7 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India for 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Summers have arrived, and so is the demand for summer appliance is at its peak now. Similarly, to Air cooler, Air conditioners, and Fans, the refrigerators are equally unavoidable in summers and also essential to have.

Owning a refrigerator depends entirely on your family requirements. For more prominent families or even the one with 3-4 members, the double door refrigerators are the most suitable ones. They are spacious enough and gives you separate access between the fridge and freezer. If you are a family of more than 3-members, than purchasing a double door refrigerator is the best choice for you.

So, if in case you are looking for guidance for buying refrigerators, then our list of 7 Best double door refrigerator in India 2020 will help you to the most in this process. We recommend you to go through the buyer’s guide in the second of this article so that you can catch on some of the essential terms of this appliance. And if still, you are in a dilemma, choose one from our list as per the size requirement and rest assured.

Best Double Door Refrigerators for 2020

Samsung 244L Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator 3 Star

best double door refrigerator in India 2021
best double door refrigerator in India 2021

The Samsung 244L double door refrigerator has a digital inverter technology that controls the speed of the compressor immediately as it reaches the desired temperature and maintains it accordingly. This feature promotes the durability as well as a trouble-free performance of the refrigerator. It being a frost-free refrigerator prevents the unwanted frost build up inside the freezer cabinet. The moist-free vegetable storage zone notably keeps all your fruits and vegetable fresh for up to 2 weeks.

This refrigerator has got an auto cut feature that protects the appliance from voltage surge and interrupted power supply. The highlight of this appliance is the curd maestro box. The box not only performs fermentation but also keeps it fresh for long. This 3-star rated double door refrigerator consumes only 195 power units per year, which makes it completely energy efficient.

Warranty- 1 year on product and 10-years on compressor

  • Quick cooling within a few seconds
  • Five modes of temperature control
  • Door alarm
  • Spacious enough for 3-4 people
  • Elegant design
  • No lightning in the deep freezer
  • Non-convertible

Whirlpool 292 L Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator 3 Star

best double door refrigerator in India 2021
best double door refrigerator in India 2021

Powered by the adaptive intelligence, this Whirlpool double door refrigerator senses the load, weather and usage pattern for a long-lasting optimal cooling effect. The IntelliSense inverter technology adapts cooling as per the internal capacity and ensures excellent performance with reduced energy consumption. Along with that, it also connects the refrigerator to the home inverter in case of power cuts. Its convertible freezer comes with five different modes including, dessert mode, party mode, chef mode, deep freezer mode, and an all-season mode.

This Whirlpool refrigerator has got a scientifically designed air tower, and air vents let out cold air into various refrigerator compartments for a uniform cooling effect. Its spacious vegetable crisper ensures optimum freshness for up to 15 days for all your vegetables. Lastly, this Whirlpool appliance has got enough technologies that prevent bacterial growth into your food items, keeping them fresh and crisp for long.

Warranty- 1 year on product and 10-years on compressor

  • Convertible freezer with 5-in-1 mode
  • Auto-connects to the home inverter
  • Uniform cooling effect
  • Adaptive intelligence cooling
  • Spacious enough for 3-4 people.
  • 3*-BEE rating, energy-efficient
  • No in-built voltage protection

LG 260 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator 3 Star

The LG 260 L double door refrigerator has got the smart inverter compressor that reduces the temperature depending upon the load inside the appliance. It creates lesser noise and saves quite more energy than many other models. Its multiple air-cooling vents circulate the cold air in every corner that ensures even cooling throughout. The door storage is spacious enough to place 2-litre bottles conveniently.

This LG refrigerator has got several smart features, including smart diagnosis and auto-connect. The smart diagnosis app helps you detect and solve all your refrigerator problem quickly technical assistance. Whereas, the auto smart connect immediately connects the refrigerator with the home inverter once the power goes off. Its innovative lattice-pattern box with moist balance crisper maintains high-level moisture inside the appliance.

Some additional features include an in-built stabilizer, ice beam door cooling, fastest ice making, and eco-friendly refrigerant.

Warranty- 01 year on product and 10-years on compressor

  • Smart inverter compressor
  • Low noise and energy operations
  • Multiple air-cooling vents
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • Smart diagnosis and inverter connect
  • Requires manual defrosting from time to time

Haier 320 L 2 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HRB-3404BMS-E)

The Haier 320 L bottom-mounted double door refrigerator is an upgrade to what we have mentioned in our Best single and double door refrigerators list. The reason we have placed it number 4th in our list is the downfall in its star rating, else it still unbeatable in performance and durability as before. Its 1-hour icing technology ensures quick 60 minutes ice cube formation with a super-fast cooling effect. Haier in this model has introduced the twin inverter technology (inverter compressor) that makes the fan and compressor run at a different speed as the inside load, thus making the appliance cost and energy-efficient.

Haier, with its frost-free double door refrigerator, provides a stabilizer free operation that makes it work on a low power supply of as little as 135V while saving from voltage surge. A thicker PUF insulation helps to retain lower temperature efficiently than other conventional refrigerators. This 320 L refrigerator has got enough space for a mid-sized family, including 2X bigger vegetable basket, 3-toughened glass shelves, and spacious door unit to store enough for your family’s needs.

Warranty- 1 Year on Product & 10-year warranty on compressor

  • Spacious enough for a medium Indian family
  • Quick cooling and icing
  • Cost efficient
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Easy maintenance
  • Its star rating has fallen from the 2019 ones
  • Consumes more energy compared to other models

Samsung 324L Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator 3 Star

The Samsung 324 litres double door refrigerator with its digital inverter technology auto adjust the speed depending upon the food load and cooling demand. Its all-around cooling system ensures air circulation in every corner of the refrigerator so that your food items stay fresher for longer. This 5-in-1 convertible lets you switch the cooling mode of both freezer and fridge. You can opt for various styles, including extra fridge, regular, vocational, seasonal, and home alone.

A power cool technology blows instant cold air for 30% faster cooling so that you can chill your drinks and deserts quicker than ever. This Samsung refrigerator comes with touch LED display that let you switch between settings with your fingertips. The display, along with elegant design, adds into the overall look of the refrigerator.

Warranty- 1 year on product and 10-years on compressor

  • Digital inverter compressor
  • 5-in-1 convertible mode
  • Ample storage in the freezer compartment
  • Power cool technology for 30% faster cooling
  • Touch LED display
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Energy efficient
  • Spacious enough for 5-6 people
  • Less bottle space on doors

Haier 256 L 3 Star (2019) Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (HEB-25TDS-E)

The Haier 256 litres double door refrigerator is a convertible one that allows you to switch between 8 modes depending on your usage pattern. Haier in this model features a twin inverter technology that is an upgrade to the inverter compressors. It ensures both compressor and fan run at different speed according to the required cooling load with being cost and energy-efficient.

This Haier refrigerator with its twin energy-saving mode allows you to save more energy and a lot on your electricity bills too. You get a 2x bigger vegetable box with multi airflow that keeps your vegetables fresh and crisp for longer. The toughened glass shelves can withstand even heavier pots easily. Moreover, its aesthetic design and bottom-mounted freezer add a modern look as well as adds convenience to your operations.

Warranty- 1 Year on Product & 10-years warranty on compressor

  • Spacious enough for 3-4people
  • Bottom mounted refrigerator
  • 8-in-1 convertible modes with digital control
  • Value for money
  • Sleek and lavish look
  • No lights in the freezer

Bosch 347 L 3* Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (KDN43VL40I)

The Bosch 347 litres frost free double door refrigerator comes with a sensor-based Vario compressor that produce minimal sound, saves 10% more energy than any other compressor, and can work on your home UPS. This Haier model is based on a German design that focuses on greater depth and shorter height for easy access. Another German technology “VitaFresh” works in maintaining original texture, flavour, and appearance for long-lasting freshness.

This model may look a bit short but is spacious enough for 5-6 members. A noted feature of this refrigerator is its 5-intelligent sensor sense that detects even the slightest change in temperature in-and-out, and immediately control the system to maintain the required freshness in your food items. Moreover, 12/14 hours of cooling retention after power cuts, top LED, toughened glass shelves, and fastest cooling adds in to complete the appliance.

Warranty- 1 Year on Product & 10-years warranty on compressor

  • Sensor based Vario Compressor
  • Ample space for 5-6 people
  • 5-intelligent sensor sense for automated cooling control
  • Minimum 12-hour cooling retention
  • Silent operations with cost-saving
  • Perfect height for easy access.
  • No door lock (Keylock)

Best Double Door Refrigerator- Buying Guide

After a clear review of the best double door refrigerators for 2020, we have arrived on some other knowledgeable discussion about this appliance. All the information mentioned below will help you make the best choice for your home.

Let’s start:


The double door refrigerators usually are more massive than the single door ones, which creates a misconception that they are unsuitable for a small family’s need. But with the correct capacity pick, you can go for a double door one even if you are a family of 3-4 members. Take capacity reference from the table below:

The amount of food and beverages you store in a refrigerator also affects the capacity requirement in many cases. So, make a decision keeping both of the things in mind.

BEE star rating

Electrical appliances are rated on a scale of 1-5* based on their energy efficiency. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency allots star ratings to refrigerators based on their electricity consumption. A minimum of 3* rating is recommended for any device. Also, you may notice in a price rise with an increased star rating. However, it is advised to purchase higher star rating appliances as it incurs less energy consumption which results in more savings.

Frost-free refrigeration

All the refrigerators you must have come across in the list above mentions frost-free. The frost-free refrigeration here means that you do not require manual defrosting as there is no frost formation in the freezer compartment. This type of refrigerator uses electric fans for even air circulation inside the appliance which in result does not accumulate unnecessary frost inside the freezer.


A while ago, convertible refrigerators meant when you could convert the freezer into the fridge as per your requirement. However, today things have changed quite a lot, and with the latest models, you can turn both the compartments for various purposes like deep freezer, fridge, dessert, party mode, chef mode, etc.

Top vs. bottom freezer

Usually, the freezer compartment of the refrigerator is always on the top side. Though, various new models have come up with a bottom-mounted refrigerator that adds to your convenience. We regularly use the fridge more than a freezer, and this led us to constant bending up and down while accessing the appliance. This process can get quite tricky for old age citizens and people with a back problem. Here the bottom-mounted ones are the best as while using the fridge section, and one does not require to bend down.

Hence few of the brands have come up with bottom mounted freezer to add up to your convenience.


If you are looking for an appliance with less energy consumption, then go for the refrigerator with an inverter compressor. Inverter compressors are power savers, silent, and have a longer life span than reciprocator compressor. Additionally, they are adaptive and cools by sensing the internal load of the device; hence it saves excessive energy usage. These compressors also come with an extended warranty (10-years in maximum cases).

In-built stabilizers

We have always used a stabilizer with refrigerators to protect them from voltage fluctuations. But today, most of the models come with an in-built stabilizer that deals with voltage surge and change and protects the compressor. Make sure to check for this feature before you buy one.

Additional features

  • Shelves: Refrigerators come with shelves either made of a metal grill or toughened glass. The grill ones promote better air circulation, whereas the toughened glass shelves let you store even massive vessels. Moreover, you can freely place small food items and bowls.
  • Lightning: Check whether the model you choose has sufficient lightning or not. LED lights are best in this case as they are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, occupy less space, and emits almost no heat.
  • Smart features: Refrigerators these days come with intelligent features like auto inverter connect and smart diagnosis. You can find models with smart features in brands like LG.
  • Quick cooling and icing: When in a hurry, this feature helps you to get a chilled water bottle or correctly set ice cubes in less time than an hour.
  • Cooling retention: During long hour power cuts, all your food items inside the refrigerator tend to get terrible. Here brands like Bosch have come up with an extended hour cooling retention feature that maintains the internal temperature of the fridge for 10/12 hours during power cuts.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are the double door refrigerators expensive?

Like any other appliance, double door refrigerators too cost quite a few thousand and range between 17,000 – 50,000 INR and above. Though the price here justifies the number of features and performance, a double door refrigerator provides.

  1. What is ‘Frost Free Refrigerator?

A frost-free refrigerator doesn’t operate with the usual manner of evaporation and condensation. It has a pair of fans which are accountable for blowing cold air in the refrigerator throughout. There are numerous vents within the fridge for the atmosphere to flow equivalently. Thus, you’ve got uniform cooling which prohibits formation of frost within the freezer. So, there’s no requirement for manual defrosting.

  1. Do we require a separate voltage stabiliser for a fridge?

As most of refrigerators include an inbuilt voltage stabiliser. Therefore, you need not spend money on a voltage stabiliser. The in-built stabiliser can look after voltage fluctuations.

  1. What is the ratio of the freezer and fridge in a double door refrigerator?

In India, the proportion of freezer and fridge in a double door refrigerator is 20:80.

  1. How are the advantages of a double door refrigerator?
  • As with two separate doors for freezer and fridge, double doors prevent the coolness inside the refrigerator.
  • They have more space compared to the single door ones. Some of the dual door models even allow you to customize the storage.
  • No frost formation.
  • It enables you to convert the freezer into the fridge as required.


So, this was all for the 7 best Double door refrigerators in India. All the products mentioned in the list are hereafter an in-depth study and research of about 100s of models from top leading brands. We have also tried to fit in models with varied capacities so that you can choose one as per your requirement.

So, go through the reviews, check out the features, and select the one that suits you the best.

For any queries and questions, please leave a comment down below.

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