6 Best Roti Maker in India for 2021 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

In India, almost every meal is incomplete without roti. But making a perfect round, soft and fluffy roti is a task. It takes nearly an hour of hard work and months of practice to make an all way perfect roti. However, this whole process can be a headache for bachelors staying alone and individuals with hectic work schedules. Now here for the rescue comes an electric roti maker, stay tuned for our list of Best Roti maker machine in India.

An electric roti maker works as a kitchen assistant for working professionals, homemakers, those who need to prepare the bulk of rotis every day and all other people in a hurry. It is the perfect appliance that has walked into our Indian kitchen to meet the general needs of everyone. And unlike many all the other kitchen appliance this it is one of the most affordable and easily available products.

Though, various people carry a different opinion about the roti maker and its outcome. Some people believe that it does not give out perfectly round and fluffy roti or some think it can only prepare rotis.

Today to eliminate every such false belief about a roti maker, we have bought a complete article on the Best electric roti makers in India for you. We have devided the article into two sections: 6 best roti makers in India and the Best roti maker buying guide. Once you go through the article, you will get options to choose from and all the essential tips and tricks about a roti maker.

So, if you are looking for a good roti maker that works best for your kitchen needs, let’s get started without wasting a minute.

6 Best Roti Maker in India (2020)

Prestige 3.0 Stainless Steel Roti Maker

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best indian roti maker

The Prestige 3.0 roti maker is the best pick for people who love big sized rotis. It comes with a high-grade stainless-steel coating, which results in making soft and fluffy rotis without getting the dough stuck on its base. Powered with 900 Watts, this model from prestige is quite energy efficient. Being manufactured in a very compact and small shape, this model is straightforward to store an operate in smaller kitchens.

The most praised feature of this Prestige roti maker is its temperature control knob. Indicated with red for maximum and green for minimum heat, this appliance gives you all the comfort for preparing parathas, rotis, papad, and even pizza bread at different temperature settings. Lastly, the handles are quoted with top quality plastic to ensure your safety from heat and electric shocks.

  • It comes with a temperature control knob
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Consumes less power
  • Shockproof high-grade plastic body
  • Takes a little more time to prepare roti
  • May not give the best results with a bit of hard dough

BAJAJ VACCO® “Go- Ezzee” Chapati/Roti/Khakhra Maker

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The Bajaj VACCO “GO- EZEEE” roti maker is the most demanded roti making appliance in the Indian households. Though, as it comes from 60 years old national brand “Bajaj,” there is surely no doubt in its performance and efficiency. It gets crafted with the best engineering precision that ensures to prepare for you the best roti, khakhra, pappad, kulchas in minimal time. It also provides the exact fluffy, light, soft, and quick roti that one dreams of while picking a roti maker.

The Bajaj roti maker is fully automatic and is the safest appliance being shockproof and heat resistance from most of the parts. It comes with automatic power cut off along a light indicator that ensures safety for users while saving them for unnecessary electric usage. This is one of the best roti makers to assist you while getting together, festivals and functions at home.

  • Can prepare roti, khakhra, papad, kulchas, and parathas (Multipurpose uses)
  • It is light weighted and can be easily lifted, moved, or carried at your convenience. The output of the chapati’s thickness can be a concern for few.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Non-stick coating
  • Heat resistance ABS Plastic lifting handle
  • A little heavier than other roti makers on a range

United Instant Chapati Maker Roti

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best roti makers in india

The United Instant roti maker is one of the thick roti making appliance that can easily assist you even in small spaced kitchens. It gets double-checked for giving you a safe and high-quality performance. This appliance assists you in making roti, parathas, and papad with the softest and fluffiest finish. It has an 8 inches sized Tawa which is sufficient to make your perfect sized roti.

This United roti maker comes with an auto cut off light indicator that automatically turns off when the appliance is ready to make the dough. This feature also makes and regulates the perfect temperature that is required to prepare perfect rotis. The roti maker comes with a shockproof outer body and heat resistant handles that ensure your safety from heat and electric shocks. Lastly, this appliance comes with two years of warranty from the date of purchase.

  • It comes with a heat resistant and shockproof body
  • It features an auto cut off light indicator
  • The appliance is compact size
  • Two years of warranty
  • The cord might get a little short

Sun flame roti maker

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best roti maker machine

Sun flame is a renowned Indian brand, and one can easily rely upon its top-quality roti maker. This roti making appliance is best known for its oil-free and soft rotis. Another appreciative feature is the uniform heating operations (powered with 900 watts) that ensure an evenly cooked and fluffy roti every time. It comes with a non-stick coating, which not only gives you ease while preparing rotis but also makes cleaning an effortless task.

This roti maker from Sunflame features a LED power indicator which works most helpful to alert users heated appliance. Being made with thermostat handles, this model ensures temperature safety while being light to use. The food-grade non-stick Tawa coating makes sure the dough or roti doesn’t stick to it. Furthermore, this roti maker comes with two years of warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Best for making oil-free- fluffy rotis
  • Uniform heating ensures even cooking
  • LED indicator and thermostat handle for utmost safety from heat
  • The temperature at times might get too high, which may result in roti getting burned

Molo New Roti Maker/ Multimaker

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automatic roti maker in india

The Molo New roti maker is unique in the list as it comes with a non-stick marble coating tawa. It has a little lifted sideline, which gives you the advantage to prepare dosa, uthappam, and chillas from liquid batter without any though of spillage and leakage from the sides. Another advantage of the marble coating is that it makes the heating plate scratch resistance. Additionally, the perfect gaping between both the heating plates makes rotis fluffier than any other roti maker in the range.

This roti maker from MOLO comes with an auto-cut off light indicator that automatically turns itself off when the heating reaches the required level. This appliance is ISI marked and shockproof that makes it a safe product to use. It has large-high-quality plastic-coated handles that make it safe as well as easy to operate. Lastly, the 900-watt power consumption operations help you save a lot on your electricity bills.

  • Multipurpose uses. It can prepare rotis, parathas, omelettes, dosa, uthappam, khakhra, papad, and more.
  • It makes perfectly fluffed rotis
  • One of a kind non-stick marble coated heating plate
  • Anti-fall tawa covering
  • Slight expensive than other models in the range

FAVY Eagle/National Roti Maker

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chapati maker in amazon

The FAVY Eagle roti maker comes with an 8 inches diameter that makes the ideal sized rotis meeting your family requirements. Its non-stick coated heating plates let you lift the roti easily without any extra efforts. The non-stick feature also provides to your overall health as it makes crispier parathas with minimal oil usage. You can easily clean the interior parts of this appliance with just a swipe of a soft cotton cloth.

This roti maker from FAVY eagle is a shockproof one that ensures your safety from heat and electric shocks. The high-quality appliance can easily withstand any harsh condition making itself a long-lasting product. Also, you get a CD for tutorials that help you learn all the tricks and technics even before you start using the product. Lastly, the best part about this roti maker is that it is made without the use of any harmful chemicals and is safe to use.

  • Made with high-quality chemical-free material
  • Non- stick coating that supports you for minimal oil usage
  • It comes with a CD for tutorials
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • Requires some manual efforts for making rotis fluffier.

Best roti maker – Buyer’s Guide

In this very competitive world, there may be thousands of appliances, but not every one of them is perfect to meet your needs. Since rotis are part of our daily meal, it is essential to choose an appliance that is fast at its job and can white stand for long years in terms of performance and durability. And even though we have got a list of top 6 best roti makers in India above, still, it is essential to know the value, tips, and other usages of the product we are planning to buy.

How does an electric roti maker work?

The working concept of an electric roti maker is quite simple. This kitchen appliance works on the principle of heat and pressure. It comes with a non-stick heating plate, which makes it easier for the roti not to get stuck to the surface. You need to start with operating the appliance by plugging it to the electricity socket. Now once it is hot enough, all you need to do is place a round piece of dough safely between the two heating plates (without touching them). Here once you close the upper lid and apply pressure, it results in the expansion of the dough patty. This expanded roti now gets evenly cooked by the high temperature of both the heating plates while giving you a fluffier outcome.

Now let’s watch a quick video regarding how to use roti maker to make soft puffed roti.

How to choose the best roti maker for your home?

Brand reliability/Authorized manufacturers: There are a high number of roti makers available from both known brands and local manufacturers. But there are a lot of reasons for you to go after a reliable brand or authorized manufacturer. Apart from durability and performance, the essential thing a known brand offers you is the warranty and after-sales service. And while buying any electrical appliance, both factors are very crucial to consider. Make sure the manufacturer or brand you go for provides you with at least a year of warranty.

Size and weight: Though most of the roti makers available in the market are of a standard 8-9 inches. You can easily judge the size of the appliance just by its dimensions. Make sure you do not pick any way a roti maker sized below 8 inches else you would end up getting very small-sized rotis. Another vital aspect is bringing home the right weighted roti maker. Even though roti maker works automatically to shape and press the chapatis but one important task you need to perform is manually putting down and pressing the upper lid to form round and thin rotis. Choose something that has minimum weight else you would end up working on heavy handles.

Material: The most valuable part of a roti maker is its tawa (heating pad/griddle). It is essential to choose a roti maker that has a non-stick coating over griddle so that roti or dough does not get stick to it during preparation. Apart from the skillet, make sure the handle is made up of high-quality hard plastic so that it does not break or crack during operations. Also, look for the shockproof body a heat resistant handles to avoid any electric hazards.

Power usage and temperature: Ideally, a roti maker should heat up to 450-degree Fahrenheit to make the perfect rotis. Choose the model that has a minimum of 800-watt power output with around 200-250 Voltage. The model with more wattage will heat up faster and cook the product evenly. However, you can go for good brands with 1000 Watts output as in this case more the merrier.

Additional features

On-off light indicator: It is a few of the essential features every roti maker should have. A light indicator lets you know when the appliance is ready to use. Even today, many of the brands feature green /red lights to show indications about the heat. A lot of brands lack this feature, so make sure you look after this before picking one for your home.

Temperature adjusting knob: Generally, not all top-rated roti makers come with a temperature adjusting knob, but in case you find one such, it is better to go after that. This feature is beneficial to select the required temperature for cooking different items like roti, parathas, dosa, etc.

Frequently asked questions ( Best Roti Maker in India)

  1. How many rotis can I prepare in one go with a roti maker?

Every roti maker can prepare only one roti in at a time. Roti makers generally work like your rolling pin and tawa though you can prepare as many rotis as you want one after the other.

  1. Does roti maker work without electricity?

There is a variety of manual and non-electric roti pressure available in the market and amazon.in that does not require electricity. However, an electric roti maker does require a proper electricity supply to function.

  1. Is it safe to buy roti maker from e-commerce stores?

Yes, as long as you are buying roti maker from trusted e-commerce store like amazon.in , it is entirely safe to purchase.

  1. How should I clean my roti maker?

One can clean the roti maker just by a swipe of a soft and clean cotton cloth. In case there is any oil residue or stains present over the griddle, take a slightly damp cloth, wipe it over the surface then again wipe it with a dry cloth. Make sure while you clean the roti maker, it is off from electricity else; it can lead you with electric shock and heat hazards. Also, ensure the appliance is dry before you use it for any preparations.

  1. Are roti makers expensive?

No, roti makers aren’t expensive at all. You can find a good roti making appliance between the price range of 1000-2500 generally.

Roti maker- Do’s and Don’ts

  • Never try to wash roti maker with water.
  • Do not place roti maker in a wet or damp surface.
  • Do not press the upper lid very hard; else it can lead to break or tear the uncooked roti.
  • Be very careful while placing dough and removing rotis as the griddle surface remains very hot while in use.
  • Place dough ball only when the griddle (tawa) is hot enough. You can follow the indicator for such a case. Never try to check the temperature of tawa by touching them.
  • In case any dry flour or dough residue is left on the heating plates, wipe it out with the help of cotton cloth.
  • Keep the roti maker out of reach from children at home.

Tips and tricks to prepare perfect roti with roti makers

  • To get the best output, make sure you prepare a softer dough than usual. The dough we generally prepare for roti makers must be softer and stickier. For preparing the dough add 20% more water than you usually do.
  • Prepare fresh dough every time as the refrigerator stored dough will end up in the making hard, crispy, papad like chapatis in roti maker.
  • Use a very little dry floor while making dough patty. As the griddle in roti maker comes with a non-stick coating, it does not require any dry floor to flatten the chapatis perfectly.
  • Coat the dough balls with little refined oil or ghee while you prepare them. The oil coating will let the heat spread evenly on the roti surface, making it get cooked from centers as well as corners.
  • Chapatis prepared in roti makers tend to get hard faster than the rotis, which gets made manually. Make sure you prepare and eat them fresh to avoid any such situation.
  • To make rotis and parathas fluffier don’t hold the lid tighter and close it softly. This will puff the roti while lifting the upper lid.


All in all, we have listed a few of the best roti makers in India 2020 with deep research of performance, durability, budget, and customer reviews. All the models mentioned in the list above are best to give you good performance for long years in a very pocket-friendly purchase. Though for people with a slightly higher budget, we recommend the MOLO new roti maker/multi maker that comes with premium features.

Along with this, we have tried to fit in all the essential points in our buying guide. We hope you will find it helpful.

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