5 Best Window AC in India (2021) – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Window AC in India 2021 – The scorching summer heat is yet again here to trouble us for the coming months. Due to the man-made developments (factories, transport and other pollution creating sources), every year the temperature during the summer season increases bit by bit. From the time of 35 or maximum 40-degree Celsius it has now crossed the mark of 50-degrees in a lot of big Indian cities. During these oppressive summers, Window ACs are our saviours.

Window air conditioners are high on demand due to ease of use, installation, and maintenance. They are one of the convenient cooling appliances we all would want to have at our home. With high electricity bills and other expenditures, window ACs are still one such appliance that does not load our pocket to that much extent. They are sure of quite a lot of bucks but still cheaper to purchase and operate than the split air conditioners.

Today, a vast variety of AC models with the unlimited and exclusive features are available on both local as well as the e-commerce markets. These varieties are enough to confuse a first-time buyer or even an experienced one.

Now, to ease down your buying process, we have brought a list of 5 Best Window ACs in India exclusively for you. This list has been finalized after a deep study about 100s of models and reading almost 1000s of online customer reviews. Before you step out with a final buying decision make sure you go through the entire article, top to bottom for a better understanding of this appliance.

Best Window Air Conditioners 2020

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Product code-185 DZA R32)

  • Condenser type- Copper
  • Compressor type- Rotary compressor
  • Capacity- 1.5-ton
  • Star (energy) rating- 5-star
  • Additional features- in-built anti-dust filters, auto-restart, turbo mode, and sleep mode
Best Window AC in India 2021
Best Window AC in India 2021

The Voltas 1.5-ton 5-star window AC is a high power and efficient window AC that can be fitted anywhere. This window AC comes with a rotary compressor with premium copper wire to give you long and efficient cooling for years. Not just cooling, but its active dehumidifier senses the indoor humidity during monsoons and controls it making the ambiance lively. It has various modes namely eco mode, turbo cooling and sleep mode that are designed precisely for the user’s convenience. So, either you want to save on your high electricity bills, want an instantly cool down room or a comfortable night’s sleep, this appliance is the best pick for you.

This 1.5-ton air conditioner can easily fit into the window and is sufficient for a room around 120-200 sq. ft. With an advanced 2-stage filtration feature, it removes dust, allergens, odour, and harmful particles before infusing cool and fresh air into your room.

Another smart and useful feature of this Voltas Window AC is its self-diagnosis ability. Within this feature, the air conditioner checks and reset automatically during failures and abnormalities. This highly efficient cooler can serve you with an instant cooling even at 50 degrees Celsius.

  • Suitable for a room-sized between 120-200 sq. ft.
  • Powerful and efficient cooling even at 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Cools down your room instantly
  • Its active dehumidifier works efficiently during monsoons
  • It comes with a two-stage advance filtration that provides fresh and healthy air.
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Warranty on product is for a year and five years on compressor
  • Makes noise while operating.
  • Few of the customers have reported about highly chargeable installation fee

Haier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window Air Conditioner (Product code: HW-18CV5CNA)

  • Capacity- 1.5-ton
  • Copper condenser coil
  • Star (energy) rating- 3-star
  • Special feature- anti-dust filters, sleep and turbo mode
Best Window AC in India 2021
Best Window AC in India 2021

The Haier 1.5-ton 5-star window AC is an energy-efficient appliance that provides you optimal cooling experience throughout the summers. It is equipped with a powerful copper condenser coil that can resist corrosion as well as withstands high-pressure for even and efficient cooling operations. Its instant chill system responds instantly to operate a high-speed cool airflow. This appliance supports a stable 50 feet airflow with a low noise operation. Not just this, but its 100% effective cooling capacity of 5100 Watts works on annual energy consumption of 1279.99 units only.

A very essential but generally ignored feature with ACs is an air filtration system. This window AC from Haier comes with an in-built air filtration technology that clears all the germs and dust particles while giving you an improved quality air to breathe.

It is designed to deliver an efficient and instant cooling flow even at an extreme temperature of 54-degree Celsius. You can control the sleep and turbo mode as per your convenience. Furthermore, with a smooth and classy exterior, this air conditioner is perfect to complement your modern house aesthetics.

  • Suitable for room-sized between 111 to 150 sq. ft.
  • Built-in anti-dust filters
  • Instant and optimal cooling even at 54-degree Celsius.
  • Easy installation
  • Low noise operations
  • Classy and beautifully designed aesthetics
  • 1+5+5 years of product, compressor and condenser warranty
  • No self-diagnosis feature
  • No dehumidifier

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Product code: RAV518HUD)

  • Capacity- 1.5-ton
  • Condenser type- copper (best in class)
  • Certified with 3 high-standard quality check
  • Auto-climate technology
  • Auto-indicator for cleaning filters
Best Window AC in India 2021
Best Window AC in India 2021

Hitachi is now a prominent name in the industry of air conditioners because if its high-quality and long-lasting products. The Hitachi 1.5-ton window AC is suitable for use in a medium-sized room with dimensions around 121 to 179 sq. ft. It can cool down your room even at 50 degrees Celsius quickly within 15-20 minutes. It uses 100% copper tube condenser that is known for reliable performance, longer life and ease of maintenance. This AC feature an auto filter clean indicator to alert the user about filter cleaning and maintenance.

This window AC from Hitachi is equipped with an intelligent auto climate technology that just by recognizing the humidity and temperature adjusts the fan speed to provide you a comfortable cooling experience. The USP of this appliance is the two key features- super silent and kaimin function. The super silent feature lets you lower the sound level with just a press of a remote button whereas, the kaimin feature raises the temperature by 1-degree Celsius/hour up to 4 hours to let you sleep comfortably. Furthermore, this Hitachi window AC matches the international standard bypassing up to 43 quality checks.

  • Quick cooling results
  • Auto-filter clean indicator
  • Intelligent auto-climate technology
  • It has passed several quality checks tests.
  • Energy-efficient
  • Appreciable after-sales customer service
  • 1+5 years of warranty on product and compressor
  • Little noisy than other air conditioners in the range.

Blue Star 1.1 Ton 5 Star Window AC (Product code:5W13GA)

  • Capacity- 1.1-tons
  • Compressor type- Rotary compressor (Single stage)
  • Energy (ISEER) rating- 3.35*
  • Annual energy consumption- 878.61 units
  • Copper condenser coil
  • Additional features- anti-freeze thermostat, dry mode, and auto mode
Best Window AC in India 2021
Best Window AC in India 2021

The Blue Star 1.1-ton window AC is one of the best in the class known for an easy on pocket comfortable cooling. With an annual energy consumption of only 878.61 units, this appliance is light on your electricity bills even with constant usages. It is engineered with a highly efficient rotary compressor along with a built-in accumulator, designed to enhance the cooling even at low power consumption. Its 100% copper outdoor unit ensures efficiency of the cooling system.

The Blue star window AC has been designed with a detachable front panel that you can remove periodically for cleaning and maintenance. For the safety of this appliance, an anti-freeze thermostat feature stops the compressor when the unit is set on a very low temperature, thus, preventing frost formation on heat exchanger. It intelligently senses the variation in the indoor temperature and auto-adjusts the same during your night sleep to makes the environment peaceful.

Some additional yet useful features include a dry mode for humidity reduction during monsoon and auto mode for intelligent cooling.

  • Suitable for a small-sized room (around 110 sq. ft.)
  • Detachable front panel
  • Minimal energy consumption annually.
  • Anti-thermostat feature
  • 1+1+5 year of product, condenser and compressor warranty
  • Issues with Blue star’s after-sales service

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC (Product code: LWA18GWXA)

  • Capacity- 1.5 tons
  • Energy (star) rating- 3*
  • 4-way auto-swing air deflection
  • Condenser type- gold fin
  • Fine mesh filter
  • Dual protection filter
Best Window AC in India 2021
Best Window AC in India 2021

The LG 1.5-Ton window air conditioner comes with a 3* rating. LG is known for producing high-quality and reliable appliance and this AC is one of them. It is suitable for a medium or large-sized room (the area around 110-200 sqft.) with an amazing cooling effect even during high summers of June and humidity of monsoons during August. The 100% copper wire with ocean black protection build-up provides exceptional performance specially in the Indian demographics with sand, pollution dust and industrial smoke. With low-cost operations, this appliance ensures an extended lifespan.

This air conditioner comes with an advanced gold fin condenser that with this corrosion-resistant extends the durability of heat exchange for a longer time. This feature also helps to attain an unbeatable lifespan for the AC. On the performance part, this appliance has a 4-way air deflection system (2- Way Auto Swing (Left / Right) and manual vanes(up/down) that gives a pleasantly cool air in every corner of your room. The entire AC unit works on energy-saving mode, thus keeps control of your electricity bills every time.

  • Suitable for a medium or large-sized room
  • Works effectively even during peak summers and monsoons.
  • Corrosion resist build-up
  • Cools every corner of your room
  • Saves a lot on your electricity bills
  • Silent operations
  • 1+5 years of product and compressor warranty
  • It does not have turbo cooling feature

Window AC- The working concept

By seeing such an innovative and useful appliance from outside, we think how complicated it’s processing would be. However, totally opposite to our thoughts, the working concept of window ACs is quite fascinating and easy to understand. Let’s discuss now:

The whole point of a window AC is moving the air. It contains six important components named as: a condenser, an evaporator, a condenser fan, an evaporator fan, a filter, and a cabinet cover.

With an elementary principle of absence of heat (means cold), an air conditioner removes your indoor heat leaving the atmosphere cold. Through the three basic principles: evaporation, condensation, and compression the whole air conditioning system work. The air conditioner cabinet transforms the compressed gas into the high-pressure hot liquid. Now, this high-pressure hot liquid flows through the condenser coil and cools down. The expansion value here converts the high-pressure liquid into low-pressure liquid followed by flowing through the evaporating coil inside the AC unit.

During this process, the AC unit absorbs indoor heat in the liquid form and turns it into cool gas again. The above heat absorption and conversion process make you indoors feel supremely cold.

Best Window AC- Buyer’s Guide

Everyone wants best for their home and so as our readers. To simplify your buying experience, we have prepared a list of the things one must consider before buying a Window AC.

Every variant of Window air conditioner has its own distinguishing feature which makes purchase a difficult task. As per our recommendation, one must first look for consideration and match them with their requirements.

Let’s get forward and have a look at the same considerable factors.

Considerable factors before your buy a Window AC

Load Capacity (Size of the room)

The Load capacity of a Window AC is proportional to the size of the room you are looking it for. This is the prime aspect that is looked for while buying a window AC. As a single sized (capacity) AC would not work similarly for all sized rooms, it is important to get the correct one according to your requirement.

Window AC comes with various load capacity- 1-ton, 1.5-ton, 2-ton, 3-ton and so on. A 1-ton Window AC works best for kids’ rooms, study rooms or small-sized rooms with an area maximum up to 110 sq. ft. A 1.5-ton Window AC works well for small or medium-sized bedrooms with an area of 110 sq. ft to 170 sq. ft. Whereas, a 2-ton Window AC works efficiently for living rooms or large-sized rooms with an area covering 260 sq. ft. Choosing load capacity a size smaller or bigger than your room will affect the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Power consumption

An air conditioner is a powerful appliance when compared to other home appliances. All the ACs work on different power wattage and consume less or more power electricity than others. As an AC works for 5-8 hours a day on average, the power consumption per day might get high. For balanced-out power consumption, it is better to choose an AC unit with more BEE star rating. More the BEE star rating, less electricity the AC unit consumes and vice-versa.

Also, air conditioners are the heavy electrical appliance that requires a superior wiring. Before you buy an AC, make sure your house has the appropriate wiring.


Air conditioners are one such appliance that we buy once in a decade. Hence, it becomes important to invest in a reliable and globally-known brand. For Window AC, Voltas, Hitachi, Blue star, Haier, and LG are few of the trusted manufacturers


On the cost front, air conditioners are something very expensive to own. The price for a Window AC starts somewhere around 25,000 INR and goes up to quite a bit. Deciding the price range depends totally on your pocket. You can also look for various priced air conditioners from our list above. Irrespective of the price range, each of the models is highly efficient on its own.

Warranty and after-sales service

Similar to every other home appliance, it is essential to look for the warranty period while buying an AC. It is a typical appliance which cannot be checked or corrected by the consumer itself and requires technical assistance every now and then. So, before you buy an air conditioner, make sure the brand provides at least a year of warranty and good after-sales service in your area.

Window AC – Technology and features

Copper/aluminium coil: Coils are located inside the AC unit, which helps the refrigerant gas or liquid move around for the cooling process. Copper coils are better than aluminium ones as they remain rust and corrosion resistant even after getting exposed to the outdoor weather conditions all day long. Most of the modern-day Window ACs come with copper coil.

Ocean black protection: It provides safety and durability to the air conditioners, especially in the Indian demographics (dust, pollution, industrial smoke, and sand).

Gold fin condenser: The air conditioner coil or tube comes in a regular contact of water which can further let it get corrosive or rusted. The Gold fin condenser, with its low-surface tension, protects itself from getting exposed to water.

Sleep mode: The sleep mode ensures to provide temperature control during the night time (as the outdoor temperature drops down during the night) with minimal noise and less electricity consumption as compared to the rest of the time.

Econo Mode: Econo mode in air conditioners reduce the power consumption by 20-30% then in general. While we operate an air conditioner, the power consumption gets at its maximum as the compressor cools down the room temperature quickly. But with the Econo mode on, the starting power consumption lessens by a maximum of 20%.

Dehumidifier: It removes moisture from the air during monsoons. While the AC unit pulls the indoor air for the heat expulsion, the dehumidifier feature dispels the moisture through the AC drainage system.

Anti-freeze/thermostat: When the AC unit continuously runs on cool mode/low temperature, there is a chance of frost formation on the heat exchanger. The anti-freeze feature stops the compressor prevents frost formation on the internal object of the air conditioner.

Anti-dust/pollutant filter: Our indoor air is less or more polluted than the outdoor air. While the normal air conditioning system works, the pollutants inside the air remain constant or increase with the dust from the AC unit. Here the anti-dust filter removes all the dust, sand and other pollutants from the air leaving it cool as well as pure for you to breathe. Make sure you look for this feature while you buy an air conditioner for your home.

Window AC – Usage and maintenance tips

  • Keep all the doors and windows tightly closed while the ACs cooling system is on.
  • Combine the cool airflow of your Window AC with a ceiling fan for better to make the interiors more convenient and cooler.
  • Aim to install your window AC on a window away from direct sunlight for better cooling results.
  • Clean the air filters regularly by yourself or get it done through a technician.
  • Always keep your Window AC serviced before the summer season starts.
  • Note: Keep a bowl full of water inside the room where AC units are operated. This will help to develop a certain amount of moisture which gets eliminated due to the AC cooling procedure.

Frequently asked questions(Best Window AC in India 2021)

  1. Does buying a bigger tonnage AC proves beneficial in the cooling process?

A bigger tonnage in air conditioners than recommended (as per room size) will definitely cool faster but they might also overcool. Though, more the tonnage, higher the electricity consumption which automatically will increase your electricity bills. Slightly oversizing with inverter ACs can be beneficial as with the inverter ACs about 30-60% power consumption decreases due to the technology.

We recommend you to go for the right-sized air conditioner, as it will be a safer and better option.

  1. Which is the best brand for a Window air conditioner?

For Window ACs, Voltas is leading the market on performance, efficiency, and durability. It is followed by Hitachi and Blue star in a row.

  1. Is it cheaper to buy Window AC than split AC?

Yes, definitely. Window AC is quite cheaper to purchase and operate than a split AC.

  1. What are the things one should consider before buying an air conditioner for shops?

While choosing an air conditioner for home, the only thing customers focus upon is the size of the room. But in case of commercial purposes (buying for shops etc.), a lot of other factors should also be considered before buying an AC. Along with the load capacity ( it refers to the size of the room it can efficiently cool) the environmental setup (the place where the shop is located), and the kind of products it is filled with (grocery, garments, electronics, etc.) also must get considered before choosing an AC. The indoor temperature of a garment shop and electronics shop differ due to the kind of heat energy electronic appliances release.

  1. How long does a window AC takes to cool down a room?

A window AC normally cools down a room in about 15-20 minutes. Though, the cooling time also depends on factors like the size of the room, load capacity of AC, and outside weather/temperature. During high temperature and humidity, it may also take 20-30 minutes for an AC to cool down a room.

  1. Which type of air conditioners is the best for commercial purposes?

The split air conditioners are more suitable for commercial use as they can be placed anywhere inside the room despite the room having windows or ventilators. As window air conditioners precisely require a window to get placed at and a lot of commercial spaces like shops and restaurants may not necessarily have a window it is better to go for split ACs.


Air conditioners are essential almost for half a year in the Indian climate. And if you are planning to buy one, we would suggest you to go after quality as ACs are one in a decade type of investment. With a plethora of options available in the market: we hope you have got adequate amount of choices in our 5 Best Window ACs in India list. With our latest research these are few of the best working models for the 2020 summers in India.

Also, make complete use of the detailed information about window AC mentioned in our Best window AC- buyer’s guide to get the best amongst each. We hope the above-mentioned information proves helpful for your purchase.

For any questions, queries, and feedback please leave your comment down below.

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