8 Best Table Fans in India for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Table fans are the most important summer essential. They are our go-to gadgets for those light April summers and essentials for the scorching June. Unlike ceiling fans, the table fans focus their entire air circulation process, particularly on you, making you feel comfortable and relaxed. And because of their size and portability, they are one of the most convenient summer tools which you can place anywhere either in your kitchen shelf, bathroom, as an extra with your air conditioner or for a relaxing evening in your balcony.

If in case you too are looking to beat the heat with table fans, then you are at the right place. Knowing the importance of this appliance, we have tried our best to get all the relevant information and best working models exclusively for you. We have brought a list of 8 Best table fans in India, that will provide you with enough options in the distinguished price range.

To know more, we recommend you to go through our buying guide after the best table fans 2020 list so that you can capture all the relevant information that can help to ease down your table fan selection efforts.

Best Table Fans in 2020

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan 55-Watt

best table fans in India

The Usha Maxx air 400mm is the best in class table fan for 2020. It features aerodynamic polypropylene blades that are responsible for producing high power air delivery with minimal noise production. One can even use it with air conditioners for better air circulation. With an RPM speed of 1280, this summer gadget ensures high-speed air evenly throughout the room. All of these powerful performances get backed with a high-efficiency motor that delivers excellent cooling with just 55-Watt power usage.

This table fan from USHA features an innovative design with a broad base that not only stays sturdy but also adds in a decorative touch to your room. Further, the 120-rib power coated grill with the PPCP ring makes this fan durable no matter how many times you remove and wash it.

  • 1280 RPM
  • 85 cu m/min air delivery
  • Noiseless operations
  • 55-Watts power consumption
  • Innovative design
  • Product warranty- one year
  • A bit expensive

Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan 50-Watts

The Bajaj Esteem table fan is a highly-efficient one with a sweep size of 400mm that provides air distribution in the entire room. It features a high-quality 100% copper motor that is known for its robust performance and increased durability. This magnificent table fan provides 1320 RPM, making your summers quite relaxing and calm throughout. Bajaj esteem ensures silent operations while maintaining high-speed performance.

This compact yet powerful fan works with just 50-Watts of power, consuming power, and saving on your electricity bills. Overall, the Bajaj table fan is an excellent choice for your personal or office use with being high on performance and economical affordable (both with price and power consumption).

  • 1320 RPM
  • 100% copper motor
  • 400mm sweep size
  • 50-Watts power consumption
  • Silent operations
  • One year of warranty
  • Low-quality plastic

iBELL CADIET2 Premium 55-Watt Table Fan

The iBELL CADIET2 premium table fan has got aerodynamically designed blades that offer better airflow than another flat-bladed fan. This iBELL summer device features 1350RPM motor speed that lets you stay calm throughout the scorching summer heat. It also comes with a self-lubricating motor that ensures smooth and unrestricted friction on its own without oiling it regularly. Due to the self-lubricating feature, this table fan from iBELL whisper-quiet operation throughout the summers.

The feature that makes this table fan unique from many others is its two-hour timer. Within this, you can set the fan working with a pre-set timer. Not only this, but the three-speed control lets you customize the airspeed as per the weather or preference.

  • 1350 RPM
  • Self-lubricating motor
  • Aerodynamically designed blades
  • Quiet operations
  • Two-hour timer with 3-speed control
  • Two years of warranty
  • It does not tilt downwards.

Havells Swing LX 400mm Table Fan 55-Watts

The Havells swing LX table fan has 1350RPM that being above than regular gives you high-speed air delivery every time. The fan blades have got designed aerodynamically that ensures optimal air in your entire room. With its 3-speed control regulator, you can opt between low, medium, and high-speed as per the season’s requirement. Even though with the highest speed, this table fan ensures a jerk-free oscillation and silent operations.

The motor of this highly functional fan comes with a thermal overload protector that saves the entire appliance from voltage fluctuations, power outrage, overheating, and even short-circuits. Thus, it helps to enhance the life span of the motor as well as the entire fan unit. The pivoting mechanism makes it easier for the user to customize the fan’s position.

  • 1350 RPM
  • Aerodynamically designed blades
  • 3-speed controls
  • Jerk free oscillation
  • Thermal overload protector
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Makes slight noise when operated in high-speed.

Usha Duos Mist Air Table Fan 400mm 55-Watt

The Usha Duos-mist air table fan is a beautifully designed dual attractive colour one for your home. It features three aerodynamically designed PP blades that produce better air delivery with minimal noise production. With swipe size of 400mm and 60CU M/minute air delivery rate, this table fan is sufficient for cooling down a medium-sized room. You can tilt and lift this Usha fan with a soft hand touch conveniently.

This table fan from Usha features 1280 RPM, which, when compared to many other models with higher RPM, it stills provides a better and powerful air delivery. The fan works on the minimal power consumption of 55-Watts, without making you worry about the electricity bills. Furthermore, this device comes with a fuse that auto-protects the motor during thermal overload.

  • 1280 RPM
  • Aerodynamically designed blades
  • Suitable for a medium¬¬-sized room
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Two years of warranty
  • Produce slight noise

Crompton HiFlo Eva 16-inch Table Fan

The Crompton HiFlo Eva is a 16-inch table fan that is compact and portable enough to move here and there around—made up of high-quality plastic material and a broad &sturdy base, this table fan last long and suits the modern Indian aesthetics perfectly. It works on the minimal power consumption of 50-Watts, saving you a lot economically.

The Crompton table fan has a rotating speed of 1300RPM that is more than the one for regular fans. This is quite efficient for the voltage this fan consumes. With a sweep length of 400mm and an air delivery rate of 60 CU M/minute, this table fan provides you with ideal air circulation throughout the room.

  • 1300 RPM
  • 60 CU M/min air delivery rate
  • 50-Watt power consumption
  • High-quality plastic material with a sturdy base
  • Two years of warranty
  • Excessive vibration

Orient Electric Wind Pro Desk-60 400mm Table Fan 85-Watt

The orient electric wind pro table fan comes with a 5-leaf blade that ensures more extensive air delivery inside the room. The Orient motor gets equipped with a revolutionary CTX technology that removes all the vibrations and oscillation, making the operation quiet yet more reliable and useful at the same time. Its powerful 1350 RPM motor delivers air thrust in a noiseless manner.

This orient summer gadget comes with thermal overload protection that prevents the entire appliance from any damage due to current overload or excessive usages. The table fan ensures higher air thrust with 5700 CMM air delivery at 85-Watt power consumption. Lastly, the 90-degree oscillation and 3-speed controls allow you to customize the fan as per the weather or choice.

  • Five leaf blades with 1350 RPM
  • CTX technology
  • Thermal overload protection
  • 90-degree smooth oscillation
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Slightly more power consumption

Havells Crescent 250mm Table Fan 38-Watts

The Havells crescent 250mm table fan is a mini wonder that can be wall-mounted or placed over a table as per convenience. This mini wonder comes with a powerful motor that gives a superior air delivery. Its aerodynamically designed five-blade function ensures maximum air circulation in a small room or shop. Through the 3-speed control, you can customize the fan’s speed as per the weather and even set a two-hour timer while saving on unrequired operations. Also, with 1350 RPM, it can cool down a room in just a matter of a few minutes.

This Havells table fan offers a 180-degree jerk-free head movement for seamless air circulation from one corner of the room to another. Due to its stable base, you can place this fan on any flat surface, be it your dining bale or kitchen counter.

  • Best suitable for small rooms and shops.
  • 1350 RPM
  • Light-weighted and portable
  • 180-degree jerk free oscillation
  • Stable base
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Not ideal for multiple person usage
  • Bit expensive

Best Table Fan – Buying Guide

The type of fan, features, and functionality depends on the user’s need. And a user needs to understand what he/she requires from a table fan. Today, to help you understand the basics as well as the essential features to keep in mind about a table fan, we have created this buying guide.

Let’s have a look at it.

Blade sweep

Blade sweep is the circular area covered by the blades while they are rotating. The swept area should always be high so that it can serve the air distribution purpose better. In a standard-sized table fan, ideally, the sweep size measures between 400mm to 450mm.

Air delivery rate

Air delivery of a table fan is the volume of air circulation per minute. Here air delivery is measured in cubic meters, which denotes the digit by “CU M/min.” The variables can differ in some brands with CFM as “Cubic feet per meter.” This rate varies from 50-80 or more depending upon the model. Here higher the CU M/min, the more air blows out of the fan.

Fan speed or RPM

RPM or rotation per minute is a measure to denote the speed of a fan. The higher RPM provides a heavy blow, which in result quickly cools down the room, maintaining better airflow. Make sure the one you choose has RPM above or equals to 1250.

Also, when we talk about fan speed, it gets essential to consider the speed setting that particular model offers. Table fans offer 2 to 3-speed control, i.e., low, medium, and high. You can operate them as per the weather or personal requirement while preventing the wastage of extra energy. We recommend you to go for the one with a 3-speed control.


The motor is the base of a table fan’s functioning. Most of the modern-day table fan features a self-lubricating motor that ensures smooth and unrestricted friction without the need for manual oiling now and then.

Another factor related to the fan motor is the amount of power it consumes. Table fans consume very minimal electricity and are one of the most economical home appliances. On average, a table fan consumes 40-Watts to 80-Watts depending upon their size.

Removable grill

All the table fans come with a metal grill cage that covers the blade area. This grill cage prevents the user from an accidental injury that may occur in case your hand come in between the rotating fan. Table fans come with two types of grills- removable and permanent. Removable grills come handy in situations when required to clean the blades regularly. To maintain the cleanliness of the device, make sure the one you buy comes with a removable grill.

Advantages of a Table fan

  • You can place them anywhere on a flat surface, either kitchen, bathroom, lobby, balcony, study room, or wherever required.
  • Table fans are portable and can get carried along anywhere easily.
  • They consume less power, somewhere between 40-90-Watts.
  • They are easy to use and clean.
  • Table fans are compact. One can easily store them in a rack or storage area while summer ends.
  • Inexpensive and budget-friendly.
  • Best for personal cooling.


Table fans are the most affordable cooling device, both in terms of price and power consumption. If you are looking for a personal yet effective cooling experience, then the above list of 8 Best table fans in India is suited for you. You can choose any of the models mentioned in the list without a second thought.

All in all, we hope you find all the information mentioned in this article relevant and helpful for your purchase.

For any questions, comments, and feedback, please leave your comment down below.

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