Best emergency light in India 2021

Best emergency light in India 2021 – Are you suffering from daily power cut? Are your evening darker than usual, due to improper supply of electricity, then emergency lights can be very useful appliance for you. Lights are very essential part in one’s survival, it is as important as water and food are, so you must have proper … Read more

Condenser Coil

Condenser Coil

How do Air Conditioners work? and the role of Condenser Coil in its function. Air conditioners use the refrigeration method to cool the indoor air through a remarkable method of phase conversion which converts liquid to gas absorbing all the heat. Air conditioners use this method of phase conversion by forcing the chemical compounds to … Read more

What is LED light?

what is led light

Do you have those fairy lights decorating your bed room, giving it a dreamy feel? Aren’t those absolutely magical? The golden fairy lights blinking like fireflies in the dark. I imagine that they are my own personal stars. Have you ever wondered what these lights actually are? From a scientific point of view? If not, … Read more

Best Water Cooling Kit

best water cooling kit

Over the last few years, the speed of CPUs has changed drastically. When your computer puts extra pressure on the CPU, it reacts and in return, generate a lot of heat energy. This, in result, makes all your connecting devices mainly your CPU excessively hot. And this continues overheating causes severe damage which reduce the … Read more

Led Tube light power consumption

best led tubelight in india

Technology has brought advances even to the lighting of your home! Known for the best use of energy, LED Tube light power consumption have gained a lot of attention, and now, in the tubular LED version, they are even more targeted. The Tubular LED lamp has functionality in commercial areas, industries, and other corporate environments … Read more