10 Best Ceiling Fans In India for 2020 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide.

Ceiling fans have been people’s priority for many years and, now it is been evolved in many different variations. With this many brands and models are being manufacturing the ceiling fans in the market. As a result, users experiencing a hard time choosing the best ceiling fans for their uses. In countries like India, where we experience all-season temperatures, the best thing a person can rely on for being comfortable is the use of ceiling fans. In every season ceiling, fans are so versatile that it can be used throughout the year. Air conditioners make the temperature decrease, but roof fans are unlike that they circulate the air inside which, creates a cooling effect so that you do not feel hot.

You may be trying to search the Best ceiling fans in India that satisfies your needs and also fits your budget. It is the little Awkward toes go every shop and try different ceiling fans and also your time wastage in spending a lot of hours.

We are here to help you out with the best ceiling fans you will be able to know which fan to bring your home which, gives you the best value of your money and higher satisfaction. Intead of burning cash on air-conditioning , if the temperature is too hot ceiling fans would be a better option.

From across the world ceiling fans having a lot of attention as one of the very much essential appliances providing a solution for their home comfort that popularity will increase endlessly.

The charming supplement for making the Breathless cooling effect in the rooms in summers the fantastic features that makes the ceiling fans different and unique from others is there cooling capacity their electricity consumption and their motor powerfulness.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans in India:

Among Huge varieties here are top 10 models available with their best features, designs, specification and pros and cons.

Orient Electric Apex -Fx 1200mm Ceiling Fan

  • Noiseless operations
  • It offers you high efficiency and powerful motor of 78watt .
  • It has a speed of :370rpm
  • Number of settings is 5
  • Material : mild steel
  • It comes with the 1 year Domestic Warranty
  • Looks adorable with glossy finish.
  • Blade sizes: 1200mm
  • Copper motor
  • Operating voltage: 220-240 volts.
  • Comes in Brown and White colour
  • Top cover material : CRCA, Download length : 206mm

If your are in search of clean and neat looking ceiling fan for your home, this will surely be a right choice. It delivers you with the best expected quality in attractive designs and also expected on it’s performance. This is durable and comes with high quality air circulation.

ceiling fans with lights
  • Innovative Design
  • HIGH Speed Air
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for indoor and Outdoor
  • A bit costly
  • The air speed is not that much fast
  • Reports the irrigated noise after some times usage.
  • Installation is not provided by Brand

Gorilla Energy Saving 5 Star Rated 1200 mm Ceiling Fan with remote Control and Bldc Motor.

  • Only 28W at highest speed – saves upto 1500 INR per year compared to other fans.
  • 5 Star rated BLDC motor
  • Improved Reliability and durability
  • Wide operating voltage range of 140-285 v
  • 2+1 years on site Warranty.
  • Comes with the Air delivery of 220 cubic meters per minute.
  • This fan runs 3 times longer on an inverter thereby results long battery life.
  • It do not makes noise .
  • Have the atheistic look.

This ceiling fan belongs to the generation of new breed of fans that has a facilities of remote Control Unit .

This remote control have the various modes thereby enables you to save the power. Its has some fascinating features.

ceiling fan havells
  • It is power saver and saves power up to 65%
  • Remote operated
  • It have three modes, boost, sleep and timer mode.
  • No sound and runs smoothly.
  • It does not generates heat.
  • Not really adjustable with large Rooms
  • Costly
  • Its is available on Amazon

Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm Ceiling Fan:

  • Metallic Finish paint
  • Motor with decorative ring
  • Optimum performance even at low voltage
  • Decorative trims on blades and canopy
  • Double ball bearings.
  • Power of 72 watts.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Blade size : 1200mm
  • Motor speed: 370RAM
  • Number of speed settings: 5

This model is unique in the market. This is not just any design ceiling fan this is in ivory white color perfect in adding a classic look in your house interior. This can be the best choice for electricity consumption conscious as this has lower power consumption.

ceiling fan online
  • Good for indoor and outdoor
  • Excellent finish
  • Good speed
  • Value for money
  • Air flow is excellent
  • Inexpensive
  • Makes Noise as times passes
  • The fan do not have the blades of high quality

Crompton HS plus 48 inch 53 watt power saver

  • It has 1200mm blades
  • It ensures air delivery at every corner of the room
  • Makes no noise
  • This fan is a BEE 5 star rated fan
  • It saves electricity
  • It is double ball bearing motor
  • Ensures longevity and reliability
  • This product gives you 2 year warranty
  • Sweep: 1200mm
  • Tried and tested Model

Crompton has made it’s positioning in the market with it’s best fan qualities. It is the reputed Indian ceiling fan manufacturing industry. Crompton generally have their ceiling fans in brown color. This fans have a simple looks and great lunch because of its additional features:

havells ceiling fan price
  • Worth of money
  • Outstanding performance
  • Durability
  • Long motor life
  • Branding
  • Little heavy

Usha Striker Platinum Ceiling Fan with Anti Dust Feature:

  • This product comes with V2 ball bearing which allows the product to function without noise.
  • It has the 1200 mm blade size
  • Provides you with good air delivery of 240 cmm
  • It delivers air at 385 RPM high speed
  • The aerodynamic design blades provides the height lift angles.
  • It is designed to work even at low voltages

Usha has committed its business in 1934. Now after even decades is very well known and trust worthy brand in every Indian household. With the lacquer metallic paint and well – finished looks, Usha Striker platinum adds aesthetics to your home décor.

Why to prefer something which is not suitable for you this product is a perfect option for those who prefer beauty first.

orient ceiling fans
  • Beautifully Crafted designs which would match your home decor as well
  • Comes with superior grade steel lamination providing better durability of the product
  • It also has the anti dust feature.
  • It is coated with dust resistance paint.
  • It has the lower power consumption of 80 watts.
  • No such cons were mentioned

V-Guard Premium Imagina Ceiling Fan

  • The remote controlled operated V-Guard Product provides you to manage device from anywhere at your home.
  • The i-mode installed with this device sense the Temperature  of the room and works as per it, if the temperature of the room is too cold, it reduces the speed of the fan and vice-versa. This really a excellent way to control the cooling inside your room
  • The LED lights let you sink in your mode with its wide range 9f colors .
  • You can also use the rhythm flash mode feature for party setting.

V-guard offers you the immense colors to choose from according to ceiling and home décor V-Guard premium ceiling fan comes with massive range of product with elegant and beautiful color that will surely improve your home décor you can have that you mean press your gas with the ceiling fan because surely adds elegancy attaching lights to the base of the fans provides you with an added advantage of lightning as well.

crompton ceiling fan
  • It’s is remote control and operated device which provides you with the full range of advantages such as switching it on/off from wherever you need.
  • This product can be connected to your IOS/Android application you can regulate the fan using your smartphone.
  • Don’t bother about switching off your fans the smart sensor will switch it off on its own.
  • You can enjoy LED lights depending on your mood.
  • It has 8 different speed setting which can be operated by your smartphone
  • No warranty

Panasonic 12XAA 1200mm Ceiling Fan

  • Safety wire for fan fall prevention
  • Unique double Trims and body ring for better aesthetics
  • High Speed motor for excellent air delivery and air thrust
  • more full Blades: for superior air delivery and air thrust.
  • Warranty: 2 years on the product.
  • Motor speed: 390 RPM
  • Number of settings
  • Suitable for indoor
  • Airflow 9182 cfm

We should always be wise enough to bring home ceiling fans which provides natural , comfortable, and sturdy breezy environment. 12XAA 1200mm ceiling fan promises that fan gives you the most potent air delivery 260cmm. In addition, it also provides you with a safety wire which prevents it from falling off from the ceiling. The looks that this fan has will obviously improve your home décor as it has elegant finish on it’s body.

bajaj ceiling fan price
  • Highest Air delivery
  • Makes no noise
  • Long lasting metallic paint
  • Advance design
  • Superior Technology
  • Power required 220V-50 Hz

Havells Pacer 1200MM Ceiling Fan

  • Blade size – 12000mm
  • High Speed fan
  • Double ball bearing
  • Excellent performance even at low voltage
  • Speed: 400RPM
  • Air delivery
  • Power Consumption: 75W
  • Warranty: 2 years

1200 mm ceiling fan is the third best ceiling fan in India the brand name itself attracts you towards the ceiling fan the very most preferred brand has come up with this adorable fan having an effective mechanism for functioning of cooling it functions on a relative Li highest speed to give you expected wind flow you must have Lock on the features of Havells Pacer ceiling fan listed below and ensure your perfect choice.

Havells Pacer ceiling fan has an elegant design with completely Reno wait your ceiling look it has 3 blades having sober finish in brown colour this fan has an advanced motor that operates and gives better coverage of the airflow this Havells Pacer ceiling fan claims to provide a year delivery of 235 CM which can cover every nook of the room or space this make the model most competent among all other ceiling fans.

ceiling fan under 500
  • Excellent and long lasting paint
  • Powerful motor
  • Superior Air delivery
  • Regular ceiling Fan with 400 RPM speed
  • No installation provided by the Company

Bajaj Regal Gold 4 Blade Ceiling fan

  • Power consumption:65 watts
  • Air delivery: 225cmm
  • Wider trip blades
  • Automatic winding
  • Attractive large motor size
  • A decorative fan with golden ring on the motor and attractive trims on the

Bajaj Regal gold is 4 blade ceiling fan with blade sweep of 1200 mm the fan has a power RPM of 325 and their delivery of 225 CMM through the full aluminium body intended for long life and use the Blades of the fan are specially designed water for increased your delivery the file has quarter operation regardless of its heavy Motor RPM and broader blades the Bajaj fan consume 65 watt of power and has an electric still lamination the product has a golden colour on the motor and Trends of the modules for decoration the fan is available in five different colours and four different sweet size for a more extensive choice and come with a 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

orient ceiling fan price
  • 325 Rpm
  • Air delivery of 225cm
  • Full aluminium body
  • Wider Blades
  • High torque 14 pole motor
  • Heavy electricity consumption

Luminous 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

  • Wing sweep 1200mm
  • Power consumption 75 watts
  • 20% more copper winding on motor powerful and long lasting performance
  • Superior quality anti rust aluminium blades
  • Minimal design with sophisticated looks
  • Available in 3 colors white, ivory and black
  • Easy to install
  • It is crafted for luxury and comfort.
  • Pure copper winding superior performance even at low voltage.  
  • Warranty 1 year

This Indian brand makes some cool and futuristic Home appliances this particular ceiling fan is one of the best selling pants with excellent customer reviews it is a powerful and robust unit with minimal design anyone who owns high speed fan with decent looks and reliable performance can go with this choice. It has the spin speed of 38rpm. This is a new brand but ruling over the Market with their innovative ideas.

designer ceiling fans india
  • Solid build quality
  • Light weight and easy to install
  • Powerful motor reaches high speeds
  • Affordable and total value for money
  • It makes noise at high speeds

Things to be consider while choosing perfect Ceiling fan?

Power/Energy Consumption

A best ceiling fan must be energy efficient along with delivering great performances. A higher energy efficient ceiling fan saves up on your electricity bills fan manufacturing companies have been provided and energy star rating by BEE of Energy Efficiency the highest number of stars that be rates a ceiling fan with the lower is energy consumption also the use of lights in a fan consumes more energy than any usual ceiling fan.

Air flow

The amount of air flow that is displaced by a particular ceiling fan per unit time it can be measured in cubic feet per minute it tells about the quality of a ceiling fan the best ceiling fans and air flow measurement egreater than 6000 CFM.

dges.A high ceiling fan has an air flow measurement of 4000 to 5000 CFM the airflow is also responsible to bring down the room temperature it also helps in measuring the efficiency of a ceiling fan.

Size of the Room

The number of blades in a ceiling fan is an another required feature to choose for your room if you have a larger room then the number of ceiling fan should be more accurate number of blades that should be present in and fan is related to the area of Rome that is cotton a ceiling fan generally comes with two three four or even five blades that have to give an additional style statement to interiors.


The best ceiling fans in India have a low energy consumption but a higher performance delivering kind of motor India has a wide range of fan manufacturers company and selling different kinds of products all of them do not have all the above mentioned features which is why it could be a measure tossed in suffering the market by yourself and selecting the best ceiling fan we have made you a list of the 10 best ceiling fans available in India in 2020 where was order discount on the basis of their features pros and cons and Energy Efficiency is to help you choose the best of one for yourself.

Blade pitch/Tilt

A flat blade will not generate any air circulation so you will not feel any cooling or any your Movement in the room and angle of about 12 to 15 degrees is ideal for proper at circulation any angle higher than this put pressure on the fan motor and thus increases your electricity bill.

Length of Down Rod

The length of the download varies according to the room ceiling height is 6 inches Pole is required for the height of 9 feet while 12 inches pole for serves well for a room of 10 feat ceiling height fly far is the length of the download increases by 6 inches for every food increasing sailing have the maximum length of the download is 60 inches which work for any room with the height of 15 feet.


We can look into the style design color and other aesthetics of the farm along with your mother you have fans available from around 1200 to 15000 in today’s Era one can choose easily within their budget range.

Ceiling fans light

To add lightning or not to add lightning that is this question using a ceiling fan with lightning is a matter of personal preference if you plan to buy a fan in a space with good natural lightning a sufficient light fixtures by a ceiling fan without light kit if the space could use a boost gel lightning choose a ceiling fan with light get today is fans of a range of lightning sources including a Halloween and LED’s this also consumes the more electricity.

Ceiling Fan Styles and Finishes.

Ceiling fan will be complement if it has a stylish finish for your home décor afford Leslie when you are looking to buy a ceiling fan that matches your home style keep in the mind the following antique ceiling fan design complement traditional and vintage home decors contemporary ceiling fan designs are a great addition to any modern and traditional space shop antique ceiling fans while rustic ceiling fans farewell with country mission and western interiors while the tropical ceiling fans compliment coastal islands and Nautical home interiors ceiling fan finishes and colors once you have your style pic doubt you might be wondering how to choose a ceiling fan color and finish.

Ceiling Fan Controls

Most ceiling fans of a basic pollution control that adjust fan speed and lightning ceiling fans with remote control the handle remote control of the most convenience of all the fan control option the light weight and portable control rated with another range wall control is a fan speed ball control option allows you to operate the fan speed direction and lightning with the price of a button wire spool stand fan officer basics and controls and is ideal for species with low traffic such as guest room be sure to put the information in this guide to good use for the next time you find yourself in the market to buy a ceiling fan and be sure the leave any comments for questions below.

Consider the various Room factors

Choosing the fan you must also considered your various room factors like ceiling height the room color the room angle also think about the interiors for optimum your circulation it is most efficient to have the fan blade 8to 9 above the floor low ceiling Agar mount a traditional Mount without down broad you will need to check the floor to ceiling height of the blades make sure you take into account the distance that the fan hangs from the ceiling.

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