5 Best Solar Inverters in India (2020) – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Earlier in time, power cuts were a common Indian problem every day. This circumstance is still a truth, but with inverters on work, we have forgotten to notice the power cuts. A considerable number of Indian houses now are equipped with an inverter that provides power backup during essential hours. However, these days solar inverters have taken along those traditional inverters for all good reasons.

A solar inverter is an appliance that stores solar power into a battery that can get used later in times of need. Solar inverters are electric converter that converts the variable DC (Direct current) into AC (alternating current) from the output of a PV panel. They are the most eco-friendly and cost-effective electricity storage device in the long run.

Today, to fulfill the rising demand for converting solar energy into electrical energy, a lot of manufacturers are coming up with various UPS models. While you too are looking for something similar for your home, then, in this case, our list of 5 Best Solar inverters in India can help you along. Also, for any further confusion, you can go through the second section of our article and get all the relevant information about a solar inverter.

5 Best Solar Inverters in India

Luminous Solar hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS/Solar inverter

Best Solar Inverters in India

The Luminous solar hybrid has the potential of 850VA power output in both AC and DC. This solar inverter is sturdy and durable. Though this solar inverter does not come along a battery and one needs to purchase it separately. You can use a tubular battery with two different 150 ah capacity or two separate 200ah batteries in parallel. The solar hybrid nature of the inverter allows you to use any battery. However, with the solar panel, it is always advised to use solar tubular battery than the regular ones.

With the latest i-charge technology and charge control rating of 40 Amp/12V, this appliance is responsible for fast charging with 98% efficiency. Lastly, this solar inverter alerts you with all the necessary indicators present in front of the dashboard itself.

  • It can charge with solar as well as standard charging.
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Ideal for low power appliances
  • Heats up easily

Exide Technologies 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller

The Exide solar inverter uses the PCU technology to run directly on solar power during the day time while saving up on the charged energy. With 850VA power output and 12V DC output, this particular device is best to serve your home inverter needs. The UPS comes with electronic overcharge protection and intelligent battery protection that makes its usage entirely safe. The charging efficiency of this solar charger is 95%, with very little self-consumption.

This solar inverter from Exide easily supports two solar panels with a power range of more than 1000-Watts. With its seven-segment LCD dashboard, you can operate various settings and operational modes. Also, this UPS comes with a fully controlled internal charge regulator.

  • 850VA power output
  • Overcharge protection and battery protection.
  • 95% efficiency
  • Support two 1000-W panels
  • LCD screen
  • Unspecified warranty

Sukam Chromium Steel solar inverter 1100Va Brainy Echo

The Sukam Chromium steel brainy echo is a high-performance solar inverter with 1100va power output. This hybrid appliance prioritizes solar power for charging. It allows you to connect up to three solar panels, each having power around 150 to 300-watts. This solar inverter from Sukam is ideal for supporting low to medium power appliances at home.

On the safety front, this Sukam solar inverter comes with automatic temperature compensation that prevents the device from getting overheated. Along with this, it comes with protection against high current and Pv reverse.

  • 1100va power output
  • Can connect three solar panels of 150 to 300-Watts.
  • Useful for long hour power cuts.
  • Enough safety protection
  • With Solar charging priority
  • Two years of warranty
  • Expensive

MICROTEK Digital Solar Inverter M-SUN-1135 VA 12V

The Microtek digital solar inverter has the potential of 1135VA power output in both AC and DC with Dc at 12V output. It supports both tubular or lead-acid battery, even one as low as 35ah. Ideally, the best this appliance support is two parallel batteries of order 150ah each. Also, a low powered battery will similarly provide a little backup.

This solar inverter from Microtek features an advanced seven-segment digital display that indicates the user about low power, overload, input, output, power on, and power usage. Also, a low and high cut off feature automatically cuts off the grid supply during voltage fluctuations and interrupting power.

  • 1135VA power output
  • Compatible with tubular and lead-acid battery
  • High-efficiency
  • Advanced seven-segment digital display
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Makes slight noise while charging or when discharged.

Flin Energy Flinslim Lite Solar Hybrid Inverter – 3KVA / 2400W, 24V with 1500W

The Flin energy is a pure sine wave hybrid inverter that offers a 3kVA power rating and an impressive 24V DC out power 93% peak efficiency. It comes with an in-built PWM high-quality solar charge controller that allows you to save more and more on your electricity bills. This UPS gets equipped with an auto feature that ensures that the inverter automatically switches to the solar & battery mode during a power cut. At the same time, it uses direct power to your home load during day time.

The Flinslim solar inverter is smooth wall mountable. This UPS has got designed to offer great flexibility to the user with customizable twenty different settings that includes load & charging priority, voltage range, etc. Lastly, this Flinslim lite features a bright LCD screen with easy access buttons.

  • 3kVA power output
  • 93% efficiency
  • Built-in PWM solar charge controller
  • Easily wall-mountable
  • Customizable settings with LCD
  • Highly-paid warranty.

Significant factors to know about before buying a solar inverter

Let us learn about some of the important terms that may confuse you in your solar inverter buying process:

Power requirement

Power requirement is the total addition of power consumed by the electrical appliances during power cuts. For example: if you want to operate three fans (70-watts power each), three lights (60-watts power each) and a television (120-Watt) then the total amount of power requirement will be 510-Watts.

VA Rating

VA or Volt ampere is the amount of current supplied by the inverter to the equipment. The VA rating of an inverter is calculated on dividing the power requirement by efficiency, i.e., also known as the power factor. For example:

The average efficiency of an inverter is considered as 70% that in power factor is denoted as 0.7.

Here, VA= 510/0.7= 728.57

Similarly, the solar inverter in the market comes with a VA rating of 800 or near, which is enough for home-usage. 


The efficiency of a solar inverter is the ratio of usable AC output power into the sum of DC input power. Also, the efficiency here depends on the load. A regular inverter feature efficiency between 60% to 80% whereas, solar inverters are always high on efficiency, i.e. equal or above 90%. Make sure the one you choose has the same. 

Internal safety features

The solar inverters these days comes equipped with a variety of in-built safety features that keep the components secure from high current, Pv reverse, voltage fluctuations, interrupted power, overloading, overheating etc. Before you buy a solar inverter for your home, make sure it has enough safety features. 


Last but one of the crucial elements which should be thought of while buying an electrical appliance is its warranty. Solar inverters come with one or two years of warranty within which you can get an unpaid exchange or repair if required. Make sure the model you buy have at least one year of warranty so that you can easily get done with any manufacturing defect. 

Advantages of a Solar inverter

  • Solar inverters are economically friendly as they use energy from sunlight for charging.
  • They save electricity bills up to 70% than usual. 
  • Purchasing a solar inverter cost less than the traditional inverter.
  • They use sine wave, which in result makes the inverter produce less noise and humming sound.
  • A solar inverter has a life span of around 10 to 12 years, which is more than the normal inverters.
  • They can charge with both solar energy as well as electricity. 
  • They provide a longer hour power backup then the regular home inverters.
  • A lot of solar inverter models use direct sunlight to provide power backup during day time while saving the charged energy.


This was all for the Best solar inverters in India. If you are someone who wants to save some of the essentials resources on earth than switching to solar energy is one of the best options for you. Our top pick in terms of efficiency, power rating, quality, warranty and economical pricing is the Luminous Solar hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS/Solar inverter. 

Else you can entirely rely on our list of 5 Best solar inverters in India. All the inverters mentioned in our list are best for home-usage.

Also, in case if you are a first-time inverter user and looking to gather a complete UPS-Battery set than you can follow our 5 Best Inverter Batteries in India article for some of the top battery references.

All in all, we hope you will find all the information helpful and relevant. For any question, queries and, feedback, please leave your comment down below.

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