Top TV Apps

top tv app

The days of watching television at a fixed time to catch the latest episode of your favorite serial are long gone. With the new age, Internet is literally pulling up ahead in the race leaving behind all the so-called outdated sources of entertainment. Internet has proved to be a better and efficient substitute for televisions, … Read more

Front Load vs Top Load Washer

front vs top load washer

Washing machines are quite crucial for our day to day survival. They make our work easy. They also help us save water. There are many different types of washing machines available in the market but to find the one that would be suitable for you can be difficult. Washing machines are useful and reduce our … Read more

How to clean top loading washing machines?

how to clean top loading washing machine

Cleaning a Cleaner? Sounds strange, right? It would. Cleaning your “cleaner machines” such as washing machines, dishwashers, or even mops is a general practice one must regularly follow. And here the one we are going to discuss today is, “How to clean top loading washing machines”? The top load washing machines are one of the … Read more

Split AC vs Window AC which is best

Split AC vs Window AC which is best

When someone thinks of buying an air conditioner, the first question which crosses his mind, “Split AC vs Window AC which is best”. Selecting an Air conditioner is very important as it may take up a huge section of electricity bill. What is Energy Efficient ratio The EER (Energy Efficient Ratio) matter a lot for … Read more