5 Best Toasters in India for 2020 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, none of us want to miss it because of our active life schedule. Here, toasters stand as our constant companion to help us get our daily breakfast on time from quite some years now. 

Toasters are, no doubt, a vital kitchen gadget for those busy and fast mornings. With this handy gadget and some bread slices aside, you can get a perfect morning meal within very little time. A toaster is something with which our Indian kitchen is familiar for quite a long time now. But with growing technologies and excessive models available in the market, it becomes quite a task choosing one best-suited toaster for your use. 

As a consumer, when you want to make a smart buying choice, we are always available here to guide you with the best and most suited models in the range.

Similarly, today after quite a long research, we have bought you a list of 5 Best Toasters in India, from which you can pick one for your home without a second thought. With the direct Amazon.In the link mentioned below, you can also prevail some exciting discount offers during your purchase.

Furthermore, to explain all the other factors in detail, we have prepared a Buyer’s Guide. Make sure to go through it along the way.

Let’s get started. 

Best Toaster in India 2020

Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster 830-Watt

Best toasters in India

The Philips Daily collection 2-slice pop up toaster is the best-selling model for all good reasons. This compact toaster has two variable slots for different sized bread slices. Its self-centering feature keeps the bread in the center (be it of any size) while browning it evenly from both sides. Along with this, it has an integrated bun rack that lets you warm your favorite bun, rolls, and patties all in one place.

With its eight browning settings, you can toast various types of slices of bread the way you want. Either lightly toasted for sandwiches or crispy enough for bread butter, this Philips toaster can do it all for you.

Not just this, its auto-off feature keeps your bread from browning beyond the setting and even protects the appliance from short-circuit. It also featured a high lift tab that lets you remove even the smallest bread pieces stuck beneath.

Furthermore, you can remove the crumb tray to clean out unwanted settle-down crumb.

  • It features two toasting slots for different sized bread slices.
  • It has an integrated bun rack
  • Eight browning settings
  • High lift tab
  • Auto-off feature
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Attractive and long-lasting plastic body
  • Two years of product warranty
  • Slightly expensive than other models on the list.
  • Short lengthen power cable

Bajaj ATX 4 Pop-up Toaster 750-Watt

The Bajaj ATX 4 Pop-up toaster is the perfect pick for people who are looking for a budget-friendly bread toaster. This compact device comes with a variable browning setting that allows you to toast bread the way you want. With six adjustable browning settings, you can prepare your toast light brown or dark brown as per your choice. This two-slice toaster gives you the convenience of toasting two slices of bread at a time.

The Bajaj ATX Pop-up toaster has a cool touch body that lets you handle the whole process conveniently while saving your hands and fingers from accidental burns. Along with that, it features a removable crumble tray at its base, that collects all those roasted bread crumbs that fell while toasting bread. You can remove and clean the tray anytime easily.

  • Two slice pop-up toasters
  • It comes with a six variable adjustable browning feature.
  • Easy to use cool touch body
  • Removable crumble tray
  • 750 Watts power consumption
  • Skid-resistant base
  • Two years of product warranty
  • The toasting results might differ for big sized bread slices.

Pigeon 2-Slice Auto Pop-up Toaster 700-Watt

The Pigeon 2-slice auto pop up toaster ends all your worries for the morning breakfast. It allows you to toast two bread slices at a time. With its automatic pop-up feature, you no more need to worry about the burning of the slices. While you are busy with your other kitchen chores, this feature automatically takes care of the bread slices.

This auto pop-up toaster from pigeon helps you to get delicious toast every single day. While you have people with various preferences at home, this device allows you to get full, medium, and mildly browned toast through its variable browning control feature.

This bread toaster features a shockproof body that keeps the operations completely easy and safe.

  • Two slice auto pop-up toasters
  • The variable browning control feature
  • Shockproof body
  • 700 watts power consumption
  • Cord binder at the base
  • One year of product warranty
  • It does not have a bread crumb tray

Bosch TAT3A011 Pop Up Toaster 980 W

The Bosch TAT3A011 pop-up toaster is a powerful appliance with 980 W motor. It is efficient to prepare toast faster than any regular toaster. With its automatic bread centering feature, your toast gets evenly browned from all the sides, no matter how small or big slice you insert. Once done with the toasting, it comes with a high lift pull up button that lets you remove even the most minor bread pieces from the appliance safely without burning your hands and fingers.

The Bosch pop-up toaster comes with an integrated warming rack that lets you warm buns, rolls, patties, and even your left-over Indian bread conveniently. While you are busy with the other kitchen chores, this toaster auto-shut off as soon as your bread slice is done while saving them from burning.

  • It features a powerful 980 W motor for quick and fast toasting.
  • Automatic bread centering feature.
  • High lift pull button
  • Integrated warming rack
  • Auto shut off feature.
  • Two-years of product warranty
  • Quite expensive

Havells Feasto 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster 1350W

The Havells Feasto pop up toaster is an excellent pick for a prominent Indian family. Its 2-toasting slots can be utilized for preparing four toast at a time. It comes with seven variable heat settings to provide you the convenience of getting toast in your preferred way. With its high lift lever, you can remove the toast conveniently once they are done.

While using any such electrical appliance, safety is one of the priorities. On the safety front, its heat resistant body stays cool down during operations.

Furthermore, with this stable base, you can place it on the countertop without any difficulty.

  • Four slice toasting capacity
  • Seven variable heat settings
  • High lift lever
  • Defrost, cancel and re-heat button
  • Stable base
  • Heat resistant safe to use body
  • Highly expensive

Best Toaster – Buyer’s Guide

There are certain things you should get familiar with before buying a toaster for your kitchen. A clear concept about types of toaster, timer & temperature, toasting slot, and browning control will make your purchase worthy.

Things to consider before buying a bread toaster for your home

Below is the complete guide that will help you choose the best toaster as per your needs:

The number of toasting slots (Size)- Well, before we step out to purchase any of the home appliances, the first thing we consider is its size. Similar is the case here. The size of a toaster is considered through the number of bread toasting slots it features. It means the number of bread slices it can toast in one go.

Most of the bread toasters in India features two slots. This quantity is enough for a small or medium-sized Indian family as the toasting process is quite quick, and it can fulfill your breakfast needs in a little time only. However, there are four-slice toasters too available in the market with an increased price range. These are suitable for café, restaurants, bakery shops, and even big sized families.

Few high-end toaster models even feature slots for toasting or warming muffins, buns, bagels, paos, and other bakery stuff. Make sure you choose the model that fulfills your family’s requirements.

Browning control- It is an added advantage you can prevail with a toaster. Within this feature, you can control the crispiness of your toast from light, medium to high. It is beneficial if you have people with various toast preferences in the family. The current day toaster models feature 6-9 browning control variables for your customized preferences.

Power- Power is an essential factor to look out for in all the electrical appliances range. In the case of a bread toaster, power is calculated through watts. You can find models ranging between 700 W to 1500 W. Here, higher the watts more powerful the toaster.

However, with this amount of power consumption comes the electricity load. As toasters are used for a minimal time (maybe ½ hour) a day, it consumes very little power to burden your electricity bills.

Easy to clean- Bread toasters are a very compact device with sleek slots, which makes cleaning them a task in itself. Make sure the toaster you pick features a removable crumb tray that will make cleaning more accessible and convenient.

Brand- A lot of you might be familiar with the stress of having a local appliance. While purchasing kitchen gadgets like toasters, it is essential to go after a reputed and known brand. This step will not only benefit you in getting the best-made appliance but also let you prevail some other benefits like warranty and excellent after-sales service.

Cool touch exteriors- Having a safe to use exterior is best for you and your family. A cool touch exterior saves you from unwanted hand burns and is a benefited feature if you have kids back at home.

Cord length- The reason we have mentioned it as an essential factor to consider is that a lot of kitchen appliances these days come with a short lengthen cord that sometimes makes the operations quite tricky for the users. The cord length should be enough to reach the socket in your kitchen.

Price- Having a specific budget in mind will let you choose the best appliance for your use. However, make sure due to the limitations of your budget, you may not miss in for some essential features. You can also take references from the products mentioned above for various budget ranges.

Additional features- A bread toaster is a simple gadget that works well on minimal features too. However, there are some tiny but useful features available that you can consider before buying one such appliance.

  1. Reheat and defrost button: It is not a standard feature but might get you significant advantages. It is ideally for defrosting the frozen bread with the perfect amount of heat and energy. While the reheating button can benefit you for reheating leftover Indian bread or a cold slice of toast.
  2. Self-centering feature: This is quite a helpful feature to keep the bread in the center for browning it evenly from all sides and edges no matter what size it is.
  3. Hi-lift feature: It is a part of the safety of any toaster. It gives the bread an extra pop-up push while letting you pull it out without getting burns on hands and fingers.

Tips and tricks for using a bread toaster

  • Before you start using the bread toaster, read the instruction menu carefully.
  • Do not place it over wet counter-top.
  • Dry-wipe the toaster regularly after every use. Clean the crumb tray for doing so.
  • Always use the right settings for the food type you are using in the toaster.
  • Never use any sharp object like a knife or fork to pull out the bread slice from the toaster.
  • Let the toaster cooldown on itself. Do not try to do it manually.
  • After cleaning it with a wet cloth, let it dry out entirely before you use it again. Allow air to pass through the device.
  • Clean the device inside out at least once in a week for long-lasting.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How much time does a pop-up toaster take to toast bread slices?

A pop-up bread toaster takes between 1-4 minutes to toast bread slices. Exact time duration may vary in different models.

  1. Which is the best brand for pop-up bread toasters in India?

Here are the few of the top-rated pop-up brand toaster according to the user’s rating:

Philips: 4.5*/5*

Bajaj: 4.0*/5*

Pigeon: 3.8*/5*

  1. Which is the best two-slice pop-up toaster available on Amazon.in?

The Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster 830-Watt have all the attractive and useful features one requires in a toasting device. However, it is slightly expensive than many other toaster models but is valuable enough to justify the price. 

  1. Can I warm buns and rolls in a bread toaster?

Yes, many of the bread toasters come with an integrated bun rack that allows warming paos, buns, and rolls all in one place.

  1. Can bread toaster be used to prepare stuffed sandwiches?

No, they might not have enough space to place stuffed sandwiches inside. However, one can prepare butter toast or jam toast in a bread toaster.

  1. How should I clean a bread toaster?

Make sure the toaster has cool down entirely before you start the cleaning process. Follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, remove all the detachments from the appliance.
  • With the help of a thin cleaning brush, get rid of all the bread crumbs and dust particles from in and out.
  • Use a wet brush if there are any traces of grease or tough stains.
  • Make sure you dry the device completely before using it again.

Cleaning toaster once in 3-4 days increases the life span and durability of the appliance. 

  1. What is an average lifespan of a bread toaster?

The average life span of a bread toaster is around 6-7 years on average. However, with proper maintenance and careful usage, it can last for longer years. 


All in all, this was our list for the 5 Best bread toasters in India. You can choose one from them, depending on your budget and comfort. Though, our top two personal recommendations are Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00 2-Slice Pop-up Toaster 830-Watt for the two-slice toaster and Havells Feasto 4 Slice Pop-up Toaster 1350W for a four-slice toaster. Also, in case of any further confusion, you can check our Best toaster in India – Buyer’s Guide. 

We hope you will find the information, as mentioned above, helpful.

For any queries, questions, and feedback, please leave your comment down below. 

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