5 Best Epilator in India for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Hair removal is a constant job for both men and women. The frequency and importance can differ, but there’s no denial to the fact that a smooth, soft, and hairless body is what a lot of us want despite being of any gender. Now there are a lot of ways to get rid of unwanted body hairs like waxing, shaving, threading, or the most convenient one nowadays is using an Epilator.

Epilators, with one-time investment, let you get rid of your body hairs anywhere, anytime, and all by self. Now all these right notes surely would make you want an epilator too.

So, today, for making you familiar with some of the top working epilators, we have prepared a long-researched list of 5 best Epilators in India for you. From this list, you can get enough options that are well suited on features, build quality, price, brand and so on. Now, without wasting much more time, let’s get started with all about “Epilators”.

What is an Epilator?

Epilators are the electric or battery-oriented device that mechanically pulls out multiple hairs leaving your skin smooth and soft. Epilators remove hairs similarly like waxing except they do not remove cells from the epithelium. The battery-oriented epilators can get used both wet and dry, whereas the electric epilators are advised to use dry.

Many of the epilators come with different attachments like exfoliation head, massage head, small head, etc. Epilators can be painful for some people, especially the dry ones as their primary job involves pulling out hairs from the root. The wet and dry epilators are comparatively less painful as removing hairs form wet skin is smoother.

Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator with 8 Extra Attachments

Best Epilator in India

Braun is a globally known brand for hair care appliances, including epilators. The Braun silk-epil 7 7-561 wet and dry Epilator is one of the most effective and efficient machines for both men and women. Its 40-close grip tweezers gently remove the hairs from the roots itself. Braun in its Epilator has introduced a close grip technology that removes hairs even as short as a sand particle with extra efficiency every time.

This Epilator from Braun can run up to 40 minutes with just one hour of charging. You can control the tweezing speed from soft to fast, depending upon the skin sensitivity and preference. Further, the Braun 100% waterproof epilator comes along eight extra attachment to prove beneficial in multiple ways.

  • 40-close grip tweezers
  • 8-extra attachments
  • 40 minutes of use with 1 hour of charging
  • 100% waterproof
  • Two years of warranty
  • Expensive
  • Unsatisfied customer service

Philips BRE200/00 Satinelle Corded Epilator

The Philips BRE200/00 satinelle corded epilator is known for its long-lasting smooth after effects. Unlike waxing, this Philips epilator works 4x more effectively by removing hairs as short as 0.5mm length better than any other way of hair removal. Its rough ceramic tweezers with unique ridges lift and remove even the flat-lying hairs in a single stroke.

The round ergonomic grip fits comfortably in your hands so that you can move it all around your hairy skin, ideally. With an additional cap attachment, you remove body hairs from even the most sensitive areas such as underarms, upper lips, bikini lines, and more. Once done, you can dry brush or also wash the epilation head under running water to maintain better hygiene.

  • 4x more effective
  • Removes even the tiniest hairs
  • Easy round grip
  • Works well for sensitive body areas too.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Two years of warranty
  • Makes slight noise while operating
  • No cordless usage

Philips BRE650/00 Satinelle Advanced Epilator Wet and Dry

The Philips BRE650/00 Satinelle advanced Epilator has the widest head that can remove maximum body hairs in just one stroke. Its superior s-shaped handle gives you maximum control to reach even the most robust and sensitive areas with natural movements. For gentleness in sensitive areas like the face and bikini line, this Epilator features a facial area cap and a delicate area cap that gives you a painless and comfortable experience.

You can use this anti-slip wet and dry Epilator even in the shower. This Philips epilator features multiple attachments like body massager, shaving head, trimming comb, massage cap, skin stretcher, etc. for a lot of other body and hair removing treatments.

  • Widest epilation head for one stroke hair removal
  • s-shaped easy grip
  • Delicate area cap attachments
  • Faster and better results
  • Wet and dry use
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Long charging time
  • Heats up during continues usage

Panasonic ES-WU11G corded Epilator

Panasonic is known for its wide range of home, kitchen, and personal appliances. When talking about personal care appliance, this ES-WU11G is one of the best epilators currently available in the market. It pulls up even the shortest of the hairs from the roots instead of cutting or trimming down them. Its wide and efficient tweezer supports an improved epilation system.

This Epilator from Panasonic features an extra attachment for legs and arms. It compromises with a 30% faster rotation disk that is quite more than many other models in the range. Lastly, this Epilator gets designed for dry operation with only corded usage.

  • Wide area tweezer
  • 30% faster rotation disk
  • Corded usage
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Two years of warranty
  • Lacks on attachments
  • No battery operations
  • Not waterproof

Havells FD5050 Corded Epilator

The Havells FD5050 corded epilator with 20 tweezers performs up to 32,000 tweezes per minute for removing the unwanted body hairs faster and more effectively. Its anti-pinch technology has explicitly got designed to gently pluck the most delicate hairs with reduced pinching on skin. This feature, as a result, makes the entire epilation process less painful for the user.

From the two epilation speeds- smooth and fast, you can switch any of them as per your comfort. Its rubberized grip easily fits in your palm, giving your epilation accuracy and ease. For sensitive area’s hair removable, Havells has provided with a sensitive area cap in the kit. Lastly, with an included brush, you can quickly clean the Epilator after every use.

  • Quick and effective
  • Anti-pinch technology
  • Easy rubberized grip
  • Sensitive area cap attachment
  • Two years of warranty
  • No battery operations
  • It makes slight noise during operations

Best Epilators- Buying Guide

While selecting a suitable epilator, these are the following factor one should consider:

Wet & dry

Epilators are either dry or wet & dry. The wet & dry epilators are the ones that you can use in the shower. They are the most convenient and painless as while you use them in the bath, your skin tends to become softer. On the other hand, dry epilators are a bit tough and painful on the surface. Dry epilators are corded, and the wet ones are mainly cordless. Choose one as per your comfort and preference.


Tweezers are an essential part of Epilators. They reach out to the roots of the hair to pull them effectively. A wide area Epilator head with at least 20 to 40 powerful tweezers are the best to use. Make sure the epilator you buy features a powerful tweezer to pull out even the tiniest of your hair.

Epilation attachments

You can find epilators that focus a specific body part, and then, on the other hand, comes the one with multiple attachments. More the accessory, the higher the benefits you can get out of one single appliance. Also, with additional accessories like small head, bikini liner, exfoliating head, you can reach out even the typical body parts easily. 

Battery-operated or electrical

Epilators are of two types- Battery-operated or electrically operated. The battery-operated ones, when charged, provide 40-50 minutes of usefulness. Whereas, the electrical ones get used by plugging in them directly into the socket. You can buy either one of them, depending upon your preference and comfort. In case you by the electrical one, make sure your bathroom has a reachable power socket.

Speed setting

A customized setting provides you with the comfort of using the device a way you want. Epilators should at least have two main settings- soft and fast. The soft one helps you with the sensitive area whereas, the fast one is best for removing hairs from arms and legs.


An easy to hold grip is a must for your epilator, mainly when you use them in shower. Must read and check about the grip of the model you buy.

Cleaning tools

As epilators remove small body hairs, it is quite evident that those body hairs will be stuck somewhere in the tweezer area. A removable epilator head or a cleaning brush along can help you regularly clean and maintain hygiene through the device.

Smart light

Not all but few epilators feature a smart light that helps you locate and focus on even the tiniest body hairs. This added feature can be helpful. 

An Epilator- Using tips

  • Use a wet & dry epilator for a smooth and less painful experience. You can even wet your skin slightly before you start epilating. 
  • Exfoliate your skin before epilation. A properly exfoliated skin removes dead skin and ingrown hairs that are required to get epilated.
  • In case you do not want to pinch your skin with an epilator, then stretch and hold your skin for a smoother, painless, and more comfortable experience.  
  • Using an epilator against hair growth helps to uproot the hair properly. 
  • Hold the epilator at a 90-degree angle. Avoid pressing it too deep into your skin. Else it may damage your skin cells.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is epilation safe for skin?

Yes, totally. If you use the epilator correctly with the care, you can get better results than shaving and waxing. 

  1. How often should I use an epilator?

The usage of an epilator depends upon the hair growth cycle of your body. Once you start seeing tiny hairs, you can begin your epilation process again. 

  1. Does epilation hurt?

Yes, if you are a newbie to it, then epilation would cause you quite a pain though a regular and careful use will lead you to experience less pain with time. 

  1. Does epilation cause dark skin as hair removal cream does?

Not, dark skin issues are not a case with using epilators. 


In the era of perfectly smooth and shiny skin, epilators are a boon for us. Using an epilator can save you a hell lot of money and time, which you else way spend in waxing every two weeks. The best part about epilators is that you can use them anywhere and anytime in need. 

This was all about the best epilators in India for 2020. Either it is the Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Wet and Dry Epilator or the Philips BRE200/00 Satinelle Corded Epilator, you can pick any of the one from our list of 5 Best epilators in 2020 without a doubt. 

All in all, we end here with the hope that you will find all that is mentioned above helpful. 

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