8 Best Air Coolers in India for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

There’s nothing more relaxing than a pleasant fresh air breeze during hot summer days.

Isn’t it?

With summers around the corner, each of us is struggling to find a great appliance to beat the heat. At the same time, we all want something affordable yet effective to fulfil the purpose. Here air coolers come as the best saviour option for all of us. Air coolers have been part of our lives for many years now. They are the most affordable, highly effective and pocket-friendly air-cooling appliance that suits the middle-class Indian family’s needs.

Today, once you enter the market or visit an ecommerce website like amazon.in, you will find a variety of air coolers from several known brands. This variety includes personal cooler, room cooler and desert cooler. Since it is a necessity, we understand your concern to invest in the correct and suitable one. Today in this article, we will display the best air coolers in India and best air coolers available online. Considering the different budget, coverage capacity, usefulness of the air coolers, we have divided the article into several sections to provide you with a detailed explanation about each and everything.

Best Air Coolers in India 2020 (Under 7000)

Bajaj Platini 36 Litres PX97 Torque Room Air Cooler

  • 36 litres water storage capacity
  • Honeycomb cooling media
  • 100 W power consumption
  • Four-way air deflection
  • Three-way speed control
  • Quiet performance
  • Can work on inverter
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The Bajaj Platini PX97 torque room air cooler is best suitable for room-sized up to 150 sq. Ft. This cooling appliance from Bajaj comes with a 4-way air deflection to deliver consistent cooling throughout the room.

It can also run on the inverter for uninterrupted performance during power cuts. This air cooler comes with a 3-sided honeycomb cooling pad for fast and immediate cooling during summers. With its four castor wheels, you can quickly move it around the room as per your convenience. Lastly, with a 36 litres water capacity, this air cooler ensures consistent cooling throughout the day.

Symphony Diet 12T Litre Personal Air Cooler with i-Pure Technology

  • 12 litres water storage capacity
  • I-pure multi air purification technology
  • Speed and swing controller
  • Powerful pump
  • Can work on inverter
  • 170 W power consumption
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The Symphony Diet 12T 12 litre personal air cooler is one of the best picks for rooms with less space. This compact cooler is suitable for spot cooling or smaller spaces. This air cooler from Symphony comes with an I-Pure multi air purification technology that protects against dust, allergens, and bacteria giving you a healthy and fresh air to breathe.

This portable and personal air cooler can get easily connected with an inverter during power cuts for uninterrupted cooling. With the water tank capacity of 12 litres, it is a very compact and great option for personal cooling needs.

Bajaj Frio 23 Litres Personal Air Cooler

  • 23 litres water storage tank
  • Covers area up to 150 sq. ft with 140 W power consumption
  • Powerful long-distance air throw
  • Can work on inverter
  • Three-way speed control
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The Bajaj Frio 23 litres personal air cooler comes with a four-way air diversion feature that ensures consistent airflow throughout the area.

It has a 3-speed control option that allows you to set the fan speed necessity as per your inclination. The honeycomb cooling traps in the cold air and provide you cooling coverage area of 150 sq. Ft. Its 23 litres water tank and a separate ice chamber ensure superior cooling performance all the time. The Bajaj Frio air cooler can efficiently work on inverter during power cuts.

Additionally, it also provides a smooth and quiet execution while making no compromise with performance. This air cooler from Bajaj is best suitable for all types of weather be it sweltering days or humid nights.

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27-litres

  • Dura pump technology
  • Auto vertical swings and Whisper-quiet performance
  • 27 litres water tank for consistent and uninterrupted cooling
  • I-pure multistage air purification technology
  • It cover area up to 46 m3 with 105 W power consumption
  • Can work on inverter
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The Symphony Ice cube 27 litres personal air cooler is highly efficient both on performance and power consumption. It comes with a cold flow dispenser to provide channelized water distribution of high-class cooling. Its automatic vertical swing provides equal airflow distribution into the room. This Symphony air cooler has a multistage air purification honeycomb pad that keeps dust, smell, allergens and bacteria out and let healthy cold airflow inside.

It gives you a whisper quite a performance for a serene and silent sleep. This air more refreshing form Symphony can be easily moved anywhere in the house with its durable castor wheels.

Best Air Coolers for big sized rooms

Crompton Ozone 75-Litre Desert Air Cooler

  • 75 litres high capacity water storage tank
  • Covers area up to 550 sq. ft with 190 W power consumption
  • Honeycomb cooling pads and controlled airspeed
  • Can work on inverter
  • Motorized louvre movement
  • Separate ice chamber
  • Easy to clean and rust free body
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The Crompton Ozone 75 litres desert air cooler comes with exquisitely cool features that offer you optimum cooling performance. This is an impressive air cooler in both style and performance. With a high storage water tank capacity of 75 litres, this best suited for rooms sized up to 550 sq. Ft. The four-way air diversion complemented with an ice chamber gives a complete cooling air package performance thought out the place. As a desert air cooler, it capably delivers optimum cooling experience through the harsh summers.

Its honeycomb cooling pad gets designed for improved water retention and better cooling performance. You can easily connect this air cooler with an inverter during the time of power cuts for uninterrupted cooling..

Maharaja White line Atlanto CO-109 45-Litre Air Cooler

  • 45 litres high capacity water storage tank
  • Cover up area up to 600 sq. ft with 165 W power consumption
  • Antibacterial water tank
  • Bulky air delivery of 3100m3/hr with air throw up to 45 feet
  • Wood wool cool pads
  • Low noise operations
  • Separate ice chamber
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The Maharaja White line Atlanta air cooler comes with an efficient 45 litres water storage tank that can last up to hours without the need to refill. Its antibacterial basin prevents bacterial growth while promoting good health. This air cooler is ideally suited for room-sized up to 600 sq. Ft with high air delivery of 3100 m3/hr. The Maharaja Atlanta air cooler covers a minimum distance of 45 feet with its active air throw ensuring cold air delivery in every corner of the room. It has wood wool cooling pads that ensure proper water absorption for better cooling performance.

With a nominal power consumption of 165 W, it can also run on home inverter during power outages. You can quickly move and locate this air cooler with the fitted castor wheels.

Hind ware 200 Snow crest 85 H Desert CD-168501HLA 85-Litre Air Cooler

  • 85 litres high capacity water tank
  • Covers area up to 550 sq. ft with 200 W power consumption
  • Water level indicator with stylish chrome knobs
  • Honeycomb cool pads
  • Four-way air deflection with high air delivery
  • Can work on inverter
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The Hind ware 200 snow crest 85 litres desert air cooler is one of the best air coolers for the home in India 2020. Equipped with a powerful fan, highly efficient motor, and smartly designed louvre mechanism, this desert air cooler ensures superior cooling performance for you. It has honeycomb cooling pads that absorb dust particles, and are anti-deformation that provides longer life with active cooling. You can quickly run this cooler on home inverter during power outages.

The Hind ware snow crest with its four-way deflection ensures high air delivery uniformly all over the place. It can be easily moved and placed anywhere inside with the castor wheel without much pressure required. This air cooler is one of the best picks during high summer temperature.

Crompton Honeycomb 88-Litre Desert Cooler

  • 88 litres high capacity water tank
  • Covers area up to 500 sq. ft with 190 W power consumption
  • Four-way air deflection
  • Honeycomb cooling pads
  • Can work on inverter
  • Rust free easy to clean body
  • Heavy air delivery 4200 m3/hr with air throw distance up to 45 feet
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The Crompton honeycomb 88 litres desert air cooler perfectly fits for your large-sized rooms. With 4200m3/hr air delivery speed, it gives the power of extreme cooling in burning summer days. Its 88 litres water tank keeps you free from filling the tank multiple times. The honeycomb cooling pads get designed for better water retention and improved cooling performance. It gets featured with motorized louvres for four-way air deflection ensuring cooling to every corner of the room.

This Crompton 88 litres air cooler can get easily connected to home inverter during power cuts for an uninterrupted performance. This cooler has a separate ice chamber for ultimate cooling performance. The air cooler has a rust-free body that can get easily cleaned with just a swipe of the cloth. You can quickly move it anywhere indoor as per your requirements.

Best Air Cooler Brands in India

  • Symphony: Symphony, based in Ahmedabad Gujrat, is in the air cooler industry for more than 30 years now. It gets certified by the Guinness book of world records for manufacturing world’s largest functioning air cooler. The company manufacture coolers for small urban rooms, big living space, outdoor purpose, shops, offices and significant hall areas. From large space coolers, medium space coolers and spot coolers symphony have best refrigerators for all your needs. This highest-selling air cooler brand offers innovative features such as working on inverter power, multi-stage filtration and much more.
  • Bajaj: Bajaj, based in Mumbai, is a very famous brand amongst Indian customers. Bajaj offers highly effective and practical cooling performance at reasonable prices. The air coolers get laced with speed control and remote control for smooth operations. Additionally, they cover the highlight with powerful airflow that gets evenly distributed even in big spacious rooms. Bajaj air coolers are suitable for different climate and geographical reasons. With sustained and effective cooling Bajaj stands as one of the most preferred air cooler brands in India.
  • Crompton: Crompton has become an established name in the required home supply field now. Earlier it started with manufacturing transformers, pumps, railway signalling, and also led to producing motors, geysers and air coolers. With an extensive and innovative range of air coolers, they offer the most customer-friendly, durable, efficient that greatly justify the price. Crompton air coolers are best suitable during hot summer days for its superior high-class cooling.
  • Maharaja White line: Maharaja White line manufacture a variety of sustainable and stylish air coolers for your home needs. With world-class feature and expensive cost, you can find both personal coolers, portable, mini, home and desert coolers. All these are available in different sizes to meet up your room requirements.
  • Hind ware Snow crest: Hind ware is the first to introduce air coolers with changeable colour panels. The most powerful performance, coupled with elegant design, will complement your home interior in every way. They offer you a wide range of the desert, personal, tower, window and mini cooler for your various requirements. Hind ware air coolers are the inverter compatible feature which is essential in terms of uninterrupted cooling. With the humidity controller, it becomes one of a kind appliance for places with much humidity.

The working of an Air Cooler

An air cooler provides you with a cold environment through the principle of evaporation. Also known as a desert cooler or swamp cooler these appliances require water that gets stored inside them. When the hot air from outside blows past water it results in the mixture of air and water molecules. This exchange of molecules transfers the heat from the air to water, making the temperature decrease and resulting in a comparatively more relaxed environment.

The air coolers use water so that the cooling can take place. The evaporation of water takes places within the cooling pads placed on three sides of the air cooler. Outdoor air is drawn towards the cooler and passes through the cooling pad with the help of a fan. Here a pump is used to bring and distribute water on the top of each cooling pad and then allow it to pass through each pad, keeping them wet. This process repeats to bring down the temperature of the indoors eventually.

Evaporation for air cooling is a natural way as similar to a breeze flowing over the lake or river. This breeze reduces down the temperature giving a cooling effect to the nearby environment.

Level of effectiveness

The effectiveness of this cooling process suits more to some conditions than others. Air coolers work better in hot and dry climate than in humidity. As we discussed above the more water evaporates, the cooler it will make the air around. But air can hold a certain amount of moisture depending on the temperature. In case where the air is already humid (which most knowingly happens during monsoons) it would not keep more water molecules, which result in a not so cool environment.

Hence higher the humidity less effective the air coolers. For example, if the relative humidity level is 30%, then air contains its maximum humidity of 30%. In the result of this during hot days (dry) the wind can hold a lot more moisture than it already has and the evaporative cooling can effectively decrease down the temperature. But when the air already holds more moisture than usual, the evaporative cooling becomes less effective. That is why it is said above that evaporative cooling works better in dry, hot days.

Best Air Cooler buying guide

Here below is an easy buying guide that will help you pick the best air cooler suiting your requirements.

Factors to understand before buying an Air Cooler in India

  1. Air cooler size: The first and most important thing to make sure that the cooler you are picking up suits your room size correctly. It is essential to have a cooler that can sufficiently cool the length and breadth of your room. The size of cooler gets determined by the unit CFM (cubic feet per metre) that get used to measuring airflow.

The most suitable way to determine the air cooler size is the CFM calculation. CFM, which is the total air in the room that gets changed every couple of minutes. It gets also based in hours in most cases.

CFM (in hour) = room area (in sq. ft) * room height /2

2 in the denominator denotes the air of the room changed once every 2 minutes.

While checking the air cooler, you can look if the air it covers is equal to or more than the size of your room.

  1. Cooling pads: Cooling pads in an air cooler are attached in the sides to cool down the air once it passes through. There are two different kinds of cooling pads with their benefits and limitations. These two types are honeycomb cooling pad and aspen wood cooling pads.

The honeycomb cooling pads get made from cellulose material that gets shaped into the honeycomb. These are slightly expensive though they are durable, efficient and more comfortable to maintain. Whereas the wood wool cooling pads are comparatively a little less active and sustainable to the honeycomb one. They also require a lot more maintenance. However, aspen wood cooling pads are more economical. Though one can choose any of these as in terms of performance, they differentiate only a slight bit.

  1. Power consumption: Power consumption is a high affair in terms of AC, but when it comes to air cooler, it is very less. For example, if an Air conditioner consumes 1 unit an hour to cool a room, an air cooler will only consume 0.1 unit an hour to cool down the same area.
  2. Climate: Climate plays a vital role in working on an air cooler. As we have already discussed it above, air coolers tend to become less active during high humidity in whether. An air cooler might not be an excellent cooling appliance for cities like Bangalore, Assam, Chennai and similar places. For cities like Delhi, Gurgaon with dry summer air coolers is the best suitable.
  3. Body material: Almost all the air coolers available on ecommerce websites like amazon.in are of fibre body. Though fibre body looks elegant, they are less cooling efficient when compared to steel body coolers.

Types of Air Coolers in India

Now when we have the list of best air coolers in India let’s move on to understand which kind of air cooler suits best for you. This will help to determine what works best for your personal use, room, or office.

  • Personal cooler: As their name suggests, these coolers get meant for personal uses. They can be easily moved and placed near your bed, table, kitchen depending on your need of usage. They come with the average water tank capacity of around 25-40 litres which is suitable for cooling one or two people in person. Their price generally stays around 5000 and does not move up much.
  • Desert cooler: Desert coolers get primarily used to cool down significant areas like medium or large-sized rooms. Its cooling feature uses a powerful pump and a massive fan for delivering the best cooling experience. With water cooler holding capacity of 40-90 litres, they serve the purpose best during hot summer days. Desert coolers can get placed at a certain distance, and one can experience uniform cooling throughout the room. They are generally available from a starting range of 8000 ranging up to 12000.
  • Tower coolers: Tower coolers are long and slimmer in shape that gives you powerful delivery while occupying less space. They are ideal for home, offices and shops as well. These coolers throw cold air up to 25 feet due to a highly effective motor and air delivery capacity. These are best for people with less space at home to bring in a desert or personal cooler those are comparatively big. Tower coolers come with the capacity of 25 to 40 litres, can be moved around easily and are available around the price range of 6000 to 9000.
  • Steel body (Window coolers): These are no doubt the best cooler amongst any of the above. They have a powerful cooling efficiency than a plastic frame or fibre body coolers. They get placed on windows, and with better ventilation, these coolers can provide a cooling performance just a little less compared to air conditioners. In the case of the price range, the steel body window cooler is readily available around 4000 rupees.

Advantages and disadvantages of an Air Cooler

After considering all the critical factors related to air cooler, let’s have a look at some of its advantages and problems in the table below:

Tips for better performance of Air Cooler

  1. The most important thing for the better functioning of an air cooler is proper ventilation. A constant airflow with good ventilation is required to push out the humidity from insides the room.
  2. Place air cooler near a window (on or in front of the window) to get improved and faster air cooling.
  3. You can add ice or cooling water for a more relaxed airflow. You can either add ice directly to the water tank or in the dedicated ice tray that comes with air coolers these days.
  4. Maintenance and cleaning air cooler will help with its durability and performance. Make sure to clean the insides of air cooler in many time to ensure no accumulation of dust and pollen.
  5. Change the water inside the air cooler if it gets left for a long time. Stored water for long may lead to certain diseases like malaria and dengue.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are air coolers good for health?

Air coolers use evaporation principle for a cooling process; hence no harmful refrigerant gases are involved. This considers air coolers as an eco-friendly and health-friendly appliance.

  1. Can air coolers use without water?

Yes, air coolers are mostly used without water in monsoons when humidity is at its peak. Using cooler along with water may trend to increase more moisture and less effective cooling, that is why air coolers are better preferred to operated dry during high humidity.

  1. How often should the cooling pads in air cooler get changed?

Cooling pads play an essential role in the air-cooling process. For a better cooling performance, they must get changed at least once in the season of use.

  1. Do air coolers work on the inverter?

Yes, most of the modern-day air coolers work on the inverter. You can look out for this feature before you buy one.

  1. Can I use air cooler in a closed room?

Yes, you can, but proper ventilation is essential for an air cooler to work effectively. Unlike, ACs the air coolers require fresh air flow through opened door and windows.

  1. How frequently is it needed to refill the air cooler?

Generally, the water in the air cooler tank lasts up to 5-6 hours while in working mode. However, during hot days you must keep a check on the water level and refill as and when required.

Final words

We have tried to provide you with all the essential information that will help you to buy the best air cooler in India. Air coolers are convenient to use, saves energy and provide efficient cooling with the simplest operations. You can also pick one from our best air coolers in India (under 7000) list if you are looking for a pocket-friendly cooling appliance.

We hope you will find the article helpful. For any queries, questions and feedback, please leave a comment down below.

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