9 Best Dishwasher in India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Dishwasher in India 2021 – Do you know the struggle of finding a good maid for your kitchen help?

Or Do you know what amount of struggle it takes to find a maid who will work as per your convenience and comfort?

You would know this if you have managed a maid ever in Life.

Today with the fast running world, no one has got time to sit back at the house and perform all the kitchen duties. And when we talk about kitchen duties, the most unloved and challenging duty is doing dishes.

Dishwashing is no doubt one of the most irritating physical phenomena in Indian kitchens. Cleaning those heavy utensils with thick gravy, masala and oil residue in them requires a lot of time, water and physical efforts.

Here is what the dishwasher comes to rescue.

A dishwasher is a kitchen appliance, that is still quite new and unfamiliar for us Indians. It is advantageous and saves you a lot of time and efforts. You can use the dishwasher during day time or set it at a delayed time to function at night or even when you are away. Once the process gets done, it gives out squeaky clean and shining utensils.

Here today to choose the best dishwasher in India 2020 for your kitchen we have got you a list of top 9 dishwashers in India. Go through the list and choose the most suitable one after going through its specifications, pros and cons.

Along with that, make sure to also go through the second part of this article, i.e. Best dishwasher- Buyer’s guide to getting a detailed understanding of its working concept and other related terms.

So, without wasting more time, lets straight get into the article.

Top 9 Best Dishwashers in 2020

IFB Neptune FX 12 place settings – Fully Electronic Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The IFB Neptune FX automatic dishwasher has outstanding features and technologies that make it stand first at our top 9 dishwashers in India 2020 list. It comes with five wash programs, namely auto delicate, pre-wash, auto intensive, auto normal, and super 50 minutes that you can set as per your needs.

This IFB dishwasher gives your dishes a pre-wash treatment with water at 50 degrees Celsius followed with a 70-degree Celsius wash. It removes all the stubborn dirt, grease, and oil residue that gets generally build up during Indian cooking. It has a built-in water softening device that lets detergent dissolve better to give a hygienic and clean wash.

The adjustable baskets come handy to shift up or down and fit in the large utensils easily. Lastly, the Eco wash and flexible half load feature works towards saving the essential resources by using less water and electricity.

  • Fully automatic with 12 place settings
  • In-built automatic water softening device
  • Adjustable baskets
  • Five wash programs and heavily solid program
  • Natural drying system
  • It does not have a child lock
  • It makes a little more noise than other models in the list

Bosch SMS60L18IN – 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The Bosch free-standing dishwasher comes with the 12 place settings that can handle even heavy utensils load in one go. Its load sensing feature detects the size and weight of utensils and uses only required water, giving you a perfect wash while saving up the resources. Complemented with the auto program, it takes care of the solid dishes by auto-adjusting the water uses, temperature, and rinse time to give you a hassle-free wash.

You can use the Time delay feature and set the machine for the desired start at any time of the day. Even if you have fewer utensils to wash, you can set the half load option. The Bosch dishwasher uses less than even half the quantity of water than manual cleaning. In contrast, the Eco silence drive feature ensures low power consumption without compromising on the cleaning part.

There’s no need to pre-wash the utensils scrap the leftover and load the Dishwasher. This machine gives your utensils and baby bottles a hygienic wash by heating the water to 70-degree C.

Lastly, you can use the child lock safety feature to avoid any accidental program switching.

  • Six wash programs
  • Anti-rust inner tub with ten years of warranty
  • Auto program and load sensor
  • Effortless cleaning with hygienic wash
  • Electronic delay timer settings
  • The working can be quite complicated for beginners

Faber FFSD 6PR 12S – 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The Faber 12 place settings Dishwasher comes with enough space to fit in your large-sized utensils, including kadhai, cooker, Tawa, and big plates altogether. It has six wash programs that ensure deep as well as delicate cleaning of all types of utensils, including glassware.

You can set to start the Dishwasher at a delayed time and get those clean and hygienic dishes ready whenever you require. It heats water to 69 degrees C that removes tough stains easily and maintains the hygiene by killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

This Faber dishwasher gets specially built to fight with the toughest Indian food stains.

The Faber Dishwasher uses less than half the amount of water than what goes in manual cleaning. Its energy-saving feature reduces electricity consumption while saving up a lot on your bills.

  • Six wash programs
  • Specially designed to fight tough Indian food stains
  • Energy-efficient features
  • It can easily fit and wash large-sized utensils
  • In-built water heater
  • After-sale service can be a problem in some areas

LG D1451WF Free-Standing (14 Place Settings) Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The LG D1451WF free-standing dishwasher comes with 14 place settings, which makes this model suitable for large Indian families. Its smart and adjustable rack system gives you the flexibility of loading various sized vessels, either big or small. The stainless-steel inner tub ensures durability more than plastic and keeps stain and odour away.

The LG Dishwasher gets equipped with an Inverter drive direct motor that gives high energy efficiency with ten years of warranty. This unique inverter motor ensures quietness in your kitchen during the whole washing routine. It offers superior high efficiency while saving considerably high on energy.

The LED display indicates information in easily visible and bright colours. LG has always introduced some smart features in all its home appliances. Similarly, with this dishwasher, LG offers you a smart diagnosis feature that lets you detect problems through a phone call.

Lastly, child lock, aqua stop, and various filters make this appliance one of the most efficient in the category.

  • Inverter direct drive motor technology
  • Adjustable smart racks that give the flexibility to load various sized vessels
  • Smart diagnosis features
  • Child lock, auto restart, aqua stop, and triple filter
  • A little expensive than others in this range

Siemens SN256I01GI – 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The Siemens SN256I01GI Dishwasher is extremely popular because of its user-friendly operations and useful features. Equipped with an Aqua sensor and Load sensor, it auto-adjusts the functions (water & detergent) as per a load of utensils. It comes with 12 place setting that makes it suitable for a family of up to 6 members.

This Siemens Dishwasher offers you six wash programs that get exclusively build for different load and wash type. It prevails you with a 24 hours delay setting that lets you set the wash cycle for any time of the day as per your mood. With its foldable racks, you get the flexibility to place big sand typically sized Indian vessels.

The inner tub of this dishwasher gives you the convenience of washing glass and steel utensils all at one go without worrying about unwanted breakage.

Lastly, this appliance has some fantastic technologies such as auto-reset start and IQ drive cleaning.

  • Auto detergent detection and dosage assistance
  • Its top shower and high speed reduce washing time by 50%
  • 24 hours delay wash setting
  • Fold-able racks
  • Makes a little more noise than other models in the range

Bosch SMS40E2EU – 12 Place Setting Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The Bosch SMS40E32EU 12 place setting dishwasher has a bunch of features and technologies that work efficiently to wash the grease and tough stained Indian vessels. It required no pre-rinsing of utensils, but all you need to do is scrap the leftover and load the utensils in the dishwasher. It auto senses the size of the load and use only required water while giving you a perfect wash.

You can pre-set the wash program for a delayed time and rest assured. Even though any day you have fewer utensils to wash, you can opt for the half load function and save on water and electricity.

It comes with an in-built heater that heats water to 65 degrees Celsius to give you a hygienic wash and ensuring 99.9% fewer germs and bacteria.

This Bosch dishwasher gets equipped Eco silence drive motor that consumes less power without compromising on its cleaning efficiency. It saves more than 70% of the water that gets used in manual cleaning. The detergent tablets are dissolved in a special tray, ensuring its uniform distribution.

Lastly, the aqua stop detects and stops any water leakage before it ruins your flooring.

  • Efficiently clean Indian vessels like kadhai, tawa, pressure cooker, tea and milk pots
  • Delayed wash feature
  • Hot water wash for hygienic wash
  • Autoload sensor
  • Child lock, salt funnel and water softening feature
  • It does not support cleaning of aluminium utensils

BPL D812S27A 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The BPL D812S27A Dishwasher has 12 place settings that get suitable for large Indian families. It comes with 8 different wash programs depending on various types of utensils and washing needs. This BPL dishwasher lets you wash steel, glass, ceramic while giving you sparkling clean results.

You can fold and adjust the racks to get the flexibility for placing different sized vessels. You can use one section of the dishwasher in case you have a smaller number of utensils, thereby reducing power and water consumption.

This sturdy washing machine efficiently washes even toughest stain and grease that gets settled after typical Indian cooking.

The clear LED display lets you use different functions conveniently. You can monitor the wash program and keep a check on time, detergent level, and many more functions.

Lastly, this BPL dishwasher uses only 10 litres for an hour of the washing process.

  • It has enough space to hold large utensils
  • Half load feature for washing fewer utensils
  • Foldable racks so that you can flexibly create more space to place big sized utensils
  • LED display
  • 12 place setting and eight wash programs
  • The after-sales service might be an issue in some areas
  • It makes a little more noise compared to the other models in the list

IFB Neptune SX1 15 place settings Fully-automatic Dishwasher

Best Dishwasher in India 2021
Best Dishwasher in India 2021

The IFB Neptune SX1, 15 place settings dishwashers, is a perfect pick for people who are looking for the best large dishwasher in India. It lets you load dinner plate, glass, cups, bowl, knife, spoon, folk, and a lot of other utensils combinedly in a go. It gets designed to hold all your tall as well as full cutlery easily. You can fold the racks and shift the baskets to maximize space for bigger Utensils like Indian wok, pressure cooker, and similar items.

This IFB dishwasher is an A++ energy-efficient appliance that saves a lot of power consumption daily. The eco wash feature uses just 9 litres of water per wash, along with minimal detergent yet contributes to preserving our natural resource to a good extent. Its built-in water softener energies hard ward yet results in better dissolving of detergent for an evenly clean feel.

The flexible half load feature of this IFB appliance lets you customize the wash program while you have fewer utensils to wash in a go. While in a hurry, the quick wash program lets you do the soup bowls, serving units, etc. within just 40 minutes.

Lastly, the LED and button operations make it easy and clearer for you to monitor all the performing actions.

  • Spacious enough to serve for a 7-8 people needs
  • A++ energy efficient
  • Adjustable racks and baskets
  • Uses only 9 litres of water per wash which is comparatively less than others in the range
  • Quick wash program and built-in water softener
  • Slightly expensive

Voltas Beko DT8S 8 Place – Table Top Dishwasher

The Voltas Beko DT8S tabletop dishwasher is a highly efficient and durable model in the range. It is the best table top dishwasher in India 2020. These eight places are sufficient to meet a family of 3-4 members. It offers you with six wash programs with various load and wash cycles customized for your comfort. Managed through a push touchpad, this easy control electronic gives you a hassle-free experience in your kitchen.

This easy to use Voltas Beko tabletop dishwasher is exceptionally efficient to save you’re a lot of water and electricity in the washing process. It comes with an in-built heater that heats water to 70 degrees Celsius, ensuring a healthy and hygienic clean. This heat wash kills almost 99.9% of germs from your cutlery, leaving them squeaky clean every time.

You can place this dishwasher either on your countertop, tabletop, or anywhere as per your choice. It can conveniently fit in any part of your kitchen due to its compact size. It comes with two spray arms that promote powerful cleaning in every corner of the dishwasher.

Lastly, you get 2+5 years of comprehensive and motor warranty with this model.

  • Suitable for nuclear family usage
  • Six wash programs
  • Push touch keypad
  • Energy and water-efficient
  • In-built heater for a hygienic wash
  • Can be placed on the top of a table or kitchen counter
  • Can wash a limited number of utensils in one go.

Best Dishwasher – Buyer’s Guide

Dishwasher – The working concept

The primary function of a dishwasher is sanitising the vessels with the hot water jet. In the beginning, the dishwasher fills water into the shallow basin present in its bottom. After this, the in-built heater starts warming up the water present in the basin and automatically mix up the detergent at the right time. Now the heated water is pumped up through the rotating spray arms with enough pressure to make sure all the dirt from utensils gets cleaned away. Here the dirty water passes out through the drainpipe, and clean water gets again added and heated for the rinsing process (without detergent).

Similar to the previous process, the clean, warm water through spray arms makes sure to clean all the detergent residue from utensils making them sparkling clean. After an interval, if time the rinsing process gets done and again the water passes out through the drain pipe. Lastly, the dishwasher heats the inside air to help the utensils dry.

The drying process and technology vary in various models, but the washing process is somewhere the same in all of them.

Best dishwasher brands in India

  • IFB
  • Faber
  • LG
  • Siemens
  • BPL
  • Voltas

Factors to consider before buying a dishwasher for your home

Above the list, we have discussed the top 9 dishwashers for Indian homes. But before you choose them, you must know the right factors which needs to get considered while purchasing a dishwasher. Investing with an improper understanding of any appliance will only lead you to the wrong decision. Follow the points below to make the right choice.

Types of a dishwasher

Mainly there are two types of dishwashers available in the Indian market.

Countertop dishwasher: The countertop dishwashers are the most economical and portable ones in the range. It can get anywhere near the sink over the counter or table conveniently. You can easily operate it by connecting the pipe to a water inlet and a power source to operate.

Suitable for nuclear familiesAcquires your countertop space
Economical and inexpensiveHave less internal space
 Can wash few utensils in one go

Built-in dishwasher: It is the common type of dishwasher found in most of the houses. These are generally suitable for people who live in their owned house rather than the rented ones. It requires a permanent fitting in a pre-destined space in your kitchen. It has a separate water inlet which leaves your kitchen sink free while the machine is in operations. This type of dishwasher is suited for large family needs and comparatively expensive than the countertop one.

Easy to useSlightly expensive
Have several featuresLarge
Suitable for large family usageNeeds a permanent space
A lot of models available 

Size and capacity

It is essential to bring home the right-sized appliance always. Here the capacity of a dishwasher is based upon the place settings it has. As per the standard measures one place setting can hold a dinner plate, a snack plate, coffee/teacup, bowl, saucer, a glass, one big and small folk each and two spoons. Now dishwashers in India comes in two sizes.

Compact: The compact-sized dishwasher is typically the table-top one that is suitable to fulfil a nuclear family’s needs. It has 6 to 8 standard place setting which means that it can hold 6-8 of each a dinner plate, snack plate, cup, spoon etc. in one wash.

Standard: A standard sized dishwasher is suitable to fulfil the needs of a mid-sized Indian family with four members and above. It is a 24 inches appliance that has 12 to 15 place setting which can hold 12-15 quantities of each type in one wash.

The maximum numbers of utensils a standard dishwasher can handle in one go are around 120-150. This setting is even enough to hold big sized vessels.

Wash programs

Generally, dishwashers come with a minimum of three wash cycles: Light, medium and heavy with the difference of time, water temperature and intensity in each. However, the recent models have upgraded themselves with 5-6 wash programs built-in for precise cleaning. The medium and heavy wash cycles are perfect to handle regular utensils and some with heavy grease and dirt. Let’s learn about the other upgraded wash programs:

Quick wash: The quick wash cycle reduces the washing time by almost 50-60% than in general. It saves you a lot of water and electricity but is only suitable for handling lightly solid utensils.

Steam / Pre-wash: This is a pre-wash program that with the help of hot steam soften the grease or burns deposit which makes them easier to clean during the regular wash cycle.

Smart wash: It with the help of sensors present in the dishwasher senses the soil and dirt level and accordingly decide the required water temperature, duration and intensity suitable for cleaning. This program is mostly available in the high-end models and is ideal for mix load with different dirt levels.

Glassware wash: Specifically programmed for washing delicate and fragile crockery like glassware. It uses light intensity and low temperature to clean the utensils. In many of the models, the light wash cycle performs similar operations for your delicate crockery as the glassware wash.

Sanitization: This feature, when operated sprays very high-temperature water to kills all the germs and bacteria build-up from the dirty utensils. The water temperature use there is above 150 degree Celsius that is sufficient to remove all the bacteria and maintain hygiene.

Drying programs

Apart from the cleaning process dishwashers also have a drying operation to eliminate all the moisture from the utensils, making them complete dry. The three drying options presents in most of the dishwashers are fan, heat and condensation. Drying programs prevent a lot of your time which else way goes in manually air-drying the utensils.

Noise level

Just like any other electrical home appliance dishwashers make quite a noise during operation. If you are anywhere conscious about noise, please the noise level (dB) range before you make a purchase.

The Hardware

The hardware of a dishwasher is either plastic or stainless steel. Stainless steel is more durable and transfers the heat faster than plastic. Though the stainless-steel build-up is naturally more expensive than the plastic ones but is far better in every aspect that counts.

Dishwasher – Additional features

Below are some additional features other than washing programs present in a dishwasher:

Adjustable racks: The racks and baskets present inside a dishwasher can get easily adjusted, removed and folded to give you the flexibility of placing big sized vessels.

Hard water compatibility: Hard water is no doubt a problem in most of the Indian cities. Washing with hard water can even leave spots and stains in the utensils. It can also make it hard to dissolve detergent better and led to difficulties in rinsing soap better. So, having hard water compatibility in your dishwasher is very important.

Half-load operations: Sometimes, while you have a few dirty dishes, you might have to wait long for getting the load filled up in the dishwasher. With the half-load option, you can operate the dishwasher even with few utensils while with reduced power and water consumption.

Eco-wash: Eco-wash gets designed to save energy by using less temperature water and not utilizing much energy to heat water. This feature gets mostly used for lightly dirty utensils.

Auto-restart: The auto-restart feature ensure that the dishwasher starts from the same duration from where it got stopped during power cuts.

Time-delay operations: The time delay feature let you set the wash cycle for a delayed time or future hour and leave the rest on the appliance. The dishwasher then itself operate and perform at your set hours.

Child lock: It is to safeguard the machine from accidental opening and locks the control panel to save it from your kids invade.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are dishwashers capable of cleaning Indian utensils like kadhai, pressure cooker and tawa?

Yes, dishwashers can capably clean Indian utensils like kadhai and pressure cooker. It is recommended not to wash iron tawa/wok and non-stick pans in the dishwasher as it can scrape off the non-stick layer from the pans and can lead your iron utensils to rust.

  1. Which brand dishwasher is best useful for cleaning Indian utensils?

Dishwashers from brands like Faber, Bosch, IFB, BPL and Siemens are the best use for cleaning typical Indian utensils.

  1. Can I clean milk burnt utensils in dishwasher?

One should scrap off the burnt residue from pans before loading them in the dishwasher. Though with other utensils you only need to scrap the stuck over food particles and don’t necessarily rinse each of the vessels.

  1. Can I use my regular home detergent in the dishwasher?

No, there is a specially formulated detergent for dishwashers available in the market. It cleans utensils better and maintains the dishwasher’s durability.

  1. Can I wash all type of utensils in the dishwasher?

You can use the following vessels in the dishwasher: stainless steel vessels, glassware, plastic and aluminium cookware. Though washing aluminium in the dishwasher may cause black spots on the utensils. Most importantly avoid washing cast iron, pewterware, non-stick pans, wooden utensils, delicate chinaware, crystal ware and ceramic plates in this appliance. In case you are not sure about any of the vessel check for the dishwasher safe stamp on them before loading them to wash.

  1. How often should I clean my dishwasher’s interior?

If you use your dishwasher daily, make sure to clean its interior once in a week to avoid the salt formation and increasing its durability.

  1. How to clean the interior of a dishwasher?

For cleaning the interior of a dishwasher, you can use its detergent and deodorizer. Also, you can run the hot water cycle along with a small amount of lemon juice in it to eliminate the odour and get sparkling clean interiors.

  1. For how long can I pile up dirty utensils in my dishwasher?

It is better not to pile up dirty utensils in the dishwasher for more than a day as it can lead to bacteria formation, even a little trace of leftover can form fungus and the interior of the appliance will start stinking.

Conclusion ( Best dishwasher in India 2021)

Above in the article, we went through some of the best dishwashers in India 2021. Those also include the best dishwashers for Indian utensils. With this list, we ensure that choosing and buying the most suitable dishwasher for the kitchen will no more be a difficult task for you.

In the second section, we have deeply defined the features, working and other related terms to the dishwasher. Once going through all of them, we believe you will get a better idea for picking up the best dishwasher model for your kitchen. We hope you will find all the information mentioned in this article helpful.

For any questions, queries and feedback, please leave your comments down below.

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