5 Best Inverter Batteries in India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Inverter Batteries in India 2021-The power cut is a common problem in India. And long hour power cuts, especially during summers, are different level stress. But thanks to home inverters that accomplish us during these power cuts.

The importance of a light bulb or a working fan feels more while there is no electricity supply. Most of our daily life activities, like cooking and washing, also get affected without electricity. However, with inverters in use, we prevail in some of the regular life electricity benefits like a bulb, fans, and phone/laptop charging. Now, these home inverters are nothing without batteries attached.

The inverter batteries play a crucial role in providing us power backup during electricity cut downs. They are like the heart of inverters and can provide an uninterrupted power supply for long hours. A lot of people underestimate the role of the battery in Infront of an inverter. However, you can get better results with the best inverter batteries and vice versa.

There are thousands of inverter batteries available in the market, but still, people are unfamiliar with how to pick the best inverter battery. It is something most of us not generally think or read about, like other electric home appliances. Today to help you out in this, we have prepared this article about 5 Best inverter batteries in India. Through this list, you can read the review and go for the one suiting your requirements the most. Also, in the second half of this article, you go through other essential information about batteries.

Now, let’s get started.

Best Inverter Batteries in 2021

EXIDE INDUSTRIES Instabrite Inverter 150Ah Ups Battery

best Inverter Batteries in india 2021
best Inverter Batteries in india 2021

The Exide Instabrite inverter battery is the best alternative during long power cuts in countries like India. It gets equipped with advanced hybrid technology that can resist high temperatures, ideally even in extreme weather conditions.

It can fit with almost all brand inverters and can handle long hour power cuts.

This inverter battery from Exide can operate two light bulbs, two fans, two charging points (laptop, mobile, etc.) for around 10-12 hours. It comes with a float indicator that alerts the user about the electrolyte level and water requirement.

Furthermore, its top vented lid along with anti-splash guard avoids the battery from getting overheated.

  • Advanced hybrid technology
  • Provide a long hour power backup – up to 10-12 hours
  • Fume proof and leak proof
  • Light-weighted
  • Energy efficient with long shelf life
  • It comes with 26 months warranty.
  • No such cons reported yet

LUMINOUS RC 18000 Tall Tubular 150 AH Inverter Battery

best Inverter Batteries in india 2021
best Inverter Batteries in india 2021

Luminous is a well-known and trusted name for inverter batteries in India. The Luminous RC 18000 Tall tubular inverter battery uses a unique patented alloy composition that protects it from corrosion, hence increase life.

Its ventilated uniform grain structure ensures high-quality performance all the time long. It gets designed to charge quicker in just a few hours.

The Luminous inverter battery has an improved balanced plate design that can resist high voltage fluctuations along with protecting against electrolyte and water loss. Its void free, uniform grain structure, ensure consistent and high-quality performance all life-long.

Lastly, this inverter battery comes with 36 months of warranty.

  • Corrosion, oxidation, and puncture-proof
  • It charges faster and last longer.
  • Can provide 12-16 hours of power backup with three light bulbs and fans each
  • Heat resistant
  • 36 months warranty
  • It is quite heavy to move

Luminous PC 18042 Tubular inverter Battery 150Ah

best Inverter Batteries in india 2021
best Inverter Batteries in india 2021

The Luminous PC 18042 inverter battery gives a power supply of 150Ah, sufficient for home power backup requirements. Its anti-splash guard lets you sleep peacefully during overnight power cut situations.

With minimal maintenance required, this inverter battery comes with a life expectancy of up to 5 years and is usable with 825VA.

This inverter battery from Luminous has a corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition that ensures long time durability. This powerful inverter battery can provide long hour power backup with 3 LED bulbs, 3 Fans, 1 Led TV, 1-2 charging points for up to 7-9 hours.

However, with reduced consumption, it can provide support for up to 15-16 hours continuously. Lastly, it comes with a warranty period of 42 months, respectively.

  • It provides long hour power backup.
  • It comes with a life expectancy of up to 5 years.
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Heat and corrosion resistant
  • 42 months of warranty
  • Slightly expensive than other models on the list.

Amaron Inverter Tall Tubular 150Ah Inverter Battery

best Inverter Batteries in india 2021
best Inverter Batteries in india 2021

Amaron inverter batteries are available in a variety to fit with any inverter fulfilling your power backup needs. The Amaron inverter tall tubular 150Ah battery uses a high heat resistant Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for its grids. This composition requires zero maintenance of the battery.

It comes with a superior quality vent that downplays the acid sewing and mist formation issues.

This inverter battery from Amaron charges fully within 3-4 hours. Furthermore, it can outstand long hours of a power cut with two light bulbs and fans each. It is less prone to water loss and hence requires minimum maintenance.

With its high heat tolerance capacity, this battery is perfect for the Indian weather conditions.

  • Easy and fast charging with highest reserve capacity
  • It contains a low lead reserve.
  • It requires minimal maintenance.
  • Heat resistance
  • Can fit with all inverter type
  • It comes with 48 months of warranty.
  • Slightly expensive

Luminous ILTT 26060 Tubular Battery 220Ah

best Inverter Batteries in india 2021
best Inverter Batteries in india 2021

The Luminous ILTT 26060 tubular inverter battery comes with the latest 12v tubular technology with 12 tubular plates inside. It provides you with the essential power backup while managing your power consumption and electricity bills within reasonable limits.

With low-cost maintenance, this inverter battery serves you for an extended time.

This Luminous 220Ah battery comes with a float spark arrestor that resists fume and heat build-up. This ready to use battery starts working as soon as you connect it with the inverter.

With moderate use of light bulbs and fans, it can provide 14-16 long hours of power backup its life long. Similar to the extended power backup, it comes with 60 months of warranty.

  • Powerful inverter battery
  • Latest 12v tubular technology
  • Provide long hours of power backup with essential appliances in use.
  • Requires low maintenance
  • 60 months of warranty
  • Slightly expensive
  • It is quite heavy

Types of Inverter Battery

Finding an inverter battery that meets your needs and matches your inverter ideally is a task in itself. Also, before buying one, you must get familiar with the types of batteries available in the market. Each of the battery varies depending upon their internal technology that gets used to stored current. We have discussed the same below:

Flat plate battery/lead-acid batteries: Flat plate batteries are the most economical and light-weighted ones. It is a lead-acid battery with two electrodes. One of them is lead, and the other is lead dioxide and electrode used in sulfuric acid. These types of batteries can stay active up to 3 to 4 hours with high maintenance throughout. It requires to check the electrolyte level and replenish the mineral-free distilled water frequently. Delaying it might end up destroying the battery itself.

Besides this, the flat plate battery emits poisonous gasses while charging and discharging. They need to get kept in a place with proper ventilation rather than closed ones.

Price: 9,000-15,000

Tubular battery: The tubular batteries are an improved version of a flat plate battery. Within this battery type, the flat plate gets replaced by a tube that is protected by a cloth. Hence it increases its life and efficiency. Due to this tube placement, it is known as a tubular battery. These batteries have a life span of up to 5 years with deep charging cycles and long backup hours.

Price: 9,000-25,000

Sealed maintenance-free battery: As the name indicates, this type of battery requires no maintenance at all. They use gel and absorbent mats and get sealed with all the essential requirements within. They are equipped with a special electrolyte that does not require replenishing; hence you do not need to fill distilled water at regular intervals.

The maintenance-free batteries are mainly available from brands like Okaya and Luminous, at a very high price.

Best Inverter Battery – Buyer’s Guide

With unique brands, load, build type, and price range, it gets quite challenging to choose one such battery that would fulfil all your requirements perfectly. Nevertheless, if you are familiar with the underlying technologies and essential considerations of an inverter battery, the buying process can be more straightforward for you. Our buying guide will assist you in the same.

Things to consider before buying an inverter battery for your home.


When you check about inverter battery online, their name looks like “EXIDE INDUSTRIES Instabrite Inverter 150Ah Ups Battery”. Here the “Ah” (ampere-hour) denotes the capacity of the battery. Ampere-hour means the amount of current a battery can supply for a specific time duration.

Here is the formula to calculate the battery capacity:

Battery Capacity = (Total loads in Watts) X (Backup in hour) / Voltage

You can take the reference from the table given below:

Power requirement

Backup (Hours)

Battery size

600 Watts

2 hours

600*2/ 12= 100Ah

900 Watts

3 hours

900*3/ 12= 225Ah

1000 Watts

3 hours

1000*3/ 12= 250Ah

Note this, the more Ah rating a battery has, the more powerful it is.

Power backup duration

It depends upon the capacity and quality of the battery. A high-quality battery is more efficient in providing long hours of power backup. Also, you can check it online on the e-commerce website or confirm with the retailer (through whom you have purchased the battery). It is better to choose a battery that can provide you at least 10-12 hours of power backup with 2-3 light bulbs and fans each. 

Inverter compatibility

There are a lot of batteries that can connect to an inverter type. Make sure you buy one such battery that can easily connect and work with your inverter. For this, you can also check the VA rating with your inverter and then choose the battery accordingly.


Various brands with different specifications manufacture inverter batteries. A brand becomes re-owned and popular only after it has satisfied a large number of customers altogether. As inverter batteries are something you must always make sure to be of a well-known brand, avoid settling down for any local manufacturer for low rates. 


Any type of inverter battery, the minimum it may cost, is 9,000 INR. Make sure to go with this or higher range, but do not settle for something local below than this.


Inverter batteries warranty offer of two components: Pro-rata and FOC.

 As per the Pro-rata, if a battery fails to perform within the warranty period, you would require to pay a certain amount of money, depending on the time it has stopped working. Whereas, FOC means free of cost replacement. It means if the battery fails during the FOC period, it will then get replaced without any charges applied. 

That is why, while you purchase an inverter battery, make sure to check the FOC+ Pro-rata warranty period. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. Do inverter batteries make a sound while in use?

No, it is the inverter that makes a considerable amount of sound while it converts the stored energy from the battery into the current. In case, if the noise production goes high or abnormal, it is recommended to contact an electrician as soon as possible. 

  1. Which brand is best for inverter batteries in India?

In India, Exide, Luminous, Amaron, Okaya are few of the best brands with most soled and trusted inverter batteries. 

  1. Do batteries come along with inverters?

No, one needs to buy a battery separately or in a package along with the inverter. It is up to the buyer to choose a battery for their inverter.

  1. How does it indicate when the battery is charged fully?

The inverter has a light display which indicates user about low and full battery all at one place. You can find such an indicator at the front part of your inverter.

  1. How do I know when to refill water in battery?

Batteries come with a tube-like component above all the water filling holes. These components are to indicate about the low or high-water level. 

  1. Are inverter batteries entirely safe for use?

Yes, a well-known brand inverter battery is safe to use. Also, it is better to keep them in a ventilated part of your house with frequent maintenance for durability and safety.

Tips to increase the life span of your inverter battery

  • Depending on the type and usage of your battery, refill the distilled water at various time intervals. During summers and excessive power cuts, many batteries may require water replenishing every 20-30 days. Make sure the water level does not go down.
  • For refilling the battery, never use tap water in place of distilled water. Tap water contains minerals and contaminations that can affect the battery’s performance.
  • Keep the battery terminal safe from corrosion and rust. To do so, you can apply petroleum jelly or grease on the socket connections.
  • Never overload the battery. While power cuts, an overloaded battery can reduce the backup hours. Make sure to unplug all such devices that consume a lot of energy. 
  • Never connect a device that uses load higher than your battery can support. 
  • Make sure to discharge your inverter batteries once in a while, even in case there is no power outage. 
  • Always keep the inverter battery in a well-ventilated place away from dust and direct sunlight. 
  • Replace worn out batteries at regular intervals. 


An inverter is a requirement for every household in India, and so are the inverter batteries. Our top pick is the EXIDE INDUSTRIES Instabrite Inverter 150Ah Ups Battery. It provides 10-12 hours of power backup with sufficient appliances and comes at a reasonable price. You can choose any of the models from the list of 5 Best inverter batteries in India 2021 as per your choice and requirements. Even though if you are still confused, then go through our Best inverter battery buying guide and get a better understanding of this product.

Ending it here, we have tried to put in all the essential information about the inverter battery in this article. We hope you will find it helpful. 

For any questions, queries, and feedback, please leave your comment down below. 

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