5 Best Tripods for DSLR camera in India – (2020) Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Capturing moments in the form of pictures and videos have become like a trend lately. Be it professionally, passionately or as a hobby few of these years have witnessed quite a lot of evolution in the photography world. And for photography along with a camera specifically something like a DSLR camera, tripods have become a go-to device.

Photography has changed drastically from science to an art form. Similarly, tripods have supported individuals to create an art form of their own. Tripods are one of the most useful gadgets that a photographer, a traveller, a YouTuber, a blogger or an enthusiast can ever own. It gives you the flexibility and freeness to shoot and capture the most beautiful and rarest movement with all your skills even if you are alone. The amount of sturdiness, correct angle, portrait or panoramic mode you can obtain from this gadget is quite near to a whole professional shooting team.

With the increasing demand, various Indian and International brands have come up with several tripods which are the most desirable ones too but choosing one from them creates quite a lot of confusion. If you too are one of those confused individuals, then our list of 5 Best Tripods for a DSLR camera will help you in every possible way. So, before a final investment in your photography kit, make sure to get through our list.

Best Tripods for DSLR camera

AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod with Bag 50-Inch

Best Tripod for DSLR camera

Key features

  • Tripod weight- 567 g
  • Material- aluminium
  • Recommended max load weight- 2 kgs
  • Extendable up to- 50 inches
  • 3-way head and 3-section lever-lock

The AmazonBasics is a lightweight aluminium tripod with extendable height up to 50-inches (regularly measures 16.5-inches). It features a 3-way head that allows you to adjust varied angles be it portrait, panoramic, landscape or almost any angle in between. Adjust the direction of the camera and secure it firmly with the knob. A quick-release mounting plate helps you remove the camera quickly to ensure the fast transition between shots.

The most noticeable feature of this device is its 3-section lever-lock legs. While shooting in uneven terrain, you can adjust the leg height of all the legs individually for a stable base. The lever-lock secures all the three legs firmly for stability in various surfaces. Lastly, the tripod is available in expendable sized of 60-inches and 70-inches with a slightly increased price.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • It comes with a zipper storage bag.
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for use in any surface
  • It might not support hefty weight cameras.
  • Nonrefundable and returnable

Digitek Professional DV Tripod for Professional Videography DTR 500BH

Key features

  • Tripod weight- 1.44 kgs
  • Material- aluminium
  • Recommended max load weight- 7 kgs
  • Minimum/maximum extended height- 320mm/1510mm
  • Bubblehead and multipurpose quick release head

The Digitex professional DV tripod is a highly compatible device that supports DSLR, GoPro, digital camera, still camera, smartphones, and a lot of other video cameras. The compatibility makes it best for beginners, learners and professionals too. This tripod has got designed with the most versatile head, including ball head and bubblehead. While the ball head on the top provides an accurate rotation by increasing the stability. In contrast, the bubblehead detects the horizontal position by recognizing the uneven ground level so that you can immediately adjust the position of the tripod.

This tripod has three sturdy rubberized legs with flip-up locks that can get adjusted individually within a few seconds to work smoothly on uneven surfaces also. Now just height but you can even spread the tripod legs to reach different heights in the most awkward areas. This digitex professional is a 2-in-1 Tripod + Monopod in a single purchase.

  • Highly compatible (for both learners and professionals)
  • Sturdy and convenient to handle
  • 2-in-1 tripod and Monopod
  • It comes with a zippered bag for safe storage.
  • One year of warranty
  • The extending handle is slightly flimsy.
  • It’s a bit heavy

Vanguard VK 203 AP Camera Tripod

Key features

  • Tripod weight- 1.1 kgs
  • Material- Aluminum with plastic composite
  • Recommended max level- 3.5 kgs
  • Minimum/maximum foldable/extendable height- 22.62-inches/61-inches
  • 3-way head
  • Various adjustment and locks

The Vanguard VK 203 AP is a traditional camera tripod that is great for beginners and learners. Though, for professionals who are budget concerned can also go for this device. With its 3-way head, you can adjust various angles as per your requirement and convenience. It can hold DSLR and different other light to mid-weight cameras easily. The lightweight build-up of this device makes it portable enough to carry along on trips and outdoor shots.

The quick-release lock of tilting legs with non-slip surface gives you versatility for various shoot locations. Both the x-axis and y-axis are smooth when they get locked. The panning movement of both these axis gives a frictionless effect. Lastly, the swivel head can capably tilt to full vertical angle given you the maximum flexibility.

  • Light-weighted and easy to use
  • Best for beginners
  • It can hold DSLR and another mid-weighted camera.
  • Non-slip adjustable legs
  • One year of warranty
  • It is not recommended for heavy lenses.
  • No ball head feature
  • Quite tall to fit well in backpack

Sony VCT-R640//C Camera Tripod

Key features

  • Tripod weight- 998 g
  • Material – Aluminium, POM, PC ,ABS, and PS
  • Recommended max weight- 3 kgs
  • Minimum/maximum height- 458mm/1441mm (4. 72 feet)
  • 3-way head function with bendable pan head

The Sony VT-R640/C tripod set has got designed for DSLR and SLR camera for both amateur and professional photographers and videographers. Its 3-wat pan head function lets you move the camera in three different levels horizontally so that you can capture the view in various angles. Its smooth camera plate (quick release head) allows the user to smoothly and quickly attach or detach the camera between shots.

This lightweight and portable gadget are best for the ones who are always on outdoor shots. Its sturdy and robust body gives you a focused aim without unwanted trembles. The adjustable leg height of this Sony tripod gives you the flexibility to shoot at any surface type be it indoor or outdoor. It even secures the legs down to the ground providing you stability and sturdiness.

  • It supports both DSLR and SLR
  • Suitable for both amateur and professionals
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • Budget-friendly
  • Nonrefundable and returnable
  • No storage bag

Bosch BT150 Professional Tripod (Camera Holder)

Key features

  • Tripod weight- 1.3 kgs
  • Material- Aluminum
  • Recommended max weight- 3 kgs
  • Minimum/Maximum height- 22-inches/61-inches
  • Flexible with DSLR/SLR camera, point camera, shoot camera
  • Centre rod extension

The Bosch BT150 professional tripod has got suitably designed for beginners as well as professionals. Its stylish design and premium build quality make it one of the best in the range. The three adjustable legs allow the user to adjust the height length between 22-inches to 61-inches as per the shooting requirement. This device also comes with a center rod extension to extend the height further.

This tripod from Bosch has a firm though smooth mounting plate that keeps the camera at place giving you perfect and non-dizzy shot whereas makes the attachment and detachment quite convenient. The adjustable head gives you the flexibility to incorporate various camera including DSLR/SLR, point and shoot camera, and a few other. Lastly, this robust and sturdy device remains tough even while you take it along regularly during travels.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • It can hold various camera types.
  • Affordable
  • Best for professional use
  • Solid and sturdy body
  • No storage bag
  • Nonrefundable and returnable
  • The tightening screws are a bit loose in some cases.

How to choose the best tripod for your camera- Buyer’s guide

Below are a few factors that you should look upon while purchasing a tripod.

Weight and Material

A photographer is always carrying a camera with various lenses, so if you are planning to have a tripod, make sure to focus on its weight. No doubt a heavy tripod will make it uneasy to carry during travels and shoots. That is why it is essential to invest in a tripod that does not weight maximum to 1.5 kgs so that you can conveniently carry it around shoots and travels. All the models in our list is made with aluminium which is a doable material in terms of weight and is sturdy, strong enough to stay with you in the long run.

Load capacity

The primary job of a tripod is to hold the camera properly. Depending upon the camera you use, choose a tripod that can hold your camera’s weight firmly. The product description of a tripod mentions recommended load capacity (in kgs or grams). Fixing a heavily weighted camera with big lenses in a tripod with less load capacity can drop or damage your camera.


Tripods allow you to place the camera at various height conveniently. Generally, the best guide to choose the correct height of a tripod is of your stature as that saves you from frequent bending if you are quite tall. A short-heightened individual can always adjust the height in between as per the convenience. A little extra inch comes handy while you shoot in an uneven surface.

Also, when we talk about a tripod’s height, the foldable height is one important consideration to think of. Know the foldable height of your tripod as it makes quite a difference while you carry it around during travels.


A tripod has to be stable enough to support outdoor shoots, especially in terrain surface. Here stability depends upon the legs of the tripod that provides the base to it. Look for the locks, legs spread region, rubber feet, and individual leg adjustment to enhance the total stability of the device.

Tripod head

It is an essential element, as the camera placement, movement, safety and support solely depend on it. Not all tripods have a head attached, and you may require to buy one separately. Generally, a tripod features various heads named as bubblehead, a 3-way head, ball head, gimble head, pan tilt-head and more. The most common ones that are already present in the tripods are the 3-way head and pan tilt-head which provides both vertical and horizontal movement to the camera.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How are tripods useful?

Tripods are useful in various ways to the user:

  • It helps you to add stability and support so that there is no disrupt, shake, or movement disturbance in between the shots.
  • It helps to focus and frame better at any height.
  • They help to click pictures in every light condition.
  • They allow you to capture long exposure by slower shutter speed up to several seconds.
  • Tripods let you work alone at any circumstance even if you are individually handling all the photography works.
  1. Are monopods and tripods the same?

No, a monopod and a tripod are both different gadgets. A monopod is light weighted, compact and comfortably settles down in your hands grip giving you the freedom of movement. Whereas, a tripod is a three-leg version with a slightly heavier and bulky body then monopod. Though a few of the gadgets are the 2-in1 version of tripod and monopod that gives you the flexibility to use the device accordingly your need.

  1. Are tripods expensive?

Tripods are both expensive as well as cheap depending upon the model, brand and functions it can offer. You can find tripods at a low rate of 800 Rs that can even rise to quite a thousand bucks. The features and flexibility can vary depending upon the price range. An inexpensive one is best for beginners and one with a budget. Whereas, professionals or a team of them can go for expensive ones too.


So, this was all for the best Tripods for DSLR in 2020. As far as our research, there is plenty of option available with quite useful ones amongst them. Still for our reader’s convenient we have brought the list of 5 Best Tripods for a DSLR camera in India. All products in our list fall under the budget category and are suitable for amateurs as well as professionals.

In case you are a budding photographer or want to invest in a camera kit, make sure to include a tripod for the best photography experience. A tripod will not just give you a customized experience but will also assist you through your job in the best possible way.

For any queries, questions, and feedback, please leave your comment down below.

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