Split AC vs Window AC which is best

When someone thinks of buying an air conditioner, the first question which crosses his mind, “Split AC vs Window AC which is best”. Selecting an Air conditioner is very important as it may take up a huge section of electricity bill.

What is Energy Efficient ratio

The EER (Energy Efficient Ratio) matter a lot for an air conditioner. EER depends on the cooling done by air conditioner for every watt of electricity it consumes. This is the basis of providing stars to an air conditioner. High EER will give higher star rating to an AC. So, a 5-Star AC will provide you better cooling for same amount of electricity consumed compared to a 4-star air conditioner. Split AC has more options in 5-star category compared to Window AC.

While selecting an AC we decide based on criteria such as cooling effect, electricity consumption and maintenance. Buying an air conditioner is like a long-term commitment. No one buys an AC for a year or two. Once bought it is used for more than 7 to 8 years.

Selection between a Split AC Vs Window Ac, has mostly to do with the location where we need to get the AC installed.

Split AC vs Window AC which is best


Number of Unit

It has two unit. Indoor and Outdoor

Window AC is having a single unit.


Outdoor unit comprises of Compressor, Condenser and Expansion Valve.

Indoor unit is made of Capillary tube, Evaporator and Cooling Fan

Window AC is combination of all the mentioned components in one unit.


They are more attractive and these days we also get them in different colours

They are simple in design


Home, Office and Commercial Spaces

Mostly for home and small offices


Takes Less Space in the room

Takes more Space as unit but less when compared to both the units of Split AC

Outside view

Split Ac will not block any view as it is fixed on a wall separate to the window

Window AC covers most of the window and blocks outside view


Cassette type, Tower AC, Inverter AC

Just one option

Capacity Vs Size

Capacity of a split AC does not vary with its size

High capacity window AC occupies more space than low capacity ones


There is almost no noise inside the room

Window AC creates a lot of noise inside the room


Split AC installation requires skilled labour

Window AC is easier to install

Installation Cost

Cost more compared to window


Window Ac installation is messier as a big hole is drilled in the wall/window

Energy Consumption

Split AC is more energy efficient

Window AC consumes a little bit more energy compared to Split AC


Difficult and needs a trained technical person

Easy when compared to Split AC.


Split AC cost more than window AC

Window AC are a bit cheaper compared to Split AC

Inverter Technology

Only Found in Split AC this technology helps in regulating the speed of the fan helps in saving on electricity cost

Window AC do not support Inverter technology

Deciding on the right size of the Air Conditioner

  1. Size of the room plays a big role in selecting the capacity of the AC.
  2. How many people will be using the room in which the AC is installed. Larger the number of people higher will be the cooling needs which means higher demand for capacity
  3. Interiors of the room also plays an important role.
  4. If the room is exposed to direct sunlight, we will need a high capacity air conditioner.
  5. The usage of the room. If the doors/ windows need to be frequently closed and open during the time the Ac is on.
split ac vs windows ac which is best

What is BTU?

BTU or British thermal Unit represents the amount of heat which comes in a room from the sources mentioned above. So, every air conditioner has specific amount of BTU it can remove in an hour from a room. So, to have an efficient cooling from an Air conditioner the BTU/hr of AC should be more than the BTU coming in. An undersized air conditioner will be always running, hence costing you more electricity. An oversized air conditioner will be over cooling and will not be able to remove humidity for the room.

Conclusion – Split AC vs Window AC which is best

Taking all these factors in account, split air conditioner is gaining more preference among users these days because it is less noisy and looks better compared to the window AC. It has been observed that electricity consumption of 4-star split AC is more equal to 5-star window AC. So, if you use air conditioner for long hours every day, then opting for split Ac will make more sense. Although it comes at an extra cost. Hope the question ” split ac vs window ac which is best ” has been answered in this post. If you have any question do ask us in the comment section.

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