Top 10 Best Inverter AC in India 202 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best inverter ac in india 2021 – Inverter ACs are the best and most effective solutions to beat the heat in this summer season. When compared to the regular air conditioner, they consume up to 30%-40% less power. Unlike the regular Air Conditioner (Window or Split) the inverter AC adapts cooling speed depending upon the temperature inside the room.

As buying an inverter AC is a pocket-friendly investment, in the long run, a lot of you might be wanting to do the same. So here keeping all the essential consideration in mind, we have brought you the list of “Top 10 Inverter ACs in India”. And if you are not willing to do some in-depth research before the purchase then quickly go through the list of “Top 10 Inverter ACs in India” below and make a choice.

Top 10 Inverter AC in India

Samsung 1.5 Ton AR18NV5HLTRNNA 5 Star Inverter Split AC Alloy

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

The Samsung 1.5-ton 5* split AC stands number one on our list of “Top 10 Inverter ACs in India”. It is powered by digital inverter technology that maintains the desired temperature without switching the compressor on and off. Its digital inverter 8-pole feature quickly reaches to the maximum frequency as just when it starts.

This inverter AC from Samsung works on the Durafin heat exchanging technology. It with a thicker and denser build-up enables more heat transfer. The triple protection plus feature protects the AC from a sudden voltage surge.

An in-built stabilizer cut off the electric input during voltage fluctuation and auto-starts it again once the voltage comes in a range between 146 to 290V.

Another notable feature of this Samsung AC is the Smart installation. It enables you to auto-check if the installation has got done correctly. Furthermore, its 2-step cooling mode begins with faster cooling and then auto changes to the comfort mode for maintaining the desired temperature.

  • Outstanding cooling performance
  • Triple protection features with in-built stabilizer.
  • 2-step cooling mode
  • Energy efficient 5* rated.
  • Automatic temperature control
  • No such cons reported

LG 2 Ton Copper KS-Q24ENXA 3 Star Inverter Split AC

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

LG, with its every home electronics, have brought some or the other future technologies. This 2-ton inverter AC comes with a dual rotary compressor that offers quick cooling with more saving.

With a cooling score of 5, it gives excellent performance even at 51-Degree C. A 100% copper ocean black protection provides exceptional durability to both indoor and outdoor units.

LG inverter ACs provides an exceptional Himalaya like feel with just a touch of a button. Its HD filtration technique removes all the harmful elements from the air.

Moreover, a monsoon control technology during the high humidity level detects and controls the moisture inside the room.

  • Dual rotary compressor
  • 100% copper ocean black protection
  • Quick and effective cooling
  • HD filtration technique
  • Monsoon control technology
  • Low response from the after-sales service technicians
  • Quite expensive

LG 1.5 Ton LS-Q18YNZA, 5 Star Inverter Split AC Copper, LS-Q18YNZA, Convertible 4-in-1 Cooling

The LG 1.5-ton Inverter Split AC has a dual inverter compressor. Along with that a variable speed dual rotary motor that ensures faster cooling and saves more power. It gives excellent cooling performance even at 50-degree C outside.

Its Ocean black protection has explicitly got designed for Indian demographics. The Ocean blackfin ensures to remove all the pollutants from the air before it reaches out to your room.

One of the smart features of this Inverter AC is Low gas detection. Within this feature, a CH38 button detects and displays a low gas level for timely refilling.

The 4-way swing function blows air in every direction of your room to maintain an even out cooling effect. A smart diagnosis feature allows you to correspond with the nearest LG service centre.

  • Dual inverter compressor with rotary motor
  • Ocean black protection
  • Clean and pollution-free air
  • Low gas detection feature
  • Smart diagnosis
  • No such cons reported

Godrej 2 Ton 2T GIC 24 MGP5-WRA 5 Star Inverter Split AC

The Godrej 2-ton 5* Inverter split AC comes with a green inverter technology. This technology is exceptionally well on performance and highly safe to the environment. It uses the most environmentally friendly gas available currently “R290 refrigerant”.

Godrej, in its inverter, uses Inverter compressor that adjusts power depending on the heat load. It features alloy condenser coil that is affordable to the copper condenser coil but lacks a little on the performance front.

A healthy auto blow function eliminates any moisture traces inside the indoor unit, thus prevents the growth of micro-bacteria. Before the cool air reaches into your room, this AC removes all the common pollutants, dust, and bacteria from it.

The twin rotary compressor ensures faster cooling with a reduction in noise level. With the 5* rating, this is one of the most energy-efficient and highly environmentally friendly models in our list of “Top 10 Inverter ACs in India”.

  • Green inverter technology
  • R290 refrigerant
  • Auto blow function
  • Effective air purifying filters
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Copper condenser coil could be better than the alloy ones

Carrier 1.5 Ton ESKO NEO HYBRIDJET INV R32 5 Star Inverter Split AC

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

The Highlight of this Carrier 1.5-ton split inverter AC is its Flexi cool Hybrid jet technology. This feature offers you 4-different operating modes- free running, 100%, 75%, and 50%. You can switch between these modes according to the temperature, and the AC will automatically adjust the energy consumption.

This powerful inverter AC can work even in a low voltage of 195V and can still cool efficiently with 55-degree Celsius outside. Its stabilizer free operation lets the AC work comfortably between 150V to 280V even at 48-degree C.

This Split inverter AC from Carrier is not only suitable in terms of performance but is also robust and durable enough to stand firm for long year usage.

Moreover, it comes with a copper condenser coil that ensures high-class and efficient functioning.

  • 4-operational modes
  • It works well on low power also. (195V)
  • Low annual power consumption
  • Robust and durable body
  • High on performance and low on noise.
  • Unsuitable for big rooms
  • Its installation cost goes above the one as claimed.

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC 

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

The Blue star 1.5-ton inverter split AC gives an ambient cooling experience while saving more energy. It comes with an iFeel technology that features an advanced in-built sensor in the remote. It lets the AC sense the temperature around you and set the cooling accordingly.

Its Blue Fin protection prevents corrosion build up on the condenser and evaporator coil. The compressor of this AC comes with an acoustic jacket. Its soundproof qualities ensure no noise production while the appliance is functioning.

A self-cleaning feature in this Blue Star AC prevents the accumulation of dust, dirt, and any bacteria in the unit. Further, a comfort sleep feature auto-adjusts the temperature while you are sleeping.

  • A Smart in-built sensor that auto adjust the temperature
  • Blue Fin protection
  • Self-cleaning
  • Comfort sleep feature
  • Its price is not justified with the features.
  • Not very energy efficient

Daikin 1.5 FTG50TV Ton 3 Star Rating Inverter Split AC

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

The Daikin 1.5-ton 3* inverter split AC comes with a Neo swing inverter compressor. It decreases the friction and vibration and prevents any gas leakage. Its Coanda airflow feature ensures enhanced cooling comfort by evenly distributing cold air in every corner of your room.

This Daikin 3* AC features Econo mode that limits the maximum power consumption and enables efficient operations. Its Smell proof operations remove unnecessary moisture from the appliance and hence ensure fresh Smell whenever you start it.

A self-diagnosis feature detects the error and shows a code accordingly on the remote control. You can later report it to the service centre for a quick repair. Furthermore, Daikin’s appliances are designed primarily with protection against fire accidents.

  • Comfortable cooling with even air distribution.
  • Low noise operations
  • Limited power consumption (824 units/year)
  • Self-diagnosis feature
  • Environmentally safe
  • Expensive than the other Brands

Sanyo 1-Ton AC SI/SO-10T3SCIA 3-Star Inverter Split

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

Sanyo is one of our favourite recommendations in the list of “Top 10 Inverter ac in India”. Its 1-ton 3-star inverter AC comes with full inverter technology and in-built PM2.5 filters that provide you cool and fresh air breeze.

The Copper condenser coils promote faster heat transfer and are corrosion resistant as well. Its 2-independent rotors ensure a quick cooling performance.

This inverter AC features a Glacier mode that allows you to switch at 35% faster-cooling speed at your fingertips. The Hydrophilic fins protect against rust and salt damage and provide an extended durability.

Sanyo, in its appliance, has equipped the latest R32 refrigerant that protects the condenser from accidental fire damage. Also, its environmentally friendly feature ensures zero harm to the ozone layer.

Most Energy-efficient ((597.37 unites estimated APC) in the list of our “To 10 Inverter ACs in India”.

  • ISEER 3.9* rating
  • Air purification feature
  • 1005 copper condenser
  • Quick cooling effect/glacier mode
  • Environmentally safe
  • Unsatisfactory customer service

Voltas 1.4 173V JZJ (R32) Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

The Voltas 1.4-ton split AC is powered by a DC inverter technology that reduces the power consumption and maintains an ideal temperature without pressuring the compressor.

It features a 100% copper condenser coil that delivers efficient cooling and is more durable. It is powered by a steady cool compressor that optimizes power consumption and leads to constant cooling.

This 3* Voltas inverter AC works on stabilizer free operations. It operates under a wide protective range that saves the appliance from any voltage fluctuations. While in monsoons, its active dehumidifier feature sense and control the indoor humidity.

Moreover, a low-frequency torque control regulates a constant temperature and promotes energy saving. Additional features include multistage air filtration, environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, high ambient cooling, and 4-way auto lower function.

  • 100% copper condenser coil
  • Multi-stage air purification
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • Even cooling at every corner.
  • Active dehumidifier
  • Low on electricity bills
  • Its high-speed setting is a bit noisy.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5100x RSB518HBEA.Z 5 Star Inverter Split AC Copper KASHIKOI

best inverter ac in india 2021
best inverter ac in india 2021

Hitachi is known for its outstanding performance worldwide. This inverter AC from Hitachi comes with a speed compressor that senses the heat load and adjusts the power consumption.

A copper condenser coil is quite efficient in terms of cooling, as well as requires minimal maintenance. This 1.5-ton split 5* split AC is the most energy-efficient and noiseless performers in the range.

The design of this split AC adds in as an advantage to the user. Its expandable wide-angle deflector delivers maximum output during the highest temperature days. The best and most notable part about this appliance is its 4.7 ISEER rating and 5* BEE rating.

Moreover, its safe stabilizer free operations keep the appliance secure from any voltage surge. Additional features include R410A refrigerant, no ozone depletion, and on/off timer technology.

  • Copper condenser coil
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Noiseless performance
  • Expandable wide-angle deflector
  • Stabilizer free operations
  • After-sales service is not up to mark.

Things to consider before buying an Inverter AC

The top four consideration which we highly recommend you to know about before buying an Inverter AC are mentioned below:


No matter how expensive or high-performing air conditioner you invest in, if you have not got the correct capacity as per your room size, it is waste. As a smaller tonnage AC can’t cool a big sized room, similarly a higher tonnage AC will waste power and money if used in a small place.

Take reference from the table below for the correct capacity measurement according to the room size.


Refrigerant is a compound used in ACs and refrigerators (Fridge). In ACs, it absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and provides air conditioning when combined with components like evaporators and compressors. Refrigerants are also responsible for global warming and ozone depletion in most of the cases. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the AC with environmentally friendly refrigerant, which includes R32, R290, and R-600A primely.

Copper coil

Coils in ACs are responsible for transferring heat. Copper coils are the most durable, best in terms of heat transferring and non-corrosive. Make sure the AC you purchase has copper coils intake.

You can find copper coil in a maximum number of models mentioned in our list of “Top 10 Inverter ACs in India”.

Rotary compressor

Rotary compressors use rotors that are placed inside the unit with minimal space in between. These rotors move in the opposite direction and expel air at high pressure; thus, the atmosphere is of quite a low temperature. Also, rotary compressors result in low noise than the reciprocator ones. However, they are costly and require high-maintenance.

How does an Inverter AC work?

Air conditioners work on the performance of their compressor. In the regular ACs, when the room cools down to the set temperature, the compressor switches off. And once the room temperature rises its switches on the back again. It keeps following the same process again and again.

However, in Inverter ACs, the compressor does not switch off at all. It comes with a variable speed compressor that ensures to produce more power when the system needs it and reduce when it does not.

The only difference here is of the compressor motor, but it single headedly can change a lot of things. Let’s have a look on below.

Advantages (Top 10 Best inverter AC in India 2021)

  • Primarily, it consumes 30%-40% less power than regular ACs.
  • With the presence of a variable speed compressor, it provides quick cooling even during high temperatures.
  • Its start-up time is 30% less than the regular ACs.
  • Inverter ACs run at a low speed; thus, the operations are more silent and noise-free.
  • They use better quality refrigerant than the ordinary ACs and thus are environmentally friendly as well.
  • Inverter ACs can run on solar panels as well.


Air conditioners are one of those appliances which you require almost half a year if you reside in India. And keeping in mind its regular use for those months, it essential to invest in something effective, reliable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and light on the pocket in the long run. For so, Inverter ACs are the best options you can go for.

These were the “Top 10 Inverter ACs in India”. We recommend you invest in a quality product that stays worthy enough in the long run. All the products mentioned in our list of “Top 10 Inverter ACs in India” are trustful, and you can choose any one of them depending on your room size and primarily on your budget.

We hope you find all the information helpful and relevant. For questions and queries, please leave your comment down below.

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