatically change to smart cooling to maintain your desired temperature.

The digital inverter and fast cooling quickly reach the maximum level with the fastest fan speed for the first 30 minutes. Its automatic temp. Control auto-selects the operation mode for maintaining the set temperature.

This Samsung AC comes with a durafin anti-corrosion coating to enhance the heat exchanger’s performance. Its denser material and compact design enable more heat transfer. Its built-in triple protection plus stabilizer protects the appliance from voltage fluctuations. This feature cut of the cut off the electricity input and auto starts it only when the voltage comes between the range of 146V to 290V.

The quick installation features auto checks if the installation gets correctly processed with just a click of a button. Within 10-12 minutes a number 99 appears in case of no error in the digital screen. Lastly, the excellent Night sleep feature auto-adjusts the humidity and moisture to ensure you a peaceful night sleep.

  • Its voltage protector auto shuts the power supply in case of voltage fluctuations
  • The durafin anti-corrosion supports the heat transfer and corrosion-resistant
  • Auto temperature control for a consistent
  • Comfortable environment
  • In case of voltage fluctuations beyond 146V- 290V, a stabilizer may get required

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Product code: 183VCZJ

  • Capacity- 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for room-sized up to 111 to 150 sq. ft
  • 5 years compressor warranty
  • Special features: Inverter compressor, copper condenser coil
  • Additional features: Intelligent sleep mode, self-diagnosis, auto start, Led display, environmentally friendly
  • Energy efficient and low noise operations
best ac in India 2021

best ac in India 2021

The Voltas 1.5 Ton 3* inverter split AC facilitates a pleasant ambience for ultimate relaxation. It comes with a Direct cool inverter technology that reduces power consumption by maintaining an ideal temperature. This feature also secures the compressor from frequent on and offs. The high ambient cooling of this Voltas AC keeps the ambience comfortable even at 52-degree C.

With this air conditioner, one does not require an additional stabilizer. Its low start-up voltage works under a wide operating range protecting the AC from high voltage fluctuations. With its copper condenser coil, a durable and efficient cooling experience gets assured.

This Voltas AC comes with a powerful dehumidifier feature that senses the indoor humidity in monsoon and auto controls it. Its environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant contributes to protecting the eco-system by its no ozone depletion potential. The 4-way auto louvre uniformly balances the cold air across the room.

The multi-stage filtration removes dust and harmful particles, whereas its advance air purification removes toxic odour, giving you a clean and fresh air to breath. With the steady cold compressor, this Voltas AC cools the high temperature and het up the low temperature efficiently.

Lastly, with its low-frequency torque control, it leads to steady cooling and steady saving altogether.

  • DC inverter technology to maintain the ideal temperature even with low power uses
  • Sleep mode for a good night sleep experience
  • High ambient cooling for a comfortable experience at even 52-degree C.
  • Highly expensive
  • Could have some additional technologies at this price range

Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC (Product code: FTKP50TV)

  • Capacity- 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for room-sized up to 111 to 150 sq. ft
  • High energy efficiency with four* rating
  • Technical features: Neo swing technology, Copper condenser coil
  • Additional features: Power chill operations, Econo mode, Coanda airflow, auto sleep timer
  • In-built stabilizer
best ac in India 2021

best ac in India 2021

The Daikin 1.5 ton 4* inverter AC provides smooth and efficient operation. Its neo-swing compressor technology promotes smooth rotation and prevents vibration and friction. This feature also prevents refringent leakage gas during compression. The Econo power-saving mode performs efficient operations by limiting maximum power consumption. This feature makes it convenient to use more electrical device simultaneously with the same circuit.

The Daikin AC comes with a powerful Coanda airflow feature that regulates air into an upward direction so that it does not fall in your head directly. This feature facilitates air circulation into every corner of the room, creating a comfortable experience. It’s entirely indoor unit operations make it one of the quietest AC available in the market. The in-built stabilizer protects it during high voltage fluctuations by its step-up and step-down functioning.

This appliance uses a single component R32 refrigerant that has zero ozone depletion potential and is easy to recycle. Also, it’s auto sleep timer prevents excessive cooling during sleep time and auto stop the present time when escaped, thus conserving electricity.

Lastly, its power chill operation features quickly cool down the room during extreme heat conditions and gives you the ultimate comfort.

  • Reaches to the set temperature faster
  • Its neo-swing compressor increases the durability of AC
  • Daikin ensures excellent customer service
  • Less compressor performance compared to another inverter ACs

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (Product code: SAC_185V_JZJ)

  • Capacity- 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for room-sized up to 111 to 150 sq. ft
  • Five years warranty on compressor
  • Copper coil condenser and inverter compressor
  • Special features: dust filters, air purifier, dust filter, R32 refrigerant
best ac in India 2021

best ac in India 2021

The Voltas 1.5 tons 5-star split AC gets equipped with latest technologies and features being ideal for your home cooling needs. This AC comes with all-star Direct cool inverter technology maintains perfect temperature without frequently turning the compressor on and off. This feature helps in reducing power consumption to the lowest.

Now coming to its key features, i.e. high ambient temperature cooling that ensures to make your indoor comfortable even at 52-degree C. The advance air purification system removes harmful odour while providing cleaner air. The copper condenser coil durably delivers efficient cooling.

With its eco mode, you can save on your electricity bills by optimizing the power consumption. The environmentally friendly refrigerant contributes to protecting the environment in the most reliable way. Your AC gets protected from voltage fluctuations even with its stabilizer free operations.

Its steady cold compressor leads to steady cooling and regular saving. Lastly, the additional features such as four-way auto louvre for air delivery, torque control for constant temperature and multi stage filtration removes allergens, odour and other harmful particles.

  • Energy efficient with low noise operations
  • Auto reset in case of abnormalities
  • 4-way auto louvre for uniform distribution of cooled air throughout the room
  • Energy efficient with low noise operations

Best air conditioner in India 2020 (Window AC)

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Product code: 185 DZA/185 DZA R32)

  • Capacity- 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for medium-sized room
  • Copper condenser, a rotary compressor with self-diagnosis operation
  • 5 years compressor warranty
  • Special features: in-built auto restart, anti-dust filters, sleep mode, turbo mode, 54dB noise level
india best air conditioner brand

best split ac in india reviews

The Voltas 1.5 ton 5* Window AC is a high-power appliance. It delivers high ambient cooling with all-weather comfort. With this high ambient cooling, you can get instant coolness at even 50 degree Celsius. Its 100% copper condenser coil delivers efficient cooling and makes it a durable appliance. With its Eco mode, you can save on electricity bills by optimizing the power consumption.

This Voltas window AC comes with an active dehumidifier that senses indoor humidity in the monsoons and controls the temperature accordingly. The anti-dust 2 stage filtration removes allergens, odour and other harmful particles to give you fresh and cold air. You can use its self-diagnosis feature that checks and reset abnormalities and failures automatically.

The turbo cooling mode cools the room instantly and gives you a pleasant experience throughout. The sleep mode cuts down on excessive cooling and power consumption and maintains a comfortable temperature for your good night sleep. With its different in-built features like auto restart, turbo mode and sleep mode, this Voltas AC sets itself at a comfortable level.

  • Anti-dust filters for eliminating every chance of pollutants
  • Its different in-built mode sets the AC according to your comfort level
  • High ambient cooling and active dehumidifier works exceptionally well in monsoons
  • It has no swing options

Blue Star 1.1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Product code: 5W13GA)

  • Capacity- 1.1 tons
  • Suitable for rooms sized up to 110 sq. ft
  • A High-efficiency rotary compressor
  • Additional features: self-diagnosis, auto-sleep mode, auto restart, and dust filters
a c company

best company for ac

The blue star stands as a trusted brand in the air conditioner world. This 5-star AC assures you of minimum electricity bills with its high-efficiency rotary compressor. This compressor maintains an enhanced cooling experience at even low energy levels. This Blue-star window AC comes with an anti-bacterial dust filter that with its advanced design traps even the smallest dust particles to regulate a refreshing and healthy air.

The auto-restart memory function featured on this AC is very useful in case of power cuts. This feature enables the ac to restart at its last settings with the same pre-set automatically as the power is back. With its sleep mode, you can have a comfortable night sleep. This feature intelligently senses the variation in indoor temperature and adjust it automatically.

The blue star window AC is laced with a self-diagnosis smart feature that senses and alert you of a fault in operation immediately. Its error codes make it easy to troubleshoot the issue generated.

  • Auto restart during power cuts
  • Self-diagnosis for inside faults with error codes
  • Anti-bacterial dust filters for clean and healthy airflow
  • No cons noticed yet

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Window AC (Product code: JW-Q18WUXA)

  • Capacity- 1.5 tons
  • Suitable for mid-sized rooms
  • Dual inverter compressor with ten years of warranty
  • Special features: Dual rotary motor, ocean black protection, anti-bacterial filter. Led display, clean filter indicator, top air discharge
top brand air conditioners in india
air conditioner best company in india

The LG’s 1.5 tons 3*window AC comes with a Dual Inverter Compressor with Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor that saves more energy along with higher speed cooling range with its fuller rotational frequency. It ensures faster cooling that lasts longer and runs quieter.

The Special Ocean Black Protection feature provides high-class durability in typical Indian demographics like sand, salt, industrial smoke & pollutants. Its unique BLDC Motor and DUAL Inverter Compressor eliminates unnecessary noise for smooth operation that you’ll barely notice. It operates at sound levels as low as 44dB.

This LG window AC comes in a modern Design which delivers powerful performance and stable durability to perfectly match your window frame. It provides you with an exceptional cooling power that keeps you comfortable. It is designed for easy and efficient installation and come with a washable and reusable air filter.

  • Dual rotary motor for energy consumption
  • It has a very unique and beautiful design which makes it stand out from other window ACs
  • Easy installation
  • No unnecessary noise
  • No such cons

Best AC in India 2021 – Buying Guide

We all know what an air conditioner does for us. It cools down and maintains the temperature of our room according to the set functioning. The awareness about its features and operation has increased a lot with time amongst people. Though still, you need to be aware of its process, latest features and technologies before you invest a hefty amount in the right Air conditioner for your homes. After going through this buying guide, you will have a clear concept of everything related to ACs that will make purchasing an easy task for you.

How does an air conditioner work?

Air conditioner work on an elementary principle: Absence of heat is cold that means it removes heat from the indoors. Now let’s get into a more detailed explanation. An air conditioner works on three basic principles, i.e. evaporation, condensation and compression.

The AC unit compresses the gas and turn it into a high-pressure hot liquid. This hot liquid then flows through the condenser coil and cools down with the elimination of heat (liquid remains in high pressure). Here the expansion value converts the high-pressure liquid into low-pressure liquid. The fluid flows through the evaporating coils present in the AC.

In doing so, this absorbs the indoor heat and convert the liquid into a gas again. This heat absorption process makes you experience the cooling down of the room. Here you are required to tightly close the doors and windows to ensure that the existing heat in the room does not increase.

This above process keeps on repeating while ensuring to keep your room complete cool.

Types of air conditioners

Two types of air conditioners that get acclaimed in the Indian market, known as Window AC and Split AC. Both of these types do similar work, i.e. cooling and maintaining the indoor temperature.

Air conditioner typically consists of the following:

  • A compressor
  • A condenser
  • Evaporate coils (both inside out)
  • A fan and blower
  • A chemical refrigerant

Split Air conditioner: Split air conditioners come in two parts: condensing unit and evaporator coil. As its name both these units are split to complete the appliance job. Both the groups are connected through a line set “set of copper tubing” that transfer refrigerant from one group to other. The evaporator coil is placed inside the room, whereas the condensing unit gets placed somewhere outside the house.

  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Attractive
  • Versatile (Can be placed anywhere in the room), also its outdoor unit can be placed anywhere outside your house including terrace, garage, or could be hung on exterior walls.
  • Installation (It needs to be installed only by professionals and may led to few damaging in your walls during the process)
  • Both the units need to be positioned within 30 meters that can be a con for some people.
  • Expensive. Can cost you 40-50% more than Window AC.

Window Air conditioner: Window air conditioners contain both the unit as split AC packed all together. When completed, it is a smaller unit than split ACs but performs a similar job as them. As its name window, AC is placed securely at the window of your room. Because of its compact packing, it consumes less space.

  • Budget friendly/less expensive
  • Easy to install
  • Easily transferable. Suitable for renters.
  • Can be only fixed on windows. It can be a task to remove grills, glass and net from windows first.
  • Hot air and Water dripping from the outer side can be end up in unwanted place.
  • In case of thin windows, the AC may require external support to stand firmly.
  • Consumes more power than split ACs

Difference between Split AC and Window AC

Split Air Conditioner
  • It comes in two units: An evaporation coil (indoor unit) and a condenser (Outdoor unit).
  • Makes less noise
  • Highly expensive
  • Installation slightly difficult
  • Comparatively difficult servicing
  • Occupies less space
  • Max. Capacity: No limit (However the max capacity available in India is around 3.0 tons)
Window Air Conditioner
  • It comes in as a packaged unit containing all the components together.
  • Makes more noise
  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Easy installation
  • Easy servicing
  • Occupies a little more space
  • Max. Capacity: 2.0 tons

Essential factors to keep in mind before buying an Air conditioner

  • SIZE: The most important thing to keep in mind is the size of the Air conditioner according to the size of your room. Purchasing a small AC for big space will make it tough to evenly cool down the room similarly a big sized AC will be a lousy pick for small-sized bedrooms. You can take reference from the table below:
  • Area demographics: The climate and demographics of the city where you live in is crucial for the type of air conditioner you would require. For places like Delhi and NCR where the temperature in summers touch the mark of 50 degrees C, you must go for the air conditioner with higher capacity. Whereas cities with heat in summer does not go more than 35-40 degree C, you can opt for AC with less capacity.
  • Room positioning: The air conditioner will work optimally for rooms that come in contact with direct sunlight throughout the day and effortlessly for places underground that are far from direct sunlight.
  • Daily usage: It would help if you looked at the refrigerant level as per how long you would intend to run the air conditioner throughout the day.
  • Budget: Without a doubt, this is the first thought anyone would generally have. Though if you are thinking to bring home an AC, you must make sure to keep your budget of at least RS 30,000-35000. With a low budget, you can go for a Window AC, and with the high budget, you can opt for split AC accordingly.
  • Power connection: You would need to look out for this while you get your ac placed. Considering where you plug it in, 10000 BTU or less – 15 to 20-amp circuit (of not shared with other appliances), 12,000 to 15000 BTU- 115-volt circuit (a separate circuit), and models with 18,000 BTU and above 18000 BTU 208 to the 230-volt circuit (an independent circuit).

BTU is the total amount of energy an air conditioner brings out. Take the reference as 1 ton = 12,000BTU.

  • After-sales service: Air conditioners get meant to be fixed and placed with a well-trained servicing person. Usually, the selling company sends an installer for doing the process. Make sure the brand you are going after provides an excellent after-sales service in your region.

This was about the primary factors now let’s dive straight into the technical terms and elements related to Air conditioners.

Air conditioner technology and features

  • Inverter technology: The inverter technology is a recent evolution concerning on the electro motors of the compressor. In this case, the compressor works at variable speed and never switches off. This varying speed draws in less power and works as a power-saving feature. The inverter AC technology is energy efficient which makes a makes a three* inverter AC works equivalent to 5* regular AC. Air conditioners equipped with the inverter technology can adjust the speed and tonnage according to the heat indoor.
  • Copper/aluminum coil: The coil in which refrigerant gas/liquid move inside is either made up of copper and aluminum. Most of the AC comes with the copper coil.
  • GoldFin condenser/technology: The AC condenser tube or coil are in constant of water which can lead to affect its performance. This technology does not allow the water droplets to settle down on the walls of the coil. With its low surface tension, the water slips down and prevent the loop from rusting.
  • Precision cooling technology: This technology gets designed to manage the high levels of heat (emanated by machines and without humidity).
  • Brushless DC motor: It contains a rotor in the form of permanent magnet and a stator in the way of polyphase armature windings. This motor does not include brushes, and the commutation gets done using electricity (by an electronic derive).
  • Precision cooling technology: This unique technology deters odor and deliver cleaner air. It also prevents the forming of bacteria and mould on heat exchangers.
  • Durafin technology: This technology coats up the heat exchanger with a combination of chromium and zirconium and strengthens its durability. It helps the outdoor unit remain corrosion resistant even in a highly corrosive environment.
  • Ocean black protection: It provides exceptional durability to the air conditioner in typical Indian demographics.
  • Refrigerants: Refrigerant is an integral part of the air conditioning system. It absorbs the heat from inside the room and delivers it outside. Refrigerant generally used in air conditioners in India are R22, R32, and R410A.

Different modes of operations

  • Econo mode: This mode enables the process by limiting the maximum power consumption.
  • Sleep mode: Sleep mode facilitate to ensure a decent temperature, less electricity consumption and minimal noise during night time.
  • Power saver mode: This mode shut down the compressor when the temperature reaches the set level. In this while, the fan keeps running to maintain the coolness. When the temperature exceeds a certain level again, the process gets repeated.
  • 6th sense cooling mode: Whirlpool is the only brand that features this mode in their ACs. Within the mode, the technology adjusts the fan speed by sensing the indoor temperature.

Meaning of the Star ratings

Whenever you come across an air conditioner, you may notice a five*, four* or three* ratings on it. This star rating helps in estimating the cooling efficiency of the AC. The start rating is generated by the BEE (Bureau of energy efficiency) for customer awareness. It comes marked as ISEER (Indian seasonal energy efficiency ratio). The ratio is the total amount of the indoor heat AC can remove when operated for cooling in an active mode to the total amount of energy consumed by the AC in the same period.

The more the rating, the higher is the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner. However, this also led to an increase in the cost of the appliances.

Best Air conditioner brands in India

  • LG: The first brand that outstands as the best in any home appliance department. Some of the top air conditioners in India are from LG. With its highly efficient air conditioners and brilliant after-sales service LG has earned a lot of customers in India.
  • Blue star: This Indian brand produces the most reliable air conditioners that run for years. Its technologies and durability make it a loved AC brand in India. These ACs provide excellent support throughout the summers with using minimal power.
  • Voltas: Voltas is the most extensive air conditioning Indian brand that was founded by TATA enterprises. It has made its place now from more than 50 years in India. Voltas ACs are known for their quality and durability, which makes them recognised as a prime engineering solution provider in the world.
  • Samsung: Popular for its appliances and other electronic products, Samsung produce air conditioners with best technologies, design and durability. Its in-built power saver saves you a lot on your electricity bill.
  • Daikin: Daikin is a Japanese company known for making some most excellent finest air conditioners. You can rely on its appliance for best services.

Some other brands such as Godrej, Ken star, Hitachi and carrier are also in the list of leading Air conditioner brands in India. You can rely on any of the above brands for air conditioners.

Frequently asked question

  • What does tonnage in air conditioner mean?

Tonnage is meant to figure the amount of the air conditioner can remove from indoor in an hour.

  • How does BTU matters in terms of the air conditioner?

The higher BTU generates more cooling effect; thus, it is essential in an air conditioner. One ton is measured equal to 12000 BTU. More the tons (BTU), more the efficiency of your air conditioner.

  • Is it safe to buy a big and expensive appliance like air conditioner online?

Yes, it is safe to buy air conditioners online. You must opt for trusted and reputed eCommerce platform like Amazon.in to get the best AC units. You can also get massive discounts on amazon.

  • Should I buy a separate stabiliser for AC?

Yes, in India if you live in cities with the problem of frequent voltage fluctuation, then you must buy a separate stabiliser for your AC. Even if your AC has an inbuilt stabiliser opt for a separate one as its better to be safe than sorry.

  • What is the in-built air filtration feature in ACs?

Our indoor air is quite polluted, which is even harmful to our health. When we operate an air conditioner in our home, we naturally close all the doors and windows and inhale the same polluted air. However, the air filters in the AC unit trap these pollutants and stop their recirculation. You can witness the amount of dust and dirt when you remove the AC filters for cleaning. The inbuilt air purifiers in AC ensures to eliminate all the dust and dirt while giving you cleaner air to breathe.

  • Which air conditioner brand gives the best after-sales service in India?

This depends upon the city or town you stay. LG and Samsung have extended and well-coordinated service centres throughout both cities and towns. Whereas Hitachi, Blue star and Daikin provides excellent after-sale service in big cities and lack to do the same in the small towns.

  • What is better Split AC or Window AC?

Both split and window ACs have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Window AC is compact in size, cheaper in price, easy to install, easy transferable but consumes more energy that can prove to be expensive in the long run. Whereas Split ACs does not create noise, are energy efficient, looks attractive but are much costly.


To end it here, the best air conditioners are not the one that looks good but the one that performs excellent and is durable. Above we have provided you with a well-researched list of best air conditioners in India 2020. You can rely on the list depending upon your budget. Also, we have provided you with a complete buying guide right from cooling, technology, star rating, efficiency, durability and other tips and tricks.

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