8 Best Room Heater in India(2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Winters are beautiful. Pleasing sunny days, white snow sheet all around, hot cup of coffee and those warm blankets makes all of us cozy for sure. Though no matter how beautiful it also has another side which is equally harsh and unpleasing. That another side has a chilling breeze, shivering coldness and dropped down temperature, which neither lets us go around nor does it make us comfortably warm inside.

On those chilled winter days when comforter and blankets aren’t enough then comes the room heater. This is a desirable appliance on those winter evenings. Owning the best room heater for winters is something we all desire for. But with a wide variety of options, it gets challenging to choose the correct one and avoid unsuitable one. That is why we have bought you the list of 8 Best room heater in India. Further for your comfort, we have divided the list into two categories, i.e. Best oil-filled room heaters in India and Best in-budget room heaters in India.

Furthermore, we have combined a complete “Best room heater- buyer’s guide” that will wash out all your complications about this specific product. We recommend you go through the entire article and decide your pick after that. So, without wasting any more time, let us get started.

Best Oil filled Room heater in India

Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400-Watt PTC Room Heater

best room heater in india
best room heaters  in india

Havells India is the leading power distribution appliance manufacturer with a great impact on most of its customers. The Havells OFR, 9 FIN PTC room heater, brings you efficient heating solutions during chilled winters. This PTC room heater comes with overheating safety protection that prevents the appliance from getting damaged through excessive voltage and heat easily.

It gets equipped with the thermostatic heat control operations that ensure faster and efficient heat distribution for keeping your room warm. The thermostatic controller makes it very easy to adjust the temperature as per your comfort. It comes with three different power settings which with each background let you use different wattage and while contribution in saving a lot of energy.

The Havells PTC fan heater evenly distributes heat inside the room with the help of a fan. With wheels attached at its base, you can conveniently move it around your house. The most noticeable feature of this appliance is that it does not deplete oxygen which, when happens leads to suffocation in the room.

Lastly, the excellent design and classic color combination of this room heater are enough to compliment your room.

  • It has cord storage and rear safety cover.
  • It has tilt over switch for safety
  • The fan inside this heater ensures even distribution of hot air inside the room
  • Three different power settings according to wattage
  • Elegant design
  • It takes a little extra time for heating

Murphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watt Oil Filled Radiator

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price of room heater in india

The Murphy Richards OFR 09 oil-filled room heater is an absolute hero in our eight best room heaters in India list. It effectively warms up the room, ensuring heat to reach up at every corner with a fast increase in room temperature. Its adjustable thermostats maintain the warmness inside the room without any fluctuations. The thermal safety cut off feature auto-switch, thereby protects against thermal heating in case it reaches the maximum temperature.

This room heater allows you to balance out the electric load by selecting higher voltage from two different power sources. It results in transferring the load quickly with an uninterrupted power supply. The PTC fan ensures uniform distribution of heat inside the room with additional coverage. This room heater can efficiently heat room sized up to 250 sq. ft. The PTC technology in this Murphy Richards oil heater ensures safety with less running cost and extended life span of the appliance. You can easily mount the heater at the desired height by adjusting the mounting plates.

Its big castor wheels allow you to move the heater inside the house quickly. The heater has an LED indicator that blinks in case of damage/if the device gets turned on/off.

  • Ensures even heating in every corner of the room
  • The automatic thermal cut off ensure safety
  • It can heat room sized up to 250 sq. ft
  • Easily Height mounting and movable
  • It has a power selection knob
  • It comes with two years of warranty
  • Its cord is a bit short in length

Usha Oil Filled Radiator (3209) 2000-Watt Room heater

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room fan heaters

The USHA 3209 oil-filled radiator room heater is safety certified (ISI) appliance in-room heaters range. It offers excellent safety measurements through the outer metal coating. The heater automatically turns off when the heat reaches a maximum level hence avoids overheating. With its world-class ED/HD oil grade system, this is by far one of the best performing room heaters in India.

Taking the room heater game higher this model comes with a threeway heating position (800, 1200, 2000 Watts) ensuring a quick heating effect in the entire room. Not only it is prompt at the work but stays active every time the temperature drops by more degree. Its in-built fan ensures even heat distribution at every corner of your space.

This USHA 3209 oil-filled radiator room heater comes in a classy white shade with a compact and sleek design that makes it easy to fit anywhere in the room. You can quickly move it around the house with the attached nylon castor wheels at the base of the product. Its powder-coated nine finned radiator maintains its durability by protecting the heater from rust or corrosion.

Lastly, you get a year of warranty with this model.

  • ISI safety certified
  • 3-way heat positioning
  • Easily movable
  • Sleek and compact with a classy white color
  • Works actively during temperature droppage
  • It covers less area (150 sq. ft) for heating than other modes in the list
  • Its power cable is a little bit short

Bajaj Majesty OFR 11F Oil Filled room heater

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heaters for winter

Another worthy Oil-filled room heater in our list is the Bajaj Majesty OFR 11F model. This is the only in our catalogue that offers 11 fin operations and effectiveness. The in-built thermostats control the temperature of the room in which the heater gets placed. Its three-way heat settings (1000, 1500, 2500 Watts) lets you modify the warmness according to your requirement or coldness level.

On the safety front, this Bajaj room heater has everything that it requires. The safety tilt switch, manual reset thermostat cut off, auto reset thermal cut off, thermal fuse protects the device and its surrounding from almost all possible mis happenings like overheating, oil leakage, Voltage issues and tilting.

One of the best features of this room heater is its noiseless operations. You can place it even in your child’s room without any worry of interruption during periods of sleep. It is an ideal pick for room-sized up to 196 sq. Fts. Through the attached castor wheels in the base of this room heater, you can quickly move it around the house and place it anywhere as per your choice.

  • It has a three-way heat setting
  • It gets equipped with enough safety measures
  • Best suitable for child’s room because of its noiseless operations
  • Easily movable
  • That would be better it had covered more area for heating

Best in-budget Room Heaters In India

Orpat OHH 1200-Watt Halogen Heater

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The Orpat OHH- 1200-Watt halogen room heater is quite an energy-efficient model that is available at a very affordable price. It operates on 1200 Watts and require 230 Volte operating power hence saving you a lot on your electricity bills. You can conveniently use this halogen room heater day and night during winters without having much stress of high electricity bills.

This Orpat room heater has three heat control buttons which let you operate each heating rods according to your requirements. The best part about this halogen room heater is its 60-degree revolving operations. You can manage this function through the button provided at the top of the heater and experience a multi-way heat distribution.

Built with good quality plastic material, it has got a cool-touch exterior design that makes it a safe model to use. You can move this room heater through a built-in handle at the top of its back portion. Another best feature is that it auto-shuts off while you pull it in-between the operations, though resumes back when you keep it down on an even base. This feature is very beneficial on the safety front.

  • Energy efficient
  • It has three heat control buttons and one revolving button
  • It can revolve up to 60 degrees
  • Sturdy and light weighted
  • In-built handle for easy holding
  • It takes a while to heat up the entire room

Maharaja White line Quato Quartz Heater

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room heater portable

The Maharaja Whiteline Quartz heater is best meant for spot heating and eventually heats the entire room in a matter of few minutes. It comes with two heat settings (400 and 800 Watts) that give you a choice for medium and high warmness through button operations. While warming up your room, it saves you a lot on your electricity bills.

This Maharaja Whiteline heater works with quartz tube that offers temperature higher than other operational resources. On the safety front, it has got a safety switch that automatically turns off in case of voltage fluctuations, interrupted power, power cuts and overheating. Additionally, it is an ISI marked model that makes it a safety certified appliance. Users who are looking for a spot heater can pick it without any second thought.

This heater is impressively designed with subtle colours to add value to your room aesthetics. Got made with high-quality plastic material, this room heater is quite light and can get moved easily around the house with almost no efforts. You can carry it from the in-built handle present at the top back of the appliance. Maharaja Whiteline offers one year of warranty with this model. All in all, you get all these above features and excellent look at a very affordable price.

  • It comes with two heat settings high and medium.
  • Affordable
  • ISI certified
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Consumes less power
  • One year of warranty
  • No such cons reported yet

Havells GHRFHAGW200 Comforter Room heater

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The Havells GHRFHAGW200 comforter room heater is the best pick for people who are looking for a compact yet efficient room heating appliance. It comes with a thermostat control knob through which you can easily regulate the temperature between two different settings. You can choose between 1400 W and 2000 W accordingly the climate conditions.

On the safety front, this comforter room heater comes with a non-heat coating that ensures your complete safety and eliminates any chance of hand burns during touching or moving the appliance. The comforter by Havells provides complete protection from damages caused by overheating. The in-built cooling fan function keeps the heater fresh.

The adjustable vent angles allow you to regulate the warm air direction according to your needs. This comforter heater is made with high-quality plastic material and is compact enough to place it near your bed, sofa, dining table etc. Additionally, its lightweight and the in-built handle makes it very easy to carry inside the house.

  • Comes with two heat settings
  • Safe enough to use, ensure complete protection of user as well as appliance
  • Its adjustable vents allow you to adjust the warm air direction
  • Elegant look
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Expensive than other similar models in this range

Bajaj Flashy Radiant Room Heater 1000 Watts

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The Bajaj flashy radiant room heater is one the fundamental yet effective model in this range. It has a superior heating technology that keeps your room warm throughout the operations. It comes with a nickel-chrome plated mesh grid that holds the entire surface corrosion free while increasing its hardness. It transfers heat into multiple directions while ensuring even distribution through the room.

On the safety front, this room heater assures complete safety from overheating. Its cotton braided cord makes it easy to hold while saving your hands from any heat contact. The Bajaj flashy room heater uses 1000 Watts of energy, ensuring that every corner of your room stays warm.

Now on the appearance front, this Bajaj room heater is inspired from the most basic room heater design in India. Built with good quality steel material, it is compact and does not take much space in your room. The flexible stand gives it strong support from the bottom. It gets recommended to keep this room heater on the floor and avoid in bed or sofas. Though it is a little weighted than other plastic ones in the range but can still get moved easily around the house.

(While moving to make sure you turn the power switch off and let it get cooled down for a while. As it gets created with a steel body, please make sure to handle it carefully to avoid any hand burns.)

  • Nickle chrome plated mesh grill
  • Can heat room sized up to 150 sq. ft
  • Compact and portable
  • Very affordable
  • Easy and Safe to use
  • Due to the steel body there are some chances of its heating up

Types of Room Heaters

Room heaters are categorized into three types based on their functioning and operations. Let us discuss them in a better manner here:

Oil-filled heaters/ Convection heaters: As suggested by its name, oil-filled heaters consist of diathermic oil that acts as a heat reservoir. Oil-filled heaters are usually big yet compact to adjust them at any corner of your room. They take a while in warming up but are capable of circulating enough heat inside the room.

Once when you plug them into the socket, electricity directly flows towards the heat reservoir, turning it onto the heat and is later absorbed by the diathermic oil. After when the oil warms it transfer into metal columns resulting its distribution into the room air using air’s natural convection.

Ceramic heaters: Ceramic heaters, also known as ceramic fan heaters, are best used in small offices and individual rooms. Operated at a lower temperature they are capable of distributing a generous amount of heat inside the room.

The working of a ceramic heater, when plugging into the socket, the electric current passes thought the ceramic heating elements while resulting in the aluminium baffle heat up quickly. Meanwhile, the cold air gets sucked into the base from the surroundings followed by air passing through the baffles and heating elements. It then heats the air and circulates it throughout the room through a fan, making it desirably warm.

Radiant heaters/Infrared heaters: The Radiant infrared heaters work when the electricity gets transferred through a quartz tube to an object around. These are quite efficient in heating the air of the surroundings. Though when turned off due to the infrared technology, heat disappears, leaving the room comparatively less warm than before.

They generally use two types of heating elements: Tubular heating element and quartz tube.

Room Heater – Buying Guide

Choosing a model from a plethora of options leads to confusion. But once you understand all the features and operations, it becomes an easy task. This buying guide will make you understand and choose a better model as per your needs.

Room heater’s Size and coverage

Size is the most crucial factor to be considered before choosing any home appliance. Selecting a bigger or smaller heater (coverage) might lead to over or less warmness. The correct size of room heater gets measured through its Wattage output. 10 Watts of power can heat one square foot of your room correctly. Accordingly, the heater which consumes 1000 Watt of power can heat room sized up to 100 sq. Ft. You can use the formula given below to calculate your custom area:

As we mentioned above, 10 Watts of power can heat the area to one square foot.


Total square feetx10 – total Wattage or Total Wattage/10= Total square feet.

You can also take reference from the table below for wattage and suitable coverage space. Though the values might differ according to the heating technology, temperature and heater type.

Heating technology

It is imperative to know the heating technology before buying a room heater. There are two types of technologies in operations of room heater: Convection and radiant.

The convection technology distributes warm air consistently inside the room. In this case, the sky is blown over a heating element for warming up and then circulated insides the room. They increase and maintain the entire room’s temperature for a reasonable amount of time through the fan or without fan operations. The heating elements in this technology is generally ceramic, oil, and electric. These are best suited for big and closed rooms.

Whereas, on the other hand, radiant technology generates heat from infrared radiations. Unlike convection, it does not circulate warm air but heats people and objects nearby. These are best for people who can stay in a lined direction straight from the heater or prefer sitting just in front of the heater though it can heat rooms eventually in half or one hour with regular operations and closed ventilation.

While buying a heater, look for its technology and choose accordingly to your requirement.

Heat settings

Room heaters usually come with two or three heat settings that help to adjust the room temperature according to the climate and personal choice. Mainly low, medium and high or low and high heat settings work by altering the wattage settings. You can turn on any of these settings according to light coldness or extremely chilling climate.

Energy efficiency

Many of the electric appliances now come with BEE star ratings. Here higher the star rating more the energy-efficient a particular model is. In case you come across room heater with BEE star ratings it gets recommended to go for 3* or above.

Humidity and oxygen level in the air

The radiation heaters use oxygen while heating the air, which in result, leads to less oxygen level in the room. This drop-down of oxygen becomes a problem for kids, old age citizens and especially asthmatic patients. It can lead to dryness in the air and sometimes may cause breathing issues for a few highly sensitive people. Though there are many such expensive oil-filled models available, that does not deplete oxygen, and hence there are no chances of suffocation or any other issue.

However, even if you are not going after the expensive models, you can prevent the oxygen drop down by placing a bowl filled with water nearby the heater (make sure not in front).

Power consumption and socket

A full day of chilled winters may lead you to operate the heater throughout the time. This will eventually raise your electricity bills. Before picking up a room heater for your home firstly check for its power consumption rates. For example, using a 1500 Watts room heater straight for 7-8 hours a day will add up 1800 RS in your electricity bill. You can go high or less with Watts as per your requirements.

Now room heaters with different power range use distinguish amp plug. The heater range at 1000 Watts will have a 5amp cap whereas the power range between 1500-2000 Watts will have a 15amp plug. Make sure you have the suitable socket back at home to use these plugs.


Thermostat control the temperature regulation in the heating system. Generally, room heaters have two types of thermostats: adjustable and programmable. The adjustable thermostat controls the heat output depending on your heat settings. In contrast, the programable thermostat lets you set the desired temperature and maintain it by turning the heater on/off during regular time intervals.

Smart safety features

An electrical heating appliance needs to have enough safety feature to avoid any case of mishappenings. It is essential to check for these safety features while going through the room heater selection process:

Automatic on/off: Many of the upgraded models comes with a mechanized heat protectant grill which when comes in contact with anybody turns off automatically. This is a handy feature at the safety front.

Cool touch: Most of the outer build-up of room heater are heat resistant. So, if in case you accidentally touch or come in contact with it, you won’t get burnt. Many of the inexpensive models do not have this safety feature.

Overheating protection: At times when used for long hours, room heater tends to overheat in some cases. Though one cannot take such risk as it may lead to burns, short circuit, explosion and fire breaks. Make sure the model you pick comes with an auto power cut button while the heat has reached more than a level.

Other than these some additional safety features include safety tilt switch and thermal fuse which saves you from mishappenings like oil leakage, Voltage issues and tilting. Make sure to have the best safety options to protect yourself from any accidental mishappenings.

Noise levels

If you are a silent atmosphere lover, it is better to go after a noiseless operation room heater. The preferable quiet room heaters are oil filled room heaters and radiant room heaters. While fan heaters and blowers make considerably low but still some noise to bother you throughout the day.

Portability and weight

For better portability room heater with castor wheels are best. It can easily get moved around without stressing your arm much. It also recommended looking for handles with excellent hold and grip so if in case you do not have castor wheel attached you can lift it with the stems and take it around.

Whereas in terms of weight the oil filled room heaters are more substantial, but with those big in-built castor wheels it is easier to move them around. Similarly, if not wheels look for a lightweight room heater that you can quickly transfer and store anywhere in the house.

Power cord

A drawback with many of the room heater models is their short power cord. Please make sure the one you pick should have at least 70 inches long power cord so that you can get enough flexibility to place it near and far from the PowerPoint.

Price and warranty

Today while you step out to buy a room heater, you can find them at the various price range. Now the ones with smart features, safety, design, building material, remote and energy efficiency cost quite much on your pocket. So, we recommend you to go after only those features which you feel are essential for your use. This will let you make a wiser decision on picking up the budgeted or expensive model.

Also, on the warranty front, it is better to pick models with at least a year of warranty.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are room heaters safe for home use?

Yes, room heaters are safe for home usages only if you handle them with care and proper precautions.

  1. Does a room heater consume a lot of electricity?

Yes, room heaters consume a lot of electricity.

  1. Are inexpensive room heaters worth a purchase?

Yes, if you buy from a trusted and reputed brand, the inexpensive ones to are a great purchase.

  1. Which brand is the best for room heaters in India?

Havells, USHA, Bajaj, Orpat, Maharaja and Murphy Richards are some of the best room heaters brands in India.

  1. Does the oil filled room heater require an oil refill?

No, oil-filled room heater does not require an oil refill.

  1. Is oil filled room heaters safe to function overnight?

Yes, oil-filled room heaters work safely while operating throughout the night. But make sure to keep all the flammable objects away.

Tips for using room heater safely and efficiently

  • Avoid keeping any inflammable object near the heater like paper, cloth, wooden furniture and plastic.
  • Always keep the room heater on flat ground. Avoid placing it above mats, mattress, bed, sofas or any such object.
  • Make sure the surface you have kept the room heater is moisture-free. Contact with water and any wet surrounding can lead up to short circuits and fire accidents.
  • Never try to dry wet clothes Infront of room heater.
  • Keep your pets and kids away from the room heater.
  • If you have kids and pets at home, keep your room heater at a height unreachable to them.
  • Keep away flammable liquids like liquor, petrol, diesel, LPG and other such.
  • Do not use an extension cord for plugging in-room heaters.
  • Keep all the doors and windows lightly closed while the room heater is at use.


This is all about the best room heater in India. We hope it is now easy for you to choose a suitable model from our 8 Best Room heater in India list. Also, make sure you go deeply through our room heaters-buying guide to clear all your conceptions above this appliance. We hope you will find all the information listed above helpful.

For any queries, questions and feedback, please leave your comment down below.

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