10 Best Microwave Oven in India for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Our pick on the Best Microwave Oven in India- Microwave ovens are the most common concepts in foreign kitchens. Gradually with time, it has grabbed a very own place in our Indian households. Earlier ovens were only stated as a luxury item in the kitchen, but slowly with time, it is becoming a necessity, especially in metro cities if India. A microwave works a saviour while you are in a hurry as you do not need to manually monitor its functioning every while like gas cooking. This growing trend has made us invest in the best microwave oven.

As the concept is still new in India, people still have a lot of misconceptions about microwave ovens. The main misconception about this appliance is that it can only get used for baking and preparing non-veg food items. However, this belief is wrong as you can make a hundred of vegetarian recipes, specifically Indian cuisine with ease through this appliance.

Now in this popular competitive world as every other home appliance, you will find several microwave models available in the market as well as e-commerce websites. This variety has its advantages as well as lead you to confusion about what is best for you. Therefore, to choose the best-suited appliance, it is essential to have an understanding of them.

Today to help you with this purchase we have bought the Top 10 microwave oven in India list that will help you to choose the best for the kitchen.

Best Convectional Microwave Oven in India

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • Convection microwave oven
  • Capacity- 20 litres, suitable for small Indian families
  • One + three-year product warranty/magnetron and cavity warranty
  • Touch keypad control
  • 24 auto cook menu option
  • Power output- 1200 Watt
  • Includes: 1 measuring tumbler, two idle stands, 1 square cook and serve with lid, one roti crisper, one spoon, and one daffodil with lid
Best Microwave oven in India
microwave oven india best

IFB is a popular name in home and kitchen appliance production. You will find one of the finest working home appliances from this brand. The IFB convection microwave oven 20 litres is an ideal product for small family’s culinary requirements. Its convection mode offers you various functioning such as grilling, reheating, baking, defrosting and cooking. This microwave oven comes with a multi-stage cooking feature along with with auto set three different types of cooking cycle in memory.

The 24-auto cook menu option allows you to change the menu setting without a need for cancelling the prior one. You can choose from the pre-set menu and place your dish to let it cook on its own efficiently with just a touch of a button. These various cooking options help you in faster cooking while making this appliance stand in the top of our best microwave oven in India list.

This IFB microwave comes with an easy to use touch keypad control that is as easy to clean as to use. It has an excellent Defrost feature that allows you to enter the weight of food item you want to defrost and let the rest process be dependent on the appliance. It even saves you a lot of time. It provides you with an Auto reheat feature that comes with auto programmed power levels and time that keeps you from monitoring the process all way along. The other essential features marked are the display panel and Child lock. The display panel allows you to keep a check on power level, cooking time and several different modes during the cooking stage. Whereas, the child lock feature ensures the safety and prevents an incident while kids are around.

  • Easy to use various cooking options
  • Child lock feature to provide you with adequate safety
  • Affordable price
  • Touch-sensitive keypad and digital display panel
  • It comes along different microwave friendly pots and other cooking equipment.
  • Small cavity to place big cooking pots

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • Convection microwave oven
  • Capacity: 28 litres, suitable for medium to large Indian families
  • Slim fry technology
  • 1+5+10 years product + magnetron + ceramic cavity warranty
  • Sensitive touch keypad
  • Power output- 2900 Watts
  • Includes: wire rack and a crusty plate
  • Various easy cooking modes
micro oven india price
best microwave oven in india 2018

The Samsung convection microwave with 28 litres capacity is the most suitable model for medium or large Indian families. Besides, being a convenient microwave, it has got some attractive outer looks to complement your kitchen display. It comes with a health-friendly Slim fry technology that helps you prepare all the fried and tandoor dishes with minimal use of oil yet giving you the perfect fried finish. The advanced Fermentation technology supports you with ideal temperature to set perfect curd and ferment dough in quick time.

This Samsung convection microwave offers you various operations such as baking, grilling, slim frying, cooking, Tandoor and fermentation all in one place. With a variety of pre-programmed recipes, it allows you to prepare local Indian food daily in less time. Additionally, the Deodorising feature quickly eliminates the heavy dishes smell from insides so that your food tastes fresh. It has a large enough turntable that can hold big pots and vessels while stopping the turntable from rotating. This microwave from Samsung is equipped with a superior ceramic interior that is scratch-proof, remains anti-bacterial and is easy to clean. You can operate the Child lock feature to save it from unwanted invasions from kids at home. The ice blue LED display provides clear information and allows you for easy operation with a sensitive touch option. Lastly, this Samsung microwave oven is ideal for baking roti, preparing Indian dishes, reheating food and several other cooking assistance.

  • Several cooking modes like frying, tandoor, fermentation, baking and more.
  • Exquisite and attractive look
  • Six power levels
  • Child lock feature
  • Spacious enough to place big pot and vessels
  • It does not come with a starter kit.

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • Convection microwave oven
  • Capacity- 32litres, suitable for large Indian families
  • 1+4 years of product and magnetron warranty
  • Special cooking features: auto cook menu for 211 Indian dishes, pasteurize milk and prepare dairy products
  • Steam clean feature
  • Power output- 2500 Watts
  • Includes- Tawa, rotating ring, shelf, a milk container, rotisserie bar and handle, glass tray and recipe manual.
micro oven india price
micro oven in india with price

The LG 32 litres convection microwave oven is a perfect pick to meet the requirement of large Indian families. With the convection mode-on, it supports various operations like grilling, cooking, baking, reheating, defrosting, fermentation and a lot more. The microwave comes with a Diet fry feature that allows you to prepare all the ideally deep-fried dishes with minimal oil use. Though even with low oil usage it ensures to keep your diet fry delights crispy and tasty.

This microwave from LG comes with a 211-auto cook menu for your favourite Indian dishes without compromising in their authentic taste. With the pre-set time and temperature, all you require to do is select the dish, press start and leave the rest on the appliance. Along with this, the microwave can capably prepare 12 different varieties of exotic India roti such as tandoori roti, naan, laccha paratha, Missi roti and more with just one touch of a button.The most common and performed kitchen duty is boiling milk. With the pasteurize milk feature, this appliance eliminates the meticulous process of boiling milk while providing no room for spillage. This feature preserves nutrition yet saves time with no extra supervision. Another friendly feature for Indian kitchen is the quick ghee making operations. It allows you to make quick ghee in just a matter of 15 minutes by simply putting the cream in a bowl and select the ghee making mode else rest ensured.

The LG 32 litres microwave assist you in making crispy barbeque recipes at just a touch of a button without any manual intervention yet uniform roasting. This appliance is ideal for setting paneer by churning it without the use of chemicals and enzymes. It also assists you with a non-stick multipurpose Tawa with even distribution of heat. Cleaning the model from insides is easy with the steam power operations that help you get rid of grease and grimes leaving the microwave wipe clean.

  • Ideal capacity for large families
  • Supports almost 211 Indian dishes with auto cook feature
  • Pasteurize milk and allows easy ghee, paneer preparation without any manual intervention
  • Easy steam cleaning feature
  • Ideal for preparing 12 types of Indian roti
  • No such cons reported

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven

  • Convection microwave oven
  • Capacity- 30 litres, suitable for big families
  • 1+3 years of product and magnetron warranty
  • Power output- 2200 watts
  • 101 auto cook menus with multistage cooking
  • Additional features: Child lock, express cooking, reheat, steam clean, deodorizer, and delay start
price of micro oven in india
best microwave oven in india with price

If you are looking for a bigger capacity microwave convection, then this is the perfect pick for you. The IFB 30 litres convection microwave oven comes with 101 auto cook menu that allows you to prepare various cuisines and dishes without much manual intervention. It offers you with features like Rotisserie that is ideal for preparing delicious, crispy and browner non-veg dishes, and fermentation feature that helps you set curd, dough and batter for various dishes in a quick time. While in a hurry it even assists you for fast forward cooking with just a press of a button. Other essential features of this IFB convection microwave includes multistage cooking with different cooking cycles, weight and speed defrost for hassle-free defrosting, and combination tech for grill and cooking at the same time. It ideally warms or heats your food items without overcooking them.

Safety is an essential aspect of kids at home. This IFB microwave ensures complete safety with its Child lock feature that you can enable and prevent from any mishappening around. The appliance is quite energy-efficient and saves you a good amount on your electricity bills. Lastly, it gets equipped with an advanced delay start programming that allows you to set the timer for a scheduled time and get your meal ready at the right moment.

  • High capacity
  • 101 auto cook menu and ten different power levels
  • Steam clean and deodorizer for a squeaky-clean indoor compartment
  • Delay start feature
  • This appliance does not come with any additional microwave product

Best grill microwave oven in India

IFB 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

  • Grill Microwave oven
  • Capacity- 20 litres, suitable for small Indian families
  • 1 + 3 years of product and magnetron warranty
  • Power consumption- 1200 Watts
  • Ten power level, 41 standard menus, express cooking, speed + weight defrost
  • Steam clean feature
best price for microwave oven in india
best brand for microwave oven in india

IFB manufactures some competitive grill microwave oven for the Indian market and ensures to give the best for homemakers. This 20 litres grill microwave oven is best to fulfil a small Indian family’s needs. It comes with a combination of power grill and combi tech that ensures delicious brown cooking without the stance of overheating.

Ideal for heating food items with the keep warm setting that maintains a constant temperature without overcooking the food. This grill microwave oven is ideal for preparing barbeque food, reheat, warm, cook and defrost food items. The auto cook feature provides you to facilitate to change the pre-set option without the need for cancelling the existing process. It comes with 41 standard menu that makes cooking an easy task for you. Along with this, the grill microwave features ten different power levels at your fingertips to vary heat according to various dishes. This feature helps to eliminate the possibilities of overcooking of food.

Another excellent feature is its weight + speed defrost that allows you to enter the weight of the item you need to defrost and leave the rest on the appliance. Its pre-set choices on the menu are not only helpful during cooking but also saves you a lot on your electricity bills. Lastly, it has a most suitable feature for Indian cooking, i.e. steam clean. The Clean steam feature uses steam to eliminate all the traces of grease that gets build-up ideally while preparing Indian meals.

  • The pre-set menu helps in saving a lot of power consumption
  • Steam clean to eliminate every trace of grease.
  • Ten different power levels to vary heat according to the dishes
  • Ideally heats the food item without overcooking them
  • Not ideal for preparing roti and baking cakes
  • Does not have the digital display option

LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

  • Grill microwave oven
  • Capacity- 20 litres, suitable for small Indian families
  • One year of product warranty
  • Power output-700 watts
  • Intello wave technology
  • Special features: auto cook menu, anti-bacterial cavity, and quartz heater
microwave oven of lg in india price
microwave oven in india

The LG 20 litres grill microwave oven is dedicated to grilled food lovers. This microwave comes with an Intello wave technology ensures healthier and faster cooking while saving you a lot of time. It has a concealed quartz heater placed at the top of the oven that allows you to keep large portions at one go while preventing your hands from any injury. It also gives you five different power levels to suit various cooking methods and dishes.

The pre-set auto cook menu assists with various dishes you want to prepare by just selecting and pressing the start button. It also ensures healthy and safe cooking along with the controlled heating options. The anti-bacterial coating avoids odour and reduces bacterial growth inside the cavity. This coating also makes it easy to clean the appliance with the just swipe of a cloth. The grill oven keeps the food at the right temperature for long 90 minutes.

You can prepare your favourite grilled barbeque Indian dishes easily with this appliance. Along with this you can easily reheat, defrost and cook several food items. Though this LG appliance also works well on the safety front by turning off the display if the unit is not active for 5 minutes or during the standby mode. Lastly, this appliance is easy to operate with touch-sensitive keypad.

  • Anti-bacterial cavity
  • Energy efficient
  • Intello wave technology for healthier and faster cooking
  • Five different power levels for various cooking methods and dishes
  • Not ideal for baking

IFB 25 L Grill Microwave Oven

  • Grill microwave oven
  • Capacity- 25 litres, suitable for medium-sized Indian families.
  • 1+3 years of product and magnetron warranty
  • 22 auto cook menus with multi-stage cooking
  • Power output- 1400 Watts
  • Powder-coated cavity
  • Special features: Quick/delay start, auto reheat, weight defrost, LCD with touch-sensitive keypad
which is best microwave oven in india
which microwave oven is best in india

The IFB 25 litres grill microwave oven is perfect to suits to requirement of Indian families with 4-5 members. With this grill microwave, you can prepare various barbeque recipes along with the facility of reheating, cooking and defrosting. While you are not sure for the defrosting process, this appliance also assists you with the weightage defrost feature. With this feature, you only require to enter the weight of the food item and let the rest on the appliance.

This grill microwave from IFB offers you with 22 auto cook menu that works just by entering the weight of the food item and leave the rest on the feature to complete. This feature is perfect for exploring a variety of flavours and cuisines right by sitting at home. It comes with a combination cooking feature that simultaneously activates grill and microwave mode while it varies the degree to cook and grill the food items as per your taste. You can also reheat the food items with pre-programmed timer and power level by just a touch of a button. This IFB microwave is superior in the safety front. Its Child lock feature ensures complete security from kids’ invasion at your home. Lastly, this appliance has a user-friendly touch panel that assists you with several convenient options such as quick start, delay start, pause in between and timer for a customized cooking experience.

  • The LCD and touch-sensitive keypad
  • 22 auto cook menus with no manual invasion required
  • Combination grill + microwave cooking
  • Child lock feature
  • Does not facilitate baking

Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

  • Grill microwave oven
  • Capacity- 20 litres, suitable for small Indian families
  • 1+1 year of product and magnetron warranty
  • Tactile buttons and jog dial control
  • Power output- 700 watts
  • Nine auto-cook option, multi-stage cooking, and five different power levels
  • Electric child lock
microwave oven recipes indian snacks
microwave oven ifb price in india

The Bajaj 20 litres microwave oven is an ideal pick to meet the cooking requirements of small families. This appliance comes with a 2-in-1 convection and grill combination setting that fulfils a variety of cooking purposes for you. It comes with a 20 litres storage that is enough to warm a sufficient quantity of food in one go without the need of several short tasks. It offers you a useful express cooking feature for quick reheating without the need to set any timer.

This grill microwave oven from Bajaj has nine in-built auto cook options that can capably prepare your chosen dish with just a press of a button. Another excellent feature of this appliance is the dual defrosting. Within this feature, the microwave defrosts your food item by its weight or time. Get the ideal weight of your food product, set it with the appliance and rest it will automatically decide and set the time required for the defrosting process. This Bajaj microwave features five different power levels for various temperature, suiting your cooking requirements. It has a jog dial control that helps you with settings and timer with complete ease. With the security front, it offers a Child lock feature that saves from accidental happening with kids at home. Lastly, the electric code lock and the completion alarm complete the appliance in all the formats.

  • Comes with beneficiary safety features
  • Dual defrosting feature
  • Five different power levels
  • Affordable price
  • Not suitable for baking
  • Could be better with digital control

Best solo microwave oven in India

Samsung 23 L Solo Microwave Oven

  • Solo microwave oven
  • Capacity- 23 litres, suitable for a family of 3-4 people
  • 1+5 years of product and magnetron warranty
  • Power consumption- 1150 Watts
  • Special features: 16 pre-programmed recipes, triple distribution system, Ceramic interior and sleek outer design (CMF)
  • Power defrost and child lock
price of microwave oven in india
microwave oven in india price

The Samsung solo microwave is a fine choice for catering cooking requirements of a medium-sized Indian family. This 23 litres appliance provide you with enough space to prepare a meal for 3-4 people in one go. This Samsung solo microwave oven comes with 16 pre-programmed recipes varying from green vegetables, rice and even non-vegetarian dishes. It assists you while you prepare your favourite dishes while giving you moist and flavourful results without much hassle.

This single oven from Samsung features ceramic interiors that promoted uniform cooking and came with 99.9% anti-bacterial protection as well. Not only this, but the ceramic cavity is scratch proof and easy to clean. It features power defrost operations that defrost the food items from the frozen state without making them soggy. This quick defrost helps to maintain the freshness as well as nutrition of the food items as well.

Food warming is the USP of this single oven. It assists you to warm the food items properly and maintain their state for a long period without overcooking. You can easily melt butter, sugar, chocolate and other similar products with four different modes in the best ways. Lastly, it features an easy to understand LED display with varying options of control like solo, tact and dial buttons.

  • Good for daily cooking uses
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Power defrost feature that maintains the nutrition and freshness of the food item
  • Food warming feature to warm and maintain the temperature of food items for long
  • As a solo oven, it is not suitable for baking and grilling

Panasonic 20L Solo Microwave Oven

  • Solo microwave oven
  • Capacity- 20 litres, suitable for small Indian families
  • One year of product warranty
  • 51 auto menus and five power levels
  • Power output- 800 watts
  • Touch-sensitive control panel
best microwave oven in india 2019
microwave oven india price

The Panasonic Solo microwave oven is a dedicated appliance for effortless cooking and reheating. It offers you with 51 auto cook menu features with a variety of pre-programmed recipes, auto-cook time and temperature setting that let you prepare your chosen dish in a quick time without any need of manual intervention. While you want to defrost non-veg food items, bread, fruits or any such thing, all you require to do is press the auto to defrost button and let the rest on this appliance.

The most common use of solo microwave in our households is reheating. This Panasonic solo oven has a pre-set time and mode that can reheat your meal in just a matter of few minutes without overcooking it. All you need to do is choose from the options in the display panel and press the auto reheat button. The easy defrosting, cooking and reheating make this model a suitable appliance for your kitchen.

This Panasonic solo microwave features five different power levels with various temperature settings to meet all your cooking, reheating and defrosting requirements. It comes with a touch-sensitive keypad control that makes it very easy to operate and clean without much hassle. The vapour clean feature ensures to eliminate every trace of dust and grease from the inner cavity of this appliance. All the above features, along with affordable price, makes it one of the best solo microwave ovens in India.

  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Touch-sensitive keypad control
  • Comes with 51 auto cook menu features for your various veg and no-veg dishes
  • Auto programmed reheat feature
  • Not spacious enough to hold big pots and plate
  • Being a solo microwave oven, it is not suitable for baking

Buying Guide – Microwave Oven

Buying a microwave is not as simple as ordering and placing it on your kitchen shelf. One must understand the concept, types, features, popular brands, market availability, space, usage and capacity of an appliance before bringing it home. Here for giving you a piece of detailed information about a microwave oven we have prepared a well-researched buying guide.

The working concept (Best Microwave Oven in India)

An oven works on the principle of microwaves or heat generation for cooking. With the use of electricity, oven exposes the food items to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. Microwaves are somewhere located between infrared radiation and radio waves on the electromagnetic spectrum. This process includes polar molecules in the food items rotate and generate thermal energy so that the cooking can process uniformly and efficiently.

Components like plastic, ceramic and glass do not absorb microwaves. Whereas, metals have a property of reflecting microwaves; thus, we never use metal utensils in an oven.

Different types of microwave oven

Few years before people used to think of microwave as a piece of baking equipment but with growing days, we have learned it well that how much of use an oven is for our kitchens. Now when we have understood its importance, it is essential to select the one that suits our need the best. Three types of a microwave oven are famously available and used in India:

Convection microwave oven: The convection ovens use a fan and a heating element that create a hot airflow and circulate it inside the appliance. The technology it uses is a combination of radiation and microwaves with intense light from a quartz halogen bulb. This process helps to speed up cooking while maintaining its taste and crispiness.

Convection microwaves are best to fulfil your cooking, reheating, grilling, defrosting and baking requirements. This appliance is the best to meet all your kitchen needs.

  • Allows you to bake, grill, defrost, reheat and cook
  • Cooks faster and more efficiently than any other type
  • Uses a fan to circulate hot air evenly all over the cavity
  • A little bit pricey than both the other types of microwave

Grill microwave oven: Grill microwave works through the heat penetrating method. It comes with a process of the grill that allows you to prepare your favourite barbeque dishes simply at home. These are good for cooking, reheating, grilling defrosts but not baking. Grill ovens are not ideally built up for baking. They are even cheaper than the convection ovens and are a good pick if you are looking for an appliance to fulfil other cooking needs than baking.

  • Allow you to grill, reheat, cook and defrost
  • Use moderated power
  • It comes at an affordable price
  • Not ideal for baking

Solo microwave oven: Solo ovens are the entry-level microwaves models that can only perform cooking and reheating of food. With minimal uses, they fit best for bachelors living alone. Though they are not enough for families as you cannot use them for baking or grill either. These are available with a starting price range of 3500 and above.

  • It comes in a very affordable price range
  • Allows you to cook, defrost and reheat food items
  • Use minimal power
  • Small cavity
  • It is not suitable for baking and grilling
  • It is not ideal for large families

Important aspects to keep in mind before buying a microwave oven

The very first thing that comes to our mind while purchasing a kitchen appliance is its size. The same goes for the microwave oven. The size of an oven is a direct indicator of how much people it can cook in one go. Its capacity also depends upon the size of your family and usage. There are a variety of sizes available for microwave ovens in India and depending upon their size is their power consumption. You can take the reference for sizes from the table below:

The capacity of a microwave oven gets measured in litres.

Price range

Affording to own a microwave oven is not a big deal now. You can find several models available in the market/e-commerce store ranging from light to high range. The price range also depends upon the type of microwave you have opt. You can follow the table below for price references:

You can also find a decent discounted price range on amazon.in.

Microwave oven- Features

Microwave ovens work fulfilling several purposes for you. With a variety of brands and models available in the market, each of them has featured some unique operations in their appliances. We have listed some of the common words and features you would come along while purchasing an oven.

Auto cook: This is the most useful feature that simplifies your cooking experience to bits. It is a pre-set program built according to the time and power configuration of a specific dish. Within this feature, all you have to do is select the dish type from a given auto cook menu option and its weight. Rest the oven auto-calculates the time and required temperature and set it accordingly.

Pre heat: Most of the bakery and non-veg food items takes a lot of time to get cooked. These food items require a preheated environment before you put them in the oven. Most of the recipes you may follow states that the microwave needs to reach a certain temperature before it starts cooking; this is where the preheat feature used.

Defrost/ weight defrost: This feature gets facilitated mostly to non-veg lovers. It allows you to unfreeze the frozen food item without cooking it at all. For using this feature, all you need to do is input the weight of the frozen food and let the rest on the appliance. This feature helps you defrost any frozen food without cooking, thawing or changing its taste and nutrients.

Child lock: Microwaves are one of those few appliances which need to be operated with good care and protection as they get immensely heated from the insides. While kids at home may open it halfway between cooking and harm themselves with the extreme heat coming out from the microwave, child lock feature works as a saviour in such case. Generally, the child lock is microwave facilitated with a password lock.

Timer: Today, there are auto timers present in a lot of microwaves. Though manual timers still work and let you set the cycle from 30 seconds to 1 hour depending on your requirement. You can set the timer, let it cook, and it will automatically shut off after the expiry of the set time.

Rotisserie: Rotisserie is a grill used to barbeque paneer, non-veg and veg food items. It is generally a steel base accessory that you get along mainly with grill and convection microwave.

Keep warm: This feature helps to maintain a warm temperature for a long time until you serve it.

Power levels: Microwave oven comes with several power levels, depending upon the models. Each power level has a definite purpose and should get used accordingly. You will find 5 to 10 power levels on the various model of leading microwave brands. Power level is the percentage of “on time” or the magnetron tube cycle to get different levels. Models with five power levels generally denote warm, low, medium, medium-high and high power whereas models with ten power level denote the percentage on time.

Types of panels

Microwave in India features three types of control panels.

Mechanical control panel: Mechanical control generally comes with solo or low-end models. They can handle rough usage, are easiest to understand and have a long life.

Tactile button control panel: Tactile button control needs a firm finger pressure to operate.

Feather-touch/ Sensitive touch control panel: This is the latest and the most innovative control feature that works the same as your smartphones. The sensitive touch control panel senses your fingers and helps you to control all the settings with just a touch. There is a lot of feather touch control panel that comes with a waterproof coating allowing you to use it even with wet hands. It is the easiest to clean with just a swipe of a cloth. Through this control panel may get a little confusing for the house helps to operate.

Tips for using a microwave oven safely

  • Read and follow the instruction manual carefully before operating a microwave oven.
  • Only use microwave-safe utensils inside the oven. Many of the plastic containers are not microwave friendly and may break with the heat inside. It can also be dangerous with the food you have kept in it. Avoid using plastic, metal and melamine utensils inside a microwave.
  • Cover the bowl or pot with a wrap to retain moisture and distribute heat evenly.
  • Do not cook flammable food or beverages in a microwave.
  • Never put a cloth or paper inside a microwave to cover or dry as it can lead to fire incidents.
  • In case if you are heating any liquid (water, milk, tea etc.) make sure you only fill the pot till 75% to avoid spillage during boiling.
  • Do not heat liquids above the range of boiling point else it can lead to explosions.
  • Do not sterilize plastic bottles or other food utensils in a microwave.
  • To keep your hands safe from the extreme heat of vessels and microwave always use oven mitts.
  • Clean the inner cavity of microwave regularly to avoid grease, bacteria, fungal and bad odour. You can do so with the steam feature available in several models or take a bowl of water mix lemon juice, place it inside the appliance and give it a nice boil so that it can steam clean the grease. Once it gets done, remove the bowl, let the microwave cool down and then wipe clean it with a soft cotton cloth.
  • Do not use hard scorching pads to clean your microwave else you will lead to damage it.
  • Lastly, it is advised to not cover or place anything above the microwave unit.

Best brands for microwave in India

  • IFB- IFB is the world-famous brand of impressive microwave oven models. Loaded with high-end features, innovative design, and varied price range, it is the best at every aspect you may look for while buying a microwave. Many latest microwave models come with an array of accessories that tends to be very useful for every oven cooking purpose in your kitchen.
  • Samsung- Samsung gives the best warranty time amongst every other microwave brand. It also features a unique and latest technology known as slim fry that assists you to prepare all your favourite fried food with minimal oil usage. Samsung oven may price a little higher than models from other brands.
  • LG: LG is a globally known brand for all its home appliances. You can never get wrong with LG kitchen equipment. Sleek design, innovative technology, and unique features are all that you get with an LG microwave. It is the best microwave brand to pick for people with a high budget.
  • Bajaj: One of the best features of Baja microwave oven is its simplicity. It offers you the most compact size that can easily fit into your small kitchens as well. Also, if you are low on budget, you can find Bajaj ovens with a starting price range of 4000 INR.
  • Panasonic: Panasonic is one of the top brands that manufacture the most suited and user-friendly microwave ovens for Indian kitchens. It has a wide range of models for every budget range.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Which type of microwave suits best for home use purposes?

All three types of the microwave oven: convection, grill and solo are perfect for using at home. You can choose either of them depending upon your cooking routine and requirements. If you are regular into baking, then make sure to opt for convection oven else you can pick from grill oven and single oven either.

  1. How long does a microwave oven last?

Microwave ovens generally last for around 8-10 years if kept with utmost care. While there’s nothing sure about the durability of the electric appliance, one must make sure to keep it clean and use gently.

  1. How do I find out if my microwave oven needs to get replaced?

Signs that indicate you to change your microwave oven:

  1. If you notice a continuous burning smell, smoke or spark
  2. If it is not cooking food properly or not getting heated well
  3. In case the door or other functions are not working properly
  4. In case the appliance got rust

All these signs alert you to get your microwave serviced. Though if these signs repeatedly occur even after servicing, you must opt to replace the appliance soon.

  1. Can I use convection microwave for grilling purpose?

Yes, you can use convection microwave for grill also as it can perform all type of cooking functions such as defrosting, baking, grilling, and reheating.

  1. Which brand is termed as best for selling microwave ovens in India?

IFB and LG are amongst the top-selling microwave brand in India. Among both of them, IFB offers best features and more durability with the best affordable prices, whereas LG might range a little more than IFB.

Final words

All in all, these are the best microwave oven in India 2020 based on quality, performance and durability. By going through our well-prepared list, you might have got a fair idea about the best suiting microwave for your kitchen use. We hope you will find our buying guide useful in every aspect for choosing the best appliance depending upon all-round aspects of performance and price.

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