5 Best Vegetable Choppers in India (2020) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Chopping is an art, which not everyone can master. Have you ever tried chopping vegetables or fruits on your own? Finger or nail cuts, uneven chopping or tearful onion slicing must be quite known to you. Right? But if you have a vegetable chopper at home, you can keep all these troubles at bay. Yes, we are talking about a vegetable chopper that will assist you in your kitchen chores in the best possible and convenient way.

A Vegetable Chopper is a handy kitchen appliance that eases down your chopping, dicing, and mincing work in a very low time than you actually invest with a knife and board. It has an ability to chop 1 to 3 bowls of vegetables or fruits in one go (depending on the capacity of the model), in 60%-70% lesser time than general. This handy kitchen gadget is quite compact and does not even cost you much which makes owning it a win-win situation.

Made with mainly plastic, a lot of vegetable choppers are available in the market these days. Now while you want one such gadget at your kitchen too, you might be wondering which one is the best both on quality and performance.

Today, to help you down in this, we have brought a list of 5 Best vegetable choppers in India exclusively for you. Further, we recommend you to go through the entire article before making a final purchasing decision.

Best Vegetable Choppers in 2020

Pigeon Handy Chopper XL- With 2X capacity

Best Vegetable chopper in India

Pigeon, a Korea based company, has always been known for its high-quality and durable home appliances, especially in the kitchen appliance range. This XL-sized Pigeon Vegetable chopper is an ideal device to chop all your favourite vegetables and fruits. Due to its 2X capacity, it is suitable for a large Indian family. Its five sharp chopping blades dice down even hard vegetables conveniently with almost no hassle.

This Pigeon Handy chopper uses unique string functionality to chop fruits and vegetables with ease. All you need to do is, slice down the big-sized vegetables like onion, potatoes, bottle gourd, etc. into medium size and put them into the chopper for getting perfectly chopped results. This compact vegetable chopper is made with high-quality unbreakable ABS plastic, that will stay for years in your kitchen despite everyday usage.

This Pigeon Handy chopper XL is also available in a smaller version, suitably for small family usage.

Prestige Double Bowl 600ml Vegetable Chopper

Prestige is a known name in the field of kitchen supplies. Be it a pressure cooker, an induction cooktop or a vegetable chopper, one can never be wrong with prestige. Bringing you this double bowl vegetable chopper and whisker from Prestige that lets you process two food items at the same time, simply through a couple of pulls. This superior and handy device has got two sharp stainless-steel chopper blades that can dice/chop down every vegetable within a few minutes. Along with blades, it also features two whisker attachments for whipping cream or beating egg manually.

The Prestige Double bowl vegetable chopper works with manual efforts that do not let you bother about electricity supply all the time. A simple pull of handle can chop down fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even dry fruits all comfortably. The entire appliance is made up of polycarbonate plastic, which is one of the safest materials to use in the kitchen. Depending upon the number and force of handle pulls, one can dice, finely chop or even puree fruits and vegetables.

Wonder chef Turbo Dual Speed Food Processor

The Wonder chef turbo dual-speed food processor is a one-step advanced vegetable chopper in the range. This multiutility appliance can chop, dice, puree, knead, julienne, mince, blend, crush, and slice a number of food items available in your kitchen. It comes with three attachments- a 3-blade stainless-steel chopper, a four-setting slicer-dicer disk, and a whipper. Not just this, but a pusher attachment on the lid of the device allows you to push the food ingredients inside the jar without opening the lid or spilling the food item.

This unique and multiutility Wonder Chef food processor cum vegetable chopper does all the amazing work without electricity usage. All you need to do is, rotate the handle and let the attachments do their job. Another appreciable thing about this device is its dual-speed gear feature with first gear for power and second for speed. Using the first gear you can chop big chunks and second, you can make finely chopped or puree of the food item. This compact and non-slip/skid device saves a lot of your kitchen space too.

Nova Quick Cut 450-ml Small Plastic Handy Chopper

This handy kitchen assistant from Nova has got designed to assist you in your kitchen tasks. This super-compact device is built for ease of use, giving you a tear-free chopping experience. The sturdy stainless-steel 3-blade attachment is supremely sharp for any type of vegetable or fruit in your kitchen. As claimed by the manufacturers, this high-efficiency vegetable chopper can also get used to mincemeat or chop/dice dry fruits.

With a one go chopping capacity of 450ml, this small device is sized enough to fulfil a small or medium Indian family’s need. It is made with unbreakable ABS plastic and will last for long years in your kitchen even with regular usage. Its manual processing saves you completely on electricity usage. The anti-skid base keeps the appliance settled on your countertop while you complete your chopping. All the components of this Vegetable chopper are dishwasher safe, which makes its cleaning super easy.

Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 600-ml vegetable Chopper 

The Borosil chef Delite vegetable chopper is an electric chopping appliance, known to give the finest results. This 600-ml capacity vegetable chopper can chop a good amount of vegetables and fruits in one single operation. It comes with two sets of sharp stainless-steel chopping blades that can dice even hard food items like dry fruits with complete ease. The dual blade operations enable the chopping of leafy vegetables. This electric chopper operates with just a press of button attached at the top of the lid section.

This vegetable chopper from Borosil features an anti-skid base, that also doubles up as a lid for the chopping container. This feature also allows you to store the chopped food items in the container itself. The safety of the motor is a prime concern with electrical appliances. Though this particular model comes with an in-built thermal auto cut-off feature to prevent motor failure during voltage fluctuations or power interruption. Furthermore, its low noise motor operation keeps your kitchen chores calm and silent all the time.

Important things to keep in mind before buying a vegetable chopper in India

Buying a vegetable chopper is definitely not rocket science but one should definitely know all the details about the device before stepping up to buy one. Below are the important points and recommendations for you, make sure to go through it rigorously.

First, let’s start with the types of vegetable chopper.

Types of vegetable choppers in India

There are mainly two types of vegetable choppers available in India- Manual and Electric. The main operations of both the types are similar and only a few of their usage and specifications may differ.

Let’s have a brief look on them through the table given below:

Manual Vegetable chopper Vs Electric vegetable chopper

Both the versions of vegetable choppers are quite convenient to use and clean. With a similar chopping method, a chopping blade placed inside the container when closed tightly with a lid from above, then processed through a string handle/rotating handle or electric push button, dice or chop the food items inside the container.


The capacity of the chopping container depends on the size of your family or your shopping needs. Smaller capacity models are perfect for mincing ginger, garlic, green chilies, and similar small veggies. Though, at the same place, it can chop various veggies. Make sure to choose the correct size depending on your requirements.


Detachable Sharp stainless-steel blades are always a better option for vegetable choppers. These are the best to give you your desired chopping results. Cheap quality blades might not give you good results and can damage quickly. So, choose a model that features stainless-steel sharp edge blades.

Build-up material

Not just the blades and capacity of the container but also the build-up material matters with a vegetable chopper. Since this appliance is used to chop food items, it makes sure it is made up of high-quality BPA free plastic or ABS quality material. A daily use appliance like this should be made up of the finest quality material to support your healthy life.

Brand and budget

When we surf for a product review online, the main concern is to choose the best brand in our desired budget. Similarly, vegetable choppers are available in distinguished brands from local to nationally and internationally known ones. Make sure you choose the best. A few of the top known brands for vegetable choppers are Pigeon, Prestige, and Nova.

On the budget concern, vegetable choppers are quite inexpensive and affordable and are available with a starting range of 250 Rs.

Benefits of using a Vegetable chopper

  • The first and the best part of using a vegetable chopper is that you get uniformly chopped pieces (size and thickness) with minimal efforts.
  • Chopping or dicing vegetables/fruits in a vegetable chopper saves you 60% to 70% more time than in general.
  • A vegetable chopper is the most convenient help for people with a terrible knife/culinary skill. It even saves you from unwanted finger cuts.
  • They occupy less kitchen space than food processors and you can even place them in your small kitchen storage.
  • Vegetable chopper comes with detachable attachments which makes cleaning an easy task. A lot of models even are dishwasher safe.
  • You no longer cry while chopping onions in a vegetable chopper. Just peel and divide the onion (for big-sized) into four chunks and place them in the container for chopping. With small-sized onions, you can place them directly into the chopper after peeling.
  • Vegetable choppers are inexpensive thus, saves you a lot of money.


We know how relaxing it is to get all the vegetables chopped before you. This is now a dream come true with a multifunctional device- vegetable chopper. With quite a good research investment we have come up with the list of the 5 Best Vegetable Choppers in India above in the article. You can pick any of them for your kitchen assistance without a second thought. As per our recommendation, the Pigeon Handy Chopper XL- With 2X capacity and the Prestige Double Bowl 600ml Vegetable Chopper is the most convenient choice amongst all.

This was all about the Vegetable choppers. Ending here with the hope that you will find the information mentioned in our article helpful.

For any questions, feedback, and queries please leave your comments down below.

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