10 Best Camera Drones in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021 – Let’s talk drones, and by drones, I don’t mean the kind you get your kid on Christmas to go impress their friends with. I mean serious drones that are used in video production and photography. Yes, I am talking about camera drones. The kind you get to go for aerial photoshoots with. Now, these have been in existence right from when drones were developed for public use and have managed to evolve from being the emerging trend it was to a most certain need or requirement. In this article you will get to know our selection of the best camera drones in India.

We are going to look at some of the best drones that are available in the Indian market and how you can acquire them and at what price. We also added a hierarchical system for them according to the reviews they received and what they can do. In that light expect to see drones that are expensive but still don’t hit the mark and those that are cheap and still manage to outsource the expensive ones, so try to keep an open mind.

What are camera drones?

First, let’s just start with the basics. You have heard your friends talk about them, seen them on adverts, they are advertised on the news, you see them in games, movies, documentaries etcetera. “But what are camera drones” you still ask yourself.

Well, these are special remote-control quadcopters that offer the user a chance to take aerial photographs and/or shoot aerial videos. Well in more simplified terms, camera drones are one of the coolest ways to work with cameras and videos.

Picture a scenario where you perhaps wanted to take a picture right in the middle of a field that has no buildings close to it, putting in mind that our cameras can only zoom so far as their in-built limits. Well, this is where a camera drone comes in handy. They are available in lots of shapes and sizes and their features vary from the different manufacturers that create them.

Different Camera Drones come with different unique capabilities. IT also allow you to scout locations that are not easy to inspect by normal human beings, for example, unstable buildings that are still under construction.

In general, camera drones are just the right tool for any lens-enthusiast that may be out there in this age.


Amitasha Control 360-degree Foldable Quadcopter.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

This bad boy is one of a kind. There is just so much that can be said about this specific drone, but I’d rather let you be the critic. With a flying height of up to 35 meters, this drone is packed with 500mAh inbuilt battery that will assure you a maximum of 12 minutes of flight if charged for 40 minutes before use. It is also equipped with a GPS return feature that allows the drone to come back to you by the click of one button.

It is also fold-able which makes it easy to pack alongside precious cargo.

  • – It’s portable and lightweight.
  • – It’s relatively cheap.
  • – Air pressure set.
  • – GPS feature.
  • – Auto return feature present.
  • – Allows headless mode.
  • – 6-axis gyro and lighting control.
  • – Allows roll 360-degree flight.
  • – Can be flown in low light.
  • – Battery irremovable hence you must wait to full charge to use again which slows down work.
  • – Charging time is too long.
  • – No crash protection for propellers.
  • – Video recording not present

DJI Tello FPV Drone

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

Here is another mean machine to add to this category. With a flying height of up to 50 meters in height above ground level, the DJI Tello FPV Drone is a one of a kind professional camera drone. It flips, it bounces and has stem coding. It runs on an Intel processor which is common in computers, so you are assured high-quality footage at high processing speed.

The drone comes with a 5MP camera that is bound to give you more high-resolution pictures. It also has rechargeable batteries that are also replaceable.

  • Good processor.
  • Wonderful camera.
  • Sizably small.
  • High flight height.
  • Replaceable batteries.
  • No GPS.
  • No way to track drone.
  • No one button return feature

Amitasha 6-axis gyro app controls Wi-Fi camera drones.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

Another bad boy from Amitasha. This drone, unlike the previously listed one, can be controlled from an application on your smartphone. It also comes in different colours and uses gyro sensors to get the job done. Its estimated flying height is 40-45 meters and packs a removable battery (though capacity has not been listed), which is also chargeable via a USB port.

  • The flying height is admirable.
  • Has one-key takeoff/landing/return headless mode.
  • 360-degree tumbling available.
  • Has LED lights which are useful for flying in low light.
  • 3 modes of speed.
  • Comes with replacement blades.
  • Has a wide-angle camera.
  • Offers video recording.
  • The camera megapixels are relatively small.
  • Package does not come with batteries, so you have to source them yourself.
  • Slightly larger and hard to pack due to fragile parts.
  • Not foldable.

Supertoy 720p foldable drone quadcopter.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

This drone bears some similarities to the DJI Tello however it is a bit larger than the latter. With a battery capacity of 1000mAh, this drone can go for a solid 12 minutes of flight. Its flight height is 35 meters and takes about 40 minutes to charge (however it is advisable to take at least 40 minutes of charging before use.) It also comes in a variety of colors however the downside is that in case you run out of battery you will have to recharge the bad boy before using it again.

  • Foldable and mobile.
  • One-key take-off.
  • 360-degree rollover capability.
  • Hover ability.
  • Short charging time.
  • Larger battery capacity.
  • Non-removable battery.
  • No crash protection.
  • No GPS.

Kiditos Syma X8pro Drone.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

Much like most of the drones in this list, the Syma X8 Pro is just the camera drone for any professional photographer out there. With a stunning 70-meter flying height capability, this bad boy packs a 2000mAh battery. The drone also has a one-key return feature, GPS and in case the battery runs low then it will automatically spend those last bars finding its way back to you. This is also applicable if it gets disconnected to the remote controller.

  • GPS tracking is a handy tool.
  • Ability to return to the owner when there is a need makes it easy to track.
  • It has multiple flight modes including; map guided flight and ability to set waypoints.
  • Barometric sensors.
  • Allows hover flight.
  • Has low battery and overcurrent protection.
  • 90-degree adjustable High Definition Camera.
  • Allows direct control via the smartphone app.
  • Allows direct recording into your smartphone via the smartphone app.
  • WIFI First Person View in real-time.
  • Irremovable batteries.
  • Not that mobile.

Syma W1PRO 4K HD AI Camera.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

Syma just doesn’t disappoint at keeping its drone game on top. This drone bears some mean specifications as compared to the X8 Pro. It has a GPS, return home feature. However, that is as much similarity as you are going to get to the X8Pro. The W1PRO has a 120-degree camera, which is also dual lensed. It has a flight height of 199 feet off the ground and has a flight duration of 20 minutes. This is very impressive considering the previous entries in this list. The average control distance is 250 meters which are by all standards fare.

  • One-key return home feature.
  • Wide-angle dual lens.
  • Bottom camera.
  • GPS tracking
  • Longer flight time.
  • Simpler controls
  • Altitude hold mode.
  • Waypoint placing enabled.
  • Expensive.
  • Irremovable batteries.

DJI Mavic Pro 2.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

By now you’ve noticed that most of DJI drones are focused on making their drones portable. This case is not that different either with the Mavic Pro. This foldable quadcopter pockets a 20-megapixel camera that comes in super handy. It also has a 1-inch CMOS sensor which basically increases the sensing capabilities. The large capacity camera also offers 4K video with 10-bit HDR support.

  • Gorgeous images.
  • 4k video.
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight.
  • Professional photography.
  • 360-degree stunt enabled.
  • Not cheap but worth the money.
  • No GPS.

DJI Tello Boost Combo drone.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
drones drones

With a 5MP camera that allows video quality of up to 720p, the Tello boost Combo has a lot to offer. The battery offers up to 13 minutes of flight capability and a flight height of 50 meters. It can be charged via a USB cable which comes in very handy and it is also relatively small. Though it is not foldable but still small enough to be considered portable.

  • Portable.
  • Crash resistance.
  • Video recording capability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Propellers guarded.
  • Propeller removal tool.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • No GPS tracking.
  • Easy to lose.

ABB India Solutions TK110 RTF 4CH.

Best Camera Drones in India 2021
Best Camera Drones in India 2021

This drone is unique. It’s the first drone in our list that is foldable and not from DJI. The drone automatically follows the movement of the phone it is connected to which facilitates some real-time control.

It is also equipped with a wonderful barometer that contributes to its hover ability. It also helps it to move from point to point while following your smartphone without your effort of having to call it back every time.

  • Mobile phone holder.
  • Smart barometer option.
  • Smart hover ability.
  • Able to follow the controller.
  • No need to track.
  • Little information provided by the distributor.
  • Internal batteries/ non-removable batteries.

SUPER TOY Syma X25 Pro.

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drones for agriculture

This GPS enabled camera drone is also another good option that you could choose. With a 90-degree adjustable camera that allows photo and video recording directly to the smartphone, this drone should offer you a battery capacity of 1000mAh that is also removable and should allow you 10-12 minutes of flight time. The GPS feature offers a return to home in case of low battery and remote-control disconnection. Multiple flight modes are also available i.e. Surround flight, follow me, map-guided flight and ability to place waypoints. The barometer also offers for hovering which is essential for taking more steady pictures.

  • GPS enabled.
  • Smart return home feature.
  • Waypoint placement.
  • Larger battery.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • 360-degree stunt
  • Not Portable

What are the factors you should consider when acquiring a Camera Drone?

Well, every kind of drone comes in its own way that makes unique and fit for a specific job. There are a lot of drones out there and as much as some may not reach the qualities of the other, there is still a lot that a drone can offer that some that are also in the market cannot. So, if you admire all these drones and don’t know which one exactly you want to acquire because of how diverse they are, here are a few rules you could follow that could help you narrow down on your options.

  1. Lay down a budget and put it into consideration when shopping. Regardless of how much other drones are offering a lot of operations that sound mouthwatering, it is also important to stick to that budget that you have laid down.
  2. Also, put into consideration how reliable the drone will be. The drone you are choosing should be able to meet the needs that you had intended it for.
  3. Durability is also important when acquiring a drone. Try to find out if your drone can get spare parts easily in case of any breakage or any electrical dysfunctions. Ask the manufacturer or distributors if the new package comes complete with spare parts or if you will need to acquire them separately, and if so, at what price.
  4. Flight safety should also be put into consideration. You should opt for a drone that has a remote control that can be relied on to avoid crashing.
  5. Flight time. The period it takes for your drone to use up all its charged-up battery should be lengthy. It is advisable to opt for a drone with at least have a flight time of 10 minutes before it is drained. There are a few drones that only have a flight time of about 4-5 minutes, which renders them as useless as remote-control toys and cannot be used to do some actual serious work.
  6. You should also opt for a drone that can help you be able to move easily with when packed. There is little need to acquire a drone that is twice the size of the backpack that you are going to carry to your destination. Rather opt for a drone that is just the right size to be carried around for even long trips with a lot of ease. Plus, it is not sensible to get a drone too big that you are only going to use for 10 minutes only.
  7. Smart options. These are in terms of flight modes available and that can be offered by the drone. How easy it can be to have a drone that can be flexible enough to do stunts and get into areas that you personally can’t. the drone should be a gadget that also works as an extension of your capabilities. Drones are also quite easy to lose so having a tracking system could come in handy at some point.
  8. The imaging system that is convenient enough. Do not opt for a camera drone that has many megapixels only but also a smart imaging system like optical image stabilization for example. There are several drones whose lenses get worn off after some time, so you could also put that into consideration.

Drones, as I’d earlier mentioned are here to stay. They are a new form of technology that has just generally changed the way photography is perceived and how videos are shot. The truth is they have existed so long that we have all just grown dependent on them. What a way to embrace technology.

We have tried to make this article helpful in every aspect and hope you find it as same. In case of any queries, questions and feedback, please leave your comment down below.

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