9 Best Top Load Washing Machine in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Top Load Washing Machine in India (2021) – What is more relaxing than having your clothes get washed with a few simple touches? In big cities in India, no one has got enough time to sit and wash clothes for hours by hand. The busy work schedules do not spare hours for us to do our house chores manually by ourselves. Also, it gets challenging to find a suitable house help who is going to work as per your convenience. At this stage comes washing machines as our savior.

Washing machines allows you to sum up your laundry work in just a matter of half an hour, even without engaging you fully in the process. When it comes to top-load washing machines, you need to fill your laundry along and set the functions accordingly. You even won’t require to transfer your clothes from one tub to another for separately washing and drying.

Keeping the needs of washing machines in focus, a lot of leading home appliances brands from India and other countries have launched several products for our convenience. Now with so many appealing options, it sometimes gets complicated to choose the best one. You may also tend to choose the wrong one sometimes. For your such conveniences we have bought you the nine best fully automatic top loading washing machines 2020 list down below.

What is a top-loading washing machine?

Top loading washing machines allow you to fill the laundry from the above into the washing drum. It is a very convenient choice for people of old age and back problems. The fully automatic top loader washing machine does not bother you to transfer for washing and drying separately. All you need to do is load your laundry, add detergent and water, and let the rest on this appliance. Furthermore, the top-loader comes at an affordable price from around 15K to 25K, delivering superior wash results.

Best top load fully automatic washing machines in India 2020

The list is of well researched top-rated washing machines along with well-described features. Go through the entire list, and the buyer’s guide to pick the best top load washing machine 2020 for your home.

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver)

  • Load capacity – 6.2 kgs
  • Suitable for 3-4 people family
  • LED panel
  • Special features: Magic filter, auto restart and air turbo
  • Diamond drum with 5 water levels
best top load washing machine in india 2021
best top loading washing machines

The Samsung 6.2kg top load fully automatic is a powerful washing machine. It is packed with some extremely great features like Diamond drum, eco tub clean, air turbo, magic filter and much more. This washing machine from Samsung has 6 washing programs to suit all your washing needs. It has a 700 rpm which leads to speedy spinning and quick drying all at one.

This Samsung top loader has a tremendous feature known as magic filter that trap both lint and loose fabric to give you a smooth wash while preventing it to clog on the pipe and drain. Like every other washing from Samsung this one also has Diamond Drum technology where a diamond shaped grooves along with tiny holes to provide your clothes a water cushion. This also prevent the fabric to trap on the sides of the wash drum.

Another amazing feature i.e. the Eco tub clean keeps the washing tub clean without any use of chemicals. With the waterfall feature it evenly distributes the detergent and wash out your clothes thoroughly. The air turbo feature rotates the drum at a very high speed and quick dry your clothes which proves to be very helpful during the monsoons.

Now coming to the outer look its tempered glass look gives you more visibility and a lasting durability. With its LED display and simple controller, it is easy to use and displays a clear information to the user. Its auto restart feature starts the wash cycle from the exact last it was stopped due to power cut. Lastly, its round edged design make it look appealing.

  • Its magic filter trap lint from your clothes
  • Leaves the drum clean with eco tub filter
  • LED display with simple controller
  • Auto restart
  • Appealing design
  • No in-built heater
  • It lacks in some modern technologies

LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine -(T7581NDDLG.ASFPEIL, Middle Free Silver)

  • Load capacity- 6.5kgs
  • Suitable for small sized families
  • 10 ye ars motor warranty
  • 700 rpm for higher spinning and faster drying.
  • Special features: air dry, smart filter, turbo drum
  • Smart inverter technology
  • Stainless steel drum, child lock
best washing machine top load india
best top loading washing machine india

LG has always launched the best for the Indian families. No one can beat LG in understanding the Indian demographics better. Starting with its highlighted feature i.e. The Smart Invertor technology that adjust the energy consumption according to the power required for the motor to run. It eliminates the wastage and control energy uses. The motor is protected with the BMC protection that leaves no chances of dust, humidity and insects build up.

This LG washing machine comes with a turbo drum feature that can remove the toughest stains by infusing strong water streams that rotate drums and pulsators in the exact opposite directions. Its stainless-steel drums are rust free with no chances of bacteria and germ build up. With the punch+3 feature water mixes up the laundry repeatedly by streaming in the vertical directions.

LG has introduced a smart feature in its various washing machine known as smart diagnosis. You can connect this feature to the smart thinQ app on your mobile phone and diagnose up to 86 errors. Its smart closing door take own time to close while leaving any chance to bang upon.

The Auto start feature starts the washing cycle from exactly where it was stopped at while voltage fluctuation and interrupted power supplies. Its tub clean feature ensure the cleaning and sterilizing both in and out leaving it odour free. Lastly, with its child lock feature you can disable the control panel and make it safe from the child play.

  • Invertor motor technology,
  • Smart diagnosis through the app,
  • BMC motor protection,
  • Stainless steel drum,
  • Auto start feature
  • Child lock
  • No inbuilt heater
  • The auto restart function does not work during the child lock feature is on

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Product code TL-RDW)

  • Load capacity- 6.5kgs
  • Suitable for small-sized families
  • 720 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • LED screen
  • Special features: auto dispenser, lint filter, aqua energie, aqua spa, crescent moon
  • Eight water levels
top load washing machines
washer machine top loader

IFB being a huge international manufacturer for home appliance have launched the finest washing machines in India. Realizing our market and demographics, IFB has launched this particular product, especially for us Indians. With its excellent Deep Clean technology, it cleans the toughest stains while being gentle on clothes. The Triadic pulsator cleaning removes the dirt, and its powerful swirl jets bring out dirt from deep down into the fabric. The Triadic pulsator leaves the clothes sparkling and fresh after every wash.

Now Coming to its aqua energy therapy that hydrate, exfoliate, rejuvenate and clean clothes with spa-like care and technology. The Aqua energie feature energized the water and dissolved the detergent in a better way ensuring to give your clothes a softer wash.

This Washing machine from IFB comes with a 3D wash system that completely soaks your clothes before the actual wash cycle starts. With its auto bleach dispenser and softener dispenser, you can add liquid soap, powdered detergent, and bleach without creating a much of hassle.

IFB has come up with the unique crescent moon drum that creates gentle water cushion on the drum surface and prevents your clothes from getting damaged. It comes along with a high/low voltage fluctuation protection feature that continuously monitors the power and pauses the wash program in case of voltage fluctuations. However, it resumes the washing machine cycle ones the power supply gets stabilized.

Another additional feature includes bubble leveler that reduces the vibration and give your washing machine a long life. The balanced auto system to automatically detect and redistribute the clothes evenly to maintain a stable wash thoroughly. Lastly, its aqua conserves feature reuses even the last rinse water to soak clothes hence contributing to keeping the environment conserved.

  • Voltage fluctuation protection
  • Aqua energie therapy to give your clothes a spa-like treatment
  • 3D wash system to thoroughly soak clothes before washing
  • unique moon drum to provide gentle water cushions
  • No in-built heater

Bosch 6.5 Kg Top Load fully automatic Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN)

  • Load capacity- 6.5kgs
  • Suitable for small-sized families
  • 600 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • One touch start panel
  • Special features: steel drum, power wave wash system, dual dispenser, soft closing lid, Eight distinct wash programs, magic filter, Eight water levels, and child lock.
best top load washing machines in india 2019
best fully automatic top loading washing machine in india 2019

The Bosch 6.5kgs fully automatic top load washing machine gets designed to give a little extra care to your clothes. The excellent Power Wave wash system gives you the perfect wash results. Its dynamic water flow and intelligent wave drum movement ensure to bring out the stubborn dirt from every corner of the fabric, leaving them supremely clean.

This washing machine from Bosch has a magic filter feature that traps all the lint and fluffs from your clothes while leaving them extra soft. With the low water pressure feature; thus, the machine is capable of working on water pressure as low as 0.3 bar, which makes it ideal for places with water issues.

Its incredible glass lid is extremely solid and strong to full stand heavyweights. Its soft closing lid avoids sudden bangs protect your hands from sudden injury and keeping the top secured while making no noise. Its superior aesthetics include six color panels to suit well with your interiors and an extremely user-friendly one-touch control panel.

Some other additional features include child lock for enabling the control panel to make it safe from your child’s play. Another brilliant feature consists of the power of memory that restarts the wash cycle precisely from the same point where it got stopped during the power interruption and voltage fluctuations. Lastly, with its Dual Dispenser system, you can flexibly use any detergent or fabric softener while ensuring good solubility and better wash results.

  • Excellent exterior features such as one-touch start
  • Toughened glass and soft closing lids.
  • Child lock to disable the control panel
  • Magic filter to trap lint
  • Can bear low water pressure even at 0.3 bar
  • Auto restart power-off memory
  • No-inbuilt heater
  • Lacks on some latest technologies

Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ELITE 7.0, Grey, Hard Water Wash)

  • Load capacity – 7kgs
  • Suitable for families with 4 or 5 members
  • 740 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Ten years motor warranty
  • Special features: 6th sense technology, 12 wash programs, auto tub clean
  • Additional features: Smart voltage sensors, hard water wash, and power scrub technology.
best fully automatic top load washing machine in india 2020
top load washing machine fully automatic

The Whirlpool 7 kgs fully automatic top load washing machine comes with a powerful scrub technology that creates agitations to knock off the dirt and stains at every wash. Its hard water wash feature maintains the quality and color of the fabric even when washed in hard water. This makes it a must for the Indian demographics, where hard water is a constant problem in a lot of cities.

With its Dynamix technology, it leaves zero detergent residue in even low water pressure. Now talking about low water pressure, this washing machine from LG with its ZPF technology works tremendously well even in low water pressure of 0.017 MPa as well. You can save up to 50% of your wash time for your light clothes with the express wash feature.

It is now about its smart features like magic lint filters that trap and remove lint from your clothes during every wash. The intelligent sensors automatically sense and indicate to you about the low water conditions and low voltage. Along with this, it’s detergent recommendation feature diagnose the load inside the washtub and recommend the detergent amount accordingly.

This washing machine from LG generates moderate vibrations even during heavy load washes. Well, it is coming to its exterior features like the sturdy tempered glass, which is scratch proof — the black control panel, which will look excellent in any of your house corners. It’s auto tub clean feature cleans the tub and leaves it safe from any mold and mildew formulations. Lastly, you can use the child lock feature to disable your wash settings and make it safe from your child’s mischief.

  • 6th sense technology that includes load, water
  • Detergent dose and voltage sensor
  • Hard water wash for keeping your clothes fresh and soft
  • Beautiful outer display
  • Lint trap and ZPF technology
  • No in-built heater

LG 6.2 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7288NDDLG.ASFPEIL, Middle Free Silver)

  • Load capacity- 6.2kgs
  • Suitable for small-sized families
  • 700 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Ten years motor warranty
  • Special features: Distinct wash programs, smart inverter technology, smart filters, turbo drum and 3
  • Auto-restart and child lock
samsung washing machine top loader
which is the best top loading washing machine

The LG 6.2kgs inverter fully automatic top load washing machine comes with its highlighted feature that is the Smart inverter technology that delivers a power-packed performance with its adjustable energy consumption. It adjusts the power consumption with the accordance of the required energy. The machine motor comes with the additional safety of BMC motor protection that secures it from dust, corrosion, and humidity.

This LG washing machine comes with punch+ 3 features that create water streams in the vertical direction and mix the laundry well throughout the wash. Its turbo drum gives the most potent wash and removes the toughest stains through its steady rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite directions. The washing machine allows you to connect its smart diagnosis feature to a smart thinQ app on your mobile phone to detect up to 86 errors effectively.

Its Auto-restart feature restarts the machine cycle from the same point it was stopped during power cuts. The clean tub feature disinfects and sterilizes the tub from both in and out while removing the unpleasant smell. The stainless-steel drums avoid any changes in rust, germs, and bacteria generation. Lastly, with its smart closing door, it gets very smooth while closing and leaves no chance of door bangs and breakage.

  • Smart error diagnosis with the mobile-friendly app
  • BMC motor protection
  • Smart inverter technology for adjustable power consumption
  • Auto restart and child lock
  • The auto-restart function may trouble while the child lock is on
  • No in-built heater

Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM58-020S, White)

  • Load capacity – 5.8kgs
  • Suitable for bachelors and couples
  • 700 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Five years motor warranty
  • Special features: six wash program, quick wash function, memory backup
  • Spacious yet compact with digital display
  • Auto power off and door lock
best fully automatic top load washing machine in india
best top loading washing machine reviews india

The Haier top load fully automatic washing machines delivers great wash result at a very affordable price. It is one of the best in-budget top load fully automatic washing machines in India. Like every other home appliance from their this washing machine also is highly efficient on a performance basis. It comes with a six-washing program with separate functionality based on the type of fabric. With its Quadra flow pulsator, the detergent infuses to every part of the material while keeping it untangled with a perfect wash.

This washing machine from Haier has a quick wash feature that allows you to schedule your laundry time for later hours at your convenience. It quickly washes your laundry without taking much time. The stainless-steel drums are resistant to high spin loads at regular use.

With a plastic exterior, its body remains rust-free, and it is easy to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. Along with the excellent memory backup, the washing cycle will automatically restart from where it got stopped due to the interrupted power supply. Its high-tech sensor fuzzy logic control measures the load and adjusts the wash cycle automatically.

The Haier 5.8kgs top loader has a digital display that informs you about every washing process. This washing machine comes with spacious depth and easy to load height along with transparent tempered glass for an over the top view. With its compact size, it is straightforward to adjust and fit this product at even tight spaces of your house. This makes it a convenient purchase for individuals with limited space.

  • Compact size suitable for small spaces
  • Stainless steel drum with rustproof outer body
  • Digital display
  • Quick wash function for scheduling an hour later laundry time
  • No child lock
  • No in-built heater
  • It has no voltage stabilizer or controller

Whirlpool 7 Kg Top Load fully automatic Washing Machine (STAINWASH ULTRA 7.0)

  • Load capacity- 7 kgs
  • Suitable for families with 4-5 peoples
  • Ten years of motor warranty
  • 740 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • 3D scrub technology, zero plus fill technology
  • Special features: hard water wash, spa wash
best brands for washing machine
which is the best brand for washing machine in india

The Whirlpool 7kgs top load fully automatic washing machine is an incredible washing machine for Indian households. It comes with an in-built water heater that removes up to 25 tough stains with its six-step cleaning process. The in-built heater automatically senses the load and heat the water to eliminate the germs and allergens from your clothes. It can heat the water to 60-degree C.

The 3D scrub technology gently rotates laundry in an up and down motion ensuring to remove almost all the dirt from them. The zero plus fill technology fills the water tub 50% faster, even with low water pressure as 0.17MPa. Its new spa wash lessens the chances of tangling with its prime mover and drum combination. The drum contains 50% fewer holes than any other ordinary drum, which reduce the amount of lint generation and gives you a smoother wash.

The hard water feature keeps your clothes soft and maintains its color even in the hard water. The 6th sense smart detergent feature senses the laundry load and recommends the detergent dosage accordingly, while the Dynamix technology leaves almost no detergent residue even in low water pressure.

Additionally, the Auto tub clean ensure to clean all the dirt from the container during every spin cycle and end of the drain. You can also schedule the wash cycle from 3 hours to 24 hours according to your convenience for a delayed wash. The lint filter automatically traps all the lint from your clothes, leaving them soft after every wash. Lastly, its smart sensor automatically senses and displays the low water and voltage level and pause the wash cycle. It automatically resumes when conditions are appropriate from the exact time it got stopped.

  • 6th sense smart features,
  • 3D scrub technology to ensure an even wash,
  • Inbuilt heater that removes up to 25 toughest stains and 99% of germs and allergens,
  • Spa wash to give your clothes a spa-like treatment,
  • Delay wash for scheduled later hour wash
  • No cons counted

Samsung 7.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA70N4420BS/TL, Silver, ACTIVE Wash+)

  • Load capacity- 7kgs
  • Suitable for families with 4-5 people
  • 700 rpm for faster spinning and quick drying
  • Ten years of motor warranty
  • Wobble technology, Active wash+ technology
  • Additional features: magic dispenser, magic filter, eco tub clean, and diamond drum
best washer machine
which is the best washing machine

The Samsung 7 kgs top load fully automatic washing machine is here to give to complete peace of mind. The ACTIVWash+ technology brings you an adjustable sink to provide you with a convenient place for giving your clothes a pre-wash treatment softly with hands. Here you can start and stop a water jet with just a push of a button.

Stop clothes from getting tangled up and damaged. Wobble technology provides gentle care of fabrics by preventing your clothes from getting tangled. Its Wobble pulsators generate a multi-directional washing flow to stop the laundry getting tangled and twisted with each other. It ensures an ultimate clean with its powerful washing.

A Magic Dispenser dissolves liquid and powder detergent and infuses it evenly to all the laundry. This feature eliminates any chances of detergent residue left behind.

The lint Filter trap all the lint, threads, fluff, and small hairs that come out from your clothes. This feature protects the drainage pipe from getting clogged. The Diamond Drum includes a unique ‘Soft curl’ structure with diamond-shaped edges, especially to treat the delicate fabric. The small water exit holes minimise the chance for your clothes to get damaged.

Lastly, the eco tub feature auto cleans your wash tub and keeps it fresh and clean without the need for harsh chemicals.

  • Its latest technologies ensure to provide gentle care and protect your clothes from any damage
  • With its eco tub clean you do not require to clean the wash tub separately after every use
  • Lint filter traps all the lint, fluff, threads and small hairs coming out from your clothes
  • Lacks in some features such as hard

Buyer’s Guide – Top loading washing machines

Before you step out to buy a top load washing machine for your home, you must go through our buyer’s guide for getting those essential buying tips and tricks. This buyers guide will help you understand all the terms you will come across when you research for an excellent top load washing machine.

When it comes to home appliances, a lot of brands are competing in the market with their most elegant makings. Each of the brands, like Samsung, LG, IFB, Bosch, Whirlpool, Haier have a vast portfolio of a variety of top load washing machines in India. Although we have mentioned a well-researched top load washing machine in India 2020 list, let us now get familiar with other important factors.

Capacity and space/size: These are the topmost aspect one should think of while looking for a washing machine. In India, washing machines come with load capacity from around 5.8 kgs to 9/10 kgs. Please take reference from the table below for choosing the correct load capacity:

5.8 to 6.5 kgsFamilies with 2-3 peoples (preferably bachelors and couples)
6.5kgs to 8 kgsMid-sized families with people around 4-6
8 kgs to 9/10kgsBig sized families with people around 5-8

Another crucial factor is the space of your washing area. Look for washing machines that can comfortably fit in your washing space/bathroom. Make sure you have enough space to move it around a little bit if required.

Top load washing machine advantages and disadvantages

Before investing in the top load washing machines, you must look at both of its kind and bad sides.


  • Top load washing machines are convenient to add clothes directly from the above while the wash cycle is active.
  • These are inexpensive or, in other words, budget-friendly. You will find top-loaders between 15K to 25K in India.
  • The top-loading washing machine allows you to add and remove clothes from the top and does not require you to bend down.
  • It is suitable for people with back problems and old aged ones.
  • Top loaders consume less water than semi-automatic machines.
  • With top loaders, you would not experience constant mould and mildew build-ups.


  • Clothes in a top-loading washing machine may tangle during the washing and drying cycle.
  • The top load washing machine uses more water compared to front loaders.
  • Top loaders take a longer time to dry clothes.
  • These washing machines take a longer time for washing and rinsing your clothes than front loaders.

Frequently Asked Questions( Top Load Washing Machine)

Which is the top brand that offers the best top load washing machines in India?

If it comes to a single name, then LG is the one who has known the Indian demographics, its market, and customers well than any other brand. The washing machines launched by LG suit the overall conditions and demands of us Indians. All the brands we have mentioned in our list above has some brilliantly well washing machines in the Indian market.

For how long does a washing machine last well?

A washing machine can last to countless years if you use it with proper care and well maintenance.

Is top loader cheaper than front loading washing machines?

Yes, a top loader is cheaper than front load washing machines.

Which washing machines last long – front load or top load?

Both front and top load can last you long if you use and maintain them well.

Do washing machines consume a lot of electricity?

It Depends on how much time you are using them daily. However, today there are a lot of washing machine brands that offer some brilliant energy-saving features. They might look a bit expensive in the beginning but tends to save you the right amount of money on electricity.

Final words

We have mentioned some of the best top load washing machines in India based on features, technology, and budget. Along with that, we have also cleared all the advantages and disadvantages of having a top loader washing machine. We hope you will find our top 9 top load washing machines in India list and the buyer’s guide helpful and convenient.

Please note the price of these washing machines may change at any time and we will not be responsible for any of such changes. Do read our selection of best washing machine in India. Check out our home page for more articles

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