10 Best Water Purifiers in India for 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

We, humans, are dependent on the requirement of purified water to living a healthy and happy life. This dependency has made water purifiers as a necessity to all of us. It has not become hard to find pure water without a water purifier. Especially in big cities where pollution is an active component to contaminate water, one cannot survive without clean water.

We all know and see different types of water purifiers in the market and advertisement. All the companies claim to offer you the best features and technologies in every price range. Such varied options and appealing promotions of such appliances make it a difficult task to choose the best one suiting your home. It often leads to select the wrong one or the one that does not suit your needs and requirements.

Best Water Purifier in India 2020

Now to eliminate such circumstances, we have presented a list of best water purifiers in India 2020 list for making you choose the suitable one for your home. We advise you to deeply go through the list below to understand each of the mentioned product better.

KENT New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 litre/hr Water Purifier

  • Multi stage purification technology of RO+ UV/UF
  • Patented mineral RO technology and Save water technology
  • Water storage tank capacity – 8 litres
  • Purification capacity – 20 litres/hour
  • CE certified and awarded
  • Suitable for all water sources
  • Additional features: Water level indicator, filter change alert, UV alarm, TDS controller
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The KENT new grand offers you a multi-stage purification technology with RO + UV/UF that effectively removes microorganism, virus, salt and other dissolved impurities while making water safe for drinking purposes. It supports water from all sources, including tap, municipal corporation, borewell, or tanks and purifies all types of water with equal ease. This feature makes it suitable for Indian conditions.

The KENT new grand comes with a patented Mineral RO technology that along with the support of a TDS controller retains essential and natural minerals and provide you safe and tasteful drinking water. This feature is crucial and helpful as during the RO purification loss of minerals is a natural phenomenon. This water purifier from KENT has a storage capacity of 8 litres and purification capacity of 20 litres/hour, which makes it suitable for prominent Indian families.

This KENT water purifier comes with a water level indicator that makes it easy to have an eye over stored water. This appliance can is suitable for an area with TDS between 500 to 2500. The save water technology saves up to 40% of the water that is outlet during the purification process. It throws out around 650 ml of water for every 1 litre of water purified that is quite less wastage than other purifiers.

Along with this, the KENT new grand comes with one year of warranty and three years free servicing with no extra charges. Its in-built SMPS protects the purifier from voltage fluctuations. Its filter change alert and UV fail alarm updates during filter change needs and fault in UV. Also, if the filters get not changed within 60 hours of signal, the purifier will automatically stop functioning that makes it a fail-safe appliance.

  • Filter change alert and UV fail alarm
  • Supports all water inlet sources
  • TDS controller
  • Three years free servicing from the time of purchase
  • High storage capacity
  • Outsource less water wastage during the purification process
  • Bit expensive

LG WW182EP RO+STS+UV+UF (Mineral Booster) RO Multi-Stage Filtration with 8 LTR. Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

  • 5 stage RO filtration technology
  • Dual protection stainless steel tank
  • 2 in 1 care feature with a secondary valve with clean water for new uses.
  • Additional features: Mineral booster and digital sterilization, UV led protection,
  • Filter change indicator, UV sterilizing indicator, and water level indicator with a smart display.
  • Water tank storage capacity up to 8 litres
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When we talk about any LG home appliance, there is no chance of doubt in its performance. Same goes for this advanced LG water purification system. Starting with its highlighted feature that is its multi-stage (5 stages) filtration technology that removes all the viruses and bacteria and ensures to deliver you purified form of water every time. The 5th stage mineral booster filter helps to retain minerals in the water, making it healthier and tastier and prevents the mixing of purified water with impure one.

This water purifier from LG comes with dual protection stainless-steel tank that maintains the freshness and reduces the growth of bacteria and algae in the water. The stainless-steel tanks have 94.4% e. coil growth in a day than plastic containers. Its dual protection seal ensures the water remains safe for drinking. The digital sterilizer uses the most hygienic method to sterilize faucet, tank and the entire water path uniquely and without any use of harmful chemicals.

This LG water purifier comes with a 2 in 1 smart care feature that offers a secondary valve beside the purifier with a clean water outlet for new uses such as vegetable rinsing and more. The LG authorized filters to come with long-lasting durability and efficiency. Along with this, you can place it on a countertop or mount it on the wall as space availability.

The smart display design indicates about power, water level and filter change for your ease. Its appealing build-up makes it an addition for your kitchen’s overall look. Its RO recovery plus filter ensure for almost 50% water recovery solutions. Lastly, this LG water purifier gets certified for dispensing health-friendly drinking water.

  • Stainless steel water tank
  • 2 in 1 water solution with a secondary valve for fruits and vegetable rinsing
  • 5 stage purification system
  • Smart display for a filter change, water level and power
  • Highly expensive

Havells Max 7-litres Water purifier with RO UV

  • 7 stage RO+UV protection
  • Seven litres water storage capacity with a purification capacity of 15 litres/hour.
  • Suitable for all water sources
  • Voltage fluctuation protection
  • Auto alerts for tank full, low water pressure, purification process, pump failure, UV/SV error alert
  • I protect purification monitoring
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The Havells Max RO+UV water purifier comes with a 7-stage purification that consists several filters like an activated carbon filter, Sediment filter, RO membrane, germicidal UV, Mineral cartilage, Silver Impregnated Taste Enhancer and Revitalizer Cartridge. This feature ensures pure and high tasting water with all essential minerals. Its Mineralz feature freshens the RO purified water with crucial mineral and rectifies the pH value.

This water purifier from Havells offers you a Revitalizer feature that ensures to restructure the water molecule and activate them biologically. This feature helps in improving the mineral absorption capacity of water. With a water storage capacity of 8 litres and 15 litres/hour purification capacity, it is an ideal appliance for prominent Indian families.

The Havells max RO+UV water purifier has a contamination proof tank cover that keeps the storage tank free from all kind of dust and impurities. The advantage of this storage tank is that it is removable and it allows you to remove and clean the tank whenever required. Its advanced voltage fluctuation protection guard protects the water purifier from any electrical damage.

Its Smart iProtect feature monitors the water purification process and ensures pure water. The unique soft-touch faucet provides a smooth flow of hygienic water with zero possibilities of a splash at all. Additionally, the water purifier gets equipped with smart alerts including tank full, purification and self-diagnostic and error alerts for SV, UV or pump failures.

  • Its double purification feature ensures 100% water passes through RO+UV,
  • Smart alert and error alert system
  • A soft-touch faucet for zero water splash
  • Mineralizer cartage to add and restore all the natural minerals
  • Contamination proof removable tanks
  • In an area with high TDS, it may require high maintenance

Eureka Forbes Aqua sure from Aqua guard Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

  • RO + UV + MTDS technology
  • MTDS technology to help you control the taste of water
  • Water level indicator and tank full Led indicator
  • Auto power shut once the tank is full
  • 6 litres water storage capacity
  • Voltage fluctuation protection between 150 V to 270 V
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Eureka Forbes is one of the latest brands to introduce water purifiers in India. With over 35 years of experience in this particular field, it makes some superior water purification technology to tackle various water conditions in India.

This water purifier from Eureka Forbes comes with an MTDS technology to enrich the drinking water experience in Indian cities where water supply gets done through different sources that vary in taste. Its RO + UV + MTDS technology treats water from various sources like municipal corporations, wells, tanks and taps while making it suitable for drinking and cooking purposes.

This Eureka Forbes appliance comes with a water storage capacity of 6 litres which makes it suitable for small Indian families. Also, its intelligent cartage life gives you 6000 litres of water, ensuring for yearlong protection. Its smart TDS regulator reduces total dissolved salts up to 90% ensuring safe and tasteful drinking water. With its exceptional reverse osmosis cartridge filtration, it reduces TDS, pesticides, heavy metals, cysts, viruses, protozoa and hardness. Also, its UV disinfects chamber eliminates water bone diseases causing bacteria, making it pure to drink.

Additionally, it comes with an in-built energy saving sensor that auto power off once the water tank is full. The multi-colour led indicator displays different colour lights for tank full, low incoming water, no water supply and error with the machine. Lastly, its compact build up and smart look make it easy to place at countertop or wall mount according to your needs.

  • Advanced RO+UV+MTDS technology
  • Multi-colour led indicator for different water situations
  • Smart TDS regulator that dissolve salts up to 90%
  • Voltage fluctuation protection, 6000 litres cartage for year long relief
  • Support all water inlet sources.
  • Waste a lot of water

KENT Superb Star 9-litres Wall Mountable RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller (White) 20-Ltr/hr Water Purifier

  • Double purification and mineral RO technology
  • In-tank UV disinfection technology and save water technology
  • Nine litres of water storage capacity with a purification capacity of 20 litres/hour.
  • Auto RO membrane flushing
  • Three years of free servicing
  • Reduced and recovery of water wastage up to 50%
  • Led digital display
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The advanced Kent water purifier uses a multi-stage purification process RO+UV+UF+TDS Control to remove all the water impurities. Its unique In-tank UV disinfection technology with UV -LED light to ensure to keep the water stored inside the tank germ-free and healthy to drink and keep it safe from all microorganism and contamination of germs. This water purifier supports water inlet from various sources such as tank, a municipal corporation as well as brackish.

The double RO+UV purification feature removes water dissolved impurities like bacteria, viruses, salt and chemical while making it safe and fresh for drinking and cooking purposes. The latest mineral RO technology along with TDS controller retains all the essential mineral in filtered water, ensuring safe and clean water to use.

With high storage capacity of 9 litres this water purifier is suitable for big sized Indian families. Its high purification capacity provides 20 litres of filtered water every hour. Along with this, save water technology reduces water wastage and recover more purified water. Also, the rejected water is stored in a separate tank to make it avail for other household purposes.

The unique digital display provides you with all the essential purification parameters such as Ro flow rate, filter rate, feature failure and mineral content for user’s ease. Along with this, it also displays the filters remaining life. This water purifier can be either placed on a countertop or can get mounted on the wall as per the convenience. This RO water purifier recovers over 50 % of water while contributing to the reduction of water wastage. Kent offers three-year free servicing with this water purifier that reduces the load for after-sales support.

  • UV disinfection tank to keep the stored water pure and safe,
  • Big water storage of 9 litres capacity, recovers almost 50% water
  • Three years of free after-sales servicing, a digital indicator for mineral content, filter change and other errors
  • Little expensive

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre Water purifier 60-Watt RO+UV+UF

  • RO+UV+UF+TDS controller
  • Double purification, mineral RO technology and in-built TDS controller
  • Made up of ABS food grade plastic
  • Supports all water inlet sources
  • Tested and certified product
  • 7 litres of water storage capacity with 15 litres/hour purification capacity
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The Kent Ace mineral water purifier comes with a Mineral RO technology that delivers you healthy drinking water by retaining the minerals in purified water through a TDS controller. This feature replaces all the minerals lost during the purification process and ensures you with tasty and safe water to drink. Its double purification feature consists of both UV and UF that eliminates even the dissolved impurities like salt, chemical viruses and bacteria from your drinking water, making it safe to use.

The Kent water purifier is capable of filtering from various inlet sources such as tap, municipal corporation, tank and borewell while giving you pure water. This appliance gets also equipped with a UV lamp that deactivates harmful microorganism while giving you 100% pure drinking water. Its computer-controlled features like filter change alarm and UV fail alarm alerts ensuring your convenience and safety. The filter change alarm indicates during the requirement of filter replacement, whereas the UV alarm alerts you when the UV lamp becomes inefficient.

The high-grade food plastic storage tanks offer you with storing capacity of 7 litres along with the appliance purification capacity of 15 litres/ hour. Along with the above stated features, this water purifier from Kent is WQA, and NSF tested & certified to meet the highest level of quality and safety measures. Additionally, it also is a gold seal certified for delivering excellent purified water quality.

  • An all in one RO+UV+UF+TDS controller
  • It supports the purification for water from all inlet sources
  • UV lamp to deactivate even the tiniest microorganism
  • leak-proof and easily install-able (although the company provides a free installation after purchase)
  • It alarms you during filter change, and UV fails
  • Tested and certified
  • Slightly expensive
  • Waste a lot of water during the purification process

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4WHAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

  • Six stage purification process
  • Double RO + UV protection and aqua taste booster
  • Large storage tank and large capacity filters
  • 7 litres storage capacity with 12 litres/hour purification
  • Copper impregnated activated carbon
  • Indicators and alerts feature
  • Child lock function
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The Blue star aristo RO +UV water purifier has a 6-stage purification process: Pre-sediment filter, Pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, post-carbon filter with ATB, and UV lamp. This efficient purification process delivers you the best quality water to drink. It comes with an aqua taste booster feature that maintains the PH level of water, thus enrich and enhance its taste. With an optimum PH level, the water gets alkaline and proves to be good for your health.

The storage tanks store up to 7 litres of purified water for your consumption. Its 10-inch large capacity filters efficiently purify water up to 12 litres/hour. The UV fail signal provides a quick signal in case of UV lamp failure, whereas the low-pressure alerts in case of insufficient water supply input in the purifier. With a coloured light in the front display, it indicates you in both instances of purification on and a tank full.

With a high-quality RO membrane, this water purifier efficiently a high purification capacity throughout. Its copper impregnated activated carbon removes odour and volatile organic compound from water along with its anti-bacterial properties. Lastly, its unique child lock feature allows you to disable the tab and stop the dispensing of water with just a touch of a button.

  • ATB maintains PH level and alkalinity thus improve the taste and quality of water
  • 10 inches large filter for efficient purification
  • Child lock feature to prevent unwanted water dispensing
  • Low pressure and UV fail alert
  • Purification on and full tank indicators
  • Copper impregnated activated carbon removes odour, smell and volatile organic compounds from your purified water
  • Budget-friendly
  • Makes noise during the purification process
  • It has no alerts for filter change

Havells Digi touch 7-litres water purifier with RO UV

  • The powerful eight-stage purification process
  • Double UV purification to enhance oxygen level in purified water
  • Special features: Auto diagnostic system, Zero water splash, ingress protection tank cover, programmable dispensing, iProtect purification
  • Additional features: smart touch interface, error and maintenance alert, digital clock
  • 7 litres storage capacity with a purification capacity of 15 litres/hour
  • Build up with food-grade plastic

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The Havells Digi touch RO+UV water purifier offers you an 8-stage purification with various filters, activated carbons, a taste enhancer, germicidal UV and more to provide you safe and healthy drinking water. Its double UV protection sterilize stored water every 4 hours for assured safe drinking water and enhance the oxygen level throughout. It comes with a storage capacity of 7 litres to provide you adequate amount stored drinking water every time. Along with this its 15 litres/hours purification capacity ensures enough amount of drinking water for your family.

This Havells water purifier gets constructed with food-grade plastic which makes it safe to use and ensure its durability. Its smart feather touch control panel gives you a user-friendly experience. The programmable dispensing allows you to choose feature to fill a glass or bottle accordingly with just a touch ensuring zero splash and clean water. With different colours, it represents different stages of the purification process. The iProtect monitoring feature auto cut off the water if it is no longer safe to drink.

The ingress protection tank cover protects it from the external invasion of dust particles and insects in stored water. Additionally, it indicates and alerts the user for periodic maintenance requirement and error occurrence.

  • 8 stages of the advanced purification system
  • It’s iProtect monitoring system auto cut off when the water is not safe to use
  • Ingress protection tank covers to keep the stored water safe from dust and insects
  • Maintenance indicator and error alerts
  • Feather touch control panel, programmable dispensing for no splash
  • Expensive,
  • It purifies water a little slow compared to other purifiers

AO Smith Z8 Green RO 10 Litre Wall Mountable

  • Eight stage purification system
  • RO+ SCMT technology
  • Advanced water recovery technology
  • Instant mineralized hot water with just a press of a button
  • The water storage capacity of 10 litres
  • plastic Food grade storage tank
  • Intelligent digital display with night assistant
  • Advanced alerts for errors and maintenance
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The AO smith Z8 is a popular water purifier in India. This water purifier comes with an eight-stage purification system that is capable of removing all the common as well as harsh impurities and providing you fresh and pure drinking water. Its advanced recovery technology saves up to 2 times more water than other water purifiers in range.

This water purifier from AO smith comes with an RO + SCMT technology that ensures elimination of every harmful substance present in water living it healthy and pure to use. The MINTECH feature adds the minerals to the water which were lost during the purification process while ensuring the water tastes natural. Its smart alert indicator for RO membrane and filter start to blink or glow when it’s time to change the RO membrane or filters.

With an ultra modern design, this AO smith Z8 water purifier features two separate storage tanks for room temperature water and hot water (9.2 litres tank and 0.8 litres tank) respectively. Along with this, it provides you with two different faucets to dispense hot water and room temperature water with just a touch of a button. Water in this purifier is heated to 45 degrees by default, but you can increase it up to 80 degrees.

Its auto flushing RO membrane is another excellent feature. The appliance itself auto flushes the RO membrane at the beginning of each purification process. This feature helps to increase the life cycle of the RO membrane. Another smart feature includes the child lock button. This feature allows you to disable hot faucet to avoid accidental damage from hot water spillage.

  • Eight-stage purification process,
  • Purified hot water dispensing facility,
  • Adjustable temperature for hot water,
  • Auto RO membrane flushing before every purification cycle,
  • Child lock feature,
  • Filter and membrane change alerts,
  • Reduce water wastage compared to other water purifiers
  • Highly expensive
  • Issues with after-sales service

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

  • Six stage advance purification system
  • 7 litres water storage capacity and 12 litres per hour purification capacity
  • One year of extended customer support
  • Purify impure water up to 1500 TDS
  • Digital Indicator
  • Support and purify water from various inlet sources
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The Livpure Glo R0+UV+Mineralizer water purification system is packed with numerous features to ensure you pure and healthy water throughout the day. This Livpure water purifier comes with a six-stage filtration process that includes sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter cum absorber, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, silver impregnated post carbon filter and Mineralizer. This appliance efficiently removes all the general impurities to harmful salts and chemicals, improvs the essential minerals while providing you with the best quality of drinking water.

The Mineralizer at the end of purification adds and enhances all the essential minerals that are lost during the RO purification process and balance out the pH of purified water. It is capable of handling impure water with TDS level up to 1500ppm.

This excellent water purifier indicates for purification process and full tank status. With this, the appliances automatically switch off once the water storage tank is full. It comes with a water storage capacity of seven litres which is quite sufficient for mid-sized Indian families. Additionally, it supports with 12 litres per hour purification capacity, making it ideal to use all day long with complete ease.

  • Six-stage purification system,
  • Its mineralizer feature enhances the vital minerals into the purified water that lost during the RO purification process Can handle TDS up to 1500
  • Auto shuts when the tank is full
  • Waste a lot of water during purification

Best Water Purifier buying guide

Water is an inevitable element for life. One can even survive without food, clothes or other necessities but not water. Water is present all around the globe in a substantial quantity. About 71% of the earth surface has water, but you can’t drink it as it is. Even with sufficient amount of water, there are a lot of natural and made conditions which make it unhealthy to consume.

Impure water and its causes

Water consists of a high amount of TDS “totally dissolved solids” (we will discuss it deeply below). Presence of salts like potassium, chlorine, magnesium, phosphate makes if totally unhealthy even hazardous for health. Along with this human factor like sewage, harmful factory waste, disposal of medical and house garbage in water leads to generate several impurities making it extremely dangerous. Additionally, a municipal corporation in town adds chlorine to disinfect water which is equally unhealthy for consumption.

Similarly, groundwater which we get thorough wells consists of salts and minerals. This proportion of salt increases more towards the underground in the coastal area. Other impurities like animal and plants matter are possibly present in groundwater, making it impure.

The need for water purification

All the natural or human-made impurities makes water infected which leads to several diseases. Like dysentery, arsenic (caused due to poisonous substances released from factories), typhoid, cholera, diarrhoea, and several poisonous and hazardous ones. Such diseases may become life-threatening also. Therefore, there’s an urgent need to purify water before used for drinking and cooking purposes.

People in different regions of the country use ordinary filters to get clean water. Filters only separate the mud from water but do not do anything in removing any of the harmful substances. That is the reason its fundamental to have a water purifier with advanced technologies and features that can remove all the impurities making your water fresh and pure to consume. Now for removing all these impurities, it requires modern technologies like RO (Reverse osmosis), UV (ultraviolet) purification and UF (ultra-filtration). All the models we have mentioned in the Best water purifiers for home in India list consist of each of the essential features.

Important factors to keep in mind before buying a water purifier for your home

  • TDS test – It is imperative to perform a TDS test to determine the number of TDS present on the water supply of your area.
  • Storage capacity – Ensure the storage tank capacity of the water purifier is up to your family needs. Families with 3-4 people can opt for 7 litres, 5-6 people can opt for 8 or 9 litres and families with more members must opt for higher storage capacity.
  • Purification capacity- The purification capacity of a water purifier is an essential factor to get looked after. Purification capacity is the number of litres a purifier can filter in an hour. All the models mentioned in our best water purifier in India 2020 list comes with the capacity of 12ltr/hour, 15ltr/hour and even 20 litre/hour. Make sure you choose the one according to your daily purified water requirement.
  • Tank type – The water purifier tanks get either made up of general plastic, food-grade ABS plastic or stainless steel. Make sure to choose the one with food-grade ABS plastic tank or stainless-steel tanks. Also, many purifiers come with a tank protection cover to keep it secured from outside dirt and dust.
  • Certification – Always opt for the appliance that is reputed and certified for the technology and features they use. Many leading brands have their water purifiers quality tested and approved under the reputed test.
  • After-sales service and warranty – It is essential to opt for water purifiers from brands that provide excellent after-sales services. Generally, the minimum guarantee for the product comes off one year, but certain brands like Kent give an extended warranty and free after-sales service for three years from purchase.
  • Space – Go for the water purifier that can suitably be placed on your counter-top or mounted on the wall. Make sure you do not buy a big sized one that does not get fit on your kitchen space.
  • Budget and maintenance – There are numerous water purifiers available in the market starting from 8000 to 25000. You must opt for the one that suits your budget. Also, study about the maintenance factor that includes the replacement of filters and any cartilage.

A brief explanation for water purification terms and technologies

TDS – The term TDS referred to as “totally dissolved solids”. Its major components come from chlorine, potassium, magnesium, sodium, nitrates and more such elements. TDS is somehow present in all the water resources found around us. Underground water or other sources have TDS level below 900. It also consists of some of the salts and mineral that our body requires. Here it becomes essential and tricky to eliminate the higher TDS level and maintained the required to a certain extent that is acceptable for consumption.

Now the main question that exists here is how much TDS is acceptable for human consumption. We have prepared a table below for the same. Please take reference from the table:

Source: Quora.com

The high level shows you the amount of TDS human body can accept. As we mentioned above, underground water and other water resources consist of TDS below 900. In the table we can see TDS up to 900 is marked fair for drinking. But it is not said fine to consume such water directly without filtration. Also, even if water from any natural source consists of TDS below 300, still it may include some of the other impurities in many forms.

Now in this condition, one needs to purify water with a reliable appliance before consuming it. This water purification requires technologies and features that are fit to clean contaminated water yet can balance the essential minerals, salts and taste of it. Let’s now discuss these technologies:

  • Mineral RO technology: Within this technology, the purifier performs a multistage filtration by using high pressure to pass water through a semi-permeable membrane to push out the microorganisms and minerals. Though the RO technology also removes essential minerals from water which are suitable for human consumption.
  • Mineral booster: With the mineral booster technology the purifier retains the essential minerals (calcium and magnesium) that were removed during the RO purification process and balance out the pH level of water yet improving its taste.
  • MTDS technology: The MTDS technology present in water purifier ensures that the purification works for various sources of water can control TDS up to 2000 milligrams/litres.
  • UV disinfection technology: Within this technology, the UV (ultraviolet light) destroy the microorganism, which leads them to grow further. UV penetrates pathogens in water and damage the DNA of organisms like bacteria, moulds, algae and viruses.

Types of filters and cartridge used during the purification process

During the purification, process water passes through several screens. Each filter works in enhancing the quality and purity of water.

  • Sediment filter: This filter usually acts as the first one to response the water impurities. It acts as a sieve to remove suspended particles and large contaminants and reduce sediments. This filter gets usually placed outside the purifier in the form of a cartridge.
  • Activated carbon filter: The activated carbon filter removes toxic organic compounds like pesticides and heavy metals from water. It also eliminates the smell and bad odour, leaving water feel fresh for use.
  • RO membrane: The RO membrane removes or separates the dissolved impurities in water under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane.
  • Silver Impregnated Taste Enhancer: Usually present at the last or second last of filtration process this silver-impregnated taste enhancer removes VOC and organic residue while improving the taste and texture of water.
  • Revitalizer Cartridge: Again, present at one of the last stages of filtration this improves the hydration capacity of water so that its minerals can be absorbed in a better way by our body.
  • Biotron Cartridge: It breaks down the molecules of water so that you can enjoy the goodness and nutrients of waterway more quickly.

Purification technology

All the water purifiers you will come across in the market will have purification technology RO/UV/UF. RO treats hard water with high TDS, whereas UV treats water with microorganism responsible for high-level diseases. UF treats particulates and macromolecules from raw water to make it portable. Several purifiers use RO+UV in a combination to clean water with high TDS and microorganism. Also, some multistage water purifiers use RO+UV+UF in conjunction to treat water from several sources.

Best water purifier brands available in India

The competition for home appliances is quite high between several brands in the market. Each of them is working in offering quite a range with the latest technologies and features. Still, there are some of the brands which can be stated as best and should get opted in case of water purifiers. Below are the following brands:

  • KENT: Kent is an Indian company that produces water purifier based on the RO purification process. Kent offers you technology that is validated by UNESCO and certified by TUV, ISO, WQA and NSF. You can find several water purifiers with a small, medium or high budget. It has over 1500 service centres with trained technicians all over India. Its PAN India service network works towards the convenience of customers. Most of the Kent water purifiers come with a 1-year warranty and three years no service charge which is applicable from the time of purchasing. However, once you have completed your free servicing period, the actual after-sales paid service is quite high. Kent has also mentioned it under the Annual maintenance contract (AMC).
  • LG: LG is a South Korean brand that has made its place in the India market with the best quality products. LG never fails to satisfy its customers with features, technologies, durability and more. It has quite a range of water purifiers available in India with such amazing features and technologies additionally most appealing looks. Its water purifiers get certified by Heart care foundation of India for dispensing Health friendly drinking water. Due to its extensive network all over the country, it provides excellent after-sales services to its customers through LG offers technologies and functions similar to other leading brands but are quite expensive in terms of price and servicing.
  • Havells: Havells India Limited is one of the leading water purifiers brand available in the market. Its wide range of water purifiers brand is suitable for medium or a big budget. Along with amazing features and technologies, Havells water purifiers come with a most appealing design that will make your kitchen look more presentable. It provides quick response and resolution to their customer’s issues. Havells also offers some smart acre extended warranty plans for various product models. One can opt from their low to high price range accordingly to their comfort from their extended warranty plan price.
  • Eureka Forbes (aqua guard): Eureka Forbes is one of the oldest brands to offer water purifiers in India. It started with the aqua guard series and then came to aqua sure till date. With several years in the market, Eureka Forbes has successfully made a large customer base with its promising products. It offers you water purifiers from a small budget range to medium and high depending upon features and technologies. With a quick after-sales service it provides technicians within 1-2 days after the purchase and a year of free servicing depending on the products model.
  • Blue star: Blue star is an Indian brand that works on offering a variety of home appliances in the market. Its reliable water purifiers get generally ranged between low budget to medium budget. Blue Star provides excellent after-sales service in big metropolitan cities but may lack a little for the same in small towns. The company sends a technician for installation once you make a call on their toll-free number after purchase.
  • AO Smith: AO smith, an American brand offers quite several water purifiers ranging from small budget to big budget. It is one of the few brands that provide hot water dispensing feature in their purifiers. AO Smith water purifiers are low budget-maintained appliances that even saves you almost double of water that gets wasted during the purification process. A lot of its product model comes with a 1-year extended warranty plan.
  • Livpure: Livpure is one the trusted brand for water purifiers in India. With developed and great water purification features & technologies, Livpure gives world-class water purification system to the Indian market. Once you purchase a water appliance from this brand, they send a technician for installation soon after. Also, for another after-sales service, one can call on their toll-free number and the Livpure claims to send an executive with a period of 2-3 days.

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  1. Which is the best Indian brand for water purifiers?

You can find numerous brands offering high-quality water purifiers in India. However, if you are keenly looking for only Indian brands, then Kent RO system and Aquagaurd (Eureka Forbes) both offer durable and top-class water purifiers from years now. Additionally, Livpure, Pure-it and Tata swach are some Indian brands that have their range of water purifiers available in the market.

  1. Is it safe to purchase water purifiers online?

Yes, it is safe to purchase water purifiers online. While buying such electrical appliances online make sure you do so through some trusted and reputed e-commerce websites like amazon.in or any similar. Also, the advantages of choosing water purifiers online are that you get numerous options with reviews along each of them. You can additionally find quite good discounts on amazon with various payment and EMI offers.

  1. How can you install water purifiers if you purchased them online?

While you purchase water purifiers from any reputed and trusted e-commerce website, it automatically gets registered to the brand which your appliance belongs. After delivery you may get a call or message from the service centre of that particular brand, and they send an after-sales service person for all the fitting responsibilities.

  1. Why does water purifiers waste a large amount of water during the purification process?

Generally, all water purifiers use the Reverse osmosis membrane technology. This membrane has several small holes that allow water to pass through while filtering out impure water. This contaminated water gets wasted during the purification process. On an average, a water purifier rejects 2-3 litres of polluted water for purifying 1 litre of pure water. However, many brands have come up with an upgraded feature that rejects comparatively less water yet not compromising on providing you with the best services.

  1. How can I utilize the water that gets rejected during the purification process?

The rejected water is mainly impurities which are not healthy for human even animal consumption. One must not use it either way in any case. The rejected water can get used for several other purposes like gardening, washing vehicles, mopping floor, cleaning or flushing toilets, and for filling water cooler. We also advise you do not use it for washing utensils or clothes either as this impure water may contain high-level impurities which may harm delicate fabrics like silk or baby clothes.

  1. How often does a water purifier need to get serviced?

Water purifiers must get serviced every 6-8 months or after purifying at least 3000 litres of water. This periodic servicing will ensure that scaling of the membrane is not much and purification is going on right.

  1. What will happen if water purifier has not serviced for a long time?

In case if your water purifier has not got serviced for a long time, its filters will get less effective or ineffective at all. This situation will lead to no proper water purification, which will lead to providing you with impure water with odour. Though a lot of water purifier these days comes with filter change and UV fail alerts which time to time signal you for required changes and maintenance. Also, these water purifiers disconnect functioning if not serviced within 60 hours of alerts.

  1. What should be the ideal TDS for drinking water?

According to studies, the perfect TDS for drinking water is less than 300 (milligrams per litres). Between 300-600 (milligrams per litres) is marked as useful and above this is unhealthy and non-suitable for drinking or cooking purposes.


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