7 Best Coffee Makers in India for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Waking up every morning with coffee or tea is loved by people from almost every part of the world. A freshly brewed hot cup of coffee not only takes away the morning laziness but also helps you stay fresh and energetic all day long. Though India is a country of tea lovers now with time, our love and affection for the best-made coffee have grown immensely.

A little before we Indian were totally into milk coffee’s either filter coffee or espresso, but now we have also moved very much into black coffee, iced coffee and several other forms. Here soon, with this coffee addiction, it becomes imperative to have a gadget that makes us the best pot of coffee. And a similar convenient device is the Coffee maker or coffee machine.

Today, compact and stylish pot of coffee are the spotlight of very many Indian kitchens. We the coffee lovers use this gadget multiple times a day to get a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. And this, in result, gets us under pressure to own the Best Coffee Maker in India. With the increasing options and world-class coffee makers in the market, it tends to get a tricky task to pick the best coffee maker for coffee lovers. That is why we have bought you the list of 7 Best Coffee Makers in India after going through enough research and real customer reviews.

Now without any further discussion, lets straight get into the product review of the Best coffee makers 2020.

Best Coffee Makers in India 2020

Black + Decker BXCM 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

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The Black + Decker BXCM coffee maker is an advanced (stylish + innovative) drip machine that comes with a unique keep warm feature. The hot plate below the carafe keeps your coffee hot post 2 hours the preparation time. This 12 cup coffee maker can fulfill the brewing requirement of a large family of coffee lovers in one go.

On the safety front, an automatic shut-off feature switches off the machine after every complete operation even in case you forget to do so manually. Its four functional digital display control makes the entire coffee-making process a simple task for the user. It comes with a permanent nylon filter, that stands more durable than any other material. Lastly, its anti-slip base stand ensures sturdiness and security while you operate the appliance.

  • Makes up to twelve cups of coffee at a time
  • Keeps coffee warm post two hours the preparation
  • Auto-switch-off feature
  • Anti-slip design
  • Digital display control
  • No such cons reported

Philips HD7431/20 Coffee Maker 760-Watt (Drip coffee machine)

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The Philips HD7431/20 drip coffee maker is a trusted appliance amongs’t coffee lovers. With the most excellent looks and useful features, it is one of the best coffee makers for the home in 2020. It can prepare 6-7 cups of drip coffee (0.6 liters) in just a brew time of 10 minutes. The smart nozzle inside the coffee jar evenly circulates coffee throughout the jug for optimal and high-quality coffee from first to the last cup.

The detachable coffee flask of the Philips Coffee maker makes cleaning an effortless task. The drip stop feature allows you to pour hot coffee even before the brewing cycle gets completed. With its LED power switch, you can always monitor the ongoing operations. Lastly, the easy to read water level markings on the coffee flask makes measuring an easy task for the user.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • It can brew up to 6-7 cups of coffee in one go.
  • LED power switch
  • Affordable
  • The cable wire is a little short
  • One needs to add milk to the coffee separately outside the appliance.

Morphy Richards Fresco 4-Cups Espresso Coffee Maker

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The Morphy Richards fresco espresso coffee maker makes you healthy and delicious coffee in no time. This stylish espresso machine can make you four cups of coffee in one go. With the coffee strength selector, you can set the coffee strength (strong or light) as per your taste. The stainless-steel filter does the coffee filtration job more efficiently and gives you smooth and consistent coffee results.

Another exclusive feature of this espresso machine is its turbo cappuccino nozzle. It lets you enjoy the same froth at home that you go to the coffee shops. You can easily remove and clean the drip tray after accidental coffee dripping. Its transparent and attractive glass carafe allows you to see the hot water level and required amount of coffee grounds for each cup. Additionally, this glass carafe is also heat resistant and saves you from accidental burning pouring in and out.

  • Can make up to four cups of coffee in one go
  • Strength selector feature
  • Stainless steel filters
  • Removable drip tray
  • The transparent and heat-resistant glass carafe
  • It does not have an auto-shutoff feature
  • The cord length is short

Insta Cuppa French Press Coffee Maker

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The Insta cuppa French press coffee maker is the most budget-friendly coffee gadget for significant family needs. Got designed with the stainless-steel body and sturdy glass carafe, this coffee machine stands with you for long years. It comes with a four-part superior filtration system that allows a smooth coffee press mechanism to brew a perfect coffee shot in just four minutes.

The measurement marking on the glass carafe helps you pour the exact amount of water and coffee to get a perfectly brewed result every time. Not only this, but the multi-purpose functionality allows you to brew your favorite tea, prepare buttermilk, froth milk and make squash easily all with one single appliance. You can carry this portable thermal carafe with travel mugs during vacations.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Four-part superior filtration
  • Stainless steel body
  • Multi-purpose functionality
  • Portable, no electricity required
  • Requires pre-grounded rough coffee particles

Morphy Richards New Europa Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker

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The Morphy Richards New Europa coffee maker makes you the exact coffee shop latte, cappuccino and espresso. The turbo cappuccino nozzle lets you achieve your desired froth in every cup of coffee. This coffee maker works on an 800-Watt motor giving an optimal performance without rising your electricity bills. It comes with an attractive and transparent glass carafe that lets you monitor the water level and the required amount of coffee.

With this high quality Morphy Richards New Europa coffee maker, one can set the desired coffee strength according to their taste preferences. Its stainless steel 2 cup filter extract efficiently for your smooth and consistent café like coffee. While you accidentally drop anything on the drip tray, you can easily remove and clean the drip tray with almost no hassle.

  • Can make 3-4 cups of coffee
  • Let’s you prepare a coffee latte, espresso and cappuccino
  • 800 Watts powerful motor
  • Coffee strength selecting feature
  • The easily removable drip tray
  • Short lengthen cord

Prestige PCMD 1.0 Drip Coffee Maker

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The Prestige PCMD 1.0 drip-coffee machine is a perfect choice for making the authentic south Indian filter coffee. The brew basket inside this appliance comes with a lift able handle that helps in easy removal of filters. Its advanced designed mesh filter enables you to get that thick decoction that you desire on your every coffee mug.

Its precise water gauge lets you check the water reservoir level without unnecessary opening the appliance. This drip coffee machine is made up of high-quality material to ensure durability in the long run. Additionally, it facilitates a steam vent that releases extra steam, ensuring no additional pressure gets left inside the jar.

  • Made with high-quality raw material
  • Easy to use
  • Translucent water gauge
  • Steam vent and anti-drip valve
  • Few of the customers have reportedly complained about no thick decoction as claimed by the brand.

Pigeon by Stove kraft Coffee Maker Brewster

The Pigeon by stove kraft coffee maker is a perfect and budget-friendly coffee gadget. It gets made with food-grade raw material hence ensures your complete hygiene and safety. This smart coffee appliance provides an optimal temperature of the product while the device is on. You can prepare 3-4 cups of coffee in one single operation and is suitable to fulfill small family requirements.

This Pigeon coffee maker works through advanced brewing technology with mesh filters to get you a perfect coffee shop result. Its non-slip firm rubber leg stoppers grips well on the surface and avoids any accidental slip of the appliance. This easy to use machine gets operated just through a push of a button and does not require any other manual operations. You can place and clean its glass carafe easily on a dishwasher.

  • Made with high-quality food-grade material
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Non-slip rubber leg stopper
  • Anti-drip mechanism
  • Its glass carafe is very delicate

Types of Coffee Makers

There are several ways of brewing coffee at home, and so are the various kinds of coffee makers. Let’s learn about them briefly below:

  1. Drip Coffee Makers: Traditionally the most popular ones in American households. The drip coffee makers are easy to use, durable, affordable and can prepare 1-4 cups of coffee at one go.
  2. Espresso Makers: The espresso machines get dedicated to the individuals who prefer creamy and delicious coffee shop like espresso. They might cost a little extra but are worth it.
  3. French press coffee makers: Also known as ‘press pot’ or ‘plungers pot’ these are the portable coffee machines. The French press coffee makers are operated manually and are quite easy to use and clean.
  4. AeroPress coffee makers: The AeroPress is the manual coffee makers that make very smooth espresso coffee with just a few hand presses. They are easy to use, clean and portable coffee machines. Unlike other coffee makers, these are the inexpensive ones.
  5. Mocha Pot coffee makers: The Mocha pot coffee machines are the ones used over fire or stove. These are the best alternatives to the full-blown home espresso machines and are quite cost-effective. It lets you prepare thick, creamy, and frothy coffee with few simple steps.   

Best Coffee Maker – Buyer’s Guide

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A good quality coffee maker can make your day and similarly a bad one can ruin. It’s imperative to choose the right product when it comes to daily use of kitchen appliances. But without proper knowledge of its working, features and other specification, it becomes very tricky to choose the suitable model. With no attention to the details, you may end up investing in the wrong model which you surely would not want to do. 

There are a lot of factors one must look upon before buying a coffee maker for themselves. Below we have discussed every such essential element which you might come across while purchasing or using a coffee making machine. Let’s look straight into them:

Capacity– Capacity is a crucial factor to consider before buying any such kitchen appliance. The total size of a coffee maker signifies the amount of coffee it can prepare in one go. Usually, the capacity of coffee maker is meant either with liters or a total number of cups it can make. Choose wisely accordingly to your daily and family coffee consumption. Also, there are single cup and multiple cup coffee makers available in the market. 

Specialized category- Coffee preference differ from individual to individual. Some prefer black coffee, milk coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso and several others. Seeing this range, it is very important to identify the right coffee machine. You can choose either a coffee maker that can prepare all kind of coffee or the one specialized in a single type as per your preference. Make sure you think and research well about your preferred taste before you invest some thousand bucks on a coffee maker. 

Coffee filters- Within the process of a coffee maker, filters play a significant role. There are two types of filters, built-in or removable. The built-in filters are made up of metal and can get reused by cleaning them every once in a while. Whereas, the removable paper filters can’t get reused, but they are more effective in terms of giving you a better-quality coffee every time. Make sure to learn deeply about both the filters before making a final decision. 

Strength selector/controller- This is a crucial feature as it determines the strength of coffee- strong, medium or light. Within this feature, you can adjust the intensity as per your preference. Though not every coffee maker comes with this feature. 

Safety- It’s evident that all the electrical appliance run on power. Hence it gets imperative to consider security as the utmost priority. Make sure the model you choose has a shockproof mechanism and all the essential safety measure that are important to avoid any accidents. 

Cost efficiency– It is essential to keep in mind that the amount you invest in a coffee maker gives you comparable results in terms of efficiency. There are a variety of options available when it comes to the coffee maker. You can find one from 1500 RS to 18000 RS. It is essential to understand to go after the useful features than the exciting ones. An inexpensive machine can be helpful for your requirements then an expensive one. Make sure to choose wisely. 

Power- The power of a coffee maker gets calculated in Watts. Power determines the overall performance of an electrical appliance and its capability to perform various functions. 

Built-up material- When talking about one such kitchen appliance, it is vital to look for its built-up material. Usually, coffee makers get made up plastic or metallic. The metallic build-up is strong, durable and increases the weight of the appliance. Whereas the plastic build-up can be lightweight, but a lousy quality plastic is surely injuries for your health in the long run. In case you pick a model with the plastic build-up to assure whether the plastic is food grade quality or not. A lousy quality plastic may not stand durable with the high temperature in the long run and can affect the functionality of the appliance. 

Warranty- As with an electrical appliance, it is essential to look for at least one year of product warranty to get assured for any sudden repairing.

The Common Types of Coffee beans in India

The southern states of India are quite famous for its coffee cultivation across the world. It is said that the most exquisite coffee grown in the shade rather than direct sunlight is the Indian coffee from the rest of the world. The most commonly used coffee beans in India are Robusta and Arabica. These are mainly grown in the hills of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka

The Arabica coffee beans are the superior quality ones and generally referred to as gourmet coffee. They are very aromatic with a pleasant flavor and half the amount of caffeine altogether. 

Whereas, the Robusta coffee beans are grown at the lower elevation and are of a little low grade than arabica coffee beans. They have a higher amount of caffeine and more of an astringent flavour. Robusta coffee beans are easy to grow and maintain.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Which is better- Drip coffee maker or standard coffee maker?

The drip coffee maker is generally considered better because of its automatic operations. You can get out the coffee in the middle and does not require to wait until the coffee-making process gets over.

  1. Which is better- Permanent coffee filter or removable paper coffee filter?

The removable paper filters are finer and trap most of the coffee oil and microparticles of the coffee. This, in result, delivers you sweet, fruity and flavourful coffee. Whereas, the permanent filters (metal filters) are not fine enough to trap the required coffee elements such as microparticles and oils. This, in result, gives you not so tasteful and health-friendly results in the long run. 

On the cleaning front, the paper filters can easily be removed and thrown away into the dustbin, but the permanent filters need to get cleaned through a bit messy process. 

This states that the removable paper coffee filters are better than the permanent coffee filters. 

  1. How many cups of coffee does a 600ml capacity coffee maker can prepare?

A 600ml capacity coffee maker can prepare 4-5 standard cups of coffee in one go.

  1. Can I prepare milk coffee directly in the coffee makers?

Not all the coffee making machines support milk inside the glass jar. Make sure to check the description and manual of the model before you prepare milk coffee directly into the coffee maker as the machines that do not support the preparation of milk coffee can lead to milk burns if they tried to do so.

  1. Which is the Best coffee machine for big sized Indian families?

The Black + Decker BXCM 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker is the best coffee machine for a big sized Indian family. One can prepare 12 cups of coffee in one go with this advanced coffee maker. 

  1. Which is the best espresso coffee machine for small families?

The Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker is the best Espresso machine for small families. It can prepare 4 cups of coffee in one single operation. 

  1. Are coffee makers expensive?

With a wide range of coffee makers available in the market, you can find both expensive and inexpensive models for your home. However, the number of features may vary depending upon the price range.


A cup of hot coffee is a source of relief from a long tiring day. For getting you your favourite cup of coffee, we have got you the list of 7 best coffee makers in India. It’s better to invest in an appliance that fits both your budget and your needs. All the products mentioned in the list above are best suited to fulfill Indian coffee preference needs. You can choose any of the models from the list and rest assured about the performance and durability. We hope you will find all the information mentioned in this article helpful.

For any queries, questions and feedback, please leave your comment down below.  

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