What is Direct cool refrigerator?

What is direct cool refrigerator – There are two types of refrigerators available in market. Direct cool refrigerator and frost free refrigerator. Direct cooling refrigerator are the most common and widely used refrigerator. direct cool refrigerator are famous for instant cooling compared to frost free refrigerator.

Direct cool refrigerator have a switch for defrosting, which converts ice into water which gets stored in the tray below the refrigerator. In frost free refrigerator defrosting happens on it own. Direct cool refrigerator are mostly single door refrigerator where as the frost free refrigerator are double door refrigerator.

Frost free refrigerator have thermostat technology in them which keeps the temperature inside the refrigerator constant. That is not the case with direct cool refrigerator. The temperature in direct cool refrigerator keeps on fluctuating. Direct cool or instant cool refrigerator are unable to maintain the temperature and some times makes it so cold, damaging the fruits and vegetable stored inside them.

Frost free refrigerator are also energy efficient compared to direct cool refrigerator. Frost free refrigerator are easy to clean and maintain compared to direct cool refrigerator. Direct cooling refrigerator comes at cheaper price compared to frost free refrigerator. However this price gap is shrinking over the years.

In frost free refrigerator the ice is defrosted automatically without interfering the with cooling needed for food kept in refrigerator. Frost free refrigerator being energy efficient is also long lasting compared to the direct cool models. With the increase in marketing for the frost free refrigerator and the advantages associated with them, we assume that direct cool refrigerator will not last for more than 10-15 years.


  1. Even thought the frost free refrigerator are expensive the price difference with direct cool refrigerator in decreasing gradually.
  2. Direct cool refrigerator needs manual intervention for defrosting, in frost free refrigerator this techniques is automatic
  3. Direct cool refrigerator cools instantly using natural convention.
  4. Frost free refrigerator keeps the food fresh for greater duration of time.
  5. Direct cool refrigerator are preferred in industrial use.

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