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The days of watching television at a fixed time to catch the latest episode of your favorite serial are long gone. With the new age, Internet is literally pulling up ahead in the race leaving behind all the so-called outdated sources of entertainment. Internet has proved to be a better and efficient substitute for televisions, old school radios and now even the multiplexes theaters. You have literally everything right at your fingertips thanks to the internet. Instead of waiting for a repeat telecast to catch the missed episode premiere of your favorite serial, you can now have access to it and to a variety of other episodes anytime, anywhere. In this article we will list out Top tv apps in India which makes it possible. With this rapid revolution of entertainment, human beings are trying to keep up. Watching news, listening to songs, catching the live cricket match and much more is now on your few inches long smart phone.

Today the trend of “Binge watching” TV shows and web series is going round. Binge watching sessions are actually quite beneficial. With busy hours, today’s youth is always busy on the week days with jobs and hobbies. They reserve all the worthy watching shows for the weekends. When the weekend finally arrives, everyone is ready to switch over to their electronic devices and sit down to watch and complete a serial or a web series in one sitting. According to many binge watchers, watching the whole series in one go is pretty cathartic and dismisses the anxiety that one used to harbor in the wait of the next episode. Many young people want to watch something good at odd hours. For this demand the old cable TV cannot make adjustments because it already has a time scheduled for each show. Unlike cable TV, OTT platforms and TV apps do not have time bound schedule restrictions. The user is free to watch whatever show he or she wants and at whatever time.

Popular TV Apps in India

Top Tv apps

To keep you up to date with the best products and apps for our indigenous Indian audience, we bring you the must-have apps on your smart phone list.

  1. Jio TV
  2. Airtel Xstream TV
  3. Sony Liv
  4. Disney+Hotstar
  5. Voot
  6. Zee5
  7. Tata Sky Mobile
  8. Vodafone Play
  9. Yupp TV
  10. Idea TV
  11. Amazon Prime
  12. Netflix

Let’s start with this promising list without any further ado.

Jio TV

Since its inception, Jio has turned the market upside down. By providing free internet service, free calling service and free SMS service for more than six months, Jio has strategically pulled targeted the Indian masses. another one of its innovation is Jio TV. Jio TV provides a wide array of options for users. From Sports to Soap Operas, Jio TV has it all. Apart from offering so many options for watching, Jio TV offers facilities to make your watching experience hassle free and more efficient. With so many options it becomes difficult to find one particular show even with categories segregating the genres. To solve this problem, a search option is provided right on top of the page where you can search for a particular show. Jio TV not only provides shows in Hindi and English, it offers shows in other languages too like Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu etc. This makes Jio TV gain access to a wider and more diverse masses. You can download and install this app on any electronic smart device like a smart phone, iPad, Mac, laptop, Smart TV. This makes it easily accessible. Jio TV requires a minimum bandwidth of 300 Kbps. Jio TV subscriptions can be a bit complicated as they are often tied with the sim subscriptions. It is recommended for interested individuals to go on the official site of Jio TV and browse the plans provided at the site.

Airtel Xstream TV

Next in our Top 12 TV Apps for Indians is Airtel Xstream TV. It was founded in the year 2008 and since then has garnered a positive reputation. It provides more than 350 live channels which includes news channels, sports channels, daily soap channels, kids’ TV and many more. It displays channels in over 13 languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and many more. Apart from providing multilingual services, it has original visual content making it a mini OTT platform. Interested individuals are recommended to go on Airtel Xstream TV’s official site and look for suitable plans for subscriptions.

Sony Liv

Sony Liv was first launched in 2013 and unlike Jio and Airtel Sony does not have a sim facility (telecommunication company) so its plans vary monthly. For one month it costs Rs. 99 to acquire Premium facilities. The plan extends further to half a year or 6 months’ Premium subscription costs Rs, 299 and a yearly Premium subscription costs Rs. 499. Sony Liv provides all Sony channels like SET MAX, SONY SIX, SONY LIVE etc., serials and shows, several Bollywood and Hollywood movies etc. Sony Liv also provides a short range of Marathi movies, Tamil movies and Kannada movies.


Hotstar was launched in 2015 covering over several major channels and nine languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali and more. In early 2020, Hotstar integrated with Disney and formed Disney+Hotstar. It now streams Disney shows too. With facilities like friendly user interface, original content and smart search options, Disney+Hotstar has become one of India’s top over the top platforms. There are two types of subscriptions provided by Disney+Hotstar. The Disney+Hotstar VIP Plan costs Rs. 399 annually while the Disney+Hotstar Premium costs Rs. 1499 annually.


Launched in the year 2016, Voot covers various well-known channels like Nickelodeon, MTV, Colors etc. It covers many languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Bengali. Voot recently launched a feature called Voot Select. Users who purchase Voot Select subscriptions have access to Voot original shows and many other exclusive shows. The subscription of Voot Select is Rs. 99 per month and Rs. 499 per year.


Zee5 is probably the biggest Indian over the top platform with services spread across more than 190 countries in the world. It was launched in the year 2018 and streams Bollywood and Hollywood movies, several live channels in over 9 languages including English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. It has many successful original series like  America MappillaiLife Sahi HaiKarenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone which were instant hit with the audiences. It even has original movies and short films. The plans for Zee5 subscriptions are Rs. 99 per month, Rs. 599 for six months and Rs. 999 for annual subscription.

Tata Sky Mobile

Tata Sky Mobile provides services for streaming movies and TV shows. It offers more than 400 channels ranging from sports channels to kids’ content. The user can record his or her favourite shows directly on a set-top box with the help of the smart phone app. Tata Sky provides a wide range of choices between languages, channels, genres etc. You can visit the official site and check out the plans accordingly. The most attractive feature is that Tata Sky provides curated packages at nominal rates. For example, Tata Sky Gujrati Cinema costs Rs. 45 per month, Tata Sky Bollywood Premiere costs Rs. 90 per month and so on.

Vodafone Play

The Vodafone Play app features over 400+channels and gives an individual the freedom to choose from this. It streams more than 10,000 Bollywood and Hollywood films and covers shows, nataks and regional movies for more than 13 languages. The only limitation of this app is that only a Vodafone registered number can sign up and enjoy all these facilities absolutely free of charge.

Yupp TV

Yupp TV is a popular independent platform that streams mostly South Asian content including 400+ channels ranging from news channels to original serials in several genres and for over 15+ languages including English, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Oriya and many more. Monthly subscription to Yupp TV is set at a very reasonable rate of Rs. 49.

Idea TV

Idea TV covers more than 400 live channels, has more than 10,000 Bollywood and Hollywood movies, original series and shows and displays more than 13 languages. The subscriptions start pretty low with Rs. 49 costing a months’ subscription. Idea subscribers have an upper hand here. They get the first 90 days’ free access to Idea TV.

Amazon Prime

The Amazon Prime has a wide range shows for the people of all age to binge watch. They can enjoy the animated movies to the new releases. The Amazon Prime has over 8 different languages and it allows the Indian audience to watch the US TV shows. All these things are covered in just 999rs/year.


Netflix is considered to be the most premier online platform. Starting from the best web series like Sacred Games to the best Netflix Movies like Choked. This has revolutionized the way of binge watching. All these comes just at Rs.800/month and that for 4 users.

India’s culture of entertainment is undergoing a huge transition. With millennials and the Gen Z kids turning smarter with online content, studies show that about 80% of India’s population is shifting their focus from old school televisions to such online platforms.

All the above TV apps have almost common features. All the apps cover many live channels and in many languages. All of them have the fast forward and play by play option. The sound and video quality of all the above-mentioned apps are absolutely great.

So now the question arises of how to choose any one of them? It is quite easy and not at all stressful to choose between the apps. You must have your likes, dislikes and preferences clear before moving on to choose any one app for subscription. Keep in mind if you want to mainly look for movies or web series, sports or fitness, news or nataks. If you are a regional language speaker, then make sure that the particular app that you want to invest in has your language option. If you are interested in subscribing to any telecommunication companies like Jio TV, Airtel Xstream TV, Idea TV, Vodafone Play etc. and if you use any of their sims then keep an eye out for any kind of discounts. Usually the companies provide some kind of schemes to cater to their own users so if you are a Vodafone sim user and want to subscribe to Vodafone Play, register with your Vodafone mobile number and you will get exclusive access to all the content all for free.

I remember my mother telling me how when Ramayana or Mahabharata used to premiere every Sunday, the streets would become empty and totally isolated. The reason behind this was that everyone used to sit glued to their seats to watch the show as this was their only weekly entertainment. Compare this situation to the present situation where everything is accessible by just tapping a couple of keys in one’s smart phone. How bizarre!

I feel that a word of caution is required after this long article of Best TV apps. Binge watching or sitting at one place for long hours and watching TV or your smart phone regularly is not always advisable. There can be serious health repercussions like:

  • Lack of physical activity can cause lethargy and passiveness in an individuals’ body. This can also lead to serious health diseases like diabetes, heart disease, unhealthy weight gains etc.
  • You can easily get addicted to this activity or rather non – activity of binge watching which can pose serious problems for yourself in the future.
  • Addiction leads to doing that certain activity repeatedly. This may lead you to become a recluse in the society and not go out to meet people like regular healthy people do.
  • You would not be aware of your time flying by. Every time I sit to watch one episode of Friends, I end up watching a whole season.

I am not saying that we should totally be repulsive to the idea of watching movies and shows. No, entertainment is a big part of our lives and we cannot omit that fact but whatever you do take control of the situation. If you plan to watch one movie, then watch only one movie. That way you can entertain yourself in a healthy way too.

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