6 Best VR Headset in India 2021 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are looking for the Best VR headset in India 2021, then this is the right place to be. Virtual reality gadgets are in the way of bringing the virtual space in real life like feel. Today Virtual reality is ruling the gaming world, making VR headsets a preference for gamers and media enthusiasts. Though VR headsets are still new to a lot of people, many high-end brands have already begun the competition with better than the other models.

Despite the limited options available, it is still essential to choose the right one for your needs. With distinct features and various big brands in competition, it is quite confusing to select the best VR headset in 2020.

Top 6 Best VR Headset in India 2021

To help you in this buying process, we have compiled a list of top 6 best VR headset in 2020 that works well with all your smartphones. We have bought your pocket-friendly and expensive, both depending on your budget and preference.

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

  • Lightweight with breathable fabric
  • Next generation oculus lenses
  • Fast switch LED, wide quad
  • Integrated spatial audio
best vr headset in india 2021
best vr headset in india 2021

One of the ruling VR headsets in the market, the Oculus Go, is a super lightweight product that gives you an ease of experience. It is a little pricey but worth a buy. Made up of very durable plastic, foam molding, and mesh fabric, this VR headset is a very soft and breathable one in the range. Equipped with the next generation Oculus lenses and Fast LCD, this device lets you experience a wide field of view and amazing visuals. The integrated GO’s speakers give you an excellent sound output for an immersive feel of headset. It also provides you with a headphone jack in case you do not want to use the speakers.

The Oculus Go standalone VR headset has a straightforward, user-friendly remote controller navigation. It has a power button and volume rocker at the top left corner. Though as this headset is sensor-equipped, you don’t necessarily need to operate the power button while using or shutting it off. The sensors make the device automatically turn on and off while you put it or remove it from your head. Oculus has not compromised with quality by any means in this device, which takes it to the top of our Best VR headset in the Indian list.

HTC VIVE – Virtual Reality System

  • Real life 360-degree movement
  • Immersive audio feel
  • Enhanced graphics
best vr headset in india 2021
best vr headset in india 2021

The HTC VIVE VR headset is one of the finest headsets available in the current time. Though it is quite pricey, it provides you with a straight out of the future experience. Even though each of the components of this kit gets built with thick, durable plastic still, the VR headset is not hefty at all. With tracking dots appearing across its face, this headset creates a dynamic and distinct look compared to other prominent headsets available in the market.

This HTC VIVE VR headset comes with a wireless controller that is designed explicitly like an extension of your hands to make the interaction feel intuitive and natural. Its steam VR tracking technology allows the controller to track their location and movement so that they can explore and interact with the virtual world. Lastly, the incomparable visual feel along in a VR journey makes you feel real and emotionally stunning at the same time.

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

  • Oculus touch controllers
  • 8 GB + RAM
  • 6 free titles that includes Robo Recall, LuckyÊŒs Tale, Quill, Medium, Dead and Buried, and Toybox
best vr headset in india 2021
best vr headset in india 2021

Oculus Rift + Touch is another premium high-end VR set that gets designed to give you an entirely real VR experience with its visual system, processing system, and RAM. It comes with a very low latency tracing that provides you immersing onscreen gaming experience. While you connect the device with your gaming console, it unfolds next-level gaming controls for you. This kit comes with two touch controllers and two sensors. However, it is still compatible with other devices such as a joystick, XBOX controller, steering wheel, etc.

As real as their name, its life-like hand-worn controllers bring you in the exact flexibility, presence of combat, and artwork as you expect from a VR gaming console. This device gets specially built up for adventures that let you explore a completely new world with an adjustable headset that is so comfortable that you can even forget if it’s there. This Oculus Rift VR device comes with a complimentary 6 free titles LuckyÊŒs Tale, Robo Recall, Quill, Dead, and Buried, Medium, and Toybox.

Best VR headset under 5000

AuraVR Pro VR Box Headset with Remote Controller, 42 mm Fully Adjustable 3D VR Glasses

  • Unique lenses and focal adjustment features
  • Optical grand nano coated lenses
  • VR remote controller
best vr headset in india 2021
best vr headset in india 2021

The Aura VR Pro headset a large 42 PMMA nano coated optical resin lenses that gives you a spectacular cinema-like experience. This headset can also get used with specs allowing you to adjust the inner pupillary distance and lens distance. It comes with air vents and a removable front lid for perfect heat ventilation during long hour uses.

This VR headset gets made up of plastic and foam padding that seals it perfectly to give you a fine VR experience. The Aura Pro supports smartphones ranging from “3.5 to 6” inches while giving you a perfect 3D and 360-degree video experience. It is compatible with android 4.1 and above additionally, the smartphone that must have a gyro sensor and proximity sensor for working seamlessly.

The Aura VR Pro comes with a Bluetooth gaming remote that can easily control the VR apps without bringing the phone out of the holder. This Bluetooth remote features gaming buttons and joystick that even assist you to play VR games on your mobile phone.

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset 40MM Lenses -For IOS and Android – (Black)

  • 40 MM lenses
  • In-built touch buttons
  • Freebie magnetic clicker
  • 8 layered nano coated superior lenses
best vr headset in india 2021
best vr headset in india 2021

Procus ONE VR headset comes with 40 MM lenses that make you surpass 100 degrees while expanding your field of view for a magnificent viewing experience. The polished HD lenses give you eye safety and viewing comfort while the built-in IPD adjustment helps you for a sharper vision. You can enjoy VR applications like gaming, movies, streaming, and videos with its in-built touch button. This in-built button works with just a touch without the need to frequently open the headset.

This superior quality VR headset works conveniently with smartphones having gyroscope and other devices with screen sizes ranging from 4.7 to 6 inches. The Procus ONE YV headset is not only compatible with android and iOS but also efficiently works with cross-platform devices such as Lenovo K4 Note, HTC Windows, Samsung, LG, and many more. It provides a sufficient space to plug in your headphones externally if required. Lastly, this device is easy to wear with adjustable headband, head backing, and front face padding.

Irusu Monster VR Headset Box with Remote Controller and Conductive Touch Button

  • Free remote and touch buttons
  • Fully adjustable lenses
  • In budget device
  • Stylish and comfortable design
best vr headset in india 2021
best vr headset in india 2021

The Irusu Minster VR headset comes with 42 MM HD Resin lenses that give you a larger Field of view while reducing the window effect. These lenses can get adjusted in two ways: IDP (to fine-tune the lenses using a scroll wheel as per your eye distance) and focal adjustment (to focus on the mobile screen for a clearer view). The Irusu VR headset can get used with various devices such as Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Moto, Nexus, Google Pixel, and other smartphones that have a gyroscope.

This Irusu monster VR headset weighs around 327 grams, which is comparatively less than another headset in competition. It features a cooling vent for removable panels that makes it comfortable during long usage. Unlike many other headsets, this VR headset has a three-way head strap that provides you stability while you move your head in any direction. Along with this, it has a soft couching for sweat resistance and a comfortable VR experience. Entirely made with durable plastic and cushioning, this device can hold from “4 to 5.9” inches in size.

Virtual reality- The concept

best vr headset in india 2021

Virtual reality is the artificial replication of human senses like touch, smell, visualize, and smell. This replication gets created with software and presented to humans in such a form that they start accepting it as a real environment. Though the virtual reality in headsets is specifically of two senses: sight and sound. These VR headsets are mostly known for their high degree of stimulation.

VR Headset – The buying guide

It is not very old when the existence and popularity of virtual reality came into light. Bringing the sound clarity and HD visuals it has made gaming a very different experience. However, its recent existence has still kept its features, specifications, and other factors in the dark for a lot of us. Today to get a clear concept, we have bought you the main factors you need to think about before buying a VR headset.

Lenses quality: Lens quality is the main priority of the VR headset. The excellent quality of the lens is responsible for clear visibility of images and videos. Ideally, lenses should be of 42MM diameter and must get made up of optical resin with 8-layer nanotechnology.

best vr headset in india 2021

Field of view (FOV): Field of view in a VR headset gets defined as the extent of the observable world that can get seen at any moment. Higher the FOV means a better VR experience. Most of the models available in the market offer 110- or 120-degree viewing option, whereas some expensive and advanced models provide a 360-degree viewing option.

Size and compatibility: The VR headset you pick must be compatible with the size of your mobile because obviously, you would not want a box with lenses that fit of no purpose to you. Look for the indication in the model and make sure it is compatible with your smartphone. A lot of models show compatibility with phone screen from 3.5 to 4 inches, but it is recommended to use of at least 5 inches as lower screen cause a narrow FOV and may result in reducing your VR experience.

Controllers: Controllers are significant to monitor the functionality of VR headsets. Components such as remotes and hand gears can be connected to the headset via Bluetooth for availing an easy interface for the user. Controllers help you to operate every feature with just a single touch in case if you face difficulty in handling the device manually.

best vr headset in india 2021

Quality: The hardware builds up the quality of any device is equally important as its technology and features. A VR headset with poor quality plastic and improper finishing will trouble you in performance and won’t last long and efficient for you. It is better to choose a headset with high quality, environment friendly plastic along with soft mesh cushions for long-lasting durability and comfort.

Frequently asked questions ( Best VR headset in India)

  1. Are VR headsets bad for eyesight?

Large screen time with any such device is harmful to eyesight, especially for kids.

  1. Is VR headset a useful purchase?

Gadgets and devices like VR headsets can term as “Useful” for people who are very much into gaming and streaming. It lets you enter the virtual world with amazing games, innovative controls, and real-life visual experience.

  1. Are VR headsets costly?

VR headsets, when launched, were reasonably expensive. There are many models of this device available with the price range of 60,000 to 80,000 in the market. Though today you can find smartphone-friendly VR headsets at an affordable price of 2,000 to 5,000 available both in market and e-commerce stores like amazon.in.

  1. Is it essential to use external earphones while using a VR headset?

No, it is not necessary to externally plug in earphones while using a VR headset. Though, using earphones may give you a better sound quality than in general.

  1. What should I do if the video quality on VR gets blurry?

In case video quality in VR gets blurry, either go to the video settings and shut off the zoom option or check the position of the smartphone, whether it is fit or not. Also, try removing the phone case.


All in all, we hope you find our best VR headset in India 2021 list useful. We have tried to mention a few of the top and best-reviewed VR headsets with a different price range on our list so that it can be easy for you to navigate through various budgets. Also, we have mentioned some important information about VR headsets in the form of a buying guide so that you can have a fair idea about this device before you step forward to buy it.

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