Does waxing remove tan

We know why you are here. Does waxing remove tan? Can it be a much faster and easier way of getting back your original skin-tone? Well, before we start, let us assume that you know what waxing is. It is nothing but a process of removing hair from your skin. So it is natural for … Read more

Best food for nerves repair

Best Food for Nerves Repair– Research studies reveal that a balanced diet helps in managing nerve pain and nerve-related issues. These food possess anti-inflammatory properties. They are abundant in certain vitamins which relieves you from irritable pain experienced due to nerve damage. These food provide nourishment to your damaged nerves. It also includes supplements required … Read more

Best time to eat Chyawanprash

Best time to eat chyawanprash – Chyawanprash is a revered Ayurvedic jam formulated with many different medicinal herbs and spices to boost our immunity. It is said that two ancient sages of Ayurveda discovered this particular formula to restore youth to the elderly sage, Chyavan was the rishi muni who discovered the formula of chyawanprash … Read more

Best Face Wash for Summer in India

Best Face Wash for Summer in India – The first step of our skincare routine is cleansing, essential not only to purify our face, eliminating make-up, excess sebum and various impurities, but also to prepare our skin again, before proceeding with the make-up. Here are the best facial cleansers to try. At the base of … Read more

Why is apple called false fruit

Why is apple called false fruit – Some vegetables that we usually call vegetables are actually fruits, while some of those we identify as fruits are actually something else: the so-called false fruits. Would you have ever thought that apple for example To the ears of those who do not chew a bit of botany, … Read more

Ayurvedic Medicine for IBS in Patanjali

Ayurvedic medicine for ibs in Patanjali – If you have suffered or are suffering from colitis, you are in good company: you are simply one of the 20 out of 100 people in the world who suffer from “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”. It is an condition that affects the colon, or the tract of the large intestine … Read more

Patanjali Saumya Eye Drop Benefits

Patanjali Saumya Eye Drop Benefits, ingredients, how to use Patanjali Saumya Eye Drop is one of the most trusted and sold product of Patanjali Ayurved limited, which is made for refreshing tired eyes and has many other benefits. The best part about this eye drop is that it is made up of natural herbs and … Read more

How many calories in a boiled egg?

Have you ever wondered how many calories in a boiled egg? A lot of people consume egg dishes in their routine life. Have you ever thought about which type of egg is better for devouring? What nutrients are present in egg? How many calories are you consuming when you have eggs? If you have many … Read more

Top Ten AC Company In India

With summer around the corner one thing which we need the most is Ac. AC is the biggest gift of science to mankind. First AC was invented in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier.  Back in 90’s air conditioner was considered a luxury, not any more. It is one of the necessity for daily living.  India … Read more

Redmi recently launched mobiles

Are you desperate to get detailed information of best Redmi recently launched mobiles. Xiaomi has launched some of its best quality smartphones this year which is currently clamouring all over the world. It is one of the most sold mobile brand in the world, at least in India it is number one. Redmi mobiles have … Read more