5 Best Sandwich Maker in India 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When you look for some quick and easy breakfast or snack options, sandwich makers are your go-to assistants. Sandwich makers can turn those plain bread slices into crispy and delicious sandwiches quickly. Using your cooking creativity, you can prepare various dishes like vegetable or cheese sandwiches, grilled veggies, paneer/ chicken/ fish tikka or a lot more with this appliance. However, along with creativity, the appliance plays an important role in making your dish tastier or awful.

A huge variety of sandwich maker models are these days available in the market. Once you step out or search on any e-commerce website, you can find models from different well known to local brands with distinct features and a broad price range. Though, having this much variety definitely catches your eyes but purchasing them becomes a tough nut to crack, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Today, to ease down your purchasing journey and help you choose the most suitable model for your kitchen we have brought you the list of 5 Best Sandwich Maker in India 2020.

This list will help you pick one of the top-rated sandwich maker models just by going through the article. Also, if sandwich makers are the new kitchen gadget for you, then make sure not to miss our Best Sandwich maker- Buyer’s guide in the second half of the article. Within there, you can get all the important information in a concise manner, that will help you make your mind before you invest your hard-earned money in one such appliance.

Let’s get started.

Best Sandwich Maker in 2020

Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD 01 (Latest model)

Prestige, a well-known home appliance brand, has launched several smart models to make our daily life much simpler. The Prestige PGMFD 01 sandwich maker is your quick and easy to use daily kitchen assistance.

It comes with the German Technology Greblon Non-stick coating durable die-cast aluminum grill plates that allows you to make healthy oil-free sandwiches for your family.

This Sandwich maker features two power light indicators with the red light that indicates the on-going pre-heating process and green light that indicates when the appliance completes the pre-heating or when your food gets cooked. Its high-quality heat-resistant Bakelite body keeps the exteriors safe to operate for the users.

Also, the smooth and matte finish exterior makes the appliance scratch-proof, clean and durable all lifelong.

  • Gives fast cooking results (within 2-3 minutes)
  • Pre-heating feature
  • Light indicators
  • German technology Greblon non-stick coating
  • Heat-resistant and safe exteriors
  • Scratch-proof and matte-finish exteriors
  • Easy to clean and use
  • One year of product warranty
  • Not suitable for heavily filled sandwiches

Morphy Richards SM3007(G) 2-Slice Grill Toaster 750-Watt

The Morphy Richards two-slice grill sandwich maker is easy to use everyday kitchen companion for Indian households. It has been incorporated with an oil drip feature that keeps the grill surface from getting messy while ensuring you get low-calorie and crispy sandwiches.

The two light indicators inform the user about various processes like pre-heating, ready to use, and on-going cooking process.

This Sandwich Maker from Morphy Richards with its non-stick grill plates makes perfect golden brown and crispy sandwiches within a little time. These non-stick grill interiors can get cleaned easily with just a swipe of a cloth.

It is incorporated with a cool-touch body that lets you use the device anytime without the fear of getting accidental burns. Furthermore, a cord winder to easily store the power cord without any detangling.

  • Oil drip feature
  • Neon power indicators for the on-going cooking process.
  • Non-stick and easy maintenance grill plates
  • Cool-touch exteriors
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cord winder
  • Portable
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Non-removable grill plates

Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 Grill 4 Sandwich Maker 2000-Watt

The Borosil Super Jumbo Sandwich maker is a perfect pick for big sized Indian families with everyday sandwich requirements. This easy to use device can quickly prepare 4 sandwiches in one go. It comes with two non-stick heating plates that make your sandwiches and even burgers crispier and brown just the way you like them. An oil drip collector just at the bottom of the grill heating plates collects all the excessive butter and oil making the sandwiches healthy for you.

This Jumbo-sized sandwich maker features two light indicators; the red light for power and the green light for heating operations. The thermal fuse ensures the safety of the appliance during voltage fluctuations and power interruption. The side type handle lock, it makes it very convenient to lock the device.

Furthermore, this sandwich maker features a temperature control knob making the cooking process customized for you.

  • Large capacity can make four sandwiches in one go.
  • Oil drip collector
  • Non-stick grilling surface
  • Light indicators
  • Temperature control knob
  • Thermal safety fuse
  • Side type handle lock
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Suitable only for large-sized families or small shops and a bakery.

Nova NGS 2449 Panini Sandwich Grill Maker 1000-Watt

The Nova NGS 2449 is a panini grill sandwich maker that lets you prepare the various types of food items like sandwiches, burgers, grilled chicken, paneer tikka and other similar ones. It’s Teflon non-stick coating that makes all your food items crispier and golden brown without even bothering you to monitor the process.

Its non-skid feet, ensure the appliance stays firmly on the surface no matter dry or wet. Though being a panini sandwich maker, this device is still compact enough to store anywhere in the kitchen.

This Sandwich maker from Nova comes with a lid lock that securely shuts both the heating plates while evenly pressing any sized sandwiches. Another feature of this sleek and attractive kitchen gadget is the light indicators. Through this feature, the device ensures to show you the progress of your sandwiches while keeping them safe from burning or overdoing.

Furthermore, this easy to use sandwich makers gets designed so conveniently that you can open it wide till the given angle and clean it with a dry or wet cotton cloth.

  • Big-sized panini grill sandwich maker
  • Teflon non-stick coating
  • Easy lid lock
  • Non-skid feet
  • Light indicators
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Heat-resistant body
  • One year of product warranty
  • Short-lengthen power cord

Philips HD 2393 Sandwich Maker 820-Watt

The Philips HD 2393 Sandwich maker comes with a cut and seal toasting plate that seal all your stuffed ingredients securely between the bread slices. Its high-quality non-stick coating makes your sandwiches crispier even with no or minimal oil usage.

With the power rating of 820-Watts, it ensures even and faster cooking of food. You can simply push down the lock system to secure the sandwich maker whenever required.

This sandwich maker comes with a cool-touch exterior and handles that make the device easy to use and carry anywhere inside the house. With its vertical storage feature, you can store this device in the standing position anywhere even in your small spaced kitchen.

Its two light indicators clearly show you the heating-up and ready to cook process. Some of the other features include non-skid rubber feet and cord storage.

  • Cut and seal toasting plate
  • High-quality non-stick coating
  • Even and faster cooking
  • Push down lock system
  • Cool-touch exteriors
  • Light indicators
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • Short-lengthened cable wire

Best Sandwich Maker- Buyer’s Guide

When you step out to buy any electrical home appliance from the local market, you get some minimal information either from the seller or the product description printed on the appliance box itself. But once you visit only to search for the best models, a buyer’s guide is definitely your best friend in the journey. Similarly, this buying guide here will tell you exactly what points should get considered while purchasing a sandwich maker.

Before we discuss these important points lets first know the types of sandwich makers available in India. You might have read a little about them in the list above.

Let’s discuss them in detail below:

Types of sandwich maker

The four-triangle sandwich maker: These are the common and preferred sandwich maker in most of the Indian households. The two heating plates above and below have four squares shaped with a triangular cut in between. These while in use cut and seal the stuffed bread slices into triangular shaped sandwiches. The top lid gets pressed and locked with the base while making the cooking process on. These sandwich makers are affordable and easy to use than any other type. However, only lightly filled sandwiches go best with this type.

Panini press sandwich maker: The Panini press type comes with two grill plates from top and bottom. The stuffed sandwich gets placed over the bottom grill and then pressed-locked with the top one making your sandwiches crispy and perfectly brown. Unlike, the other type, these sandwich makers let you prepare burgers, grilled vegetables, paneer/chicken/fish tikka, thick stuffed sandwiches, and a lot more dishes. These are slightly expensive and found mostly in small bakeries, burger shops and also big families.

Things to keep in mind before buying a sandwich maker


Depending on your daily sandwich-making need, you can choose either type of sandwich maker: panini press or four-triangle sandwich maker. The panini press is suitable for large-sized Indian families, as it can prepare four regular-sized sandwiches in one go. And the four-triangle sandwich maker is suitable for bachelors, couples or small/medium-sized Indian families as it can prepare two regular sandwiches in one go.

Non-stick coating

Using an electric sandwich maker on a daily basis is preferred mainly because of the tremendous results it gives. A non-stick coated plate is beneficial in terms of health as well as ease of work too. It reduces the oil/ghee/butter usage, making your sandwiches healthier yet tasty at the same time. Along with this, the non-stick coating prevents bread or stuffing from getting stuck to the heating plates of the appliance.

Types of plates (Removable)

With different types of sandwich makers, differ their heating plates too. The panini press features grill type heating plates, whereas the four-triangle sandwich maker features fixed triangular plates. You can choose one from them depending upon your preferences.

Similarly, many of the sandwich maker models feature removable plates as well. This feature allows you to use a griddle or grill type plate depending on your cooking needs. You can sue and detach them for washing purposes also. Few of the high-end models also feature waffle making plates.

Lid lock

Lid locks allow the sandwich to toast or grill evenly throughout. Always choose the product with a good quality lock for long term usage.

Cool-touch exterior

Safety features should be the priority of every electrical appliance. The heat-resistant exteriors keep the user’s hand from accidental burning. Also, a good quality safe touch handle is an additional comfort while you carry the appliance on or out of the house. Make sure the model you choose definitely has this feature.


While preparing sandwiches in such an appliance, this is one of the most helpful features. The auto-off feature keeps your sandwich or any other food item from burning while you are busy in other kitchen work.

Light indicators

Light indicators are a helpful feature to alert you about the on-going operations (on/off/heated) of the appliance. Without this, one might require to manually monitor the time and cooking process. Make sure the device you pick has this feature entitled.

Temperature control knob

This is an essential feature in case you use your sandwich maker for grilling purposes. This lets you set the temperature for different types of food items to be it veg or non-veg.

Cord length

Most of the online customer reviews we went through have a common issue mentioned, i.e., short lengthen the cord. Even some of the high-end brands, best models also come with a short power cord which later makes the usage uncomfortable. Though, if you have a power plug in a reachable kitchen spot then even a short length cable can go well for you. Still, always go for the cord length of at least 1m.

Warranty and after-sales service

Having a good time warranty works as a benefit for the user and makes it more reliable to do the purchase. Go for the brand that offers at least one year of warranty. Do not settle for warranty period less than this.

Additional to warranty, good after-sales service is equally important with electrical appliances. Go for the brand that offers good and reliable after-sales service in your area.

Advantages of using a Sandwich maker

  • Sandwich makers take very little time to prepare a meal for you. Hence, they save you a good amount of time.
  • They are easy to use and very handy for couples, bachelors and even teenagers.
  • Portable. They are compact and can get carried wherever you go.
  • They require no or minimal oil, hence one can prepare the healthiest breakfast.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Sandwich makers do not require washing. One can clean them with just a wipe of soft cotton cloth with no water usage.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I use my sandwich maker as a griller?

Not completely. Though, you can grill paneer tikka, chicken tikka, baby potatoes, and similar food items in a panini type sandwich maker. Keep the pieces small while doing so in this appliance.

  1. How many sandwiches can we make using a sandwich maker?

It depends on the size of a sandwich maker and size of bread slices. One can prepare 2, 4, or 6 sandwiches in one go with a sandwich maker. Also, using small-sized bread you can prepare a greater number of sandwiches in a panini sandwich maker.

  1. Can I remove the grill plates from the sandwich maker?

Yes, if your sandwich maker features this option you can then do so. A lot of sandwich makers come with the detachable grill plates allowing you to wash or clean them by removing from the appliance.

  1. How do I know the sandwiches are cooked completely?

With a lot of sandwich makers, comes a light indicator that indicates about various processes like power on, re-heating on, on-going cooking process, and cooking completely. Through the blink or light-up of this indicator, you can know when the sandwich cooking process gets complete.

  1. Do I need to grease/oil the sandwich maker before use?

With a non-stick grill coating, one does not require to oil the sandwich maker before use. The non-stick coating does not let the bread stuck to the appliance. Though you can still brush a little oil or butter to the sandwiches for that extra crispiness.

  1. Which is the best 4-piece sandwich maker in 2020?

Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 Grill 4 Sandwich Maker and Nova NGS 2449 Panini Sandwich Grill Maker are the best 4-piece sandwich makers in 2020.


Our top two recommendations in both 2-piece and 4-piece sandwich makers are the Prestige Sandwich Maker PGMFD 01 (Latest model) and Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 Grill 4 Sandwich Maker 2000-Watt respectively. These are the best for daily purpose use and consume minimal electricity.

All in all, we have provided all the necessary information about the sandwich maker in this article. All the products mentioned above are reviewed by our hour-long online research and study. We hope you will find the article informative and helpful.

For any queries, questions and, feedback please leave your comment down below.

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