5 Best Pedestal Fans in India (2020) – Buyers Guide & Review

Summer seasons have just arrived for this year. Within a few weeks from now, the hot breeze (Loo) and scorching heat will cause you uneasiness all day long. To stay calm and cool during this time every one of us finds some of the other ways like Air conditioners, water coolers, or fans.

Now while talking about fans, the most common one all of us have back at our home are the ceiling fans. The ceiling fans provide cool air distributes cold air evenly into the room which might not be as soothing as you want it to be. Whereas, when we talk about personal cooling requirements, the pedestal fans are a perfect choice.

There is a variety of pedestal fans available in the market. Choosing one of them solely depends upon your comfort, need, and budget. Also, to ease down your purchase we have created a list of 5 Best Pedestal fans in India 2020.

Besides this, we have created an entire section that will help you choose the best pedestal fans for your home. Make sure you go through the entire article before you make a final purchasing decision.

Let’s start now.

What is a Pedestal Fan?

A Pedestal fan is an electric/ oscillating fan that is supported through a long detachable metal stand. This metal stand could be adjusted and set 2 to 4 feet above the ground surface according to the user’s need and comfort. A fan along with the metal cage is attached to the above end of the metal rod along with an electric motor for the operations. The pedestal fans use a single-phase AC induction motor, that through a spindle creates a forceful spin into the fan blades causing pedestal fan to oscillate on the stand. The motor comprises of two parts: rotor and stator.

Single speed fan works in a different way as compared to vs multiple speed fan. A single-speed fan uses the above-mentioned process whereas a multiple speed pedestal fans are a little more complex. It uses a voltage regulator connected with a single-phase AC induction motor, which controls the electricity reaching its rotor and stator.

The multiple speed fans are more complex than the single-speed pedestal fans.

Best Pedestal Fans (2020)

iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan with a timer switch

The iBELL Chrome10 pedestal fan is a powerful device to beat the scorching summer heat. This appliance features a five-leaf fan with 55W powerful motor to provide your room an instant and well-ventilated cooling effect. Its strong metal body gives stability to the upper fan joint while making portability a convenience for you.

With its speed and timer control switch, this pedestal fan allows you to set the controls and rest in comfort for a long-time duration.

It also features an adjustable standing pole through which you can set the height of the fan, tall and short according to your comfort.

Furthermore, this pedestal fan is designed to easily withstand voltage fluctuations without creating any discomfort in the cooling effect.

  • Three-speed control buttons
  • 55-Watt motor
  • Strong and adjustable metal body
  • Timer control feature
  • It can withstand voltage fluctuations
  • Noiseless operations with zero vibrations
  • 1+1 years standard and additional warranty
  • No such cons reported

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Pedestal Fan

best pedestal fans in india

The USHA Maxx air pedestal fan is your comforting gadget during those harsh summer days. Build with ABS material, this pedestal fan remains corrosion-free all lifelong. It is designed with a high-quality motor with aerodynamically designed fan blades that effectively generate cool breeze, hence increase the thermostat setting thereby saving huge on your electricity bills.

This USHA pedestal fan features a flexible tilt-back and height adjusting mechanism that allows you to customize the fan’s position and height as per your need and comfort. It comes with a Unique oil reservoir lubrication to ensure reliability and longer life.

Lastly, it features a fuse that auto-protect the motor during thermal loadings.

  • The powerful speed with three buttons.
  • Aerodynamically designed semi-transparent PP blades.
  • 55W copper motor
  • Jerk free oscillation
  • Makes minimal noise with zero vibrations
  • Adjustable height and flexible back
  • Two years of product warranty
  • The plastic builds up could have been of slightly better quality

Orient Electric Pedestal Fan Tornado Pedestal 450 MM

The Orient Electric Pedestal fan is a slim and strong metal product that provides you stability and durability all lifelong. This fan from the Orient with 90W of motor power provides a tornado-like cold storm even in large hall-like rooms. Its uniquely designed metal blades give you consistent and powerful air performance.

This Orient Pedestal comes with a thermal overload protector to keep itself secure from power overloading. One unique operation in this pedestal is its sleek pulling cord. This sleek pulling cord allows you to control the on/off and speed of the fan.

Furthermore, the extra strong and large metal base provides stability to the fan while the operations and on.

  • Three-speed control buttons
  • Powerful motor that generates tornado-like cold storm
  • 1324 RPM
  • Powerful metal build-up with extra-large base
  • Thermal overload protector
  • Inside of thread pulling the cord, buttons or regulator could have been a better controlling option.
  • Makes noise while in operations

Havells Sprint LED 400mm Pedestal Fan

The Havells Sprint LED Pedestal fan is a modern-day cooling appliance because of its exciting features. It comes with a 55W strong and efficient motor that is strong and efficient enough to deliver even out cool air through the room.

The jerk-free oscillation allows you of air volume to turn the fan position back and forth so that you can shift the air pressure from one corner to another inside the room.

Another unique and modern feature of this pedestal fan is the LED indicator lights. This LED system with easy to operate switch buttons make the appliance easy to use even when in dark. This pedestal fan from Havells comes with a thermal overload protection feature, that protects the motor in case of voltage fluctuations and failures.

Lastly, these aerodynamically designed blades deliver clean and cold air in 72cmm air volume in any direction.

  • 55W strong and efficient motor
  • Jerk free oscillation to turn the fan back and forth
  • Led light indicators
  • Easy to operate switch buttons
  • Thermal overload protection fuse
  • Produce minimal noise
  • Two years of product warranty
  • The LED indicators are very bright and could be disturbing during night.

Bajaj Victor VP-R01 400mm Pedestal Fan

The Bajaj Victor VP-RO1 pedestal fan comes with a high-performance acrylic blade that adds durability and performance. With 1300 RPM (rotation per minute) and 450mm sweep, this pedestal fan generates a tornado-like cold storm in every corner of the room. Its 55W powerful motor is enough to serve comfort in large-sized rooms.

This Bajaj pedestal fan comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the wind, swing, timer, and speed all from one place. Not just this, all these features and controls are all available in the standing pole support itself.

This fan has been built up with high-quality plastic and steel material that gives itself support and strength to stand durable in the long run.

  • 1300 RPM and 450mm Sweep
  • 55W powerful motor
  • Remote control operations
  • High-quality plastic and steel build-up
  • Two-years of product warranty
  • No thermal overload protection fuse.

How to choose the best pedestal fan for your home

Who does not want to have the best working appliance at home? But choosing one is such a difficult task in itself. A lot of parameters like features, build-up material, blades, remote control operations, and display plays an important role in making a model the best pedestal fan.

Down below we have explained all these parameters in detail. Make sure you go through each of them before proceeding to the purchase further.

Fan speed: The speed of a pedestal fan is measured through RPM (Rotation per minute). More the RPM, the greater the speed.

Blade sweep: The blade sweep is the circular zone that is covered by the fan’s blade while they are rotating. The blade sweeps overall span gets measured by the expanse from the one end of the blade to another. Most of the models’ have blade sweep around 450mm to 550mm.

Built material: The latest Pedestal fans are mainly made up of plastic. The plastic build-up is rust and corrosion resistant, light-weighted and easily movable.

The metal built delivers good cooling, stands strong and durable but can get rust and corroded at some point in the future. They need regular maintenance and once in a while polishing for better durability.

Rotation and oscillation: The pedestal fans are the choice of various customers because of their portability and easy rotation. A lot of fans have an oscillation of about 90 degrees. Here when the fan grill takes to turn the pedestal remains still and motionless. Many of the pedestal fan models feature twist and turn in the various directions along with the height adjustment.

Easily removable grill: Fans with regular use gather a huge amount of dust on them. This dust builds-up affects the cooling capacity of the fan. However, with an easily removable grill, this cleaning process can get convenient for the user.

Control buttons: The pedestal fan has either a controlling knob or a few buttons with which you can adjust the fan speed and swing easily through the appliance itself.

Remote: A few of the latest pedestal fan models come along a remote control. It helps the user to operate any of the fan functions such as swing, speed, rotation, on/off, etc from anywhere through the remote itself.

Frequently asked questions

Do pedestal fans consume a lot of electricity?

No, the pedestal fans do not consume a lot of electricity. A regular pedestal fan uses similar energy as your ceiling fan at home. Also, the cost of using may also depend on the speed setting of your fan and its wattage.

Do pedestal fans cause a lot of noise while in use?

Yes, depending upon the model a lot of pedestal fans cause unwanted noise and vibrations. However, if you are looking for noiseless operations from a pedestal fan you can choose one such model from our list of 5 Best Pedestal fans above.

Which is the best brand for pedestal fans in India?

iBELL, USHA, Orient, Bajaj, and Havells are few of the best brands for pedestal fans in India.

Are pedestal fans expensive?

Pedestal fans are available between the price range of 1800 INR to 3000 and above in India. Keeping their performance and effectiveness in mind, pedestal fans are not at all expensive.


With summers blooming up, it’s now time to hurry up and get all your essential appliances ready at home. Today, through this article, we have tried to bring in you all the essential terms about the pedestal fan. We hope you find our list of 5 Best pedestal fans in the 2020 list helpful. Also, the information listed in the second half of our article will help you in building a better understanding of this appliance.

All in all, we hope you will find all the above-mentioned information helpful.

For any questions, queries, and feedback please leave your comment down below.

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