11 Best Pressure Cooker in India (2021) Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Best Pressure Cooker in India 2021 – Pressure cooker is the most common utensil one can find in an Indian house. It is much time saving and efficient cooker which is an essential for everyday cooking. It locks steam inside the utensil, which fastens the whole process of cooking. This appliance requires less oil and consumes less fuel too, which makes it economical over any other utensils.

Some pressure cookers also come equipped with safety regulators or fuel saving design that makes it worth buying. The design and compactness of some pressure cooker provides you a total value for money.

There are 2 types of Pressure Cooker based on usage :-

1) Stove-top pressure cooker

2) Induction-top pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is ideal for both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Nowadays, quite a lot of desserts can also be prepared using one. The process of trapping the steam within the pressure cookers decreases the amount of time required to cook food in general instances.

Benefits of having a pressure cooker :

  • Natural flavour and taste of the food is retained while cooking on a pressure cooker.
  • Saves your energy as you don’t have to monitor the food whole its being cooked.
  • Saves your valuable time. The food prepared in pressure cooker gets softened within a short time as compared to cooking without one.

Get yourself one of the best pressure cooker that reduces your efforts and provides you with the tasty food. You need not worry about the budget. As many of them are available under ₹2000. This makes it an ideal and affordable best buy in kitchen equipment’s.

Currently in India, there are 4 major brands that are known for its quality and trustworthy Pressure Cooker. Brands like Prestige, Hawkins, Pigeon, Butterfly etc provide a range of products to choose from.

Why you need to buy a pressure cooker?

  • It will help you in preparation of your food comparatively faster than other methods.
  • It is convenient to use and handle.
  • These days, if you don’t own a microwave, you can still prepare the delicacies in a pressure cooker.
  • A pressure cooker can be used to cook chicken as well mutton which are known to take longer time to get cooked.
  • You can also prepare rice and its types like biryani, pulav etc in a pressure cooker.
  • A pressure cooker can be used to bake foods like cake, pudding and other desserts.

It is now clear, a pressure cooker is the most needed appliance in this generation. You cannot survive without it. This appliance will transform your kitchen into a better place and will reinforce your passion of cooking.

If you are still confused about which pressure cooker to buy according to your needs, preferences and budget, we provide you with the 11 best Pressure Cooker in India (2020) enlisted with Buyer’s Guide and Review to help you choose the perfect one.

Here’s a list of the 11 Best Pressure Cooker in India 2021

Prestige 6.5 L Pressure cooker

If you are looking for a pressure cooker with all the needed features, easy to use and reasonable price structure, then Prestige 6.5 L Pressure cooker is the best buy for you. It is India’s most commonly used pressure cooker which can be found in almost 80% of household. The design and compatibility is the unique feature of this pressure cooker. It is ideal for cooking upto 7 members. It comes with an additional 5 year warranty.

Best pressure cooker in India 2021
Best pressure cooker in India 2021
  • It is easy to use
  • It is value effective
  • It is made up of durable steel
  • The handles are designed efficiently for a stronger grip
  • It is embedded with a metallic safety plug which releases pressure if it exceeds
  • It comprises of an outer lid which is easy to lock the steam
  • The light weight design of this pressure cooker, makes it easier to use
  • It does not work on induction
  • The usage of steel in its base takes a bit longer then expected time for the pressure cooker to warm up

Hawkins Aluminum 3.5 L Heavy Base Cooker

The aluminium base provides a classy appearance to this pressure cooker. The availability of inner lid makes it a common selection among ladies. A flat base provides uniform heating. It comes with an attached induction base. It has a double coated base that improves the efficiency of heating. It is ideal for cooking upto 5 members. An attached pressure regulator helps you in saving fuel.

Best pressure cooker in India 2021
Best pressure cooker in India 2021
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It is based on traditional design which is easily acceptable
  • It can be used on gas stove as well as on induction
  • The design consists of an inner lid which may not be preferred by everyone
  • The overall heavy appearance makes it difficult for daily usage
  • The aluminium composition is known to undergo reaction in presence of acids generated from food

Hawkins Contura Black Hard anodised Bottom

It is a reliable model that serves long term. The anodised coating ensures its durability. It is an inside fitting lid for the traditional lovers. The main aspect of this system is, it does not open until and unless the pressure inside the cooker gets considerably reduced and is safe to open. An important role of anodised coating is that it prevents reaction of the pressure cooker with acids generated from food. A black body, a cool handle gives it a classy appearance.

The safety feature is remarkably added to avoid burns and accidents. It is designed with a flat base that is a comfortable position while cooking on the gas stove.

Best pressure cooker in India 2021
Best pressure cooker in India 2021
  • It is based in traditional pattern, hence easy to use
  • It is not suitable for induction tops
  • It is not ideal for large families

Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure cooker

It is a dual nature type of Pressure Cooker. It works efficiently on induction tops and gas. The flat base increases the comfortability whole cooking. It is equipped with an inner lid that also serves as the safety feature. It is available in a diverse range of 2 to 10 litres. You can choose one depending on your requirement.

Best pressure cooker in India 2021
Best pressure cooker in India 2021
  • Reasonable price
  • It can be used on induction or gas
  • The availability of gear handle ensures a tough grip
  • The material is composed of steel which may lose its polish over time

Pigeon Deluxe Aluminium Pressure Cooker

Pigeon has been serving kitchen necessities since years. It is one of the oldest and trustworthy brand. The Deluxe Aluminium Pressure Cooker by Pigeon is ideal for people who are looking for light weight pressure cooker. The aluminium based coating makes it lighter in weight as compared to other pressure cookers. It has an outer lid closure system. It is well equipped with superior quality rubber gasket that ensures the steam stays trapped unless it is opened. It is ranked #3 among best pressure cooker under ₹2000.

Best pressure cooker in India 2021
Best pressure cooker in India 2021
  • Ideal for use among newbies in cooking
  • Ideal for large families
  • User gets a 5 year warranty with this purchase
  • The aluminium coating wears off after being scrubbed as time progresses
  • Aluminium is also prone to get corroded faster and easily
  • It is not suitable for usage on induction tops

Pigeon Induction Based Aluminium Pressure Cooker

It comes in a 3L capacity. It can be utilized to cook food on gas as well for cooking on induction. The warranty of 5 years is an added bonus. The lid is of outer type. The safety feature is added along.

Best pressure cooker in India 2021
Best pressure cooker in India 2021
  • Easy to use
  • It is light in weight
  • Hence comfortable to use
  • Not ideal for large families

Prestige Deluxe Anodised Pressure Handi

It is a traditional utensil for authentic Handi lovers. The design ensures uniform distribution of heat. The anodised coating prevents reaction of the pressure cooker with food acids created.

pressure cooker price
stainless steel cookers
  • A perfect piece for tradition and custom lovers
  • A Handi is a perfect for cooking biryani
  • The inappropriate shape makes it difficult to cook

Butterfly Standard Aluminium Pressure Cooker

It comes in a 7.5 L size. The brand Butterfly has made its firm position in consumer market by providing quality that lasts longer. The outer lid makes it easier to lock using a single directional locking mechanism. It’s grip is convenient for daily usage.

Best pressure cooker in India 2021
Best pressure cooker in India 2021
  • Cost effective
  • Comes with outer lid
  • Safety rubber gasket included
  • 7.5 L capacity is made for large families
  • Small families might face inconvenience

Pigeon Non Induction Aluminium Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is induced with 4 levels of safety. The handle is composed of Bakelite which makes it efficient for use. This cooker is a strong and durable one.

hawkins 5 litre pressure cooker price
prestige cooker stainless steel
  • It comes enclosed with a 5 year warranty
  • It is not suitable for induction tops

Pigeon Induction Aluminium Pressure Cooker

A comfortable handle, an induction compatible pressure cooker is something which we all want at a perfect price. Pigeon Induction Aluminium Pressure Cooker is just the right for you.

pressure cookers in amazon
pigeon pressure cooker company
  • It is made of aluminium hence light in weight

    Butterfly Non Induction Pressure Cooker

    It is preferred among households because of its unique design. The locking system ensures, the handle doesn’t open up until the pressure is reduced considerably.

    cooker top
    best stainless steel pressure cooker india
    • Uni directional locking system that doesn’t complicate cooking
    • Storage capacity is only 3 L which is not eligible for large families

    Deciding the budget

    A budget is really not a big problem, first you need to decide which category of pressure cooker you would require.

    It can be either Induction based or gas based or may be both as per you need.

    Another category should be size. It will be based on the number of persons, for which the cooking shall be done.

    Differences is also seen in the composition of material. It can be either aluminium or steel. If you have figured out what will suit you, you can easily get a variety of pressure cooker starting from just ₹300.

    Tips on buying the right Pressure cooker as per your budget

    If you have finally decides your budget and preference, you can buy it online as there are great discounts available according to season. Amazon offers a great discounts on appliances. When you wish to buy a right Pressure Cooker, select one from Amazon and get it delivered to you without any hassle. You will also be getting a warranty card on some of your purchases.

    Warranty and its uses

    A warranty is a written declaration by the manufacturer that ensures replacement of the product if it undergoes damage of the prescribed conditions within the stated time period.

    Pressure cookers usually comes with the warranty of 3 to 5 years depending on each company. This means you can replace the pressure cooker if it undergoes damage within the warranty period. Prestige offers a 5 year warranty on its pressure cooker. Read the warranty instructions carefully.

    How can Warranty be applied?

    A warranty card is attached at the time of purchase. Warranty can be claimed by contacting the manufacturer. You will get a confirmation via email or sms. The damaged pressure cooker will be replaced by a new one.

    What composites the best pressure cooker in India 2021?

    An ideal pressure cooker means the one which suits everyone no matter the diversified choices. It should be both induction and gas compatible. It should be dishwasher safe. The grip should be comfortable. It should be anodised. The design should be efficient for usage. It should follow safety regulations. The lid locking system should exists.

    Below are the criteria that defines an ideal pressure cooker based on category, requirements, need, types, materials etc.

    Induction basedYes
    Gas compatibleYes
    Capacity3 to 5 L
    Safety rulesYes
    LidMostly outer

    This was a complete and clear idea about selecting a pressure cooker, it’s criteria and how to buy one. Hope this article Best pressure cooker in India 2021 has been a good read.

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