10 Best LED Bulbs in India for 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

LED bulb in India 2021 – LED have made their way to our home through all possible device and appliances. The most used and common ones of them are the LED bulbs. LED bulbs are long-lasting, durable, rugged, eco-friendly, and pocket friendly too, as they consume almost 90% of less energy than those traditional light bulbs.

Knowing how useful and friendly these LED bulbs are to our home, we have tried to shortlist some of the best for you all. Today, with quite a research and after going through hundreds of honest customer reviews, we have prepared a list of 10 Best LED bulbs in India for you. Without wasting much time and energy lets straight get into the reviews for best-LED bulbs.

Best LED Bulbs in India 2021

Philips T Bulb 10-Watt LED Bulb, Cool Daylight Base B22 

LED bulb in India 2021
LED bulb in India 2021

The Philips T Bulb is one of the most innovative productions in the LED bulb range. When we talk about its best feature, this plug and play bulb does not require any electrician support as you can yourself plug it in on any existing bulb holder. Unlike other LED bulbs, the Philips T bulb features a more extensive tube light like design to spread brighter and broader lightning into the room.

With its Swivelling body action, one can move this LED 90 degrees vertically and 35 degrees horizontally for a better and customized focus. Further, this Philips T bulb saves you 30% more electricity and 15000 hours of extended life span than the CFL from the same brand.

Syska SSK-SRL-9W B22 9-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light)

LED bulb in India 2021
LED bulb in India 2021

The Syska 9-watt LED bulb is an environmental-friendly and non-toxic as it contains no Mercury and leads at all. With omnidirectional illusion effect and colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin, this LED bulb gives you the required brightness while maintaining the room temperature. 

The Syska B22 SSK-SRL is sufficient for 10×10 study room. This product comes with 50,000 hours of long-life span with minimal operating Voltage; hence it saves you 90% of total energy and is therefore known as a highly energy-efficient LED bulb around.

Wipro Garnet Base B22 10-Watt LED Bulb Cool Day white

best led bulbs in India

The Wipro Garnet 10-Watt LED bulb comes with zero mercury content that makes disposing of it quite effortless. This 6500 Kelvin cool day white light does not warm up the room as many other bulbs do. It saves up to 85% of energy with more brightness and excellent light distribution. 

This 10-Watt LED bulb from Wipro has a 240-degree beam angle that provides a glare-free and ample light spread in your room. Lastly, it is effortless to install and comes with one year of warranty. 

Havells LED Bulb 20-Watts

The Havells 20-Watts LED bulb has got claimed as the brightest LED in India. It comes with the efficiency range between (≥90 and <105) which as per BEE guidelines is averagely suitable. This 6500 Kelvin Adore cool daylight LED bulb can last up to 15000 hours of use.

Havells has made sure to put in enough safety feature with their LED bulb. This particular one comes with in-built surge protection of 3KV that keep the bulb safe from voltage spikes. However, it is quite expensive than others in the range.

Orient Electric Plastic Eternal Shine 30-Watt LED Bulb 

The Orient 30-Watt LED bulb is a brighter and low heat one in particular. Its eco-friendly and energy-saving feature (up to 60% more than other LEDs) makes it one of the best-LED bulbs for the one who are always worried about the environmental well-being.  

Another interesting fact about this Orient LED bulb is it even more durable than the conventional light and may last you long for up to 25000 hours.

Crompton Base B22 (Cool Day Light) 18-Watt LED Bulb

The Crompton LED bulb is the cost-effective and energy-efficient one as it consumes only 18-Watts of total power. Its filtered zero glare effect does no strain on the user’s eyes. Its clear head and plastic body make it sturdy and have low heating effects than many other LED bulbs.

 This Crompton LED bulb is a 6500 Kelvin cool daylight one that with its colour effect remains pleasant for the room. Lastly, its B22 base makes it fit on all holder types.

Philips Base B22 Cool Day Light 9-Watt Round LED Bulb

The Philips 9-watt round LED bulb is a non-dimensional and low energy consumption one (saves up to 87% of more energy when compared to GLS). This LED bulb lights up the room in a manner, providing you with complete peace of mind. It has been designed with efficient fitting and smooth installation.

For the best quality and complete safety promise, this Philips LED bulb goes under various stringent testing. A lifetime of 15,000 hours is what this LED bulb promises. 

Philips Stellar Bright (Cool Day Light/Crystal White) 20-Watt LED Bulb

The Philips stellar bright 20-Watt LED bulb is an energy saver with 40% when compared to LCD and up to 85% when compared to GLS that reduce your monthly electricity bill. This 20-Watt LED bulb is a complete comfort to eyes with no visible dimming, flickering and glare reduction with comfortable brightness.   

The Philips LED light undergoes a lot of quality and safety check before it reaches your home. With a colour temperature of 65000 kelvin and 15000 hours long life, this is one of the best bulbs for your home. Additionally, it is also safe from UV and IR.

HALONIX All Rounder Multi Wattage 15W,8W,0.5W Led Bulb

The HALONIX all-rounder multi wattage bulb is on our top 10 LED bulb list for all good reasons. The most amazing and unique feature of this LED bulb is its wattage adjustments. You can adjust between the bright (15W), right (8W), and night mode (0.5W) as per your need and comfort.

This LED bulb is in the race for its high-quality and unmatched style. Additionally, a B22 base makes it fit comfortably on any holder. Also, HALONIX provides a one-year warranty with the product.

Halonix Radar B22 10-W LED Bulb Radar 

The Halonix Radar 10-Watts LED bulb is known for its unmatched style, impeccable quality and careful crafting. This is a motion sensor detector bulb that auto on and off with or without a sensor in range. When you enter 15 feet from any direction, the lamp automatically starts glowing whereas; the bulb stops glowing one minute after you pass the sensor range.

This Halonix smart LED bulb is best suited for use in bathrooms, staircase, balcony, storeroom, etc. Lastly, this cool daylight LED bulb (6500K to 7500K) has one year of warranty. 

Choose the Best LED bulb for your home in India

Life span

LED bulbs have a longer life span than any other lightning bulb. The best-LED bulbs available in Indian comes with an average life span between 15000-25000 hours. This is quite more than incandescent bulb (1000 hrs) and CFL (7000 hours). Therefore, LED bulbs are perfect for running with you for long years.

LED colour temperature

Use the table below for reference purposes

B22 or bayonet cap

B22 is used to denote the diameter of the light bulb cap. This is the most suitable and commonly found holder size in Indian households.

Energy efficient

LED bulbs are known to save you a lot of power when compared to other light bulbs or tube lights. However, deep inside this efficiency differ from brand to brand. Syska is currently the most energy-efficient in the range. Make sure you choose the correct one to save more on your electricity bills.


Buying a LED bulb from a known and promising brand is quite remarkable. These bulbs are quite pricey when compared to the old bulbs and CFL. Also, reputed brands provide you with at least one or two years of warranty that is quite required in case of such products. For LED bulbs makes sure you buy them from some known manufacturers like Syska, Philips, Havells, Wipro, Halonix, Orient and Crompton.


Moving from Convectional light bulbs to LED bulbs is an excellent decision on all the fronts. Once you know the best one for your needs, it becomes quite easy to make a purchase. We hope the above list of 10 Best LED bulbs in India 2021 would have helped you out in this research. You can choose any one of the above products as per your requirement and without much thoughts.

All in all, we hope you will find all the products as mentioned above and information helpful.

For any queries, questions and feedback, please leave your comment down below.

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