9 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine in India 2021

Washing machines are rapidly shifting to be a necessity than a choice. But with a high price range, a lot of people still find it challenging to afford washing machines. However, with the semi automatic washing machines, people living in semi-urban and rural areas too are finding it convenient to have a washing machine. Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine in India 2021 do not only come at an affordable price but are also very easy to operate.

Semi-automatic top-loading washing machines are a preferable choice in almost Indian households because of its very acceptable price range. But like the many other types, these semi-automatic washing machines also have a variety of options to offer. These options make people get confused while choosing a suitable one for them. Also, with so much variety available, you may tend to pick the wrong one for you. Now to eliminate any such possibilities and to help you choose the best one, we have bought you a list of top 9 semi-automatic top load washing machines in India. We have also provided you a buyer’s guide that will help you in understanding your purchase better.

What is a semi-automatic washing machine?

The semi-automatic washing machine is a double tub washing machine that wash, rinse, and spin dry your clothes for you. Using a semi-automatic washing machine is simplest among any other washing machine. These are the steps for how you use it:

  • Firstly, you would require to start by filling the washtub with water.
  • Now add detergent and clothes and start the wash cycle using the control panel.
  • Once your clothes get entirely washed, transfer them to the spin tub and make sure you have turned on the water supply.
  • After you witness clean water flows from the drainpipe turn of the water supply and let the clothes air dry in the spin tub for 4-5 minutes.
  • Now, at last, remove the clothes and hang them to dry them further.

Semi-automatic washing machines are a great choice if you don’t have a consistent water supply. You can use the water present in the washtub for 2-3 wash cycles. Also, these machines are easier to understand and operate. However, it would require you to perform some extra efforts, like transferring clothes from one tub to another.

Top 9 Best Semi Automatic washing machine in India 2021

Whirlpool 10.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (ACE XL 10.5, Graphite Grey, 3D Scrub Technology)

  • Load capacity- 10.5 kgs
  • Suitable for big sized families with 7-9 people
  • Comes with five years motor warranty
  • Special 3D features: 3D scrub technology and scrub pads, Lint filter and turbo impeller with rotary stem
  • 1400 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Five years motor warranty
  • Additional features: Hard water wash program, five special wash programs, and four different water levels.
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

Whirlpool is one of the most reputed brands in Indian households and has bought some of the most excellent washing machines in the market. The whirlpool 10.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine is equipped with great features which makes it stand at the top of our best semi-automatic washing machines in India 2020 list. Its powerful washing system removes up to 10 types of tough stains leaving your clothes freshly cleaned. This product from Whirlpool comes with a 3D turbo impeller that includes the rotary stem and 3D scrub pads. This feature provides a perfect triple motion and removes even the stubborn stains effectively.

Its 3D lint filter has a unique triple layer filtration process that effectively collects the lint from the laundry and ensures to keep them clean and fresh after every wash. The 1400 RPM spin motor provides faster and quick drying of even heavy loads of clothes. Its unique hard water program effectively removes dirt and stains even in hard water. This feature makes it a very friendly appliance for many cities in India that have a hard water issue.

Another highlighted feature is its new ace XL that ensure to wash and dry heavy clothes in just one go. Lastly, its waterproof and shockproof outer body protects the control panel from any damage due to water spilling.

  • Lint filter
  • High RPM for better drying of clothes
  • Unique hard water program to treat hard water
  • Water proof and shock proof outer body
  • Spin tub makes sound sometime

LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi Automatic Washing Machine (P8035SGMZ, Grey)

  • Load capacity – 8 kgs
  • Suitable for families with 5-6 people
  • Comes with five years of motor warranty
  • 1200 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Special features: Roller jet pulsator, two wash programs, low power and water consumption (eco-friendly)
  • Additional features: 3 wash programs and rat repellent technology
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

The LG washing machines range suits all kinds of Indian demographics and families. With its brilliant understanding of Indian customers, no doubt, it is one of the top rulers of the Indian home appliance market. This LG semi-automatic 8kg washing machine comes with a roller jet pulsator that adds up better friction to clothes by generating more and more rotations. This feature ensures dust and miles removal from your clothes while giving you a better wash quality.

The soaking options allow you to give your clothes a pre-soaking treatment in a concentrated detergent. You can also choose from its three different wash programs depending upon the type of fabric, and the wash required. The Spin shower feature of this machine makes sure to wash off all the detergent residue during the spin cycle. Its 1200 rpm helps in air drying your clothes with a quick speed of more than 40% than the regular line drying.

Not only this, but you can also move the washing machine into any direction with its 360-degree magic wheels. Along with all this, its 3MM rat repellent plastic cover won’t let the rats dare to come near to it.

  • Roller jet pulsator with multiple rotation
  • Pre-soaking treatment
  • Three different wash programs
  • High rpm for better drying of clothes
  • Rat repellent plastic
  • Easy movable wheels
  • No hot water wash facility

Samsung 7.2 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (Product code- WT725QPNDMPXTL)

  • Load capacity- 7.2kgs
  • Suitable for families with 4-5 peoples
  • 1000 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Special feature: air turbo drying system, dual jet system
  • Additional features: 3 wash programs, buzzer, lint filter, scrub board, EZ wash tray
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

Samsung is firmly standing in the washing machine market to provide fierce competition to brand like LG and whirlpool. The Samsung 7.2kg semi-automatic washing machine comes with various intelligent features that offer you a spotless and fresh wash. The central jet feature generates water from the centre pulsator by lifting clothes that fall onto the surface of the pulsator. This feature improves the washing effectiveness and prevents clothes from tangling.

Its special scrub board scrubs your clothes gently along with the wash cycle and provides them a hand wash impact. The special lint filter traps all the lint loose threads and hairs and prevents them from settling down at the bottom of the pipe. Its air turbo drying system works tremendously for drying your clothes. The robust dual air intake rotates the tub rapidly that reduces the drying time.

This washing machine has a buzzer that informs you after each wash step gets completed. Its sleek design and anti-corrosive plastic body make it look appealing and ensure long-lasting durability. You can quickly move the machine with its two-way inner handle.

  • Several intelligent features
  • Separate scrub board
  • Lint filter
  • Air turbo drying system
  • Buzzer
  • Easily movable
  • A little small spin drum

Samsung 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Product code-WT657QPNDPGXTL)

  • Load capacity – 6.5 kgs
  • Suitable for small families of 3-4 people
  • 1000 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Special features: double storm dual jet system, corrosion-free plastic body, lint filter, air dry turbo, EZ wash tray, and pre-soaking
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

The Samsung 6.5kg semi-automatic washing machine is one of the best washing machines for people with a limited budget. This washing machine comes with a double storm pulsator technology that rotates the inner and outer blades to create a powerful water wave that moves the clothes well throughout the wash cycle. This feature keeps the clothes from getting tangled. The dual jet of water ensures a safe and gentle wash to give you superior clean clothes.

With its pre-soaking feature, you can soak your clothes right before the wash cycle and can even set for how long do you want them to get absorbed. You can make use of its EZ tray to scrub, rinse, and stack clothes quickly. Along with it, its air-dry turbo rotates the drum rapidly while its dual air intake draws in more air and helps your clothes to dry faster by extracting more water.

Lastly, with its big and caster wheels, you can move this washing machine around anywhere in the house without even the need to lift it.

  • Double storm dual jet system
  • EZ tray to stack and scrub clothes
  • Big wheels for easy movement
  • Lint filter
  • Corrosion free body
  • Vibration during spin operations

LG 6.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P7559R3FA, Burgundy)

  • Load capacity – 6.5 kgs
  • Suitable for small families, bachelors, and couples
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Plastic body with a transparent top
  • Features: 3 wash programs- gentle, normal, strong and roller jet pulsator
  • Unique rat repellent technology.
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

The LG 6.5 kg semi-automatic washing machine care for your clothes similarly as you do. This washing machine comes with a 3-wash program feature to ensure a customized wash for every fabric type differently. Its gentle, normal, and active wash programs get designed to wash soft to heavy clothes all at a different wash speed. The roller jet pulsator generates more rotations for better frictions to make your clothes cleaner and fresh. This provides a great washing experience.

This washing machine from LG comes with a lint collector, which traps all the fibres and lint that are detached from clothes while washing. This feature also ensures that no such particles get stuck into the washing pipe.

Now coming to its spin functioning. The spin shower washes all the soap and detergent residue during the spin cycle from the laundry. Along with this, its air-dry feature ensures to dry clothes at a faster speed and a drier finish. Lastly, its 3MM plastic cover gets laced with a rat repellent chemical that provides to keep rats away.

  • 3 wash programs for customized wash
  • Lint collector
  • 3MM plastic rat repellent cover
  • No hot water wash facility

Whirlpool 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (ACE SUPER SOAK 7.5, Super soak Technology)

  • Load capacity – 7.5kgs 
  • Suitable for families with 3-4 people
  • Economical – low water and power consumption
  • Special features: Dynamic Impeller, rustproof drums, super soak technology, lint filter
  • Additional features: Ace wash station and multi-utility tray 
  • High 1450 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

The whirlpool ace super soaks semi-automatic washing machine is perfectly designed for small Indian families. Starting with its highlighted super soak technology that ensures easy removal of tough stains by scrubbing and soaking it for a continuous 25 minutes. Its dynamic impeller gives perfect motion to your clothes while removing the dirt and stains effectively. 

This washing machine from Whirlpool comes with an in-built scrubber inside the washtub that helps to bring out every dirt from your clothes while giving you a perfect wash finish every time. With its new ace wash station and multi-utility tray, you can sort, stack, and carry your clothes up to 30 kgs easily. 

The 1450 rpm encourages the quick drying time while giving you a perfect air-dry feel in less time. Along with it, the spin shower ensures to bring out even the last detergent residue from your clothes while they are in the spin tub. Its in-built lint filter traps all the lint during the wash cycle so that your laundry comes out clean and fresh. 

Lastly, its high fibre body and easy to use control panel makes it a very convenient washing machine for every household. 

  • 25 minutes pre-soak feature
  • In-built scrubber
  • Multi utility tray
  • High rpm of 1450 for better drying of clothes
  • Lint filter
  • Easy to use control panel
  • It vibrates more than usual

Godrej WS 800 PDS Semi-Automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (8 Kg, Lilac Sprinkle)

  • Load capacity- 8kgs
  • Suitable for families with 5-6 peoples
  • Five years motor warranty and two years of product warranty
  • Special features: steel drum, aqua jet pulsator, root scrub, and an active soak
  • Additional features: Toughened glass lid, spin shower, rustproof body, and lint filter
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

The Godrej WS 800 semi-automatic washing machine comes with a powerful motor that gives long-lasting durability with a powerful wash every time. The powerful soak feature allows you to give your clothes a pre-wash treatment by soaking them before the wash cycle starts. Its aqua jet pulsator generates very high turbulence while ensuring a better-quality wash. Along with this, its roto scrub pulsator works in making your clothes extremely clean by removing the toughest stains. 

This semi-automatic washing machine from Godrej comes with steel drums that ensure no mold and mildew build-ups. This feature keeps its drum sparkling fresh and clean after every wash. It also provides you a wash tray to scrub, rinse, and carry your clothes anywhere in the house with ease. You can also easily rotate and revolve the washing with the wheels attached at the bottom. 

Now coming to its rinse shower that pours in the rain shower rinse mechanism into the spin tub for better removal of soap and detergent from your clothes. Its toughened transparent glass lid makes you have an eye on over your clothes during the machine cycle. Lastly, its rustproof poly body gives it better durability for a long time.

  • Powerful pre-soak feature
  • Its steel drums ensure no mould and mildew build-up
  • wash tray to scrub and stack clothes
  • Transparent glass lid
  • Rustproof body
  • No wheels attached for easy movement

Godrej 8.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine (WS EDGE PRO 850 ES

  • Load capacity- 8.5 kgs
  • Suitable for families with 5-6 people
  • Five years motor warranty and two years product warranty
  • Special features: aqua jet pulsator, active soak, spin shower, and water level indicator.
  • Rust Proof Polypropylene Body
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

Godrej is an Indian brand which gets specialized in making several home appliances. From interior designing products to electrical appliances, Godrej has a lot to offer. The Godrej 8.5kg top load semi-automatic Edge pro washing machine delivers a superior wash with its pro-technology and convenience washing features. It’s aqua jet pulsator generate high rotation assuring you better wash quality. The gentle action of pulsator loosens even the toughest dirt from your clothes. 

The powerful soak feature allows you to soak your clothes 20 minutes before the actual wash cycle for effective stain removal. Its uniquely designed Eco pro spin tub makes sure to provide your clothes a supreme rain shower while eliminating every trace of detergent from them. You can use its multi-utility wash tray to scrub and rinse your clothes without the need for bending down. The tray also allows you to carry your dried clothes anywhere with ease. 

This washing machine comes with a rustproof polypropylene body that assures 100% safety from corrosion build up. Lastly, you can move it single handily with its significant edge proof wheels around the area. 

  • Convenient washing features
  • Powerful pre-soak feature
  • Multi-utility wash tray
  • Rustproof body
  • Big wheels for easy movement around the house
  • No such cons reported

Intex 6.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WMS62TL

  • Load capacity- 6.2kgs
  • Suitable for small families, couples and bachelors
  • 1320 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Special features: PP pulsator, cabinet and ABS control panel
  • Water temperature facility up to 55 degree Celsius
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021
best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

Intex is the new addition in the friendliest washing machines brands. This washing machine from Intex comes at a very reasonable price. Starting with its highlighted feature to heat the water up to 55-degree C. This washing machine from Intex comes with two washing programs that deliver a superior washing. Its lint filter ensures to trap the lint and lose fabric while giving you a clean and bright wash. 

The in-house spinner of this washing machine efficiently drains the water from your clothes at every spin cycle. Its smart water selection mode gives you a different level of washing experience with complete ease. The PP pulsator generates turbulence current in the washtub to remove even the toughest stains. 

The ABS control panel transparent lid and water inlet selector complete it in every aspect for a small household in India. 

  • Water temperature facility
  • Lint filter
  • Smart water selection mode
  • Transparent lid
  • ABS control panel
  • Machine makes noise during spin operations

Buying guide – Semi-Automatic washing machine

best semi automatic washing machine in india 2021

Semi-automatic washing machines do a halfway job than the fully automatic washing machines. Now once you have gone through the top semi-automatic washing machines in India list, you must read this buying guide for learning some essential tips and fundamentals about the semi-automatic washing machine. Let’s start with fundamental aspects:

Capacity and Space: The most important thing you must look for is the load capacity the washing machine is offering you. This is the only crucial feature that helps you the most. You can take the reference from the table below:

5.8-6.5 kgs-    Small families with 3-4 people

6.5- 8kgs- Mid-sized families with 4-6 people

8-10kgs-  Large-sized families with 6-9 people

Once you have decided how much load capacity is suitable for your household, another thing for you to consider is space. Make sure you buy a washing machine that fits well in your washing space/bathroom and still have enough space to move around (during cleaning or so). 

  • Build quality: Most semi-automatic washing machine comes with a plastic body. Make sure the plastic frame is sturdy and not lightweight as it must not give up under pressure. Since you would plan to use the washing machine for quite some years, ensure the overall build-up quality is durable enough. 
  • Powerful motor: The more powerful it’s motor will, the higher revolution per minute it will provide. Motor determines the performance of your washing machine to a large extent. 
  • Spin speed: A max speed of 1000 rpm is enough for a semi-automatic washing machine. However, the higher the rpm, the faster and quicker will be the drying speed. 
  • Customer support service: Go after the brand that has adequate after-sales coverage in your area. Brands like LG, Samsung, and whirlpool are known to provide after-sales services in maximum Indian cities and towns. 
  • Special features: Most of the washing machines market some non-helpful features. Make sure you lookout for some genuinely helpful features such as a Lint filter to remove lint, hair, and loose fabric from your clothes. Buzzer to inform you after completion of every wash cycle. Air dry feature for quick drying and removal of excess moisture from your clothes.

Advantages and disadvantage of semi-automatic washing machines


  • Semi-automatic washing machines are a money saver as they come at a very affordable price. You can find some durable semi-automatic washing machines with the starting price of 7000. There are a lot of options available in the range between 9000-12000 in famous brands like Samsung, LG, and whirlpool.
  • These washing machines are more economical in terms of power and water consumption. You can stop and start semi-automatic washing machines at any point. These washing machines infant use less energy than fully automatic washing machines. You can also decide how much water to use or not on the machine manually.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines always come with as a top loader, which eliminates the chances to bend down while you apply. 
  • Time saver twin tub model. You can use the wash cycle and spin cycle separately at the same time to fulfil two different purposes. This leads to saving you more time otherwise. 
  • Adaptable features. This washing machine comes with a straightforward control panel that can be easily operated by anyone. 
  • Its top load allows you to add clothes and water in the middle of the wash cycle if you ever feel.


  • Semi-automatic washing machines consume more energy as it requires to transfer the washed clothes to the separate tub for the spinning cycle. 
  • You can control the water level manually, but you need to maintain a certain minimum water level depending on the load of clothes you have filled. 
  • Semi-automatic washing machines do not come with the latest technologies to wash delicate fabric like silk, pashminas, and others. Its agitator may tangle your clothes and ruin the delicate fabric.
  • Due to twin tub models, semi-automatic top load washing machines may consume much space in your washing area than the fully automatic top loaders. 
  • Semi-automatic washing machines not get laced with the latest technologies, which in result may not make them as effective as the fully automatic ones on tough stains. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Which are the best brands that offer semi-automatic washing machines in India?

The best brands which offer semi-automatic washing machines in India are LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Intex, and Godrej. You can find washing machines form these brands in the list above.

2. Do the semi-automatic washing machines vibrate more than the fully automatic ones?

Yes, semi-automatic washing machines make more noise and vibration than the fully automatic ones. 

3. How much budget should I carry on for a durable semi-automatic washing machine?

Semi-automatic washing machines come with a starting price of 7000 INR. You can get some best semi-automatic washing machines between 10,000-12,000 from a brand like LG, Samsung, and Whirlpool. These brands offer the most durable home appliances of all.

4. How can I maintain my washing machine disinfected?

To disinfect your washing machine, use Luke warm water to run the wash cycle after completion of your entire laundry. Make sure you dry the washing machine fully before you put its lid back.  

5. How much detergent should I use in semi-automatic washing machines?

The amount of detergent you should use depends on a load of clothes and their dirtiness. Also, hard water requires more detergent than soft water to clean your clothes effectively.

6. Can I fill the spin tub till the top while drying clothes?

We would recommend you to leave a little space and place the cap of the spin tub for better results.


The semi-automatic washing machines are the top choice of average Indians. These are budget-friendly and do the required work efficiently. We hope the above list of top 9 semi-automatic washing machines in India 2020 will help you to choose the best one as per your needs. However, in the end, it depends on your budget, space, load requirement, and customer service support of the brand in your area. 

These are the best washing machines for first-time users, as all of them are easy to understand. We hope you will find our article helpful in every aspect of buying a semi- automatic washing machine

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