Indian origin smartphone company

Mobile these days is not a luxury as it was in 90s. One can say it is the most important part of everyone’s daily life. Well there are huge number of player in this market and we can get mobiles ranging from a few hundred buck to few lakhs as well. In this article we will discussing about Indian origin smartphone company.

indian origin smartphone company

Top 12 Indian Origin Smartphone Company

  • Micromax – The biggest player in Indian origin smartphone company is Micromax. Mr Rahul Sharma started this in 2000. Its head quarter is in Guragon, Haryana. They have over 20000 employees and revenue of 2300 crores. Thye make wide varity of products ranging from AC, LED tv,
  • Intex technologies – Founded by Naredra Bansal in 1996 it is the second largest Indian origin smartphone company. I has head quarter in Delhi and has wide range of products Smartphones, LED TVs, Speakers, Tablets, Feature Phones, ACs, UPS, Coolers, etc . Last year revenue was 6200 crores and 10000 employees.
  • LAVA – Third in the list of Indian origin smartphone company is Lava. Founded by Hari Om Rai, it has its head quarter in Noida Delhi. They produce feature phones, smart phones, tablets and laptop. It has over 10000 employees and revenue of 500 crores.
  • Karbonn mobile – Founder Sudhir Hasija & Pardeep Jain started this in 2009 in New Delhi. The company also makes feature phones and tablets. They have over 10000 employees and over 600 crore in revenue.
  • IBALL mobile – With its head quarte in the India’s financial hub Mumbai it was started in 2001 by Anil Parasrampuria . They import smartphone accessories, tablets, routers, mobile etc. Their turnover is near 2000 crores and have some what around 2000 employees.
  • Reliance Jio LYF mobile. Another strong player in the list of Indian origin smartphone company is this company with its parent company JIO. They make 4G Volte Smartphones (Jio Phone) and also other Android mobiles, WIFI dongles. Founded by Mukesh Ambani in 2015 it is based out of Mumbai.
  • Spice Mobile – Mr. Bhupendra Kumar Modi started Spice Digital which is a parent to this company started in 2000. Spice mobile, Spice telecom and VAS are all part of Spice Digital business. It has around 500 employees and is operating out of Noida Utter Pradesh.
  • Swipe Mobile – Shripal Gandhi founded this company.It has its headquarter in Singapore but operates in India with over 500 employees.
  • CELKON – It is situated in Hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh. They sell Tablets, PC and Mobile which were assembled in Hyderabad. They don’t sell online any products. They have a revenue of 950 crores.
  • Smartron – It is another Indian origin mobile company which was started by Mr Mahesh Lingareddy in 2017 along with Sachin Tendulkar. Smart phone, bikes, tablet and laptops are some of its product range.
  • Yu Televentures – The founder of Micro Max mr Rahul Sharma started this as a joint venture with Cyanogen Os in 2014. However it was not bale to charm customers due to poor after sales service and quality. Under that brand name it launched many product like mini – ECG device , health band , power bank etc.
  • XOLO – Launch in 2012, It is a mobile brand of Lava international. The brand makes workstations, Smartphones, and Tablets and furthermore made a Hive UI for Xolo cell phones.

Have you ever wondered how past few years have brought complete transformation in the world of smartphones in India? Now, India has the second most, smartphone users after China. In past few years market of smartphone is booming throughout the India, and its penetration is not limited upto cities but also in remote most areas. Almost every family have got accessibility of cheap data and smartphone, and it has brought internet revolution in India.

Some new smartphone’s companies have become giant agency in the world only through Indian market. In recent years, some Indian smartphone companies have almost vanished from Indian market. China’s expansionist nature has shown their colour here as well, and almost 75% of Indian smartphone market are surrounded by Chinese companies. This has been possible just because we lacked in technology and billion dollar setups.

Well, in this post we are going to talk about the Indian origin smartphone company in India. We will also talk about how China has overtaken the Indian smartphone market through its pre-planned strategy. Can we make “made in India” smartphones in upcoming few years? These are the burning questions which should be answered, and if you have landed here to get the information regarding same then please read whole of the article.

Smartphone market in India 2020

According to a trusted survey, India has crossed the milestone of 700 million active smartphone users in 2020. India has become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. On an average Indians having smartphones uses approximately 15 GB of data in a month. These numbers will give you an approximate statistics of current scenario of Indian smartphone market. 

The smartphone market is touching the sky and it has turnover in hundred billion dollars. Each and every smartphone company is looking forward to make their way in country because chances of getting success is really high. Market are full of competition because quality phones are now available in very few bucks. One can only survive in Indian market if and only if they offer quality specs in limited price.

As we have above-mentioned that, China’s supremacy in smartphone market is still prevalent not only in India but throughout the world. Availability of cheap labourers, infrastructure and billion dollars setup have helped China to rule over world smartphone market. Smartphone production and assembling are good contributor in India’s GDP. Yes, we can say that smartphone market have lot of opportunities and completion as well.

Top smartphone brands in India

In today’s time, India has three types of smartphone brands i.e 

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Non Chinese

These figures shows how prominent China is in Indian smartphone market. Before 2014, Micromax (Indian brand) was second most used smartphone brand with 18% market share in India after Samsung. Past few years have completely changed the circumstances and brand like Micromax is nowhere in the picture.

Three fourth of smartphone companies are Chinese, as per the data the biggest smartphone giant in India is Xiaomi with 30% of its total market share. Another Chinese phone company Vivo is on second place with 17% market due to its camera and processor. Credible Korean phone company China has come on third position with total of 16% market. Oppo, realme, infinix, motorola are some other most trusted smartphone company in India.

Talking about expensive phones, Apple, Sony, Google and Samsung are still most loved phones in India due to its premium quality. These phones are not available in every household as they are limited to some extent. Overall, one can say that Indian smartphone market is currently booming and advent of Chinese phones have brought real tension to Indian companies.

Why Indian mobile phone companies failed?

Indian smartphone companies like micromax, lava, xolo, intex almost vanished from the market. These companies could not survive amid high competition from China’s or Taiwan’s brands. India lacked in lot of things like infrastructure, innovative mindset etc. Even today India struggles hard to make Qualcomm or Snapdragon processor in a mobile phone because they need billion dollars giant infrastructure. 

Indian mobile phone companies failed to survive in front of Chinese phones because their phone was lashed with premium specifications in low budget. What India was offering in ₹25000, they offered it in just ₹7000 and it changed the overall scene. Premium quality in low cost is one of the key reason for success of companies like Xiaomi and Vivo. India failed because we never created complete parts and tools to make a phone.

Under the Tag of “Make in India”, Chinese companies started making their phones here in India, and they called it made in India. It gave them relaxation from certain types of custom and import duties, and henceforth they make their phones available in cheaper price. People of India started showing their patriotism by purchasing made in India phones.

Does Indian mobile companies make phones in India only?

No, not really! Most of the so called Indian smartphone companies either assemble their phones by importing its parts from China or they straightaway buy phones in bulk from China. After purchasing the phone they gave it their name and logo. These companies purchase almost everything from China or Japan, after assembling here they sell it in higher prices.

One should never consider it Indian even it is written over the phone, Indian companies followed a path in which they buy phones in bulk at low price, rename it and sell it at higher prices and keep the margin. Companies like micromax never invested in software or processor making setup, therefore they never offered good quality phones. 

There are lot of ODMs ( original designers and manufacturers) in China, their main work is to create cheap phones at low prices. Indian companies use to give order over there, and hence users experience was pathetic. Now Indian government has realised the supremacy of Chinese phones over Indian market, and therefore government have posed heavy import duties on completely assembled phones.

Is make in India initiative is worth for smartphone market in India?

“Make in India” is a dream project of Modi government to create job opportunities for Indians. It seems to be successful because 120 new mobile manufacturing units have been created, it helped almost 500000 Indians to get job. Under this initiative, smartphones are supposed to made inside the border of our country.

All the mobile phone companies are now importing parts from outside of India and assembling it here in India. Lot of countries assemble their phones here in India to get rid of heavy taxation. With the execution of “Make in India” plans, there is almost 400% of growth in manufacturing of smartphones in India. Now India is second largest mobile manufacturing country in the world. As of now, the dream project is showing its positive results.

Difference between manufacturing and assembling

The basic difference between these two terms are based on scale of production. Manufacturing requires larger scale of production from small parts to full fledged unit. It need enormous amount of budget because every part of a unit is made under manufacturing.

On the other hand assembling is just a way to assemble all the components of a unit, it do not require to have complete set-up. Almost all the parts of mobile phones are manufactured in country like China and Taiwan, and it is assembled here in India.

Advantage of making or assembling phones in India?

There is lot of advantages which is being provided by government to encourage the making of smartphone in India. Intex, lava, xolo, carbon are some companies who used to order parts from China or Taiwan, and make it assembled in India. But after the advent of Chinese phones, there middleman nature come to an end.

Before ‘Make in India’ Indian smartphone companies never created an plant to create phone which they paid later. Now government is encouraging companies to setup their SEZ( special economic zone) with only 1% tax. Import of fully assembled phone from outside of India is charged heavily to inspire Indian companies to create their own device.

Now lot of smartphone brands are setting their plants to create parts of mobile as well, this is really a great step towards Make in India. Making phones in our own country will create job opportunities and strengthen our economy in many direct-indirect ways. We all must come together to purchase Indian made phones to strengthen the system.

Samsung have opened its production plant in greater Noida, and thousands of people are getting jobs out of it. Xiaomi has planned to reserve 90% of its total posts for women, by doing this they will pay comparatively low and make profit out of this deed.

Is it wrong to assemble the smartphones in India?

Assembling of smartphone also require man power, so it will kind of help our country to boost the economy. It is not wrong to assemble phones in India because it create employment opportunities for Indians. There is nothing wrong in assembling of smartphone but manufacturing of smartphones will create far more chances of jobs.

Assembling of a mobile phones require comparatively much lesser amount of time, henceforth manufacturing is good over assembling. But nothing is better than anything, therefore assembling is also good for country like India.

Can India create 100% made in India smartphones?

Clash with China on borders made everyone think whether India can also create 100% made in India smartphones.
Currently, we don’t have capacity to create MediaTek processor in our country. We are lacking with billion dollars giant setup and innovative ideas, we are fully dependent on country like China.

Also, there are some required mineral elements which are not found in our country, we do not have giant semiconductor manufacturing units which is quite significant for production of a smartphone. There are thousands of component needed to make a complete smartphone which we are still importing.

Therefore, as of now it is almost impossible to make 100% made in India smartphones. Government endurance and vision is to manufacture completely made in India smartphones by 2025. Necessary steps have been taken to make full fledged smartphone in country.

How can we increase local manufacturing of smartphones in India?

To increase local manufacturing in our country, we have to be vocal for local. This is the vision of our Prime Minister who has asked all the countrymen to follow the same. We should motivate our countrymen to buy indigenous thing and also tell its benefits. This foreign companies earn billion of dollars from us by selling their cheap phones.

Coming back to the topic, if we have to increase the manufacturing of smartphones in our country, then we also need to increase production units. We have to make small necessary components of mobile phones, for this we will also need global investment. We have to contact companies making cameras, processors, bodies, sensors and invite them to set up plants in our country.

Every Indian citizen must take a vow to buy the goods of their country and boycott foreign goods. We cannot become self-reliant until we get out of foreign domination. We should spend a little extra money to buy our own mobile phone so that our economy can be strengthened.

To increase mobile production in the country, the Government of India should liberalize its norms, states should not impose too much tax on MNCs. Foreign investors should be invited to our country and made aware of the success opportunity present here. Apple has recently decided to cut 20% iPhone production from China and transfer it to India. This is a very good move that will make thousands of people able to get job.

Conclusion: Points to be noted

The concluded fact is that currently we are bearing digital strike of China, we are not ready to manufacture mobile phones in bulk. Chinese brands are booming all over the India because of their high specialities in low cost. Indian mobile phone companies are struggling hard to compete with them, but being an Indian we should support local manufacturing.

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